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Who Should Learn About 1947 Chinese Zodiac Signs?

There are many things to learn about those born in 1947 that carry the Fire Pig Chinese zodiac.

Pigs in the Chinese zodiac have a prime motivation to do good for themselves. They are always looking out for opportunities and how they can make their lives better.

They will earn every cent with hard work and will likewise spend money on things that only matter. They love saving money for future use, not just for themselves but for their loved ones.

Who Should Learn About 1947 Chinese Zodiac Signs?

Pigs are realistic and don’t live in a fantasy world where everything goes your way and where you get what your heart desires out of thin air. They believe that for you to have a good life you should sweat and put in some effort to acquire it.

These people you will see selling stuff and getting different jobs to save money. They believe in sweating it out before you can relax and get the good things you deserve. They are also not those who will be satisfied to handle only one job for the rest of their life cause they have a vision of what and where they want to be.

The fire Pig can get along with many people of distinct characters. They are amiable, sociable, and can talk in a crowd. They are also convincing, that is why they are prominent merchants, broadcasters, reporters, journalists, managers, and they can even enter politics.

They are good at making and handling money. Pigs also know where to find it, so they don’t lack in this aspect.

Pigs can easily earn a fortune but they must be wary of people fooling them with their money cause Pigs tend to trust quickly and this is where their problem may arise.

Matters of the Heart

They are compatible with Tiger, Rabbit, and Goat.

Tigers because it gives them the confidence to achieve more, such as finishing a project, being more bold and aggressive. The Tiger can be an anchor to the Pig because of how the Tiger will give them strength and confidence. Though the Pig is more learned about business and money matters, the Pig may lack confidence in other things. The Tiger will be their mentor in that aspect.

In marriage, they will also provide love and comfort to each other. They will be there to give encouraging words in tough times and utter loving reminders during moments when their partner is vulnerable.

The marriage between these two will be a marriage that handles challenges and enjoyment together. There will be enough patience and passion for this match.

The Rabbit will be in tune with the kind-hearted and warm Pig. They share the same sentiments in life of wanting to live comfortably. The Pig will love the tender and loving character of the Rabbit. It will attract the Rabbit to the intelligence and passion of the Pig.

In Marriage, these two will be considerate to the demands of their partner. They will not wait to take, but they are ready to give. These two will be cooperative in every way, not wanting any problems to arise in their marriage, and if they can do something about it, they will make sure that there will be no struggles they have to face.

Their marriage is full of love and respect and is the envy of most marriage partnerships.

Goat matches well with the Pig because they complement each other. These two will be supportive of the dreams and goals of their partner, making sure that they will be behind every success of one another.

In Marriage, there will be a loving companionship. Where one will be supportive, and the other will be understanding. As they build their lives together, they will focus on creating a family that believes in finding comfort inside the home and not in other people. There is enough romance to fill the home, enough warmth, and affection that each will not find it lacking.

These two are also full of ideas on how to make their lives comfortable and how to handle their careers better so both of them will be highly gratified.

Careers for the Fire Pig

  • Public Service – the Pig can do well in this circle cause they can engage in helping other people and in making changes for the better good. They are honest and hardworking and will fit for this kind of job.
  • Be in the Medical Field – Pigs can be Doctors or even Nurses or any work in the medical field where they can assist people that needed help with their medical issues. With the highly responsible character of the Pig, this career will be best for them. They have great potential in this career.
  • Artists – Pigs are talented and very artistic. They can share their talent with many people, and they can also impart their talent by coaching them, being their mentor or instructor.
  • Investors – Since Pigs are good at making money, they can invest in any business they think will be worth it. Pigs are business inclined, but if they are challenged with handling the business on their own they can invest in other ventures.
  • Journalist – Pigs can also be an excellent candidate for this career since they don’t enjoy working a 9 to 5 job and prefer to go from one place to another. By being a journalist, they can get to do the traveling while meeting new people and hearing their stories.
  • Politicians – Pigs can speak to many people, and people listen to them. They have the heart to help others and are empathetic to understand their plight.
  • Chefs – Because they are also creative and love to taste diverse food variations, Pigs can become skilled chefs. Here is where they can create new concoctions and present sumptuous foods to many people.
  • Field of Agriculture – With their patience and hard work, this will be fitting work for them. The livelihood of many people is on their shoulders, and they can teach many people about cultivation and animal handling and show them the diligence needed in this field.

Business Partners for the Fire Pig

  • Ox
  • Tiger
  • Rabbit
  • Dragon
  • Sheep
  • Pig
  • Dog
  • Monkey
  • Snake

Positive Traits of the Fire Pig

You will rarely experience this Pig keeping mum about what they feel, particularly when you have offended them. If you also did something terrible to them, you will surely hear a mouthful.

It may seem a negative trait of the Pig, for those who prefer honesty, this is an advantage.

Fire Pigs are honest, and they believe in the direct approach or in being open.

It is also the reason they have leadership qualities in them cause they can handle nonsense. They are also optimistic that in difficult situations that need to be handled; they are often the ones to be at the forefront.

They are loyal to their family and loved ones. When a family asks for their help, they don’t need to ask twice. Whatever assistance they can extend, they will provide.

Fire Pig love to laugh at things cause they are humorous and don’t want to be too serious in life cause they feel that there are enough problems as it is, and a few laughs and humor here and there can make a big change.

This Pig can keep a secret if you want them to. You can confide in them and will help tackle the problem the best way they know how. They are always willing to listen and advise you to be practical about things and not be too emotional. This Pig believes that being too emotional will not help you find a solution, but will leave you wallowing in more sorrow.

Fire Pigs are also seen as genuine by their friends cause they say it as it is. When they are angry or irritated with you, they will let you know. There will be no gossiping behind your back cause they don’t believe in such.

Negative Traits of the Fire Pig

They are, at times, impatient. When matters aren’t going as planned, they get annoyed and want things to move faster. Sometimes they are easy to target and made a fool out of because of their trusting nature. They are also the kind who always look at the good in people, so they are easy to take advantage of by malicious individuals.

There are also issue with the Fire Pig having a temper and saying things at the heat of the moment. This is, however, a brief instance and rarely happens unless they have a solid reason to be furious.

They may also sometimes forget to give time to themselves. Pigs would often work hard because they want to earn more. They are doing so to make the lives of their loved ones comfortable.

When stressed or when they are struggling about something, they tend to keep it to themselves. They do not want their loved ones or their friends to worry. This is what the Fire Pig should realize, friends and loved ones are there to support. The fire Pig also gives encouragement to their family and loved ones when they need it, it is just right for the fire Pig to expect the same in return.