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Does Scorpio Taurus Compatibility Have A Chance In Love?


In the zodiac cycle, there are no other pairings of signs that are in sharper contrast as Scorpio and Taurus. They are situated on opposite ends of the zodiac chart. Their most obvious characteristics are as different as night and day. Even their similarities only serve to highlight their differences. Since both have fixed modalities, neither will easily relent or yield to the other. People born under the stars of Scorpio and Taurus tend to be very stubborn and set in their respective beliefs and ways.


Despite being radically opposite one another, Scorpio and Taurus make a good couple. This is because in Taurus, a Scorpio meets his match. They are so diametrically opposed and yet so intimately similar. This is also true in the case of Taurus’ interaction with Scorpio. Both signs are ready and willing to enter into lasting and meaningful partnerships or relationships. Although Scorpio tends to be very emotional. it is also quite capable of harnessing those raw emotions into something pure and sincere. On the other end, Taurus values honesty, certainty, and stability. Taurus’ silent confidence and transparency appeals to Scorpio’s intuition and deep connection with abstract ideals. Scorpio has that intimidating gaze that can pierce the soul. But Taurus can stare back with the same manner and intensity.

Here are some of the key points that underscore the potency and compatibility of a Scorpio-Taurus pairing.

  • Fixed modality – Scorpio and Taurus are both fixed signs. As such, they can be committed to a goal long term. Little distracts them from accomplishing what they put their minds to. Fixed signs are conduits for cosmic energy. They are destined to be leaders, builders, and exponents of innovation. These traits perfectly describe Scorpio and Taurus. Individuals born under the stars of Scorpio are capable of withstanding extreme emotional pressure in their pursuit of love. The children of Taurus are also capable of such commitment. They are persistent in their task to build a secure abode where they are in a position to provide well for their partners.
  • Planetary harmony – At first glance, it would appear that Taurus’ pragmatism makes it a less than ideal choice for a partner in love. But Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet associated with feminine energy, love, and sensuality. Because of this, Taurus has a particular taste for things of beauty and sophistication. It does not seek mere material stability. It actively seeks the best material rewards. The same extends to its choice in relationships. ATaurus child spoils its loved one, sometimes to a fault. Scorpio is governed by Mars, the planet associated with masculine energy, sex, and passion. A Scorpio is capable of expressing love not only through words, but also in bed. When the energies of Venus and Mars are channeled through these two signs, sparks are sure to fly.
  • Exaltations – Taurus exalts the Moon, the celestial body associated with deep emotions. The Moon commands both the tides of the world and the mind. The stability and level-headed of Taurus provides the perfect cradle for the Moon. Because of this, the children of Taurus are capable of caring for themselves whenever emotional conflicts arise. Uranus is the planet that is exalted in Scorpio. It is associated with innovations, epiphanies and other similar life-changing events. What Scorpio promises and offers in a budding relationship is the opportunity for change. A Scorpio’s magnetic charisma can be both intimidating and attractive. And when the conditions are ripe, a Scorpio’s sexual adventurism can be truly life-changing. A person born under the stars of Scorpio has a naturally imposing presence that is sure to spice up any form of partnership.


Yes, and yes. How could they not? The best thing about this pairing is that their oppositional characteristics actually enhance their best qualities while filling the gaps brought by their weaknesses.

  • What attracts Scorpio to Taurus?  Scorpio is naturally intrigued by the strength and robustness of Taurus. In Taurus, Scorpio sees someone who is not easily swayed or manipulated. A Taurus child can be a great provider. But he or she is not clueless. If and when necessary, Taurus can be sensual. Its own preference for the refinements may well translate into romantic candlelight dinners, and generous foreplay. Even a strong-willed Scorpio cannot resist this kind of charm.
  • What attracts Taurus to Scorpio? Pragmatic Taurus is capable of expressing and appreciating love without being consumed by its more volatile aspects. An individual born under Taurus is naturally attracted to Scorpio’s seething passion and deep intuition. Superficially, a Scorpio seems like a rare trophy to be earned. Taurus loves refined rarities, after all. But when a Taurus decides to invest his or her feelings more towards a Scorpio, he or she realizes that a Scorpio is a keeper. A Scorpio is perhaps the sign that truly brings out the lover in Taurus.


Taurus and Scorpio are fated to be soulmates. Their symmetrical configuration within the zodiac cycle, combined with their respective planetary affinities indicate a grand cosmological compatibility. They are astrological magnets in simultaneous opposition and attraction.

The capacity for devotion is something that is common in both Scorpio and Taurus. Once their respective apprehensions and anxieties are addressed and assured, they are capable of offering all that they are. Both are open to the idea of overlooking their differences and work towards nurturing their relationship. The honesty and sincerity of Taurus provides Scorpio the opportunity to set aside its silence and secrecy. Before a loyal Taurus partner, a Scorpio will reveal his or her deepest vulnerabilities. This is liberating for a Scorpio and epiphanic for a Taurus.

Although they can be quite stubborn with and against each other, they are also capable of transforming that shared stubbornness into a protective energy that can shield them from the great distractions and temptations of the world around them.


Even if the pairing between a Scorpio and a Taurus seems to an astrological and cosmological certainty, it is far from perfect. This is the same as with the other pairings between and among the signs of thezodiac.

  • The negative side – When both a Taurus and Scorpio fail to communicate and resolve their differences, their relationship can quickly regress to a dangerous game of manipulation and control. Instead of treating each other as a partner, an equal, a lover, or a soulmate, they may see each other as a subject or a pawn to be broken or used. A controlling Taurus treats his or her Scorpio pair as a shiny trophy. A manipulative Scorpio sees his or her Taurus partner as a momentary source of emotional and sexual pleasure to be discarded when convenient. Jealousy is a prominent theme in a failed pairing between a Scorpio and a Taurus.
  • The positive side – The love shared between a Taurus and a Scorpio fires on all cylinders, from casual dates to intimate encounters. A Scorpio and a Taurus can literally spend hours in either extended deep philosophical ruminations, or in bed as they push the boundaries of making love. Properly motivated, they help each other achieve balance between surrendering to their sensual instincts and their need for emotional stability. Their common trait of being stubborn may present a big obstacle at first. But given enough time and opportunity to overcome their initial fears and suspicions, a Taurus and a Scorpio will be rewarded with a love that truly transcends time.


Beings born under the signs of Scorpio and Taurus are beings of deep spiritual, emotional, and physical desires. A Taurus desires material wealth and the comfort and security that comes with it. A Taurus tends to initially consider relationships are necessary investments that can assure the continuation of the acquisition of material possessions, as well as the creation of a legacy. A Scorpion craves the power to control others by understanding and shaping their through processes, emotional triggers, and consequential actions. It is common for a Scorpio to perceive a relationshipas a hunting ground where he or she can stalk and hunt their play in a dangerous game of emotional control. Both signs can be extremely focused on the Self, with no regard for the well-being of others.

But when they are matched with and against each other, a Taurus and Scorpio will find themselves floored due to the strength and power exuded by each other. A Scorpio soon discovers how single-minded and headstrong a Taurus can be. He or she will be equally shocked and pleased that a Taurus is capable of resisting his or her manipulative charm. On the other hand, a Taurus soon realizes that a Scorpio is too relentless and too elusive to be easily cowed. A Taurus will be drawn to the fiery Scorpio as if it were a rare and valuable kind of prey.

Of course, these predatory pretensions by both signs are but mating rituals. Once they get closer with each other, their better angels surface. A Scorpio learns to love a Taurus for its trustworthiness, its emotional discipline, and its willingness to share its wealth. A Taurus grows to love a Scorpio for its emotional availability, and its deep-seated desire to nurture. Both will protect each other from each other’s worst traits. Both will work hard to protect each other from the wiles of the world. With each other, there is safety, assurance, and love that is eternal.