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Who Is Compatible With November 4th Zodiac Sign?

People who are born on November 4th fall under thezodiac sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a Water sign and is known for being loyal, determined, brave, ambitious and honest. The people who are specifically born on November 4 are born with artistic abilities (creative), strong will power and introvert nature. Being a Scorpio, November 4 born people are resilient and passionate too. If you or anyone you know is born on November 4, then read on to know more about November 4th zodiac compatibility, Cusp, characteristics, personality, and other facts.

Is November 4 A Cusp?

Yes, the people born on the November 4 fall under the astrological Cusp of Libra-Scorpio. This Libra-Scorpio Cusp is quite known for their drama and dramatic reactions. Moreover, this Cusp is all about criticism too. The November 4 Cusp of Libra-Scorpio is ruled by two planets and these are Pluto and Venus. Both of these celestial bodies, Pluto and Venus, have a strong influence on some of the aspects of your personality. While Pluto is the charge of Scorpio, Venus represents Libra.

Pluto is often linked with Green God Hades who ruled all over the Unseen World i.e. the Underworld. Hence, Greek God Hades is considered as one of the mysterious characters who likes to keep his facts and details to himself only. Thus, his secretiveness possesses a sense of mystery. This characteristic reflects on the people with Scorpio zodiac sign too.

On the other hand, Venus is represented by Green Goddess named Aphrodite. She is responsible for some of the best and most outstanding qualities that the Librans display such as passion, beauty, romance, ambition and enthusiasm.

Hence, November 4th zodiac sign is a mixture of some of the characteristics of Libra while being a Scorpio too. They are mysterious and fearless while being romantic, passionate, ambitious and full of enthusiasm.

Who Is Compatible With November 4th Zodiac Sign?

November 4th zodiac people, as mentioned above, can be quite a secretive lover. They like to keep their cards quite close to their chest. Hence, they make their partner keep on guessing about their next move. While dating is a second nature to them, they can be extremely passionate lovers. They can shower their partners with lots of love, credibility and passion. Hence, their relationship is likely to be very stable and healthy in nature.

Being a Scorpio zodiac, the people born on November 4 can fall in love at a very tender age. But if they find it comfortable, that relationship can last for the lifetime. As a lover, the Scorpio can bring thrills and excitement in the relationship. Talking about the November 4th zodiac compatible matches, they are more attracted towards other water signs such as Pisces and Cancer. Other than that, they are also quite compatible with Virgo and Capricorn.

  • Compatibility with Pisces: A match between Scorpio and Pisces is considered as a perfect match that can make people jealous of their amazing bond. The chemistry they share is of another level. The connection shared between these two is quite satisfying. Being extremely protective and devoted partner, Scorpio can make Pisces feel comfortable and wanted at the same time. This relationship is quite flexible with lots of protectiveness and care between them. This match is also considered as one of the most intense matches of all the zodiac signs.
  • Compatibility with Cancer: The match between Scorpio and Cancer is one of the best zodiac compatibilities. Both being highly intuitive, emotional, possessive, empathetic and loyal, they make each other the best match. This relationship can see a whirlwind of romance, passion, emotion and care. Both of them value the commitment and they will love to spend time with other. The sizzling chemistry and intense romance can bring this match to a completely new level. Scorpio as well as Cancer love to privacy and keep things mysterious.
  • Compatibility with Virgo: Though these two signs are quite different, they can end up being a good match for each other. While Scorpio has a very strong personality, Virgo people are shy and timid. But one thing that is common between them is that they are caring and emotional in nature. This can be an emotional stability and harmony in their relationship. This match is quite quirky yet probably one of the great matches. Most of the time Scorpio, being super confident, will control the relationship. But Virgo people will never complaint about it.
  • Compatibility with Capricorn: This is another great match for the Scorpio zodiac signs. This match is perfectly compatible with one another providing great sense of commitment and stability. Both being highly intuitive, they can have a proper insight into situation of issue. These two zodiac signs can flourish both in business and in love. The chemistry between these two is really great and both of them can understand each other completely. This relationship match can see some ups and downs but both of them can sort things out easily if they want.

While these four signs are considered as the most compatible ones with the November 4th born Scorpio people, the least compatible signs are Aquarius and Leo.

What Does It Mean To Be Born on November 4th?

To be born on November 4th means that you fall under the Scorpio zodiac sign. You tend to inherit all the positive sides as well as the negative sides of the Scorpio. But as this falls under the Libra-Scorpio Astrological Cusp, the people born on November 4th tend to have some of the qualities of the Libra too (as mentioned above). The most powerful tool that the November 4 born people have is their intuition. It can serve really well to them. Whenever they are in a dilemma, trusting their intuition can get them to a better place. Being a Scorpion, November 4th born people are naturally determined, mysterious, aggressive and very passionate in nature.

The Planet of Pluto plays the main role in their life which makes them secretive in nature. They love being mysterious. As their main element is water, it has a very strong role to play in their life. Water signifies sentiment and sensitiveness besides being deep. The depth of the water signifies secretiveness and mystery hidden under deep layers. Water is also transformative in nature making the people born on November 4 equally transformative in nature and they don’t fear to move out of their own comfort zone. But they will only move from the zone when they will know that it can enhance some change in the society or bring some better effects on them.

What Type of Scorpio in November 4th?

The November 4th zodiac sign is Scorpio, as you may already know now. But what type of Scorpio are you if you are born on this date? By nature, the Scorpions are very secretive in nature while being passionate and intuitive. People born on the November 4th definitely inherit all these traits along with some of the special ones. Born on 4th November, people tend to be very attractive as well as captivating nature. They are very persuasive making people believe in their ideas and concepts about any issue. They can easily convince their colleagues, friends and family.

Besides that, the people born on the date November 4 are quite enigmatic in nature. You possess some kind of magnetic power that tends to attract a lot of people towards you. You do not like to give out people unnecessary advantages. If you are in charge of a process, you are going to get it done all by yourself. You will be the only person calling the shots so that you are responsible for the result as well. You don’t want people to get unnecessary attentions for the work you have done. But because of your friendly nature, people love and enjoy your company to the fullest.

Who Was Born on November 4th?

Some of the renowned people who are born on November 4th are:

  • Kristin Cast (Novelist)
  • Jean-Luc Bilodeau (Actor)
  • Warren Christie (Actor)
  • Luis Figo (Athlete)
  • Tonny Abbott (Politician)
  • Charles K. Kao (Scientist)
  • Ruth Handler (Businesswoman)
  • Will Rogers (Actor)
  • James Montgomery (Poet)

These are some of the famous personalities who were born on this date. You can check their personalities and traits to know more.

Who Died on November 4?

Some of the renowned personalities who have died on November 4th are:

  • Dominique Dunne (Actress)
  • Michael Crichton (Film Director/Author/Screenwriter)
  • Melissa Mathison (Screenwriter)
  • Wilfred Owen (Poet)
  • Sheree North (Actress)
  • Rene Girard (Philosopher)
  • George Peabody (Entrepreneur)
  • Malcolm Marshall (Cricketer)


These are some of the details about November 4th zodiac compatible signs, personality, traits and more. As you can see the people born on November 4 come with different personality traits and some amazing outlooks. It is really great to know about these personalities. If you or anyone you know is born on this date, then this article must have provided a complete insight about their personality and compatibility. Being a water sign, they are very sensitive and passionate in nature. But at the same time you will not like to unfold their mysterious side on the very first day. Give some time and it will unfold when they feel it is comfortable to them.

Who is Scorpio Not Compatible With?

While Scorpios are very compatible with other signs, it is important to keep these factors in mind when choosing a partner. The most common compatibility problem is a partner that doesn’t share your ideals or values. A good example is Leo. Although these two sign are opposites in nature, they are generally a good match. The difference between the two signs is primarily due to the planet positions when you were born.

If you want to find the perfect partner, make sure you find someone who is compatible with Scorpio. The two signs have a lot in common, and they can work out their differences. Aries is a cardinal fire sign, and Scorpio is a fixed air sign. Because of their shared traits, the two signs can form a great partnership. While they are very different from one another, they can complement each other.

However, there are some factors that can hinder Scorpio compatibility. The first is the Scorpio’s tendency to play the game. Unlike other zodiac signs, it is difficult for Scorpios to commit to anyone for very long. While they are known to be loyal and protective, they are not very good at making a commitment. If you want to get the most out of your relationship, make sure your partner is the same.

In relationships, Scorpios are often not compatible because they have high expectations for the relationship. They have strong personalities and are difficult to please. As a result, a relationship with a Scorpio will be complicated and difficult. It’s important to keep these things in mind when choosing a partner. A passionate and loyal partner will make a long-term relationship more manageable. And a person with the same temperament as a Scorpio is an excellent choice.

While some people don’t like a Scorpio because they are too emotional, this is not always the case. A partner with this personality type will simply not understand your needs. You might end up being jealous and untrustworthy. The best option for you is to find someone who’s more like you. If you’re thinking about getting married, try not to get into a relationship with a Libra. You’ll be happier and more fulfilled in the long run.

A Scorpio and Leo are both intense signs and can be good lovers. But they can also be bad lovers. They are not compatible because their temperaments don’t match. They have different personalities and can be very difficult to get along. If you want to make a relationship work, make sure your partner is compatible with the opposite sign. When it comes to love, Leos are the best partners for a Scorpio.

There are a few other signs that Scorpio is not compatible with. The most common ones are Taurus and Capricorn. Both signs are passionate and can be good partners, but they aren’t compatible when it comes to love. When the two do find each other, they should feel comfortable together. It’s also important to keep in mind that you are compatible. When you’re in love, be sure that you are both emotionally and physically.

If you’re not compatible with your partner’s sign, then you’re probably not compatible with them at all. This is especially true if you’re not compatible with one of these signs. If you have the same personality types, you’ll likely be attracted to each other. If you have a Scorpio-Taurus relationship, you’ll have a good time. You’ll enjoy each other’s company.

While Scorpio is a passionate sign, it is not the most compatible sign for love. It’s best suited for someone who is more of a homebody. They’re a great match, but if you’re not in the mood for the constant chatter and attention, you might be a better choice with a partner that is a little more adventurous. If they’re not compatible, you should avoid them.

Scorpio Woman’s Soulmate

The zodiac sign of Scorpio is one of the most intense and sexual. Like Leo, it seeks the abstract future. If you’re interested in a passionate, erotically charged relationship, you might be looking for a soulmate who can satisfy these desires. Whether you’re an Aquarius or a Taurus, a Scorpio woman can be fascinating and intoxicating. If you’re a Taurus, a Scorpio woman might be the perfect woman.

A Scorpio woman is passionate and loyal. She wants someone who shares her passions and commitments. She will have to be faithful and intelligent to keep her relationship afloat. She won’t settle for a superficial relationship. A man who understands the complexities of the Scorpio woman’s personality will be able to satisfy her desires. She will be very loyal and fiercely protective of her partner. This intense and fiery fire sign is the perfect match for someone who appreciates her intellect and her sensuality.

A Scorpio needs a patient and sympathetic partner who can deal with her dark side and help her relax. She needs a Taurus who can help her express her true emotions and encourage relaxation. The signs are opposites in the zodiac calendar and are compatible in many ways. Both are ruled by planets Mars and Venus. This combination can bring a unique blend of kindness and affirmation. This is a great combination!

When choosing a partner for a long-term relationship, you should consider the signs of each other. Astrologically speaking, only four zodiac signs are considered soulmates. But you’ll have to choose wisely. Cancer and Capricorn are excellent matches, while Leo and Aquarius aren’t. But it’s important to remember that Scorpio and Taurus are opposite in many ways. That means they are complementary in many ways.

When it comes to choosing a soulmate, a Scorpio is not only passionate and intense. He also needs to be patient and understanding in a relationship. If he feels he is a good match, he’ll be patient and understanding. A Cancer and Taurus pair well. In fact, a Scorpio and a Leo are the best of friends. They’re both very loving and need each other.

A Scorpio woman’s soulmate is a Leo. A Scorpio man and Scorpio woman are considered the best soulmates. They share a lot of characteristics and are very compatible in every way. A Libra and a Scorpio are compatible. They are a good match for each other. They have similar values and are not polar opposites. The relationship between a Leo and a Scorpio is dynamic, intense, and intense.

A Scorpio man is a Capricorn’s best soulmate if he can provide a woman with love. The Scorpio man is a loyal and passionate partner. He will try to win her heart with a generous gift or thoughtful gesture. They are often very loving and caring with their partners. It can be hard to find the perfect one for a Scorpio. If the Scorpio man and a Virgo woman are both introverted, they might not be compatible.

A Scorpio and a Capricorn man are a perfect match. Their signs are a match because they both have the same energy and sign. They’re also good for each other. If you’re a Capricorn, you’ll need to be patient and understanding with them. You can’t push a Scorpio away, but they’ll definitely be there for you. But in the end, they’re both soulmates.

Unlike most other zodiac signs, the Scorpio has its own characteristics. They are independent and strong, and can sometimes be difficult to date. If you’re a Scorpio, you should be aware of their unique personality traits and their preferences. This will help you find the right partner. This sign is highly demanding and is very particular in his tastes. You should also consider their relationship style. If you’re dating a Scorpio, you’ll want to make sure your partner is strong and can provide you with the support you need.

A Scorpio soulmate should be an earth sign. Virgo and Capricorn are also compatible with a Scorpio. They are both practical and ambitious and enjoy a fun, romantic, and passionate relationship. If you’re a Taurus, your soulmate will appreciate your humor and your deep emotional connection. They’ll appreciate a soulmate who’s humorous and has a strong sense of loyalty. The two signs should be opposites, and you need to be careful who they choose.

Who Should a Scorpio Marry?

When choosing a partner, a Scorpio should always look for a man who is compatible with his own personality. A female Scorpio can also be a good match, but this relationship is not for everyone. A male Scorpio is a great choice for a Scorpio woman, but a female Scorpio is not for a Scorpio man. These two signs are extremely different and they are best suited for one another. These two sign combinations are highly compatible, but they do have their disadvantages.

A Scorpio woman should seek a man who is compatible with her intensity and fiery nature. A Scorpio man must be someone who can match her intense nature. Women who are compatible with a Scorpio are those who have the emotional stability that a woman needs to survive. Despite their differences, a woman with a scorpion sign will be a great match for a woman who is strong-willed, independent, and strong-minded.

A man with an Aries woman should be careful when choosing a Scorpio partner. This sign needs a partner who can handle his outgoing personality. However, a woman with this sign can be a great bed partner. They are both excellent bed partners and can make great friends. And they complement each other beautifully. If you want to marry a Scorpio, make sure to choose a woman who is compatible with your own characteristics.

When it comes to compatibility, a Scorpio should marry an earth or water sign. It is not a good idea for a Scorpio to date a Capricorn because he will be less emotional than a Scorpio. You should consider a partner who shares these characteristics. This will ensure that you have a good and lasting relationship. You can also try marrying a Capricorn if you want to avoid being alone.

As a Scorpio, you should know that a Taurus is not the best match for a Scorpio. He may think you are lazy and will make your life miserable. A Virgo on the other hand, may be very jealous of the Scorpio. He might think he has the perfect partner for him but, in reality, it’s not the best match for him. If your relationship is not compatible, you should look for a different person. A Taurus should be compatible with a Scorpio.

When it comes to love, a Scorpio is very passionate and loyal. While this kind of relationship is not suitable for a man who is easily tempted and flirts with women, a Scorpio should be able to stand up for her values and beliefs. If you are a woman with integrity, a Scorpio will be loyal and trustworthy. If you are not willing to be loyal to a man who doesn’t share your values, he may not be the right partner for you.

When it comes to a Scorpio’s love life, he or she must be compatible with the Libra in terms of their personality types. If a Libra has a similar sign, the relationship will be more compatible. But a Libra is not an easy match. The relationship between a Scorpio and a Libra will be very complicated and can be frustrating. A Taurus should be a partner who will respect his or her own opinions and be open to compromise.

A Scorpio’s love life is intense and passionate. This sign’s ideals are strong, but he or she can also be a ruthless critic of the other sign. A Pisces is not a good match for a Scorpio, but a Pisces can be a great match for a Scorpio. A Virgo is a great companion for a Scorpio because both of them are devoted to each other.

A Scorpio’s love life is a complicated thing. She loves deeply and is fiercely loyal, but she will never compromise. She is a fiery and intense sign, and she will not tolerate a mate with an emotional flaw. If she is a Libra, a water sign is better, but a Scorpio should not marry a Virgo. The latter sign is a good fit for a relationship, but it can also make a marriage a difficult one.

Who is Scorpio a Good Match With?

For those interested in dating a Scorpio, the first thing to consider is what signs they are compatible with. While comparing sun signs can give you an idea of whether the two are compatible, there are many exceptions. The first thing to keep in mind is that people are not just their sun sign. The other planets also affect their personality. For example, each Scorpio has billions of permutations, making them all slightly different.

Another sign that is good for dating a Scorpio is Leo. They are both passionate and loyal, so these two are likely to be good partners. But, this relationship can be rocky at times. The two may be secretly glad to be dating each other, but this might not work in the long run. You will have to find a partner who can share the same passion and energy. It’s important for both partners to learn to compromise.

There are some things to keep in mind when you’re dating a Scorpio. While this sign is a water sign, its compatibility with other earth signs is excellent. Pisces is best suited to a Scorpio, while Capricorn is better suited to a Taurus. Authenticity is essential in a relationship with a scorpion. They don’t like posturing and don’t like being misunderstood.

As a Scorpio, you need to be able to read between the lines. You must be able to get through to their feelings and needs. This way, you’ll be able to earn their trust and loyalty. The relationship between a Scorpio and a Taurus can be stable for a long time. However, there are several things to keep in mind before starting a relationship with a Scorpio.

While Scorpios are good at communication and sex, they can be quite possessive and jealous in love. If you’re a Scorpio who flirts with their partners, you risk losing their trust and end up attracting the opposite sign. A Taurus can be a good match for a Scorpio. In addition to a Taurus’s strong personality, a Scorpio’s compatibility with a Taurus will be great for a long time relationship.

If you’re a Taurus, a Scorpio is a great match for you. This is because they’re both very loyal and dedicated. They’re both very determined and are good at balancing power in a relationship. A Libra can handle a Scorpio’s ego while a Taurus can be a little stubborn. A Scorpio should be willing to share power with a Taurus.

A Taurus and a Scorpio should be a good match. While they’re opposites in many ways, the two tend to be very compatible in terms of their energy. For example, a Taurus who is extremely loyal will be able to easily win over a Leo. Although the two may be a bad match, both signs are very passionate and need to be in a relationship. The Taurus will be the dominant one, while a Scorpio will be the one who controls the power and the other will take care of the responsibilities.

The two polar opposites can have a good relationship. A Scorpio who is emotionally deep and cunning will be more likely to enjoy the company of a Libra, while a Libra who is more aloof will be a better match for a Libra. A Taurus can also be a good match for a Scorpio. While they can’t get along well with a sign that’s too different from them, a Taurus and a Scorpio can be an excellent match for long-term relationships.

When it comes to compatibility, there are some things to keep in mind. A Scorpio is extremely passionate and emotional, but this can be a drawback in a relationship. For instance, a Scorpio might feel threatened by a Virgo, who may see them as lazy. Neither is perfect for the other, but they can be a good match for each other, if they are compatible in other aspects.