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What Does The Princess Diana Birth Chart Look Like?

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A life that started like a fairy tale ended as a tragic nightmare. At 20, Princess Diana married Prince Charles and it was more like an ordinary marriage. Soon, Princess Diana suffered from eating habits and later came to know about Camilla Parker Bowles. It appeared that there was no room for a third person.

In due course of time, Diana had affairs and the couple separated after 12 years of being together. Finally, they were divorced after 3 years of separation. This opened the door for Camilla and she moved into the palace. This article is about Princess Diana birth chart analysis, where you get to know about their impact on her life.

What is Princess Diana Moon Sign?

Princess Diana has her Moon in Aquarius. People belonging to this sign have a very peculiar personality. Most of the time, the sensitivity of the people with the Moon in Aquarius is devoid of carelessness or infatuation. Princess Diana belongs to the cerebral kind. Because she wanted freedom and inner security, she considered emotions and feelings as burdens.

Moon in Aquarius makes people self-possessed and detached from the world. Their fertile imagination and swift approach make them appreciate friendly get-togethers with varied exchanges. As it appears, they don’t wear their heart on their sleeves. At first sight, people might think they are cold. But people who are close to them and knows them well, are aware of their original traits.

These people have a unique sense of humor. The level of receptiveness is unbelievable and amazing. They have great observation talents and tend to work in line with some form of rebellious ideas. As such, there is a high level of stubbornness in their personality as well.

What’s surprising is that no one can change their mind because they become too vulnerable at that moment. And, it requires lots of lengthy arguments to aim at their intellectual level with little to no hope that it would bring positive outcomes.

Marita affairs, on the other hand, can have a significant impact on their married life. Sometimes these kinds of affairs may have more importance compared to being married. Marital affairs make them get disconnected from reality. And, it is evident from Princess Diana’s extramarital affair with James Hewitt.

Moon in Aquarius tends to make people feel very emotional about certain practical matters surrounding their interests. This kind of unconscious fear is because of the feeling that there is going to be a shortage in life. While these people seek financial security, it becomes counterproductive when they display too much sensitivity.

What Does The Princess Diana Birth Chart Look Like?

The issue of having dominant planets in one’s birth chart has been prominent since the beginning of astrology. How great will be I fa person can be described in few words that represent their characters. And, without the need to analyze with elements such as houses, rulerships, etc. Let’s discuss how Princess Diana’s birth chart looks like.

  • The Sun in Cancer – This sign represents Princess Diana’s inner motivations and will. Her nature was oriented and dreamy toward things for the past. She was protective with good instincts. Her inner life was full of fertile, rich, and unlimited imaginations. People with this Sun sign trust very few persons.

People born under this sign are sentimental, emotional, romantic, generous, imaginative, stubborn, dependent, enduring, loyal, and restful. Their nature is charming and amusing. They love their family, home, and children. Moreover, they need a stable and strong partner to rely on.

  • The Ascendant in Sagittarius – Natives of this ascendant have an extrovert and independent nature. And, they are oriented toward sociability and expansion. They have a soul of a leader with full of energy and remain active. Their charisma is integrated into their life. However, with the fire sign, they challenge themselves and succeed in their task.

Sagittarius Ascendants are hard to follow because their spirit and independent nature prompt them to go higher and higher. Some of their traits include optimism, benevolence, amusement, freedom-loving, adventure, jovial, and charming. When it comes to love, they are made of warmth and life.

  • Venus in Taurus – This sign represent seductiveness and affectivity. When Venus is in Taurus, these natives are selective and not everyone can become a part of their sentimental realm. As Princess Diana has Sun in Cancer and Venus in Taurus, protection, and resistance is the two biggest characteristics of her affectivity.

Their emotions are intense and their sensuality very demanding. With a sensual and physical nature, these natives are keen to delight in their most intimate moments. They are very comfortable and gives their best when it comes to having intense feelings, an inclination for leisure, artistic creativity, communication with children, and so on.

  • Mars in Virgo – This sign denotes a person’s ability to take action. People with this sign make good use of the energy and they like to hit the target with great precision. With a sharp mind, they take every action efficiently and meticulously. They are like the surgeon with a scalpel, who knows what to do exactly.

In short, they belong to the group of specialists and not generalists. Extremely organized, they know how to see things and analyze. Their love life remains fine until they find something unfortunate. They know how to master their business and put in every effort so that it can be sustained for a long time.

  • Mercury in Cancer – This denotes social life and intellect approach. People born under this sign have good comprehension abilities along with delicate and sensitive intelligence. To them, feelings and impressions prevail over facts, and their selective memory isn’t cluttered with baseless elements. Communication is their forte and they use intelligence effectively to achieve contracts or agreements.

What Is The Perfect Birth Chart?

There is no such thing called the perfect birth chart. It is very hard to achieve and in most instances, you can’t find one. That’s because every birth chart is a map consisting of several planetary movements set up at the time of birth of an individual.

The setting up of theseplanetary movements and positions is pretty much impossible and on at least occasions you can have the perfect birth chart in terms of compatibility. However, to achieve the perfect birth chart, every person should use their inherited strength and make wise decisions.

On a different note, no birth chart is perfect because an ideal soul isn’t compelled to be born on Earth where there are possibilities of separation from loved ones and physical death. You may visualize someone with a great birth chart visits a place where are no comfortable beds, no electricity, lots of mosquitoes, stinky garbage nearby, and many more unfavorable things.

Instead of having a perfect birth chart, the person has to stay in an uncomfortable environment that is beyond control. That’s because the person not only experiences personal karma but collective karma of people nearby. Despite this, it is very much possible to have a better horoscope.

Certain things such as the right planet in the right house and their movements are very important to have a perfect life. Depending on the aspect of life that a person considers, a birth chart can be analyzed in terms of bad and good fortune that are coded on them.

And to be precise, everybirth chart is perfect in its own sense. Every birth chart denotes balance and success in every sphere of life. There are good charts that confirm the state of excellent success in one’s life. One thing you should understand that human life is not a static one and there are less than perfect situations in life.

The birth chart is only a snapshot of what was going on when a person was born. And, the Universe hasn’t stopped working because of that person. Depending on little aspects of the birth chart everyone should move forward in life until they cease to exist.

Was Princess Diana a Pisces?

No, Princess Diana wasn’t a Pisces. In her whole birth chart, there is no Pisces sign involved that could influence her life. Her Sun is in Cancer, Ascendant is in Sagittarius, Moon is in Aquarius, Mercury is in Cancer, Mars is in Virgo, and Venus is in Taurus. Each of these signs has their traits and characteristic that falls in line with the nature Princess Diana used to have.

Was Princess Diana an Aquarius?

Princess Diana’s Moon sign is Aquarius. It is one of the significant signs in Princess Diana birth chart Vedic. And, it endows her personality. Impassive and likable at the same time, she was a kind of paradoxical woman. She never opened up on a personal basis despite being so easy in public.

While she was a charming figure in public because of her nice, sociable nature, she hasn’t shown her warmth affection, or emotions even to her admirers in private. She was a genius with tremendous charm under this sign. She had many friends and a social life that was fully active. She had a unique sense of humor as well.

Is Princess Diana a Scorpio?

Is Princess Diana a Scorpio? Many have wondered that, since the Queen is a Scorpio, her love life would be more compatible with her sign. However, the truth is that both Cancers and the Scorpios share many similarities. They both are passionate about life and love their family, which makes their compatibility all the more fascinating. The question remains, though, is whether Princess Di was a Scorpio at all.

Despite her astrological sign, there is no definitive answer to the question. There is some evidence to suggest she may be a Cancer, but this is unlikely to be definitive. Her Moon is ruled by Cancer, which is a very emotional sign. She was born under the astrologer’s compass, but she had the moon in Aquarius in her second house of relationships, incorporating originality and vision. This subtlety may have influenced her to idealise Charles, even though she had a tendency to be a bit reserved.

Diana’s Sun and Moon were in a difficult aspect to Charles’s Sun and Mercury. Although they were born under different signs, Diana was a typical Capricorn. Her birth chart had the Moon and Mercury in the same houses, which made her a highly sensitive person. She was seeking affection and cherished Charles as her ideal. As a result, she reacted in a very negative manner to his attempts to take her away from her mother.

The Sun and Mercury in Diana’s chart were also in a Scorpio house, challenging Diana’s individualistic nature. Her moon was in the eighth house, which is the most secure house in her horoscope, allowing her to focus her feelings on her mother, Queen Elizabeth. Her Capricorn ascendant, which is the most private of the zodiac signs, made her an attractive candidate for royal roles.

Diana was a very private person, and it was not until the end of her life that she revealed her true nature to the world. Her relationship with Prince Charles was not very strong, but the two were still very close. She had strong maternal instincts and was devoted to her sons. She was also very protective of her family, but she was very aloof and unreliable. She was a Scorpio.

There are many reasons why Diana was such an intense woman. Her individualistic nature led her to have a very emotional relationship with Charles. The Royals, however, were highly jealous of her emotional need and had to keep their distance in order to prevent her from letting her feelings control her life. The British royals supposedly demand that their partner is emotionally stable, but she wasn’t. In her own way, it was the same with Princess Diana.

In this way, she was the perfect candidate for a prince’s affection. The Crown Prince was the perfect match for Diana’s personality. This type of marriage is the perfect example of a harmonious marriage. Its lack of emotional intimacy is an important part of her royal family, and her aristocratic upbringing was just what she needed. It’s no wonder that Charles and Diana were so similar, yet their relationships were very different.

The relationship between Diana and Charles was not healthy. The Queen’s mother had never been a very loving person and did not care for her children. Her relationship with Charles was a very difficult one for her. She needed to feel safe, and she sought comfort and love. The Prince was a liar. And the Crown Princess needed to protect her son from him. Nevertheless, the Prince did not deserve her.

She lacked emotional stability in her marriage. Her family was not able to tolerate her extramarital affairs, but they were also very fond of her son, Prince Charles. They had a strained relationship, but they had no intention of cheating on each other. If she’s a Scorpio, she’ll be more likely to do this than a Cancer. But she was a great romantic!

Is Princess Diana a Sagittarius?

The birth chart of Princess Diana has several aspects that are consistent with her Sagittarius sign. She was born under the sign of Cancer, which is a secretive planet, and her rising sign was Sagittarius. Neptune is the planet of illusion and deception, and it stands alone from other planets in her chart. In addition to this, her sun is in the 7th house of relationships, where she was looking for love and affection. Her rising planet, Neptune, is also interacting with Mercury and the Sun, giving her an idealized view of her husband.

When it comes to the planets that influence her chart, Diana’s Moon is in Cancer, and it is her invisible inner compass. Her moon was in Aquarius in her second house, which is the house of self-worth. The Moon in Aquarius is very important because it integrates vision and originality into your life. It also registers revolutionary instincts in subtle ways. In her case, her revolutionary impulses meant that she had to adapt to the demands of her high-profile position.

The Princess of Wales is an Earth sign. Her natal chart has Saturn conjunct her chart’s nadir (4th house cusp), which suggests profound challenges in her home and family life. She is indecisive and appreciates social gatherings, such as concerts and parties. However, her progressed chart has Jupiter conjunct her nadir at age five or six, which indicates a huge change in her life. Her mother left the family home when she was six years old and her father took custody of her siblings.

The Princess of Wales is a Sagittarius. Her ascendant is in the Sagittarius sign. Her South-western quadrant consists of the 7th, 8th, and 9th houses. This quadrant brings a thirst for communication and a risk-taking nature to relationships. Her transformation involves relationships, which she embraces with aplomb. She may even seek escape from a difficult situation to avoid the spotlight.

Her Moon and Sun are in conjunction in Diana’s natal and progressed charts. Their Moons are in a square relationship, which indicates a strong attraction and an important relationship. She was very emotional and was very outspoken. In her natal chart, her Mercury was in conjunction with her father’s Sun, which means she was vulnerable to emotional abuse. When she was six, her mother was removed from her home. Her father then took custody of her.

The chart of the Princess of Wales shows that Diana is a Sagittarius. Her natal Moon is a Sagittarius and her progressed Sun is a Cancer. Her progressed chart reflects her intense sense of emotions. She is very expressive, and her progressed chart reveals a complex personality. She is highly sensual, witty, and a highly sensitive person.

According to Alan Oken’s book, “Is Princess Diana a Sagittarius? A Sagittarius’s sun and its ascendant are complementary signs. They have a lot in common with a Cancer, but there are differences. The two share a similar love of life, and their personalities are incompatible. If they were married, there would be no love! But if they had children, they would have been a perfect match.

As a Sagittarius, Diana is an Earth sign. The Sun and Mercury in Diana’s natal chart are highly correlated, and the sun and Mercury are very similar. Their Sun and Mercury are similar, and they are also phlegmatic. She is very detached and solitary, which are both characteristics of a Sagittarius. Her Venus rules the fifth house of motherhood and the seventh house of love.

While Diana’s progressed chart shows that her moon and a Sagittarius are compatible, her rising sign and progressed astrology are not the same. Her planetary positions and the time of her death are different, but her zodiac sign was a Sagittarius. She was born on July 1, 1961. She was a Cancer, and was very outspoken and intuitive. She was often a woman of her heart and always led with her heart.

What is Princess Diana’s Astrology?

What is Princess Diana’s astrology? According to her horoscope, she was the most intuitive and compassionate of all the royals. Her planets, Mercury and Venus, are in Taurus. These two planets are highly sensitive and intuitive, making them an excellent match for one another. As the sun rules Cancer, Diana’s relationship was nurturing and compassionate, and she was always on the go. Even when she was on duty, Diana tended to engage in activities that required her to be on the go. Her involvement in humanitarian work was very important to her, and her marriage was a gateway to a higher throne.

The Moon is in a traditional sign, Leo, where the Princess was born. However, her Sun is in Aquarius. Its position is in a less traditional sign, which could be a factor in the attention she received. This makes Diana’s Moon opposite Uranus particularly interesting. It is also a powerful symbol for the media, and her openness to media may have played a role in the attention she received.

While the astrologers believe that her horoscope is ambiguous, the underlying message behind the seemingly perfect Diana is that she is a romantic, generous, and caring person. This person was admired by millions and was adored by many. Her Aquarius Moon was a defining feature of her public image, and her Sagittarius ascendant inspired a public faith in the monarchy.

Despite the tragic circumstances surrounding her death, Diana’s chart can be helpful in understanding her personality and her relationship with Prince Charles. While she had an undeniable relationship with the Crown Prince, she remained unfaithful to her husband and had affairs with Camilla Parker Bowles. Ultimately, her relationship with Charles proved unsustainable and she divorced him in 1996. Her daughter, Kate, moved into the palace in 2003 and is the current monarch.

If you want to know the cause of Diana’s tragic death, you must understand her chart. The reason why Diana died is unclear is because she was born under a Cancerian sun and her Moon was in Aquarius. Her Saturn and Venus were both in the seventh house of relationships. She lacked the sense of self-worth, which made her more vulnerable to scandal. Moreover, her Sun and Mercury were in the same sign, causing her to be idealistic.

Because her Sun and Moon were both in Cancer, she was attracted to her grandfather and loved him to the end. While her parents were not lovers, they were very close and were the perfect partners for each other. In addition, Diana’s astrology was not entirely bad. But the relationship was not perfect. She was not the best looking and the worst-behaving. And she had the biggest expectations in life.

Her Moon and Mercury are both in Leo, and Diana’s Sun and Mercury are in Aquarius. Her Moon is in Leo, which is not surprising because she was an Earth sign, but it was a sign that she loved. But she also had other planetary placements. Her Mars is at 25 degrees in Aquarius. As a result, the two planetary positions of Diana’s stars were opposite each other.

In addition to her sun and Mercury, Diana’s astrology also reflects her personality. Her birth chart reveals that she had an Neptune as her ruler. Her Venus and Mars are in Taurus, while her Sun is in Libra. She was a passionate lover, but her love of her mother was not. She had many fans. She was a sensitive and loving person. Her chart showed that she had a Sagittarius ascendant.

The Moon was in Scorpio, a sign that symbolizes compassion. Her Sun and Moon both were in Libra, and Diana had a difficult square aspect to Charles’ Sun. This created a complicated relationship, as it was impossible to know if her husband was being faithful to her. A square aspect of her Moon would have prevented her from marrying Charles, even though her love for him was mutual.

What Rising Sign is Princess Diana?

What rising sign is Princess Diana? Whether she was born under a sun, moon, or astrological constellation, there’s a good chance her personality was shaped by the energies she had gathered since childhood. She was born with the planet Venus, which was the ruling planet of Pisces, while her Moon was in Taurus. Her natal chart is not yet published, but it has some interesting elements.

The Queen’s rising sign is Sagittarius. Her Moon is in the mystical and diplomatic Dhanistha Nakshatra, so she has this attribute. Her personality was very diplomatic, and she had a quiet demeanor. Like her parents, Diana was an outspoken reformer who broke conventions and encouraged change. Her children, Princes William and Harry, also have Sagittarius as their ascendant signs, which makes them a great match.

While her zodiac sign is Cancer, the astrological signs of Diana’s natal chart are similar. Mercury and the Sun are in Gemini and Taurus, respectively, while her Venus rules her fifth house of motherhood. As the last monarch, she is the king and queen of England. However, her rising sign is Leo. If we combine the rising sign of the Queen with the moon sign of Diana, her sign will be Leo.

Interestingly, Diana was born under the secretive sign of Scorpio. That meant she would never really know what Charles wanted for her, and so she was able to get ahead by focusing on her own personal needs. Her public image was dominated by Neptune, which sits in her 10th house of public image. She wanted a fairytale life and thought she had it. Her rising sign, however, was in Sagittarius, which encourages you to question, inspire, and live a full life of vast experiences.

While Diana’s sun sign is Gemini, her rising sign is Cancer. Her zodiac sign is her sun sign. This means that she will be talkative and have an engaging personality. But this trait is not enough. She will also be very charming, which are two of the most important qualities of a princess. What is important in astrology is the time at which a person was born, and the sun signs of the mother.

The moon is the most important aspect of an astrological profile. The moon governs both the sun and the moon. It also controls the sign of the Moon, so a woman born under a Cancer sun has a moon in her rising sign. A Cancer rising sign is likely to be a highly sensitive and caring person, but if you don’t have a chart in this sign, it’s not the best indicator.

A Princess’s rising sign reflects her personality traits. If she’s a Cancer, her Sun sign is Leo. Her Moon is the sign of her emotional inner world. She loves to spend time with friends and family. She has a lot of friends and is very generous. She is also very loving and generous. She has a great sense of humor. But she’s not a very communicative person, so she needs a lot of support.

Diana’s rising sign is Cancer. She was born on June 4, 1981, at 11:40 a.m. Her sun is Gemini. She’s chatty and friendly. Her rising sign is Leo. This means she’s an idealist who was always in her head. If you’re a royal, your moon is the most powerful aspect of your astrological profile. She is very compassionate.

If you’re wondering about Diana’s personality, her rising sign is Sagittarius. This is the sign she was born under, and her sun is her sign. Her ascendant is also Sagittarius. If you’re wondering what her rising sign is, you can read her progressed chart to find out more about her characteristics. This chart will give you a general idea of her personality, and you can find out if she’s a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

The Sun is in Cancer, while Mercury and Mars are in Libra, making Diana intuitive and compassionate. She had a hands-on approach to her work and was willing to put herself in harm’s way for good causes. She was an inspiration to the world, and a role model for people in all walks of life. She was a true humanitarian. She devoted her life to helping people and helped countless people.