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What Are New Horoscope Signs?

What Are New Horoscope Signs?

Do you know that your horoscopes have changed? Yeah, the stars are not properly aligned for April. In actual fact, they have shifted, which means your horoscopes might not be what you think they are.

Above that, NASA has also introduced the latest zodiac sign into the list. That means the dates of your zodiac signs have also shifted. In this blog, we are going to talk about everything.. so keep on reading below…

The Shift In The Zodiac Signs…

As we enter a brand new month of the new year, the fans of astrology have also begun to look at the stars for more guidance about their life. As per some resources, April was somewhat a time for renewal.

Moreover, ” The sun is in the zodiac Aries, which is the first zodiac sign, the celestial spring is all upon us.” Also when the new moon of Aries arrived, you all got a new page to write on. Nevertheless, they warn that things could get more tense before the arrival of the new moon on April 9th. This all is because of the balsamic low energy phase.

According to the reports of July 2020. Even the people who do not believe much inastrology and who think that it is utter nonsense also know what their zodiac sign is. And they have also checked and read about their zodiac sign at least once in their life. Isn’t it true?

What we are going to say next might be so surprising, but in recent studies, it was revealed that everything that we thought we knew about the zodiac was a big lie. In actual fact, around 86% of the people were born under another constellation to our zodiac sign, which is based on how the sky is today… and that’s all to do with the “Earth’s Wobble”.

What NASA Says About It…

NASA has confirmed that today’s sky is different from how it was years ago, at the time when the twelve signs of the zodiac were invented for the first time by Babylonians.

They further explained that ” The sky has now shifted because the north pole or the axis of the earth was not pointing in the same direction.

So, now if you have your birthday in August, then that means you were born as a Cancer and not Leo, okay?

NASA has also added the latest zodiac sign which will be the 13th sign into the zodiac mix.

Importantly, they consider that stars have now shifted, and we all have been checking the wrong horoscopes since now. Also, they added that there is a new sign which is named Ophiuchus in the zodiac mix.

But, the astrologers are also alerting the ones who are keeping their old zodiac signs aside.

One of the most famous astrologers says that ” The new sign that is Ophiuchus has been one among all the constellations that fall along the ecliptic. It was not just chosen by the old and experienced astrologers to be the new zodiac sign…

What is The New Zodiac Sign?

The new sign has been introduced to the horoscopes. It is called the Ophiuchus, which settled between the Sagittarius and Scorpio, so every other sign also has to move a little and make a way for the new zodiac.

The new zodiac sign Ophiuchus shares so many characteristics with the Sagittarius. Also, the people with this sign are said to be the light-bearers and healers.

Despite the buzz adjoining the Ophiuchus as the brand new inclusion among all the stars, the proposal of a new sign seems to have derived from the 1970s, when the astrologer Stephen Schmidt suggested the latest zodiac of fourteen signs.

What Are The Characteristics Of The New Horoscope Signs That Is Ophiuchus?

The people who have the brand new zodiac sign are a good mix of Sagittarius and Scorpio.

They are said to be as curious and insightful, they seek wisdom and knowledge everywhere. Also, they can get bored with the routine easily and they are open to change.

The Ophiuchus can be very passionate and happy. Moreover, their charisma is so strong and they are often told as sexually attractive.

Moreover, there is bad news though; the people with their sign as Ophiuchus are more likely to get jealous and they are short-tempered as well. Also, they are big procrastinators when they aren’t being critical and restless.

Does The Shifting of Stars Have Any Kind Of Impact On The Zodiac Signs?

The shift in the stars is because of the anteriority of the equinoxes. Whereas the constellations haven’t shifted, the wobble of the axis of the earth creates the first impression that they already have.

Moreover, the eastern astrologers read the planets against the present view of constellations. And the western astrologers read the zodiac signs against the old view of constellations, they still stick to the old patterns. Therefore, they shift from the Age of Pisces to Aquarius.

Astrology Isn’t Synonymous With Astronomy

It is quite significant to keep in mind that astrology is not the same as astronomy. The astrologers make use of symbolic language. Hence, astrology is a multidimensional concept, it’s a philosophy. Both these concepts are seen as the sides of the coin and we hope that they’ll be the same once again.

Significantly, the dates that decide our sign matches with the position of the sun which is relative to constellations of the stars that appear behind the sun on the date of our birth.

The place of the Sun as it is viewed from the earth proceeds to the constellations that found the zodiac- Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Leo, Cancer, Libra, Virgo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Pisces and Aquarius. Besides, the zodiac signs were decided by the constellation in which the sun was on the day of our birth. But now, the constellations have shifted and the sky has changed.

So, when we consider ourselves as an Aries, Libra or a Gemini, that’s most likely not what we are. On the contrary, if you are the one who feels time and again that you don’t connect well with your horoscope then this can prove to be very good news for you all.

The constellations are of different shapes and sizes, therefore the sun spends a significant amount of time at different lengths.

The line from the earth via the sun points at the Virgo for forty-five days, but it also points to the Scorpios for about seven days. Moreover, to create a clean match with their twelve-month calendar, some astrologers have overlooked the fact that now the sun moves via thirteen constellations now and not just twelve.

After that, they have assigned equal time to all these twelve constellations. Apart from all the twelve constellations, the sun too is aligned with the new sign that is Ophiuchus for a period of eighteen days every year.

The constellations that come from the Greek words mean the serpent bearing is generally represented by a man wrestling the snake. Do you know? Ophiuchus also shares some of its traits with Sagittarius. The people with this sign are also known as light-bearers and healers.

What are the new horoscope signs dates of the zodiac?

So basically, there are now a total of 13 signs in the list of thezodiac.

The dates of the signs have definitely changed, so we have jotted down the list of correct and revised dates of the zodiac signs. They are as follows:

  • Capricorn: 20 Jan – 16 Feb
  • Aquarius: 16 Feb – 11 March
  • Pisces: 11 March – 18 April
  • Aries: 18 April – 13 May
  • Taurus: 13 May – 21 June
  • Gemini: 21 June – 20 July
  • Cancer: 20 July – 10 August
  • Leo: 10 August – 16 September
  • Virgo: 16 September – 30 October
  • Libra: 30 October- 23 November
  • Scorpio: 23 November – 29 November
  • Ophiuchus: 29 November – 17 December
  • Sagittarius: 17 December – 20 January

To say more about the new sign that is Ophiuchus, it is considered as a doctor of medicines, healer of mankind and as a scientist who seeks enlightenment and higher education. The Ophiuchus is also known as the interpreter of the dreams, and they are expected to go to a higher position in their life.

Moreover, if you still are unsure whether your personality fits well with the new zodiac sign that is Ophiuchus, then it doesn’t matter much. After all, no one can stop you from reading and relying on your old zodiac sign.

NASA explains that horoscopes are not science and they simply offer a little bit of comfort to the people.

To Sum Up.

That’s all about it. We have finally arrived at the end of this article. And we have tried our best to make you aware of all that we got for you. We hope that you are now totally aware of the newly added sign of the zodiac that is Ophiuchus.

So it’s time to wrap this up! In case you still have any query or confusion, then feel free to contact us.