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What Is A Moon Sign Calendar?

In this 21st century, knowledge is everything. Knowing more about every aspect of life and how things work is incredible. But what is more fascinating is knowing about yourzodiac signs, horoscope, and the traits you get from them. Horoscope and astrology is a huge and highly complicated subject that depends upon numerous other details like the positioning of the sun, moon, and planets at the time of an individual’s birth.

These factors can then be classified into Zodiac signs like Leo, Cancer, Aries, Virgo, and so on to find out a person’s traits, characteristics and about their personalities as well. In western astrology, Zodiac signs which are also called the sun signs are the ones you can determine from your date of birth and can find out which zodiac sign you fall under. But there is another concept called the moon signs and it is not as easy as to find out your sun signs. Your moon signs are a little more complicated.

This is determined by the positioning of the moon at the time, place, and date of your birthday. However, we also understand that the moon has faster motion than the sun which means it changes its phases a lot faster than the sun, and to find out your moon sign you are required to have details about your birthday. Here is an article that will help you know more about the moon sign calendar and find out your moon sign.

What Is A Moon Sign Calendar?

Moon Sign Calendar

As we all know, astrology and horoscopes is a huge subject. It has numerous divisions. There are ways you can find out your zodiac signs, you can also know about the planet that has some influence on you and you can also know about your lucky color, numbers, and so on. In astrological science, the celestial bodies do play a huge role. The sun, moon, and the planets like Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, and so on. The moon is said to govern the nature of our feelings and our expressions concerning our manners, habits, and personalities.

The moon also has influenced our instincts and intuition since our childhood. The moon sign calendar also known as the lunar calendar is a type of calendar that is based upon the monthly cycle of the phases of the Moon. Now, this is in variation to the solar calendar. The moon sign calendar can be used to find out the influence of the moon on a particular person. These moon signs have different values and determine various traits in a person.      


The Moon Calendar Keys

The moon calendar is based on the moon as we all know. So this calendar has some special days also known as the moon calendar keys like the new moon and full moon which have special characteristics to it.

  • New Moon: New Moons are the days that represent great emotions and new ideas. This is a good time for beginners who are trying to start something new. This also marks the start of the New moon cycle or lunar cycle.
  • Dark Moon: This marks the ending of the moon cycle. The dark moon is 48 hours after the start of the New moon. It is a great time to let go and move on from things that are trying to hold us back.
  • Full Moon: The full moon is the moon that opposes the sun. It is a good time for emphasizing various contradictions in relationships and their psyches.
  • Void Moon: The void Moon is a good time for little opportunities and inspirational work as well.
  • Genius: The time is great for various researches, planning of projects, codings, studies, and other creative concepts as well. You will be able to solve any given problem at this time.
  • Zap Zone: The zap zones are the days that require a lot of focus and carefully avoiding trouble as well.
  • Venusian Vibe: The Venusian vibe days or days influenced by Venus are excellent for romance, intimacy, and sensuality. It enhances a person’s appreciation for scent, pleasure, beauty, music, and fashion.
  • Super Psychic: The super Psychic period is the time for metaphysics insights. These can be easily sensed at this time. It is a good time for shamanic journeying, meditation, psychotherapeutic chasing, and dream analysis as well.
  • Enhanced Healing: This is the time when the moon and planets’ influences together create a highly beneficial mix creating an optimistic atmosphere for various types of healing, recovery, health decisions, diagnosis of various symptoms, and also smooth running of the medical procedures of a person.
  • Money Moons: Just as the name suggests, the money Moons are the times when you will witness good cash flow and great funding. These moons are generally very lucky but with this, you also need to put in a lot of ingenious efforts and hard work to completely achieve this time.

Influence of Moon Signs On Zodiac Signs

As we all know that there are 12 zodiac signs as defined by western and Vedic astrology. We also need to understand that there can be 12 different types of moon signsaccording to these zodiac signs. Now if the moon is positioned in any particular zodiac sign the person has that zodiac may behave in a certain way. So here are the moon signs in the 12 zodiac signs showing what the moon influences in each zodiac sign.

  • Aries: The influence of the moon on the Aries zodiac sign makes them very impulsive, active learners, and impatient as well.
  • Taurus: The influence of the moon on the Taurus zodiac sign makes them mentally stable. It is said that the Taurus position is one of the favorite positions of the moon.
  • Gemini: The influence of the moon on the Gemini zodiac sign makes them twofold in their nature.
  • Cancer: The influence of the moon on the Cancer zodiac sign makes them very caring and loving like a mother. They tend to care and love everybody like a motherly figure.
  • Leo: The influence of the moon on the Leo zodiac sign makes them a genuine leader and makes them royal-minded as well.
  • Virgo: The influence of the moon on the Virgo zodiac sign makes them have highly practical approaches.
  • Libra: The influence of the moon on the Libra zodiac sign makes them have a well-balanced mind.
  • Scorpio: The influence of the moon on the Scorpio zodiac sign is very little. It is said that the moon does not like to be in the position of a Scorpio and tends to make a lot of fluctuations in them.
  • Sagittarius: The influence of the moon on the Sagittarius zodiac sign makes them inclined towards various religious beliefs and religions.
  • Capricorn: The influence of the moon on the Capricorn zodiac sign makes them rigid in their approaches and very stable in their thoughts at the same time.
  • Aquarius: The influence of the moon on the Aquarius zodiac sign makes them very communicative and social. They also tend to be part of various communities.
  • Pisces: The influence of the moon on the Pisces zodiac sign makes them dive deeper into spirituality and other beliefs.

Calculating Moon Signs

Calculating your moon sign is not very difficult. For this, you just need to have access to some important and accurate information. Firstly you need to start with writing down your birth date, your birth month, and your birth year. With this write down the time of your birth as well. Secondly, you need to write about the city where you were born. The positioning of the moon in the sky depending upon the exact area you were born in is very important to find out your moon sign.

Finally, use an online moon calculator to find out your moon sign. You can just time an online moon sign calculator in your search engine and you will get different websites with the calculators. Fill in the details and it will tell you your moon sign.

  • Example 1: If Chris is born on 4th July 1998, at 11:21 am in Chicago, Illinois then his Moon sign will be Libra.
  • Example 2: If Megan is born on 21st March 2002, at 4:34 pm in New York City then her Moon sign will be Gemini.
  • Example 3: If Joseph is born on 19th April 1996, at 8:29 pm in Dallas, Georgia then his Moon sign will be Taurus.

Final Words

The sun and the moon are very important deciding factors in astrological science. Their correct positioning can help us in finding out important details about our lives, thinking, beliefs, traits, habits, personalities, and characteristics as well.

The moon sign calendar is responsible for showing the exact time for various things. It shows the exact time for the particular moments when the moon enters every sign, it shows the exact time for the full moon and New moon calendars with the degrees of the signs that occur, it also shows exact time for particular good days for celebration, relationship, health, studies and also void and retrograde moon phases of Mars, Mercury, and Venus.

How Do You Know Your Sun and Moon Signs?

Unless you are born on a day with an astrological cusp, your sun and moon signs cannot be determined from your birth date. If you are unsure, you can consult your natal chart for information. The sun sign is based on your birthday, which is different from your moon sign. Your zodiac sign is based on your personality, not your birthday. If you want to know your signs, you can use your birth date and time to calculate your sign.

Your Sun and Moon sign represent two aspects of yourself. The Sun represents your outer self, while the Moon is the part of your personality that is hidden. Your sun and moon sign influence your life in many ways, including your feelings, intuition, and relationships. If your moon is in a different sign than your sun sign, you will feel a different emotional response. To find out what your moon sign is, use your birth date and time.

Your Moon represents your emotions and inner self. It can reveal the emotional reactions you have. The moon is your unconscious mind, and it governs your moods and emotions. If your Sun and moon sign are the same, you might not get along. Understanding your feelings will help you understand what they mean and what to do about them. You should also be aware that your Moon sign and Sun sign are different. However, the two signs do have a lot in common. If your Sun and the Moon signs are opposite, you may be able to read their effects.

The Moon represents your emotional side. It is your innermost self. The Moon affects how you feel about the world and how you interact with other people. Your Moon sign will help you understand your emotional needs and help you make more effective choices in your life. Once you understand your moon sign and the relationship between the two signs, you will have a better understanding of yourself. There are some similarities and differences between the two signs, so make sure you understand them.

Your Moon sign is the opposite of your Sun sign. It reflects your emotions. Your Moon sign represents your emotional side. The latter is the outer expression of your personality. The Moon is the part of your personality that influences your emotions and your relationship with other people. It is important to understand both signs because they are essential to your emotional life. If you are born on a day that is opposite to your Sun and your Moon sign, you will feel completely out of sync with them.

Your Sun sign reflects your personality. Your Moon sign expresses your feelings and emotions. Your rising sign represents your emotional side. Your rising sign is your most dominant sign. When they are opposite, your personality will be opposite. Your rising sign will be the opposite of your moon sign. For this reason, the same applies to the sun. When you want to know your Sun and Moon signs, you must have your birth date and time. You should also make note of the rising and setting of your planets.

Your Sun and Moon signs are very similar. The sun represents your values and your emotions. It is also your most creative energy. Your Moon sign reflects your intuitive nature. You have an intense emotional life and a strong intuition. So, it is important to understand what your sun and moon sign tells about your personality. The Sun and Moon are the epicenters of your solar system. The sun is the epicenter of your astrological chart.

Your Moon sign is the gateway to your emotional side. Your sun sign is your personality’s outer expression. Your Moon sign is your emotional core. Your rising sign is your outer appearance. If your Moon and sun signs are similar, you will have the same personality traits. When you read your moon and star signs, you will learn more about yourself and how to live your life to the fullest. If you’re looking for love, your soulmate will want to be with you.

What Does it Mean by Moon Sign?

What does it mean by moon sign? Many ancient philosophers connected the cycles of the moon to human emotion. In fact, the word ‘lunatic’ was first used in the 13th century to describe a person suffering from periodic insanity. It is important to note that your personality will be different based on your moon sign. Here are some things to consider. The following are some common traits of your lunar sign.

Your personality reflects your moon sign. You are more creative and spontaneous, and your moon sign will be a sign that reveals the real you. Your emotions and feelings are highly influenced by your moon sign. Intimate relationships will be shaped by your Moon sign. You will attract certain types of people because of their complementary characteristics. For example, Scorpios are intense and passionate, while Tauruses are steady and need stability. Aquarians are emotional and reserved, while Sagittarians are independent and have trouble committing to a single project.

Your moon sign represents the depths of your personal emotions. It represents your intuitive side, emotions, memories and intuition. Your relationship with your maternal influences is influenced by your moon sign. Your moon sign also helps you understand the true meaning of your feelings and emotions. As the moon moves across the sky every two and a half days, your moon sign tells you about your character and how to handle it. Once you know your moon sign, you can better understand how your personality will be affected by your emotions.

Your relationship with others will be influenced by your moon sign. Your compatibility with others will depend on how your moon is related to your natal star signs. If you have a Libra or a Scorpio sun sign, you will have trouble determining your compatibility with another lunar sign. In addition, your relationship with your mother will be shaped by your moon sign. If your mother is a Leo, you may find it hard to remain emotionally detached.

Your moon sign is very important. It can make or break your relationship. Your moon sign can affect your emotional life in a number of ways. For example, if you have a Leo sun sign, your moon will be in Pisces, while a Virgo sun sign with an Aries moon will have difficulty settling down and sticking to one project. The sun and the moon have a strong relationship with each other.

When it comes to love and relationships, your moon sign will be influential in your life. Intimate relationships will be affected by your moon sign. It will affect your relationships with others, whether they’re with a spouse or partner. For example, a woman with an earthly moon will be more emotional than someone with an airy or water-sign moon. This can be a problem if you have a fire moon.

The moon sign can also have an effect on your love life. It can influence the kind of people you are attracted to. For example, the Scorpios are very passionate, while Taurus needs stability. The same applies if you’re attracted to a strong silent person. The Sagittarians want to live free, and the Aquarians need to feel safe and protected. In general, your zodiac sign will affect your emotional life, and it is possible to fall in love with a person who isn’t your sun sign.

The moon sign also influences your love life. The type of people you are attracted to depends on the sign of the moon. A Scorpio is an intense and passionate sign, while a Taurus is a steady, quiet person who needs stability. A Taurus is a very stable person and may be attracted to someone who is unreliable and unemotional. A Librans are not very emotional, but are very impulsive.

If you’re interested in astrology, you should consider your moon sign. It’s a little less popular aspect of astrology, but it’s important to recognize the importance of moon sign. It’s not just your sun sign. It’s also your moon. Your personality is shaped by your moon sign. You’re most compatible with other people who share similar traits. Your moon sign will help you make choices about love and your partner’s preferences.