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Is Aries Pisces Compatibility A Match?


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac cycle. Pisces is the last. Aries is a fire sign. Pisces is water. Aries is a born leader. Pisces is a philosopher. To a certain extent, these signs represent opposing ideals. But as the stars always reveal, it is often the opposites that manifest common characteristics.


Aries is a positive and cardinal sign. It exudes a masculine energy. A person born under the stars of Aries loves to take risks by throwing himself or herself into new projects and experiences. An Aries person can be very single-minded about his or her goal, and is not afraid to commit mistakes along the way. An Aries individual has the luxury and convenience of “winging it” because he or she is independent. The unimpeded ascent of Aries is possible because there are no long-term commitments to slow it down.


As a lover, Ariesis as risk-taking and adventurous as it is in all the other aspects of its existence. Here are some of its distinct traits:

  • Aries is spontaneous – Aries does not like to repeat itself. One who is in a relationship with an Aries person can expect daily surprises: random sweet calls, quickies in the office pantry, a cute prank, anything to keep the romance fresh. When Aries is in love, it will find new ways to add more spice to a relationship. The downside of this is that when the relationship does become stale. Aries has the tendency to just fly off and move on to the next big adventure.
  • Aries will make the first move – When an Aries person falls in love, he or she wastes no time with protracted courtships. Expect Aries to admit his or her feelings. Aries is all about tearing down the walls of anxiety and uncertainty. In bed, Aries is always ready to initiate the action. Aries will always make sure that feelings and intentions are expressed clearly.
  • Aries is honest – Aries dislikes agonizing over unspoken fears and pains. Aries will always express its joys and troubles of being in a relationship. A person born under the stars of Aries tends to get jealous easily. When that happens, an Aries will always be honest about his or her suspicions. When one is in a relationship with an Aries person, one can expect that conflicts will be resolved quickly or expect Aries to initiate a breakup.


Piscesis a negative and mutable sign. It radiates a nurturing, feminine energy. A person born under the stars of Pisces is emotionally sensitive, and finds creative fulfilment in being alone. An Aries individual has a very strong psychic connection with others, and is not daunted by exploring these intuitive bonds. A Pisces person is always drawn to his or inner voice, immersing in the deeper truths of the cosmos.


As a lover, Pisces is more than willing to offer emotional support to his or her partner. Here are the traits of a Pisces lover:

  • Pisces is sensitive – Pisces has a strong psychic intuition. A person born under the stars of Pisces has the ability to sense the feelings projected by people around her. This ability is magnified when a Pisces bonds emotionally with a person who reciprocates his or her feelings. When Pisces is in love, he or she does so unconditionally. This can sometimes be unhealthy for Pisces because the emotions he or she imbibes can become highly overwhelming.
  • Pisces will always listen – Pisces is a good listener. This is the tangible expression of his or her keen intuitive ability. Pisces will open himself or herself to a confidant, providing emotional care. This is why Pisces lovers are renowned for being able to heal broken hearts and tormented souls.
  • Pisces is accepting – If there is one thing that makes Pisces different from other signs of the zodiac, it is that Pisces is never one to judge another for flaws and shortcomings. A Pisces has the natural gift to boost the self-worth of others . Pisces goes with the flow, never discriminates, and accept the risks and rewards of love without hesitation.


It is often easy to think that Pisces is too soft and too meek for Aries’ intimidating presence. But despite Aries’ posturing, he or she yearns for someone who he or she can connect on a deeper level. In a sense, Pisces’ ability to easily take the good with the bad is the foil that Aries needs. When an Aries is with a Pisces, he or she can relax from the effort to be constantly perfect. Aries’ free spirit and often reckless demeanor is a source of amusement and curiosity for Pisces. Pisces loves riddles. Aries’ tendency to be emotionally unavailable genuinely intrigues Pisces.

In terms of interpersonal dynamics, people who are born under the stars of Aries love to take charge. A Pisces person is the perfect pair for them because Pisces is content to sit back and let Aries play the hero. Whenever Aries doubts its capabilities, Pisces will always be there to provide the boost in confidence.

Pisces nurtures. Aries can often appear to be a petulant child in need of some maternal support. Although Aries may be too proud to admit it, it understands that Pisces is the one sign that can understand and cope with its mood swings.


Although a pairing between a Pisces and an Aries can be quite interesting, they are not really that compatible overall.

For starters, Aries and Pisces seem to be on the same path. Aries is an innovator, and Pisces is creative. Both are open to new ideas. Both signs find great satisfaction in being the best partner they could be. Aries excites, and Pisces supports. Aries is eager to find new ways to experience pleasure, and Pisces is more than willing to go with the flow.

Although these qualities shared by both signs may seem ideal for a weekend date or a one-night stand, they are not enough to provide a strong foundation for a long-term commitment. The differences between Aries and Pisces far outweigh their similarities.

  • Planetary domicile – Mars rules Aries and Neptune rules Pisces. Mars intensifies Aries aggressive personality and Neptune deepens Pisces’ emotional excursions. This presents an obstacle that prevents Aries and Pisces from setting aside the most extreme aspects of their dispositions so that they could have a common ground.
  • Personal goals – With a few exceptions, a relationship between an Aries and a Pisces can be very one sided to favor Aries. There is a tendency for Aries to be very dominant and Pisces to be submissive. This is simply a natural consequence of their respective characters.


Aries and Pisces are not meant to build a long-term relationship. But they are perfect as sexual partners with no plans to bring their intimacy to the next level. When they are unburdened by the demands of a serious commitment, they are among the best pairings in bed. The inquisitive and creative Pisces is always curious about exploring fantasies. And confident Aries is more than eager to indulge those fantasies.

Passionate Aries is always eager to showcase its prowess in bed. It finds great satisfaction in exploring new experiences. Trust Aries to make moves. Aries is always game when it comes to trying out new positions and sensations.

While Aries takes care of the carnal side of sex, Pisces looks after the deeper and sensual layers. Pisces is all about making each other feel secure and safe throughout their intimate encounter.

But this sexual chemistry can be fragile at times. Aries can be a bit pushy and domineering in bed. On the other hand, Pisces prefers to take it slow, to let the pleasure linger just a little bit longer. During these times, arousal can quickly turn to anger.


Unfortunately, Aries and Pisces are not necessarily destined for eternal companionship. Although they do possess some degree of chemistry in the short-term, their astrological attributes are simply not aligned. It takes a lot of conscious effort for both signs to get the stars to work in their favor.

Having said that, an Aries-Pisces pairing can still work for as long as Aries and Pisces can keep the sexual spark consistent through their partnership. An Aries-Pisces pairing works if both signs do not feel that their relationship is an obligation. The idea of marriage may seem to much for them. Marriage, after all, can appear to be contractual. Aries and Pisces will have a better partnership as long their relationship has no label. After all, Aries is insightful enough and Pisces is intuitive enough to recognize and nurture their unique bond without being judged by others.

Aries needs lots of open space–literally and figuratively–to channel its creative energies. It needs to be with people, to fulfill its role as an innovator and a leader. Pisces also needs to retreat into its own solitude so that it can recharge its emotional batteries.