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What Is Kourtney Kardashian Zodiac Sign?

What Is Kourtney Kardashian Zodiac Sign?

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Is Kourtney Kardashian a Taurus?

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Kourtney Kardashian is an Aries and does not belong to the Taurus’ sign. She was born on April 18, 1979, and she is popular like her sisters Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie because of their involvement in the retail and fashion industries. They are also well-known in social media as they endorse beauty products, fashion, beverage drinks, and prescription drugs.

What Is Kourtney Kardashian Zodiac Sign?

Kourtney Mary Kardashian’s zodiac is Aries. As an Aries, she shows an energetic and dynamic personality. She is highly adventurous and one who will not back down from any challenge. Because of her boldness, she is also famous for having a bubbly personality who is always game for a good and fun night out.

Kourtney, when having fun have a different facet in her personality. When she needs to be serious, and when it is about emotional situations, she can have her sensitivity with her.

Because of Kourtney’s Pisces Ascendant, Kourtney is more emotional than previously thought. She has a gentle side to her and has a sensible nature.

Having a Pisces Ascendant, she is aware of the energy of the people around her especially those that are close to her. Because of her varying influence, Kourtney can very well adapt to the energy that surrounds her.

Kourtney is also intellectual cause even though she enjoys fame and popularity, she doesn’t see that as the end-all and be-all of her existence. Kourtney also wants to make a name for herself, and she also worries about having her financial freedom more than other people thought. Her need to prove her capability and capacity has made Kourtney venture into other businesses and investments.

Although she has her family to lean on when the going gets tough, Kourtney is more reliant on herself and wants to show more independence by creating solutions and resolving problems as they come.

Kourtney is also one who has a grip on her emotions cause she does not go from one relationship to another and would like to have a partner that is lasting.

She expresses her feelings in a very cool, and calm way, not wanting to show too much dependency if she has a partner. Though she can be loving, caring, and highly affectionate, especially if it is reciprocated.

Kourtney, as an Aries, has a sacrificing character where she would rather get the brunt of pain instead of her family. She will sacrifice as well for the well-being of those she loves. This may sound heroic, but the truth is she may just be opening herself up for abuse from other people. She must also place some boundaries and learn to distinguish when she needs to help and when she has to take the back seat on things.

Kourtney Kardashian: Photo Credit lev radin

Kourtney has a love for elegant possessions, and, at the same time, she likes to show it off. She is also one who likes to be in the limelight and be adored by other people. That is her outside self that wants some recognition and popularity. She basks in the feeling that she has made a name for herself, which is a separate entity.

It can also be credited to her intelligence and her memory since she can find solutions to things that worry her and stress her. Her ambitions, coupled with her intellect, will help her reach her goal in life.

What Kourtney should focus on though is her creativity cause she can invest in more prolific business ventures and create more ideas for her businesses. Although she can have grand designs and plans, she needs the help of other people as well to realize it.

Kourtney must also be calmer with the cooperation of others and not be too critical. She tends to be bored with what’s happening around her that makes her irritated at times.

Kourtney, as an Aries, is also fiery, which can be the source of her problems as well. She lashes out when things are not going her way, and even when her opinion is not asked, she will give it. She has a side to her that can’t contain her temper, and this she must curb and control.

Kourtney is not one to be controlled either, like a Ram who will butt heads with those who challenge her. She will take her stand and not move as long as she believes she is right. She will not also bow down to anyone, especially when she believes in her opinion.

Kourtney can also be stubborn and will not listen to reason. This is an Aries character that she needs to restrain cause she also must listen to others who mean well. Her family will always be there to support her, and though there are misunderstandings and confrontations, Kourtney must understand that her family loves her and will support her no matter what.

What Zodiac Are The Kardashians?

Kris Jenner – November 5, 1955


The momager of her famous daughters, the one who controls it all, the career, that is. This matriarch knows her worth in gold and will let her daughter appreciate it.

As a Scorpio, Kris believes in her privacy and is not one who will just let anyone take a peek at their private moments or when they are already inside the comfort of their home. Kris loves their security and safety, and just like the Scorpio that she is, she will do anything in her power to have it.

Khloe Kardashian – June 27, 1984


The empathetic one. As a Cancer, Khloe keeps her guards up and lets them down when she has to. She can be bubbly and all fun in front of the crowd, but she also has her defying moments where she doesn’t even want to smile in front of the camera. She wants to be left alone during her private moments and will charge at anyone who will disturb her peace.

As a Cancer, family is high on her list. She is also protective of her family and has a traditional view of it. She believes that only at their home should one feel protected and secured. The comfort found inside the home is family, for Khloe.

However, she also has something to say when efforts are not noticed and are emotional when it involves gratitude.

Kendall Jenner – November 3, 1995


As a Scorpio, just like her mother, she relishes her privacy and will not just let anyone disturb her moments. Just like a Scorpion, she will strike at those who will try.

Kendall has moments when she wants to work all day and then switch off and have fun at night. As a Scorpio, she has a trait of switching from one mood to another, which is a polarizing quality that most Scorpios have.

Sometimes Kendall can contradict when she wants independence but still clings to her family for strength.

Her assurance and self-confidence with her career help with her ambitions and are also independent of her finances.

One other thing that Kendall detests is people telling her or commanding her what to do. She thinks for herself most of the time.

Kylie Jenner – August 10, 1997


Kylie is hardworking. She knows what she wants to happen in her life and is not afraid to get it. She is ambitious, independent, and believes in her capability. As a Leo, she shows all the positive sides of this zodiac as she grabs every opportunity that comes her way without hesitation. She may be young and protected, but she is not someone to follow anyone just because they ask her to.

She is also not one to be ignored cause she wants her opinion and her ideas heard. Kylie shows her courageous spirit, not being one to stay silent and meek. Like the Lion, she will roar to be heard.

Kim Kardashian – October 21, 1980


This Kardashian is not one to stay silent. Kim has made a name for herself and has become famous with just her talent and know-how.

She works hard and makes sure that everyone around her is also comfortable. As a Libra, she is also fair with her dealings, whether with her family or with her life partner.

Some of her issues may stem from her temper cause she let it get the better of her that results in a confrontation with her siblings. Zodiac signs may clash, and there is no way to keep it from happening, but it has to be a confrontation where both will learn something from the other, and all parties must hear opinions.

Kim may have some moments of indecisiveness, as a Libra who can’t determine what is the best plan to take. Kim must also pick wisely when it comes to her partner cause they will overshadow one another when the partner would like to be in the limelight more than she does.

Her partner must be more understanding and appreciative of her and not the other way around.

Which Kardashian is a Libra?

Kim Kardashian was born on October 21, 1980, making her a Libra.

How Kourtney Kardashian’s Star Sign Affects Her Love Life

Despite being one of the most popular reality stars in the world, Kourtney Kardashian’s star sign is quite different from that of her husband Travis Scott. While Kim Kardashian is a Libran, she is a Capricorn. The Moon and Sun are the most important planets in a relationship. The relationship between the couple is also influenced by their cosmos. As a Pisces, Kourtney is empathetic, intuitive, and psychic. Her moon is in Capricorn, while her rising sign is Aries.

If you want to know how Kourtney Kardashian’s star sign affects her love life and her life as a whole, there are several ways to find out. First of all, her rising sign is Pisces. Her Venus and ascendant are both in Pisces, so you can assume that she is very sensitive and emotional. In fact, Kourtney is very open and honest, and her attitude is highly affected by her love life.

The Moon is a fire element. If it is in a fire sign, she may feel more emotional. In contrast, if her Moon is in a water sign, she is more practical and driven. She is also extremely passionate, which suggests that she’s very passionate about her career. And if she has a Virgo Sun, it’s likely that her moon is too. The Moon and the sun share the same house.

If you’re wondering how Kourtney’s zodiac sign affects her love life, it’s important to look at the astrological chart. The Moon’s placement is important because it tells us a lot about how involved her mother was in her life. The Sun is a strong, supportive aspect, so the Moon will make her very practical and dedicated. In other words, the sun and the moon work in harmony to create a harmonious aspect.

In addition to the Sun, Kourtney’s Moon is in a Cancer sign. Her Moon is in her 11th house, which indicates that her mother had a large influence on her life. Her Saturn is in Virgo, which makes her a hard worker and practical. She also possesses an impulsive, sensitive personality, which makes her prone to apprehension.

Aries is a fiery, bossy sign. The Moon is a sign of action and is positioned in the eleventh house of the chart. She is an idealist, and is very determined. In fact, she has a hard-core, practical streak. The signs of the Moon are like gravity and the stars, but their placement in the 11th house determines the quality of their existence.

Her ascendant is a Pisces. She is known for her intuitive nature and her love for others. This combination suggests a deep affinity for romance and romantic rendezvous. Moreover, the Sun and Moon are in trine aspect with Saturn in Virgo, making her a hard-working, practical woman. This makes Kourtney a true creative and talented artist.

According to her birth chart, Kourtney’s Moon is in the 11th house, which indicates that she has a Capricorn mother. Although Kourtney’s Moon is in her 11th house, her mother’s influence in her life is visible in her daily life. She is not particularly prone to drama, but she does have an intensely emotional personality. She has a very strong sense of humor, which she uses to elicit sympathy from her mother.

Her sun sign is in Aries. Her moon is in Gemini. Her astrological sign is in Aquarius. Her Mars and Venus are both in Sagittarius. Her Sun and Neptune are both in the Aries family. The two stars are compatible in both astrology and horoscope. The same applies to Kourtney’s natal chart. She is an intuitive and practical person.

As a water sign, Kourtney’s sun sign is Aries. Both are quick-tempered and adventurous. However, they have similar astrological signs. For example, her moon is in Aries, and her sun is in Taurus. As a Capricorn, she is ambitious and prone to fast-paced relationships. She is not as quick-tempered as her sisters, but she is extremely intuitive.

What Rising Sign Is Kourtney Kardashian?

The question, What rising sign is Kourtney Kardashian? is often asked in the celebrity world. While some celebrities have a star sign, others do not. It is important to know what the star’s rising sign is to understand her personality better. If you’re curious about what her star sign is, read on for more information! We’ll explore the details of Kourtney Kardashian’s horoscope below.

According to astrology, Kourtney Kardashian has a Pisces rising. This is a sensitive and intuitive sign, and can give her a soft and caring side. A Pisces rising also adds stability to a Capricorn moon. The celeb couple has been together for a long time, so astrology can help reveal the true nature of their relationship. While Kourtney has a fiery personality, it is clear that she is a good match for a Scorpio.

According to astrology, Kourtney Kardashian has a Pisces rising sign. She is a sensitive, intuitive person who is extremely concerned with her image and her love life. It is not surprising that she is constantly working on her public image to make a name for herself. She’s also quite good at making friends with people who don’t share her same sense of style. So, if you’re interested in knowing more about Kourtney Kardashian’s rising sign, you can consult a psychic today.

What rising sign is Kourtney Kardashian? She is ruled by Neptune, the planet of feelings, which rules the sea and the sky. She has a benevolent and loyal nature, and understands the true value of things. The rising sign is a great indicator of how she will treat her partner in an intimate environment. If you’d like to know more about the star that rules her, read her horoscope to discover how she may be a compatible partner.

Kourtney Kardashian is ruled by Neptune, which is the sign of love and family. She has an inclination for the open sea and freedom. She loves to travel and is loyal and benevolent. However, she is a sensitive person and should be careful around the world she lives in. Intimate relationships with her lover are not the best idea. Instead, she is a gentle soul and should avoid any type of conflict with her partner.

Kourtney Kardashian’s horoscope shows that she is an Aries, a Pisces, a Virgo, a Taurus, and a Capricorn. Her ascendant is in Pisces, and her rising sign is a Pisces. As a result, Kourtney Kardashian is sensitive, and sensitive to her love life.

According to, Kourtney Kardashian has a Virgo rising sign. She has the Sun, Moon, and Mars in Aries. Her Sun and Mercury are in Aries, and her Venus is in Gemini. Her Venus, Rahu, and Mars are all in Pisces. In addition, Kourtney’s ascendant and Mercury are in Gemini. Those are her rising signs, which are very similar.

According to, Kourtney Kardashian has a Pisces Ascendant. Pisces is a soft-hearted and sensitive sign, which hints at her gentle side. As a result, she may be very sensitive and intuitive. In addition, she’s also very generous and gives herself a lot of support to others. Although her rising sign is a Pisces, her Moon is an Aries.

According to, Kourtney Kardashian’s Ascendant is in Pisces, while her Sun, Mercury, and Mars are in Aries. Both of these signs are highly passionate and aggressive, so it’s not surprising that Kourtney Kardashian’s rising sign is Aries. This woman is a strong-willed, self-assured, and creative.

Kim Kardashian was born April 18, 1979, under the sign of Aries, and her ascendant is Pisces. She has a Capricorn Moon, an Aries Sun, and a Scorpio moon. Her rising sign is Cancer. She enjoys practical routines, PDA, and crisp, clean designs. The star of her life is a strong Aries. She is a feisty, blunt Aries. She is not a very bossy person, but she does appreciate her bossy sister, Kim.

What is Kim Kardashian Zodiac Sign?

Kim Kardashian’s zodiac sign is Libra. The sociable, diplomatic Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love. Scorpio, on the other hand, is ruled by Pluto, the planet of rebirth and reclusiveness. Although these traits are compatible with each other, they can conflict. This makes a Scorpio an excellent match for a Libra. However, the signs of these two signs are not very compatible with each other.

The Earth sign is efficient, concrete, and not overly emotional. It’s also easy to judge a tree by its fruit, so to speak. While a Libra isn’t prone to confrontation, she often ignores her emotions and shows them in her actions. She has a high sensitivity to details but does not shy away from expressing her feelings. She is the definition of an idealist and is a perfectionist.

The Moon is a key aspect to a person’s zodiac sign. Kim Kardashian shares the moon with her boyfriend, which means she feels a lot of different emotions and fantasies. Because of this, it’s no wonder that Kim Kardashian’s astrological chart reflects her complex feelings. She may be motivated by fantasy and following her dreams. So, she is an ideal candidate to marry a wealthy businessman!

The Sun is in Libra, which rules Venus. Her Moon is in Pisces, making her a shrewd businesswoman and a skilled communicator. Luckily, she can combine her Libra traits with her Virgo sun sign to create a unique personality. She is a risk-taker who has a strong work ethic and is known for her entrepreneurial spirit. This makes her a great match for the new world order!

Kim Kardashian is a Libra. Like most Libras, she hates to be alone and is prone to rumors of her impending split. She values friendship and family over success, and her Venus is conjunct her father’s Moon in Pisces. Her sister, Kourtney Kardashian is an Aries with Capricorn Moon and Rising. They are both shrewd businesswomen and a great combination.

The moon belongs to Pisces. A Librans have a tendency to be overly emotional and jealous, but they also have a great sense of humor. A Virgo is a good companion and can be extremely sensitive and compassionate. In contrast, a Libra is a skeptic. She has no friends. She has many admirers, but she is also a good business partner.

Unlike most people, Kim Kardashian is a Libra. She’s a social butterfly and enjoys interacting with other people. She loves to be around others and is very interested in beauty. She has even started her own beauty line. If you are a Libra, Kim Kardashian is a risk-taker. She’s always on the go, and she’s willing to take a chance to prove herself to the world.

Kim Kardashian’s sun sign is Libra, a sign of symmetry and a ruler of earth. She’s a Libra with a Virgo rising. The two share a love of sex. She’s also a Libra with a Virgo moon. This is an excellent relationship match for both a Virgo and a Libra. The same applies to a Virgo.

The Libra moon sign is ruled by the planet Venus. She’s very tidy and clean, and she loves to share her life with others. She also has a Pisces sun sign. She’s a philanthropist, and she loves beauty. Her astrology horoscopes are very accurate and she’s very observant. If you’re looking for a relationship with someone who’s a Libra, she’s probably a great fit.

The star chart of Kim Kardashian is a complicated one, and her horoscope shows that she’s a Libra. Her sun sign is Sagittarius, and her moon is Pisces. Her ascendant is Sagittarius, and she has a fiery temperament. She’s a very social woman who is prone to attracting men. Despite her star sign, her zodiac chart is not a complete indicator of her personality, and her natal planetary positions are only a starting point.

What is Kourtney Kardashian’s Astrology Sign?

If you are curious about Kourtney Kardashian’s astrological sign, read this article. We will take a closer look at her star signs and how they relate to her personality. We will also reveal her personal life and how this has influenced her public life. Let’s start with the outer planets. According to astrology, outer planets are good for public figures, while inner planets are best for private people.

The Moon is the emotional planet. The sign of Leo is known for being sensitive and prone to crying. However, Leo is more practical and can be found in a relationship with a person who shares her Sun and Moon signs. The placement of the Moon in the 11th house will tell us a lot about Kourtney’s mother and her role in her life.

The rising sign for Kourtney Kardashian is Pisces, which is an intuitive, empathetic, and sensitive sign. Since her Sun is in this house, it makes sense that she would be involved in the family business as a leader. Additionally, her moon is in Capricorn, which indicates that she is a dependable, loyal, and stable individual. This is a great combination for a woman of her age who’s always in the public eye.

The planets in Kourtney Kardashian’s chart are interesting. The Sun, Mars, and Moon are all in the eleventh house, the public area. These planets represent her personality in many ways, but the placement of the Moon is one of the most crucial factors. The placement of her Moon can reveal how much her mother was involved in her life and how much she wants to be involved with her children.

The star is a Libra and the Moon is the most important planet in her chart. She is a Libra, which is a sign of balance and symmetry. As a result, she tends to be very emotional and extroverted, and loves to socialize with others. Likewise, her Moon is in a trine aspect with Saturn in Virgo, which is an excellent combination for a woman with a high degree of self-assurance.

In terms of personality, Kourtney Kardashian has a sagacious and creative personality. She is very intuitive and a sensitive person. She is sensitive and has a sensitive side. But it is important to remember that this doesn’t mean she’s cold and insensitive. In fact, she is quite the opposite. The world of the famous is full of jealousy and egocentricity.

Kourtney Kardashian is an extroverted Libra. She is always seeking out new friends. She is a generous person, and her friendships are her world. She also has a sociable Libra Moon. Her astrology sign is a Scorpio. Her zodiac sign is a mutable and fluid sign. The same applies to her planetary makeup.

Kim Kardashian is an Aries, while Kourtney Kardashian is a fiery Libra. She is a competitive, energetic, and charming person, but she has a sensitive side as well. She is a true chameleon, a compassionate soul, and a very emotional woman. She is also a very feisty Libra, which is why she is often seen as the “perfect girl.”

She has a sensitive and intuitive nature, and she is very sensitive. She hates to be alone. She finds comfort in her friends and family. She is very emotional and needs to be alone. She also doesn’t like crowds. She’s an introvert and is extremely reserved. If you’re curious about the star’s astrology, take a look at her chart.

Her sun is in a fixed fire sign, Scorpio, and Kourtney Kardashian’s sun is in a fixed water sign, Libra. She has a strong emotional connection with both of her parents, and is very passionate. In addition to her love life, she also has a fiery personality. She has a keen sense of intuition and is driven by passion. Besides, she is a passionate person.