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Where Can You Get A Free Natal Birth Chart?


Since the dawn of civilization, humankind gazed at the night sky not only for the light provided by the stars, but also for the counsel they offered. Surrounded by the vast sea of celestial bodies, humankind thought that it was only logical that they governed our personal and interpersonal journeys from birth to death. The first attempts to divine the counsel of the silent stars were etched on the walls of caves. Stars, as far as our ancestors were concerned, were not only random spots of light. They traced the outlines of grand celestial beasts that controlled both the external forces of nature and the internal workings of the human mind and spirit.

In India, China, and the West, this astrologicalcontemplation evolved into multi-layered traditions. Prior to the modern period, astrology was a way of life. And even in this time of boundless technology, we again look to the skies for guidance.

It was the ancient Babylonians that were among the first to refine the study of the stars. Babylonian astrology was closely interrelated with the advancements in Mathematics. They were the first to divide the skies into twelve sections. Each section was named after the biggest constellation within it. Using this guide, the Babylonians not only developed an effective calendar system, but also a handy instrument for predicting events. Depending on the position of the celestial bodies at any given time, they were able to ascertain if a certain date was auspicious or ominous. They were able to anticipate the birth of kingly heirs and folk heroes. In time, the Babylonian system was further enriched by the mythologies of the Greeks and the Romans.


Simply put, abirth chart is a map of the exact position of stars, planets, and the moon on the date and hour of your birth. The principle behind a star chart is that each of us is born under very special and very unique cosmological circumstances. The specific configuration of the universe at the very moment of our birth expresses a set of unique energies that have an impact on our psychic and dispositive natures and generally stays with us for the rest of our lives. How we go on our lives in accordance with or in contrast to our birth circumstances dictate our success in the various aspects of life such as career and love.

An astrological birth chart is basically a guide to our attributes, our desires, and the possible futures that await us. Some would even say that a natal birth chart is the closest approximation to the anatomy of our souls.

The basic bits of information needed in mapping our birth chart are:

• Birth date
• Birth hour and minute
• Birth place


Here are the top 5 sites where you can get your free astrological birth chart:

• – Cafe Astrology is an easy to navigate site that makes it easy for you to plot your birth map. The interpretations provided are very profound and insightful.

• – Chaos Astrology is also quite easy to use. But unlike the other sites, the interpretations provided focus on more general themes instead of specific ones.

• – Astrolabe is also quite easy to use. With the simple input of your birth data, the results are quickly displayed.

• – Astrology Answers is quite unique in the sense that it actually provides you with a very detailed birth chart, complete with interpretations and analyses, that is if you can wait for at least 24 hours. But the wait is actually worth it!

• – This site is one of the most reliable platform for astrological resources. Click on the “chart drawing, ascendant” section so that you can easily map your basic birth chart. This is also a good site for determining your compatibility matches with other people.


How is an astrological birth chart mapped? What are the important sets of information that can be discerned in this chart? There are three parts of a chart:

• Sign – This refers to the specific zodiac sign at the moment of your birth.
• Planet – This refers to the planet that has domicile in your sign.
• House – This refers to one of the twelve chart sections, each corresponding to a core aspect of your life.

The first important step in mapping our birth chart is to determine which planet is dominant at the moment of our birth. How do planets influence our lives? In astrological terms, planets are divided into two groupings: inner and outer

• Inner planets – In astrology, the inner planets are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Their proximity to our planet means that these are the planets that have a direct influence in our daily lives. They also shape the unique set of traits and dispositions that comprise our personality.

• Outer planets – The outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. if the inner planets impact our daily routines and our personalities, the outer planets define our relationship with the cosmos, as well as our own connection to our ancestors and to the set of experiences passed across our bloodline.

The second step is to determine our astrological sign. This is fairly easy since there is a specific zodiac sign that dominates the sky in a given amount of days per month.

The third step is to determine the house which the outer planets reside in at the moment of our birth. There are twelve sectors in a chart. Each sector represents one aspect of life. The first six houses are referred to as the personal houses. They embody the Self, and the paths of progress that come with it as it grows and develops. The last six are referred to as the interpersonal houses. They represent our interactions with the world. The twelve houses are:

• Self – This house governs appearance and impressions. This is ruled by Aquarius.
• Environment – This house governs one’s connection with material reality. This is ruled by Taurus
• Mind – This house governs education and communication. This is ruled by Gemini.
• Home – This house governs one’s privacy. This is ruled by Cancer
• Creativity – This house governs self-expression. This is ruled by Leo.
• Health – This house governs well-being. This is ruled by Virgo.
• Relationships – This house governs partnerships and marriage. This is ruled by Libra.
• Unions – This house governs deeper connections such as sex and childbirth. This is ruled by Scorpio.
• Travel – This house governs movement, expansions, and improvements. This is ruled by Sagittarius.
• Legacy – This house governs accomplishments and self-actualization. This is ruled by Capricorn.
• Community – This house governs lasting friendships and bonds. This is ruled by Aquarius.
• Transcendence This house governs the fulfilment of one’s life and goals. This is ruled by Pisces.


The interpretation of an astrological birth chart follows this general formula: PLANET + SIGN + HOUSE = INTERPRETATION

If, for example, on the occasion of your birth, the Moon is in free-spirited Aquarius in the twelfth house, your emotional peace may be defined by your aspirations to transcend the material and physical restrictions of the world. You are concerned with grand ideas such as destiny. Another example would be something like this: If Venus at your birth is in philosophical Pisces in the fifth house, then you are able to tap into your nurturing nature through a deep and intimate connection with artistic endeavors.


The ascendant is another important element of the astrological birth chart. Also referred to as the rising sign, the ascendant is the sign of the zodiac that occupied the eastern horizon at the precise hour and minute of your birth. The ascendant serves as the very foundation of your astrological birth chart. The ascendant determines which planet has domicile over you.

Knowing your planetary ruler is important because it gives you an idea about your inner nature–your hopes, your dreams, your values, and even your fears. It also lays down the sum of our public persona. Our planetary ruler reveals to us how the world sees us, or how we subconsciously project ourselves to others.


One does not have to be a full-time astrologer to appreciate the value and the beauty of an astrological birth chart. These charts can be excellent tools to help give us motivation as we deal with the daily grind of our life and work. These charts also provide us a platform by which we try to know people deeper and better. These charts can even help us work towards a favorable future. We can find the motivation today to work and invest for the future.

The key is to remember that while the stars can offer us some counsel as to who or what we are in the greater scheme of things, it still falls upon us to work to make ourselves better. The stars can promise safe sailing. But we are still the captains of our respective ships.

Does Anyone Have a Perfect Natal Chart?

The first question we all ask when we start reading natal charts is, does anyone have a perfect one? The answer to that question will vary depending on your particular birth date. A planetary placement is a basic astrological explanation of your natal chart, which shows the position of all the planets at the moment of your birth. The planets in your chart represent different aspects of your personality. A planet’s placement in your horoscope can tell you a great deal about your character, personality, and even the type of people you are.

A natal chart contains information on your rising and setting sign. It is not possible to have a perfect natal chart. You need to know your personal information, like your date of birth, and the houses of your natal chart. It can take hours, or even days to get your natal chart right. But with an astrologer’s help, you’ll soon be on your way to a perfect astrological map!

If you want to learn more about the astrological signs that govern your personality, you can consult a professional astrologer. It is a good idea to know your birth time, date, and place of birth so that you can have an accurate natal chart. It’s also beneficial to know the planets and stars in your natal chart because they can influence the way you live.

As you can see, the natal chart can reveal profound wisdom. It’s also vital to take the time to learn the rules and symbols of your astrological chart. You can hire a professional to help you with this process. You can learn more about astrology by consulting a professional astrologer and learning about the planetary positions. You won’t believe the astrology myths that exist today.

A perfect natal chart is one that doesn’t have anything that’s wrong with you. The natal chart is a reflection of the person you are, so it’s crucial to learn about your birth time and place. It’s the most accurate astrological information for your personality. It can also help you make better decisions about your life. If you’re not sure what your astrological sign is, contact an astrologer. They can help you determine which signs are best for you.

The most important part of a natal chart is the ecliptic positioning. It shows the exact position of the sun and moon at the time of your birth. Your rising and descending signs are determined by these planets. These planets also show you your planetary house positions. A natal chart can reveal your career and your love life. If your natal chart isn’t perfect, it doesn’t exist at all.

Astrology is a fascinating subject to explore. A perfect natal chart is the one that is unique to you. If you’ve been born under the same sign as your beloved for hundreds of years, chances are you’ll have a perfect natal chart. The astrology of your natal chart will help you make the best of your life. It is not a coincidence that the Moon and planets are in opposite signs.

There are many reasons for this belief. Your natal chart will reveal your planetary and solar alignment, and your planets will change signs every few hours. For example, it is impossible for anyone to have a perfect natal chart if they have the same ecliptic positions as their rulers. It may be possible to be born with a perfect natal chart, but it will be difficult for a person to get an accurate reading.

It can be difficult to interpret your natal chart. However, astrologers can give you a personalized natal chart, which will reveal your unique strengths and weaknesses. This can be a lifelong process, and you can be confident in your horoscope’s accuracy. You can learn about the planets in your natal chart by consulting a reputable astrologer.

Can I Make My Own Natal Chart?

One of the many benefits of a birth chart is its ability to help us understand ourselves better. The natal chart represents the planetary positions at the moment of our birth. The cusps of the four houses represent the individual’s surface level self, while those of the Midheaven represent their life purpose or ultimate career. The basic horoscope is easy to construct and can be obtained by researching the placement of the zodiac signs.

A birth chart is a map to your soul – it’s your personal owner’s manual. It goes beyond the basic Sun sign horoscope to reveal the secrets of your personality. A birth chart contains ALL the planets and their placements, as well as the position of the Sun. It is also useful for predicting your personality and attracting love. You can get a free chart by using a natal chart maker.

Despite all the benefits, drawing your own birth chart requires some basic knowledge. The first step in drawing an accurate chart is to have a clear idea of your birth time. You can still obtain a general idea of the signs of the astrological universe based on your natal time. If you don’t know your birth time, you can use online tools to calculate the planets’ placements in your horoscope.

When constructing a birth chart, you should be aware of your exact birth time. This information is necessary for some points in your natal chart. However, you can still get an idea of the different planets and their placements if you don’t have your birth time. The natal chart should be accurate and easy to read. It is important to remember that this is not a requirement for a good birth chart.

The natal chart is a comprehensive, detailed, and individualized map of your birth. It contains your zodiac sign and the planets that were in your natal chart at the time of your birth. This information can help you overcome challenges and gain a deeper understanding of yourself. If you don’t have the time to create an accurate astrological chart, you can buy one from an online source.

If you don’t have a birth time, you can still make your own natal chart by taking your date of birth into account. The natal chart is the owner’s manual of your soul. It reveals the secrets to your personality. It is important to note that the astrological sign is just one of the parts of the birth chart. The placement of the planets is the key to determining your personality.

If you can’t find the time of birth, you can use a birth chart calculator. You can get a free natal chart by entering your date of birth and location. There are also many astrology apps that will pull up your natal charts. Once you’ve entered the details of your birth, the natal chart will look like a pie chart with lines, symbols, and numbers, and the elements in your horoscope.

If you have a birth time, you can use a birth chart calculator to create a personalized natal chart. You’ll need your date of birth and location to make a birth-chart. You can also use astrology apps to pull up your natal charts. The resulting chart will look like a pie-shaped astrological chart, with major signs and elements. You can read it to determine your personality traits.

There are many astrological sites that can help you draw a natal chart. It’s possible to make your own natal chart without a birth time, but it’s best to consult an expert. There are a number of free online resources you can use to generate a birth chart. There are also astrology apps that can pull up your chart. After creating your nataral chart, you’ll be able to determine the signs of your zodiac.

How Do I Figure Out My Natal Chart?

The natal chart is a map of the sky at the time of birth. It reveals your personality traits and helps us understand your life path. The natal chart is made up of different parts, each of which will be active at different times. However, there are also areas of your chart that will be latent for years. To get a fuller picture of your horoscope, you must know your time and place of birth.

The natal chart explains your personality by showing the placement of planets according to your zodiac sign. You can learn how to read your horoscope by using your birthdate and the date and time of birth. It can also tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing in life. For example, the sun is in your horoscope, so it represents your direct identity and dominant personality.

Your natal chart will also show where the planets are in relation to one another. For instance, your Sun is in Gemini, which indicates that you are a gregarious person who loves to travel. The sun, a star associated with your horoscope, will tell you if your horoscope is accurate. You can also see the planetary placements in your natal chart.

You should know that your natal chart will show you your future life path, family, and past life. But it’s not just a map. It is a unique snapshot of you. It is also a reflection of your personality and background. You should take a few minutes to learn how to interpret your own horoscope to understand yourself better. When you are aware of the details about yourself and your life, you’ll be able to make more informed choices.

First, you need to know your time and place of birth. Your birth time is an essential piece of information for reading your natal chart. You should be aware of the planets and their placements in your horoscope, and it will also help you interpret your horoscope. You can read your natal chart by learning to interpret your astrological signs and your horoscope, which can also reveal your life path.

Your natal chart will show the placement of planets in your zodiac sign at the time of your birth. You’ll also see the glyphs for the planets. The sun, the star, and the planets are the most important aspects of your personality. If you can read your horoscope properly, it will reveal the most important aspects of your personality. This will help you understand yourself better.

In order to get a detailed analysis of your horoscope, you need to know your natal time and date. The time and date you enter will determine your horoscope. The natal chart will tell you how you’ll react to different situations and will help you understand yourself. You should understand your horoscope, because your natal chart will tell you about your personality.

You can use a free natal chart report to help you understand the horoscopes of others. All you need is your date of birth, time, and place of birth. You’ll need to know your time and place of origin in order to calculate your horoscope. Your natal time is the most important part of your horoscope. Your location of birth will tell you about your life.

Your natal chart will tell you a lot about yourself. It will also tell you about your family. You’ll know more about your life through your horoscope if you know the details of your birth. It is also possible to learn more about your life by looking at the horoscope of a friend. If you’re interested in astrology, you’ll probably find this information helpful.

A birth chart is a snapshot of the nine planets at the time of your birth. It gives you insight into the way that energy flows in your body. Your birth chart can be used to make decisions about your future. If you know your birth date, you can use this information to make a personalized report. You can use the information in your natal chart to analyze the planets in your horoscope.

What is the Best Birth Chart Website?

Among the many websites that offer birth charts, Astro-Seek is one of the most popular. This site offers beautifully designed charts and also offers free reports. It also takes Daylight Saving Time into account for those who were born before 1970. Users don’t have to sign up or provide their email address to access this site. Instead, they can register with a forum to discuss the meanings of the planets in their horoscope.

You can obtain a birth chart by supplying the date, time, and place of your birth. Once you have this information, you can get a downloadable birth chart that shows your sun, moon, and rising signs. For a $25 fee, you can get a professional interpretation. Your birth chart will include a detailed description of your characteristics and strengths. You can use the information to help you improve your life.

The best birth chart websites will allow you to download a chart as soon as you enter your birth date. If you have a computer, you should remember your password. Alternatively, you can use a mobile phone or a tablet to log in. Most of these websites will offer you a free trial of their services before you can purchase a premium account. If you want to learn about astrology more in-depth, you can visit AstroLabe’s library. However, this site isn’t as visually appealing as other sites, but it offers free astrology literature.

AstroLabe is an astrology website with a great reputation. If you want a detailed astrological report of your birth chart, AstroLabe has partnered with them. The reports are not as expensive as other sites, but you won’t find a live astrologer at this site. This isn’t the best site for live readings, but it’s a great resource for learning about astrology.

You can get a full birth chart report from Twin Flame Astrology. This site has a partnership with AstroLabe, so the prices aren’t as high as other astrology sites, but they’re still an excellent option if you’re just starting to learn about astrology. The free version of the site is also a great way to learn more about astrology. It is not recommended for live readings.

There are several sites that offer astrological readings. You can choose to use a paid or free astrology website. You can also use a free astrology calculator to calculate your natal chart. You can even get a professional reading from AstroLabe, although their price is higher. It is also not as aesthetically pleasing as other astrology websites, but AstroLabe is an excellent option if you’re not too interested in paying for a live astrologer.

You can get a birth chart by entering your details. The site can then give you a free downloadable copy of your horoscope. You can also get your birth date, time, and place from this information. You can also get a free horoscope for your partner. You can find your partner’s planetary sign through this site. You can even find out a new love interest.

Most astrology websites will require your date and time of birth. You can then download your birth chart and view it on a desktop computer or laptop. You can also purchase a professional horoscope. You can also get a free horoscope by signing up for a paid service. You can even order your horoscope on a smartphone. Once you have your horoscope, you can download the horoscope and have it read by an astrologer.

Most astrology websites require your date of birth. In some cases, these sites require a more detailed description. You should look for a site that does not charge you extra for a basic horoscope. You should also make sure that the website is user-friendly. If you can’t find your birth chart on a mobile phone, you can also have a full horoscope.