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What Is November 18 Zodiac Sign Compatibility?

If you are lucky enough to be born on November 18th, it makes you a Scorpio! What does that really mean? It means that your symbol is that of a scorpion, but do not let that make you feel down! The scorpion symbol means that there is the beautiful concoction of mystery and power within you that makes it irresistible for people to feel anything but drawn to you. Yes, people may find you to be a closed book because of how you protect yourself, but that is because you only want to be with people who have a positive influence on you! Who wants to be surrounded by people who only want to be around you because they want something? You are aware that the world can be a strange place and that in such a world, they best thing to do is to surround yourself with people you can trust and vice versa.

What are some of the traits that make those born on November 18th to be special?

Born with water as their element, people born on this day are absolutely like water, born to be naturally flowy, flexible and grasping onto any opportunity that comes their way. There is nothing a Scorpio born on this day are unable to achieve with their hard work.

  • There is the saying that without hard work, nothing is earned and that is something these people truly hold to
  • Do not fear about whether or not a Scorpio is able to juggle many things at once because they are. These people are naturals at multitasking and there is never the worry about whether or not they will get everything done because they are so smooth and focused on the tasks at hand
  • While they are very tolerant of many things, they loathe being around people who are liars. They find that people who choose to deceive others to be people that are unworthy of their time
  • These people are stable and are assured of what they want in someone so they will not play any games once they have set their mind to something
  • Not someone to shy away from injustice, these people will always stand up for what is right

What are some things that can be challenging while in a relationship with a Scorpio born on the 18th of November?

Challenges are always something to be expected in any relationship but if a relationship is truly worth the effort, any obstacle that appears can be overcome with love and patience. These are only certain aspects of some challenges that may appear with a Scorpio partner but they are certainly not set in stone nor are they things that should be taken without a grain of salt. Remember, only you are able to truly decide whether or not someone is worth the time and effort.

  • Yes, they are very dependable with the tasks they are assigned but because of this they may have some routines that their partners can find to be rather boring because of how predictable it is
  • Since many Scorpios can take it to heart when they make a mistake (they are so earnest with what they choose to do that when they have any sort of failure, it really does hurt them to the core) they can hold onto that mistake and dwell on it. Their partners may have to cheer them up or find ways to get their Scorpio partners to snap out of their funk in order for them to pull themselves out of the past and enjoy the present
  • Efficiency is something that people born on the 18th of November are known for but because of this they can occasionally opt to push for efficiency without thinking of consequences. They have find themselves saying and pointing out things to their teammates and partner that can be considered to be cold and even rude. The best thing to do in this case is to speak to your partner to let them know how you felt in order for them to know not to do something like that again or at the very least consider their words and how they chose to phrase what they want to say with consideration to your feelings
  • They can be rather insecure if they find themselves in a position where they are vulnerable and their partner will have to be able to recognize these signs
  • If they are decided to love or want something, they tend to have a hard time letting go of it once they have realized they may have lost and this can be rather damaging to their ego
  • They may seem rather cold at first and this is because these Scorpios are suspicious of people who are overly kind or overly social, believing there may be an ulterior motive behind their actions – their partners may have to help them ease into situations and help them understand that sometimes people are kind because it is in their nature, not because they are looking for a favor in the future
  • Unfortunately their career is very important to them and sometimes if they are caught up with a project, their relationship may become a second priority and their partner may have to remind the Scorpio that while their career is absolutely important, it is also important to take care of their mental health and to create a work life balance in order to really win’ at life
  • When these Scorpios are in a good mood, they are truly in a good mood and it really reflects it in how they behave, however it can also go another way and they can truly be foul if they are put into a bad situation – their partner has to be able to understand when these moods come up and how to ease them out of a bad situation if they are ever in one

Who is someone that would enjoy being in a relationship with a Scorpio?

If you find yourself loving to really getting to know someone, having those conversations that seem as if 5 minutes have passed rather than 5 hours, you may love being in a relationship with someone born on the 18th of November.

  • These Scorpios have a hard time opening up to just anyone and they need a lot of time and patience from the right partner to truly let their true self show
  • Once they are comfortable with their partner, they become so much more than that. They become almost like soulmates with the way they are able to open and share their deepest feelings without fear of having the conversation turned on them
  • What they are willing to take from their partner is what they are willing to give back. While it takes time for a true connection to be formed between them, once tit is developed, they become the most patient and protective partner. There will never be an instance where they will want to choose another option other than being with their partner
  • They love unconditionally. Once they are able to overcome their own mental hurdles, there is no boundary with their love
  • While they may look super calm on the outside, once they show their true selves to their partners they are an absolute blast to be with because they love to find new adventures to go on
  • Other people may find that these Scorpios tend to be very controlled with their feelings and maybe even robotic with how expressive they are (or non-expressive) but that is because they do not feel as if their feelings of romance and love should be expressed to anyone other than the object of their affection. If you are not one for public displays of affection, a Scorpio partner would be perfect!
  • They are not boastful in any way even though they are likely to very many skills in different departments so there may be instances where their partners have to probe them to accept their own achievements instead of downplaying them
  • Once these Scorpiosare devoted to their partners, they truly see them in a manner that is almost considered to be through rose colored lenses. They love with their entire being because it would have taken them many steps, mentally and physically, to admit to themselves how much they can come to love someone else
  • While a Scorpio may seem very pragmatic in the real world, they make for very adventurous partners when it comes to physical intimacy and they really enjoy it when their partners are equally as enthusiastic at trying new things together – they idea of exploring ideas that are new to both partners is something a Scorpio partner finds very fulfilling
  • There are few people who are more trusting than Scorpios and that is because once a Scorpio decides to trust you, to trust their partner to become their safe place, it becomes everything to them. They truly believe that the connection is genuine and that there will never be instances where one partner creates a running scoreboard of what is owed to whom