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What Is August 7 Zodiac Sign Compatibility?

All the 12 zodiac signs can say a lot about one’s personality, compatibility and specialties. Your birthdays determine your zodiac sign. If you or anyone you know is born on August 7th, then his/herzodiac sign is Leo. The element of this zodiac sign is Fire and it is ruled by the Sun. If you want to know more about August 7 zodiac sign personality and compatibility, you are at the right place. We will discuss about all the personality traits and the zodiac signs that are compatible with August 7 born Leos.

Is August 7 a Cusp?

Astrological Cusp means a transition from one zodiac sign to another. People, who fall into a Cusp, tend to inherit some of the personalities of the next or previous zodiac sign. If you or anyone you know is born on August 7, then that persona falls on the astrological Cusp of Cancer-Leo. This is Cusp is considered as Cusp of Oscillation. While the Moon represents Cancer, the Sun represents Leo. People who are born on August 7, the Moon as well as the Sun plays a vital role. People born on this Cusp are considered visionary by virtue.

On one hand, the Moon tends to make you exude love in the relationship or marriage. It helps you in a very unique way about how you can connect with the closest person or partner. The Moon can empower you to have a power drive and successful relationship. On the other hand, the Sun helps you in acquiring all the capabilities that are needed for better success in your professional area. The Sun can make you more self-driven, ambitious, enthusiastic etc.

This Cancer-Leo Cusp has a huge influence on the finances. Hence, you will be able to manage your finance very stably as well as you can motivate your friends or family too for growing wealth methodically. There is no doubt that the people born on August 7th Cusp can make an excellent career in finance and investment. Being a Leo, you have some leadership quality too which can help you to be an entrepreneur too.

What is August 7 Zodiac Sign Compatibility?

Being born on August 7th means you are a Leo. Represented by the Sun, this Fire sign can be fierce and extremely loyal in love and relationships. People with Leo zodiac sign are very bold in nature and they leave no doubt for their partners. They are extremely expressive and make sure that they convey their love, affection and loyalty towards the partner in the right way. Naturally, Leos are quite aggressive in nature and this trait somewhat is shown in their personal relationship too.

People born on August 7 don’t need much time to decide whether or not they are like someone. They are quite fast in realizing that they like someone and once they do, they don’t leave any stone unturned to express the love. Leos can be relentless and aggressive with a lot of energy in them. Hence, they need someone in their life who can keep up with their enthusiasm and energy level all the time. Another thing that Leos love is their personal space. They don’t like anyone cross their personal space or trying to be too clingy with them.

August 7 zodiac compatibility matches with 4 zodiac signs mainly – Aries, Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini. Let us check Leo’s compatibility with each of these zodiac signs:

  • Compatibility with Aries: Both being the fire signs, Leo and Aries can be the best couple among all. This match is a perfect match when it comes to love, marriage and sex. Both Aries and Leo are strong, passionate and aggressive that can bring a wild, energetic and enthusiastic relationship between them. Leo and Aries both are quite fiery in nature which helps to keep a very healthy level of friction in their relationship. Just like Leos are drawn to the Aries, the Aries too are naturally drawn to the Leos. This chemistry between these two zodiac signs is unmatched. They both are loyal in nature as well as quite playful. All these make them a great match for dating as well as for marriage. Because of this high compatibility, Leo and Aries can build a very strong, healthy and long lasting relationship. They are considered as the soul mate for each other.
  • Compatibility with Sagittarius: Being another fire sign, Sagittarius can be quite compatible with the Leos. This match can be quite charismatic and popular with high vitality. Though there can be some differences in the relationship, they can still work things out. Leo has outbursts while Sagittarius has a very little to no endurance. But both of them are energetic, enthusiastic and quite charismatic in nature which make this relationship quite lively and can last for a long time. This couple can be a great match for dating as the chemistry is quite intense. Being a great match, these two are often considered as potential soul mate. When it comes to marriage, these two zodiac signs can be a perfect match for marriage too.
  • Compatibility with Libra: While Leo is a fire sign with bold and aggressive nature, the Libras are more of sophisticated ones. Despite of some fundamental differences, Leo and Libra can be a great match. Their relationship can be quite harmonious and balanced too. Some of the common things are that both of them are very energetic in nature, outgoing, spontaneous and adventurous. Both of them love to socialize and be the center of attention. All these similar traits make them a perfect couple whose relationship can last for a long time. if the differences are sorted in the right way, then this relationship can turn out to be a long lasting marriage too.
  • Compatibility with Gemini: The bond between the Leo and Gemini is quite strong making a highly compatible match between these two. These two signs come with multiple similarities such as being passionate, social and energetic. Even the differences these two zodiac signs have can complement each other quite well. While Gemini can be indecisive in nature, Leos are very confident and come with a leadership quality. In this relationship, Leos can take a decision which can be perfect for them. But on the other hand, Leos can be naïve and spontaneous at times while Gemini is very intelligent and try to look at things in different perspective. This can help them to have a stable relationship.

While these are the four signs that match with Leo, the two signs that are compatible with August 7 born Leos are – Scorpio and Taurus. If you are looking for the right soul mate for you, then Leo men match best with Aries women and Leo women match with Gemini men. They are considered the soul mate for each other which can make the relationship long lasting and strong.

What Does it Mean to Be Born on August 7?

People born on August 7 can have some various traits as they are Cusp of Cancer-Leo. While some of them are positive ones, few of them are negative too. Want to know more about August 7 zodiac personality? Then here is a complete overview of their personality traits:

  • Positive Traits: Fun, confident, passionate, cheerful, charming and outgoing
  • Negative Traits: Stubborn, inflexible, arrogant (at times) and self-centered

People who are born on August 7th love spontaneous plans, holidays and attention. They have a liking for bright color, expensive things and love to spend some time with their friends. But amidst all of these, they also love to spend time themselves. People born on this date don’t like being ignored at all, especially by the people close to them. Leos are naturally born leaders and they tend to be quite dominant too. They are full of drama and want to be in the limelight all the time. As it is a Fire sign, people born on August 7th tend to be warmhearted and passionate.

Is August 7th a Lucky Day?

Yes, August 7th is a very lucky day as according to astrology and numerology, number 7 is quite a lucky and successful number. The lucky day for the people born on August 7th is Sunday as they are ruled by the Sun. Sunday can bring joy and happiness in their life.

What is The Special of August 7?

One thing that is celebrated on August 7th is – International Beer Day. Besides that, sometimes International Friendship Day also falls on this day. Also, on August 7th 2008, a war between Russia and Georgia broke out.

Some of the renowned personalities who were born on August 7th are:

  • Sidney Crosby
  • Greg Chappell
  • Caroline Aaron
  • Michael Shannon
  • Charlize Theron
  • Abbie Cornish
  • Mike Trout
  • Kyler Murray


This is all about August 7 zodiac compatibility and personality. As we all know these zodiac signs can have a huge impact on the overall personality of a human being. With these details, you will be able to know how a persona can turn out to be or what to expect from them. Also, these compatibility signs and chartscan help you in making a fair decision about your relationship or marriage.

What Sign is Bad For a Leo?

What sign is bad for a Leo? A Leo’s self-importance and independence make them good at being independent. However, this trait can be exploited and lead to problems in marriage. Although they are extremely loyal and loving, they are too self-centered and may think of others before themselves. The good news is that they are also extremely protective of those they love. They will always look out for their loved ones’ best interests, and will not allow them to be hurt in the process.

A Leo can be depressed if they are made fun of, or are made fun of. When the sign is treated badly, it can lead to a temper tantrum. This could lead to permanent exile if the insulter were to make the Leo feel humiliated. A Leo’s pride may also cause him to become conceited. This can lead to a stubbornness that can result in obstinacy in his goals and ideas.

A Leo is not the best companion for a Capricorn. Capricorns love routine and tradition, and are often workaholics. A Leo, on the other hand, thrives on the edge of life. Having a Capricorn in the home would make a Leo feel uncomfortable, and he’d be thrown off by the Capricorn’s sedentary nature. In addition to this, their energy clashes with the Leo’s, and this could make the relationship a mess.

A Leo is a generous, loving, and loyal person. He is prone to flirting and is unlikely to cheat on a partner. A Leo hates causing others to cry. They are often self-centered and arrogant. If they’re in a relationship with someone who is not a match for a Leo, it can be difficult to find the right type of friend.

The Leo is a fire sign that is very passionate, dependable, and loyal. He’s not afraid to show his feelings and can even be overly theatrical. But he is also very loyal and supportive, but the opposite is true for a Leo. A Leo can be insecure and easily burnt out, which is why he’s best friends with his Leo. This is why the sign is so compatible if it can make him feel secure.

If a Leo is dating a Taurus, they may not get along, but they’ll still have a mutual attraction. But when the relationship turns dark, they’ll be a constant source of drama. If they have a partner with a Taurus, they’ll be unhappy and irritable. But a Leo will never cheat. When he finds himself in the wrong situation, he will feel miserable and he’ll turn his back on you.

A Leo’s ideal partner is someone who can make him happy and fulfill his needs. While they are passionate and loyal, they don’t care for a partner who focuses solely on their wants and needs. Instead, a Leo should be compatible with another sign. A sign that shares the same values as a Leo is likely to have a better relationship. What’s more, a Leo will appreciate a partner with a similar intellect.

If you’re dating a Leo, you’ll probably find it very difficult to make them happy. Their loyalties, loyalty, and trustworthiness are important traits to a person. They’ll need a partner who’s easy to understand and care for, and a Leo is the perfect partner in this respect. Just be careful who you’re dating, though. A Leo is a great sign!

Fortunately, there’s no sign that is bad for a Leo. A Leo’s loyalty and protective nature can make them the perfect partner for any kind of relationship. But a relationship with a Leo can be challenging, especially in the beginning. If you’re dating a Virgo, you should try to avoid a Leo who is untrustworthy. They’re both too demanding.

What’s Leo’s Compatibility With Other Signs?

When it comes to love and relationships, Leos are often paired with signs that are incredibly loving and compassionate. However, they can be difficult to match with people who are a bit more independent or uncaring. Fortunately, there are some ways to make a relationship with a Leo work! Read on for some tips to improve your chances! Here are some common mistakes to avoid: The first mistake is being too independent: When it comes to dating, a Leo wants attention and needs reassurance. If you have a sign like this, you should be prepared to do the same.

A Leo loves attention, and if you’re a Leo who enjoys being the center of attention, it’s vital that you’re willing to give it to them. They love lavish gifts and being the center of attention. If you’re a Leo looking to fall in love, you’ll need a partner who can reciprocate your affection and commitment. A leo who doesn’t feel that their partner is putting the focus on you will quickly find themselves feeling neglected or abandoned.

While Leos are known for being passionate and energetic, not all Leos are so outgoing. You’ll find that more reserved signs tend to be more quiet and private. Don’t assume that means boring – this doesn’t have to be the case! Asking questions about their interest in something will get them excited and out of their shell. You’ll find that they’ll be happy to share their passions with you!

Although Leos can be compatible with other signs, their love lives are a little more complicated than other signs. In general, Leos need to be in the spotlight and will put in the work in order to make the relationship work. They are not ideal partners for someone who is too quiet or un-showy. They need someone with similar energy and passion to enjoy their love life. It’s important to understand that Leos can be demanding in a relationship.

While Leos are generally compatible with most other signs, the exact compatibility of Leos with other signs should be considered. A good partner is the best one for both of them. They are able to work well together and are attracted to each other’s unique characteristics. Despite the similarities, they have different personalities. If a partner is too intense, this is a sign to avoid. They need to be open and honest and not allow their partner to feel threatened or judged.

In terms of compatibility, Leos are the most compatible signs for each other. Their complementary traits make them an excellent match. For example, both need to be very loving. A person who shares these traits will be jealous and possessive. A passionate Leo will never have problems in their relationship. When it comes to love, a passionate partner should be supportive and affectionate. If they are compatible, they can have a successful relationship.

While a Leo and Taurus are compatible in many other areas, they may not be the best match. They both need to be patient and respectful. They should also have strong communication skills and a mutual understanding. The opposite sex should be complimentary in the same way. The same traits should be compatible in every aspect. If you’re a Leo and a Taurus, you’ll have great compatibility in love!

A Leo is the most compatible sign of all fire signs. Both signs are highly passionate and enthusiastic. While there’s a high chance of Leos compatibility, it’s important to remember that they are very different from each other. They are not compatible in every area, so it’s important to understand the differences between them. And if they are, you should be sure they can live in harmony.

While Leos are generally very compatible, they are not compatible with everyone. While they are a very loving sign, they can be rather demanding. If you want a partner who’s loyal, make sure you can listen to their ideas and values. If you’re not happy with the way they express themselves, you’ll likely end up feeling lonely. The other sign should be a Leo. If you’re a Sagittarius, they’ll be a good match.

What Are Leos Attracted To and What Are Leos Not Attracted To?

If you want a relationship with a Leo, you should know what their favorite things are and what they’re not attracted to. A Leo’s passion is contagious and it’s easy to fall in love with one. They’re also extremely loyal, and you can count on them to stand by you no matter what. But if you’re a Leo, you should know that they are not the type of partner to rush into a relationship. While this isn’t necessarily bad, it’s important to keep in mind that Leos are not the most compatible signs for a relationship.

Leos are naturally romantic and affectionate, which makes them great partners. They’ll give you extra attention and will go out of their way to impress you. If you’re looking for a love interest, you should know that they’ll be outgoing and speak their mind about how much they care for you. If you’re dating a Leo, be sure to take your time to get to know them. They’ll show you just how much they care for you.

A Leo’s best friend is someone who can make them feel comfortable with their own skin. They’re charismatic, smart, and ambitious, and they like to take charge and protect their loved ones. In a relationship, a Leo can be clingy and sultry, but it’s possible to find a partner who can handle both. A Leo’s desire for attention and physical touch can be too much to ignore.

A Leo can’t separate sex and love. In bed, they’re direct and impulsive and will get impatient if their desires are not met. A Leo’s need to be touched on the spine and heart is intense. You should be the center of their world. Getting closer to a Leo is a wonderful way to boost your appeal and attract a Leo.

A Leo can’t separate sex and love. A Leo is usually an extrovert, and will go for the first one who can fulfill his needs. Their strong personality makes them attractive to men, and their passion is infectious. If they’re not happy with their relationship, a Leo will seek a partner who can share their pride with her. However, Leos aren’t the most compatible signs in the zodiac.

A Leo is a great partner for creative individuals who are a little more independent and ambitious. A Leo’s love of beauty and a love of romance will lead to a happy relationship with a Leo-filled Gemini. This will be a beautiful and lustrous relationship. A Leo loves to be the center of attention, but he can be very self-centered. In fact, a relationship with a Gemini is one of the best opportunities for both of them.

A Leo is intelligent, attractive, and curious. These characteristics combine to make a great match. A Leo is often in a leadership position and is always surrounded by interesting people. He is known for his drive and success. Its love of creativity and intelligence make him a fantastic partner. A woman that can take the lead is also a good match. It may take some time for a woman to find the right man, but in the end, a man with a Leo in his life is worth the wait.

A Leo loves attention and new experiences. He might not be the best partner for you, but he can be a good partner for you. If you’re in a relationship with a Leo, you should be prepared for him to be very bold and aggressive. He likes attention and isn’t afraid to perform. A strong relationship will last for a long time. If you can keep a woman interested, he’ll be a loyal and passionate partner.

A Leo is a great partner if you can maintain a healthy relationship. They are usually the most faithful sign in a relationship, but you’ll want to make sure that you’re both happy and content. You can bet that a Leo will show his appreciation for you by making it his goal to be with you. A leo’s attitude is very admirable. A woman who wants to be loved is worthy of respect.

What is the Soulmate of a Leo?

A Leo is an egocentric sign, so he wants someone who will give him the attention he craves. His ideal mate will be the one who will appreciate his hard work and countless efforts. However, the Leo lover may not be interested in receiving attention. In fact, a Leo’s love interest will prefer material appreciation instead. If this is the case, a Leo’s soulmate should be able to give him the same kind of appreciation.

A Leo’s ideal soulmate is one who shares his energy and ambitions. A Libra man is a great choice if he wants someone who will inspire him to do the same. Pisces is another great option for a Leo soulmate. Both Pisces and Leo are mystical signs, and can thrive in a partner relationship. They can provide emotional support and respect to each other.

A Leo’s ideal soulmate would be someone with whom they can share the same values and passions. Both are good at deflating their egos and nurturing their strong feelings for others. They also share interests in common and can help each other in their careers. But the ideal soulmate is someone who has similar interests and passions as they do. If you’re a Leo, you may not be the type of person to find a Leo’s ideal soulmate, but you can always find a Taurus.

If you’re wondering what is the soulmate of a Leo, you’re probably wondering if you can find someone who shares the same values and passions. While Aries and Leos are the most compatible zodiac signs, a Leo is more likely to be with a Taurus. And although they’re both highly intelligent and confident, they’re a bit fickle in love.

A Leo’s soulmate is someone with the same interests and goals. A Leo’s soulmate is a friend who will encourage and support him in his pursuit of his dreams. A Leo’s mate can also be a mentor to help him overcome his stubborn streak. A person with the same interests and ambitions will make a great soulmate for a Leo. A relationship with a Taurus is a great idea for both signs.

The Leo is a fiery sign that is magnetic, intense, and bossy. While this is a great trait for a leader, a Leo’s needs a soulmate who will help him achieve his goals. If this is a Leo, wait until she’s in her mid-twenties. It is the perfect age to meet a soulmate. It’s a natural for a Leo to find a soulmate who will help her fulfill her goals.

Unlike other zodiac signs, a Leo’s soulmate is not an egocentric person, but rather a deeply loyal and intelligent person. Both are passionate and committed. It is easy for a Leo to attract a Libra soulmate if they’re compatible with each other. You will be able to get along with them and build a wonderful, lasting relationship.

If you’re a Leo, a Libra man might be your ideal soulmate. This zodiac sign has the same energy levels as a Leo, so a Libra man is the ideal match for a Leo. If you’re a woman, a Pisces soulmate could be a great option. Both signs are highly compatible and can enjoy a long-term partnership.

A Leo’s soulmate should be someone who shares similar interests and values. A Leo can be very demanding, but once he is content with his partner, it will be a pleasure for both parties. A Leo’s soulmate can help you overcome your need for attention by lowering your demands and expectations. A Libra’s relationship with a Leo will be long-lasting.

A Leo soulmate should let their partner take the center stage. Despite being dominant, the Leo needs a partner who can take the spotlight. Their soulmate should be independent, strong-minded, and willing to stand up for their partner. In addition, a Libra soulmate should not be a jealous person. If you’re looking for a soulmate, be open to other people’s ideas.