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How To Create A Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart


Similar to the Western zodiac, the Chinese zodiac is a template for reading a person’s present and future circumstances based on the unique astrological circumstances at the moment of his or her birth. Aside from being similarly based on the date and time of birth, both astrological systems use twelve signs to express a set of themes and interpretations.

The Chinese astrological method is a complex yet precise system that can be used in conjunction with Western astrology in order to create a personality chart that is rich in context and analysis. In terms of measuring compatibility in relationships. a combination of Chinese and Western zodiac readings enable us to have a clearer picture of the pairings that enhance the better aspects of our nature. Chinese astrology takes into account a larger scale of readings that encompass years. On the other hand, Western zodiac is able to expand on the smaller and more intimate cadence and pace of our lives as measured in months and even hours.

It is important to note that despite some notable differences, both Western and Chinese astrological models are similarly focused in the goal to create a comprehensive framework and scope of an individual’s personal and social interactions. Which partnerships and ventures provide greater opportunities for happiness and success? What character flaws must an individual work on or improve upon? What positive traits must one emphasize to be in a better position not only in terms of career, but also in terms of personal relationships?

Here are the other points of comparison:

  • Aside from being assigned to a particular year, Chinese zodiac animals are also assigned to months in the Chinese calendar. Because of this, each of the animals in the Chinese zodiac more or less overlaps with the signs and months in Western astrology.
  • In Chineseastrology, the focus is on the phase of the moon at the moment of birth. The new moon represents change. The waxing moon represents diligence. The full moon represents arbitration. Finally, the waning moon represents calmness. In contrast, Western astrology places greater emphasis on the role and influence of the planets. Interestingly, in the Western system, the moon is classified as a planet.
  • The role of elements in both Chinese and Western astrology are also greatly important. The notable difference is that Western astrology adapts the four classical elements, while in the Chinese system, there are five. In the Western system, the elements are: water ( emotion and intuition ); earth ( pragmatism and wealth ); fire ( passion and impulse ), and air ( intelligence and independence ). In the Chinese system, the elements are water ( emotion ); wood ( progress ); fire ( excitement ); earth ( stability ), and metal ( discipline ).


As with Western astrology, each of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac showcase different sets of traits and personalities. Some animals are compatible with others to form strong partnerships, either in business or in marriage. There are also less than ideal pairings that may bring misfortunes. In their proper order, the animals of the Chinese zodiac are:

  • RAT – These creatures are known for their charisma, and street-smart ways. They are motivated by the desire for material wealth, and security.
  • OX – These creatures are known for their kindness, and tolerance. They are always driven to accomplish their goal despite any challenge or difficulty.
  • TIGER – These creatures are known for the competitiveness, and courage. They are not hesitant to display their physical and mental prowess.
  • RABBIT – These creatures are known for their honesty, and compassion. They are skilled diplomats who will always look to diffuse tensions quickly.
  • DRAGON– These creatures are known for their generosity, and friendliness. They are motivated by great ideas, noble acts, and great ambition.
  • SNAKE – These creatures are known for their eccentricity, and sociability. They are very intuitive. They are skilled in making deep emotional connections.
  • HORSE – These creatures are known for their independence, and energy. They are always eager to try new things and experience new sensations.
  • GOAT – These creatures are known for their humility, and peacefulness. They are perhaps the most humanitarian of all the animals of the Chinese zodiac.
  • MONKEY These creatures are known for their love for fun, and humor. They know their personal limitations and potentials better than others.
  • ROOSTER – These creatures are known for their confidence, and pragmatism. They are fearless. They are willing to lead by example.
  • DOG – These creatures are known for their loyalty, and their diligence. They are optimistic. They tend to see the good qualities of everyone.
  • PIG – These creatures are known for their patience, and appetite for life. They are always eager to share their wealth, and comfort with others.


In the same way that the twelve signs of the Western zodiac are divided into four triplicities based on their native element, the four groups of animals of the Chinesezodiac are also arranged according to their respective affinities with the energies of the Yin and the Yang. Yin and Yang are fundamental aspects in Chinese philosophy, particularly in Taoism and in astrology. Yin is the dark, feminine energy. Yang is light, and masculine. They represent opposites, But together, they represent balance and harmony.

it is important to note that the duality of the Yin and the Yang are not similar to the Western notions of good and evil. Yang is not good, and Yin is not evil. They are simply manifestations of the dichotomy that exists in nature. Too much of either Yin or Yang creates an imbalance in mind, body, soul, and nature. They key is to embrace these contrasting elements in equal measure: pleasure and purity, intellect and emotion, introspection and impulse, creation and disassembly. It is by achieving equality in the portions and proportions of Yin and Yang that one attains personal completion, and alignment with the cosmos.

Each of the animals in the Chinese zodiac are attuned with either Yin or Yang.


One of the most simple ways to determine the compatibility between and among the animals of the Chinese zodiac is to first group them based on their similar attributes or dispositions. These are the four groups:

  • FIRST GROUP – This group is composed of therat, the dragon, and the monkey. All of them share the capacity to think outside the norms and expectations of society, and to think of new and innovative ways of solving problems. They are relatively similar to the fire signs of the Western zodiac. This group is attuned with Yang energy.
  • SECOND GROUP – This group is composed of the ox, the snake, and the rooster. These animals share the characteristic of being persistent and hardworking in order to attain a specific goal. They share certain similarities with the earth signs of the Western zodiac. This group is aligned with the energy of the Yin.
  • THIRD GROUP – This group is composed of the tiger, the horse, and the dog. All of them share an unyielding desire for freedom and self-actualization. They share some common traits with the air signs of the Western zodiac. These three animals are attuned with the energy of the Yang.
  • FOURTH GROUP – This group is composed of the rabbit, the goat, and the pig. These animals share the preference for diplomacy and peaceful ways of doing things. They have some parallel characteristics as the water signs of the Western zodiac. This group is Yin-aligned.


Based on their unique characteristics, each animal has varying levels of compatibility with the rest. Here is a breakdown:

  • RAT – The cunning rat is highly compatible with the ox, the dragon, and the monkey. Its worst pairings are with the horse and the rooster.
  • OX – The patient ox is highly compatible with the rat, the snake, and the rooster. Its worst pairings are with the tiger, the dragon, the horse, and the goat.
  • TIGER – The courageous tiger is highly compatible with the dragon, the horse, and the pig. Its worst pairings are with the ox, a fellow tiger, the snake, and the monkey.
  • RABBIT – The diplomatic rabbit is highly compatible with the goat, the monkey, the dog, and the pig. Its worst pairings are with the snake and the rooster.
  • DRAGON – The noble dragon is highly compatible with the rooster, the rat, and the monkey. Its worst pairings are with the ox, the goat, and the dog.
  • SNAKE – The intuitive snake is highly compatible with the dragon, and the rooster. Its worst pairings are with the tiger, the rabbit, a fellow snake, the goat, and the pig.
  • HORSE – The adventurous horse is highly compatible with the tiger, the goat, and the rabbit. Its worst pairings are with the rat, the ox, the rooster, and a fellow horse.
  • GOAT – The humble goat is highly compatible with the horse, the rabbit, and the pig. Its worst pairings are with the ox, the tiger, and the dog.
  • MONKEY – The humorous monkey is highly compatible with the ox, and the rabbit. Its worst pairings are with the tiger, and the pig.
  • ROOSTER – The confident rooster is highly compatible with the ox, and the snake. Its worst pairings are with the rat, the rabbit, the horse, a fellow rooster, and a dog.
  • DOG – The faithful dog is highly compatible with the rabbit. Its worst pairings are with the dragon, the goat, and the rooster.
  • PIG – The content pig is highly compatible with the tiger, the rabbit, and the goat. Its worst pairings are with the snake and the monkey.

Which Chinese Zodiac Animal Cannot Get Along?

The Dog is the best friend of the Snake. But the two aren’t the best friends. The Dog is slow-witted while the Pig is lazy and slow-moving. They have similar quirks, which makes them incompatible in love relationships. The Pig is the least compatible animal with the other two. Luckily, Pig and Snake do get along, though they don’t make the best partners.

There are other animal signs that cannot get along. The tiger is an example. This volatile animal is unpopular in Western society, but tiger babies are among the world’s richest people. The rat was the first animal in the Chinese zodiac. The rat is witty and agile, but cautious and aggressive. However, there are some famous tiger couples, such as Cameron Diaz and Prince Charles. The rat also has a great reputation for being very independent, and it’s very hard for the pig and tiger to communicate well.

The pig and the horse are the most compatible animal signs in the Chinese zodiac. They are both independent. But they aren’t the best partners. The pig, a tiger, is a good friend to a tiger. And the pig, a great friend to a tiger, can’t get along with the lion because the tiger doesn’t like the lion. The tiger and lion are the only animal signs that can’t get along.

Goats are the most compatible animals. But the tiger is the worst. Although the Tiger and lion are good friends, their relationship often turns sour. It’s hard for the tiger to communicate with the pig. So, which Chinese zodiac animal can’t get along? A couple that shares the same blood sign has a higher chance of happiness and less conflict.

The Horse is the best partner of the Ox. They have a strong bond between them. While Ox and tiger are not compatible, the horse is very independent. They don’t get along well with the Dog. If they can’t get along, they aren’t the right match. It’s better to choose the tiger over the pig because it is more dependable.

The Pig and the Goat can’t get along because their personality types are too opposite. The Pig is too independent and a bad lover. The Ox and the Monkey are too selfish. They argue with each other. The pig is a terrible lover because of its insecurity and lack of self-confidence. It’s best to stick to friends and family. This way, you’ll never feel lonely.

While the Pig and the Ox are not the most compatible, they are compatible with the Rooster. The pig will not get along with the tiger and vice versa. The horse is the most sociable of all the animal signs. The Goat and the Ox are the least compatible with each other, but the Rat is the most dominant. So, it’s hard for them to be incompatible.

The Ox and the pig don’t get along. The Ox and tiger are the least compatible, with a Pig being the most compatible among the two. The pig is also the most selfish. So, the tiger and the pig can’t get along. The Rooster and the Ox don’t like each other. They are the most likely to have an argument.

The Ox and the Pig can’t get along with the Monkey. The Pig cannot be friends with the tiger. But the tiger and the pig don’t have a problem with each other. The Dog is the most incompatible with the tiger. These two are the least compatible with each other. If you want to avoid a fight, don’t make a partner who doesn’t have similar qualities.

The Rat and the Ox can’t get along with the tiger. The Rat is the most compatible Chinese zodiac animal, and the Snake is the most incompatible. The Pig is the best friend of the tiger. The monkey is not compatible with the tiger, but it’s compatible with the tiger and the pig. It doesn’t have the same temperament as the tiger.

How is Zodiac Compatibility Determined?

How is zodiac compatibility determined? It is based on a person’s sun and moon sign, and the personality traits they possess. The purpose of this system is to describe certain characteristics of a person’s personality according to the time of their birth. Those who want to know if they are compatible with someone are encouraged to check their partner’s birth date and sign to see if their astrological match is compatible.

Although astrologists use different methods to analyze people’s horoscopes, there are some commonalities between the signs. First, opposite horoscopes are considered a good sign combination. This is because people of opposite horoscopes have a tendency to be attracted to each other. If their signs are opposite, they will not be compatible in a relationship.

Secondly, the elements in a relationship are considered when pairing up a couple. The Sun and Moon are a couple’s most important aspects. If the two sign combinations are similar, they will be compatible. The moon and planet combination of a couple is another factor. These factors are considered to be the most important when determining whether a couple will be compatible. If you and your partner’s astrology matches, it’s likely you’ll have a happy relationship!

While it may seem complicated, the placement of your sun sign is essential to a zodiac compatibility match. If the sun signs of a couple are in the same sign, their compatibility is likely. If they are in opposite signs, however, they are incompatible. The best way to determine how compatible you are is to use a zodiac compatibility calculator. You’ll find many ways to determine your sign’s compatibility.

The elements of fire and earth are the main factors in Chinese astrology. Interestingly, tiger and lion share many characteristics, but are completely opposite in other respects. For example, the tiger is incompatible with the lion. The other two Asian zodiac signs that are incompatible are the fox and the horse. The tiger is the only Asian zodiac sign with the tiger.

The placement of the sun and moon are both crucial factors in determining compatibility. While the placement of a sun and moon is not necessarily indicative of compatibility, it is a useful indicator of what kind of people are compatible. The placement of the sun and moon in a zodiac chart indicates whether a couple is compatible or not. If they are compatible, they share many characteristics and values. For instance, they are most likely to be mutually beneficial to each other.

When it comes to compatibility, the sun and moon sign are two of the most important factors. The sun and moon are the most common factors for compatibility. They affect each other’s personalities in different ways. If the sun is in the same sign, then there is a strong likelihood that they will be compatible. If the sun and moon are in the same zodiac signs, then they are incompatible.

Astrological compatibility can be determined by both the sun and moon sign of a couple. The sun and moon sign are both important, as they determine the value of the other person. If both the sun and moon sign are in the same position, then their compatibility is high. The moon and the sun are the other planetary signs. These two signs are in the same house and may also be compatible in other ways.

The sun and moon signs are similar in personality, but the placement of the sun and moon are the most important factors in determining compatibility. In addition, the sun and moon sign of the other person is a key factor. The sun and the moon sign of a partner will also determine their compatibility. This is the best way to test a relationship in the workplace. The two people with the same signs will naturally be compatible in most aspects.

The sun sign and the moon sign play a significant role in determining compatibility. The same elements in the two signs are more likely to get along well. In general, the sun and moon signs of a couple should be compatible. If the sun and moon sign are different, then the relationship will be challenging. It is best not to be too literal when it comes to zodiac compatibility. The elements of each sign should be compatible, which is what astrologers are looking for.

Does Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Really Matter?

Chinese zodiac compatibility is an interesting question to ask yourself. This ancient Chinese calendar was first introduced in the late 1800s and it has since been studied and practiced for centuries. While it may seem romantic and exciting to get matched with someone born under the same sign, the results aren’t always as promising as they seem. Despite popular belief, Chinese zodiac compatibility is not a perfect guide to choosing a spouse. Rather, it is more important to consider the traits of a partner before committing to a relationship.

When it comes to compatibility, the Chinese zodiac has some important rules for pairings. A couple who falls into the same sign is more likely to be compatible with the other, which is good news for anyone involved in a romantic relationship. Whether a couple is a pig or a rat, it is important to know the differences between the signs. A pig is more like the rooster, and a rat is more like a rabbit. While a pig and a lion are both opposite signs, they do complement one another.

Another important rule in Chinese zodiac compatibility is the elements of fire and earth. For instance, a tiger and a lion share the same sign, so they are more likely to have a happy marriage. Similarly, a rat and a monkey are less likely to have trouble forming a relationship. Therefore, a rat and a fox are not compatible with each other, and a monkey with a rooster is not.

If compatibility between two people in Chinese zodiac compatibility is based on opposite sign attributes, then the answer is “yes.” The rooster is the most compatible with Oxes and Dragons, while a rabbit is less compatible with a pig. However, a rat and a rabbit are not a match for each other. They are both very practical and work hard.

While Chinese zodiac compatibility is not as simple as astrological signs, it is important to understand the meaning of the animal sign. While a rooster and a pig are opposite in some ways, they are not incompatible with each other. In fact, the rooster and the pig are much more compatible than a rat and a rabbit. This is because a pig are both complementary and complimentary despite their differences.

It is important to note that Chinese zodiac compatibility is a major factor in determining compatibility. Although the pig and the rooster are incompatible, they are definitely more compatible with each other. A rat, for example, is more compatible with an ox than with a monkey. The same holds true for pig and rooster. A rat is more compatible with a pig than with a rabbit.

While Chinese zodiac compatibility is a complicated topic, it does have a practical basis. For example, the Chinese Zodiac identifies animals by their basic nature. Despite these differences, animal signs complement each other despite their differences. A rat is a fierce warrior, while a Yin is an honorable and dependable warrior. And, in a relationship, a rat is a wise and compassionate leader.

In China, Chinese zodiac compatibility is still an important factor in dating and marriages. In the West, couples are compatible when they share the same sign’s characteristics. The same is true in the Chinese culture. There are two people born under the same sign who have the same birthday, but their signs can be completely different. Nevertheless, compatibility is an important factor in dating and in a relationship.

In addition to compatibility by sign, Chinese zodiac compatibility also matters for other reasons. For example, a rat is more compatible with another rat than with a rooster. A monkey is more compatible with a pig. Similarly, a rooster is more compatible with another pig than with a monkey. In fact, if the two people share the same sign, they are more compatible than with any other animal.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Chinese zodiac compatibility can be an important factor in forming a relationship. Each sign has its own characteristics, and they are best matched with those of similar characteristics. For example, a Rat with a Snake is an excellent match. A Pig with a Dog would be a good match, and vice versa. A Horse with a Snake would be a good match for a Rat.

People born in the Year of the Pig are generally considered to be good companions. They are intellectual and enjoy achieving goals. In addition, they are kind and tolerant. However, they are not the best choice for people who are not suited for each other. If you are thinking about dating a pig, you might want to think twice about getting too close to this sign. Instead, you should choose a mate with a different sign.

Depending on where you are born, you may be matched with someone in your zodiac sign. The characteristics of the two signs will have some effect on your compatibility. It is not necessary that the two people be from the same year. The same is true if they are from different regions of the country. This is because people born in the same year are often compatible. They have a tendency to help each other when it comes to business, love, or friendship.

According to Chinese zodiac compatibility, animal signs are related to the Ying Yang theory, the Wu Xing theory, or the Five Elements. Some people say that opposite signs complement each other, while opposite signs do not. For example, the most compatible pairs are those born four hours apart. This means that a rat and an ox are best matched, while a pig and a rabbit are not.

Compatibility between animals is determined by the time of birth. For example, the rat is compatible with other rats, while a rabbit is not. And, the rat and monkey are not compatible with each other. The rat is the most compatible animal, while the pig is least compatible with a monkey and a rabbit. If you are considering a relationship with a pig, it is best to consider the rooster’s compatibility with your own sign.

Compatibility between pigs and oxen depends on the year of birth. For example, a pig is compatible with a lion. A pig is a sign that symbolizes a lion and a tiger. They are both ruled by the same elements. They are both fire and earth. It is also advisable to consider the time and location of birth when a relationship is pending.

There are other factors to consider when deciding whether your Chinese zodiac compatibility is important. If your oxen is a sign that is compatible with a pig, then you should look into your pig’s oxen. Basically, if you are compatible, you will be more compatible with your oxen. In a pig, a rooster is a sign that is compatible with oxen.

It is very easy to see how the Chinese zodiac affects a relationship. A horse is a natural leader, while an ox is more a follower of rules. A pig is a natural leader, and should be able to give a lion the respect it deserves. A pig is a great lover, but he can also be a ruthless bully and a thief.

The Chinese zodiac is a fascinating concept and offers the opportunity to learn more about the Chinese culture. For example, you can learn more about the traits of a particular animal by looking at the animal that represents them. While the Chinese zodiac does not include the exact meaning of each element, the animals represent different types of energy. For instance, a pig is a sign of the earth and is influenced by water, while a pig is ruled by wood.

A person with the Snake is more compatible with a Rooster than with an Ox. Both are ruled by the Earth sign. A woman born in a Year of the Snake can be demanding while a tiger is stubborn. A Rooster is more compatible with a pig. It can also be a good sign for a tiger, as both have a strong sense of justice.