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What Are The Vedic Astrology Signs?

If you had ever read your astrology and found that nothing is said of the star sign connected with you? Vedic astrology could be able to provide you with the precise reading you were looking for.

The majority of common Vedic astrology sign meanings rely on Western cultures, which, although not incorrect, this might not be the most effective method of interpreting natal charts. Vedic astrology, often called Hindu astrology, literally means knowledge of science.

This method involves observing planets that bounce the power and energy onto the Planet, thereby affecting a person’s life. It is much more positive about the future unlike Western culture, which would be more preoccupied with the present.

The stars and the Vedic astrology connected with them were thought to be stable in position about the planet when Western astronomy started with the Greek around three thousand years ago. This is not the matter at all. Although Vedic astronomy is the elder of the two systems that doesn’t imply it isn’t up to date with new discoveries.

Aside from physics and superstition, everything you need to realize is that the astrological symbol you believed you were predicated on your date of birth may be incorrect. And all of the folks one has written off as unsuitable because of their Astrological signs could be your love.

Why is My Sign Different in Vedic Astrology?

Because Vedic astrology signs dates is a physical method that provides the sidereal horoscope, and Western Horoscope is a figurative system that employs the tropical horoscope. Your Vedic Temperament may vary from the Western Personality type. What would that signify? The first day of springtime, in Western Horoscope, represents a fresh start.

So, according to the Western calendar, the Star reaches the first symbol of the Astrology, Aries, during the first day of springtime each year. The next astronomical motions are estimated based on that day. Meanwhile, if you look at the moon, you’ll notice that the Sun reached Aries on 14th April and not on the spring’s first day.

This is since the Planet wobbles considerably as it revolves, leading the Moon to approach Aries at a somewhat later point in time each year. It’s around 1500 years when the sun would have crossed arise during the first day of springtime. Because Vedic horoscope is a system with events, it adjusts constellations to adjust the time and date if all of the celestial bodies shift over signs.

Recent cosmological theories have confirmed these claims. To put it differently, if you glanced up at the sky since you were born, the Sun would have been in your Vedic sign, but it could be in the Western Star sign as well. After all of this, Western Astronomy functions well on its own, thus the general advice is to avoid comparing astrological facts amongst astrological traditions.

Both techniques should provide you with reliable data, and the cosmos will usually direct you to an astronomer who can provide you with the information you require. The Veda approach, on the other hand, accounts for axial movement. Whenever Western Horoscope was created, the Sun symbols in both theories had almost the same date. They’ve moved ahead by about 25 days over decades.

As a result, most humans are born under the Star sign rather than the symbol they have also always trusted in. It moves the entire chart backward by frequently altering not just the Sun symbol, but also the emerging and moon signs, and the placements of all the stars in the charts.

Isn’t that amazing? If you’ve already avoided a Scorpion since you suspected they were a spy or felt a Capricorn was too forthright since they were different. You were referring to a different type of indication.

 Vedic astrology signs calculator

Following signs are considered as movable astrology symbols:

  • Aries
  • Cancer
  • libra
  • Capricorn

They stand for effort, agility, motion, development, pace, change, unhappiness, individualism, carrying on, and elasticity, among other things.

The following signs are categorized as fixed astrological signs:

  • Tauras
  • Leo
  • Aquarius
  • Scorpio

They reveal a positive personality, stiffness, consistency, quiet, obstinate, and cautious but steadfast character, resolve, consolidation, long-term employment, set religious and spiritual beliefs, and so on.

The Following astronomical signs are categorized as dual symbols:

  • Gemini
  • Sagittarius
  • Pisces
  • Virgo

These have a double character since they reflect a mixture of both mobile and permanent symbols. They are excited to know, erudite, contemplative, enjoy reading books, and are skilled communicators, preachers, and teachers. They’re typically open to change, passionate about learning, multitasking, and experimenting with a variety of possibilities.

What Are The Vedic Astrology Signs?

Below are mentioned Vedic astrological symbols and their characteristics.


The very first symbol of the horoscope is Aries. They are forerunners. They are driven, self-reliant, and ambitious, and they thrive on winning. They are devoted, yet they are also impetuous, pushy, irritable, and obstinate. They are direct and vocal and might come across as harsh at times. They are prone to becoming enraged and violent.


Taurus peopleare recognized for their dependability, practicality, strength of will, loyalty, and sensuality. They are drawn to attractive things. Taurus is good with money and thus becomes great economic planners. They are kind and trustworthy.


They are enthralling individuals. They are a group of people who enjoy themselves and specialize in spending time in creative work. They are sociable and have a bright intelligence. They do very well in imaginative vocations, such as coaching, marketing, composing, and selling, since they are good speakers. They could be surprising and have a split character. Mercury is the governing star. They do have a lot of romantic entanglements.


Cancer locals are passionate and sympathetic people who are deeply attached to their homes and families. They value their house, their family members, and their material possessions. Their biggest aim is to offer everything to the friends. Individuals are ready to offer assistance to everyone and prevent confrontation wherever necessary. When a disagreement arises, Cancer prefers to stay at home rather than going out with people.


Leo is the zodiac’s kings and queens. Their demeanor and lives are robust, strong, and aristocratic. Leos are known for their creativity, independence, and dominance. Their bravery and fearlessness are unrivaled in Bravery. They have a lot of ambition as well. They don’t have any ego. The majority of Leos have a clear idea of what they need from life.


Virgos, who are governed by Mercury, are optimists. They are extremely concerned about the well-being of the family members. They do, however, worry excessively and bother people. They might be a bit painful since they have a judgmental attitude. They become impatient and pessimistic as a result of this. As an Earthy Symbol, Virgo is peaceful, kind, and kind, and they will adhere to stringent regulations.


The balanced scales represent Libra, the seventh Element. As a result, most Libras are skilled at figuring things. They possess 2 aspects to their personalities as well. They place a high priority on equality and fairness. They want and pursue peace, avoiding disputes at any costs. Because Venus is their governing planet, many Libras are attractive.


Scorpion is Vedic astrology’s eighth sign. They enjoy battling and are quite fierce because they are dominated by Mars. Scorpio is a powerful, forceful, impassioned, and domineering zodiac sign. Scorpionsare extremely dedicated and aggressive. Whether they are mistreated, they could be angry. Scorpio People may have a lot of fights because they possess contradictory views on anything under the sunshine, to the extent of extremism.


This astrological sign is governed by Jupiter. These individuals are adventurers. Sagittarians have loving nature. Most of these people have artistic nature. Sagittarians love to travel. These individuals are very talkative and present their thoughts. They have multiple personalities. These people believe what they think.


Individuals have a strong feeling of obligation. Saturn rules this sign, which depicts the realm of employment. They have a serene demeanor and might sometimes seem frigid. They are careful and tenacious, and their creativity and hard work are well-known. They are diligent and genuine, and they have a great deal of intelligence and intelligence. They may come out as rigid and inflexible to some.


Aquarians are cold and calculating, with little passion. Aquarians are self-assured and bold, and they are readily enthralled by new experiences. They enjoy their independence and could be rather defiant. They were blessed with the ability to create. They have such a fickle tendency that hinders them from building enduring relationships, despite their attractiveness and sociability. Aquarius people are appealing to people of the opposite gender, yet their lack of feeling makes them appear cold. Aquarians have a friendly demeanor and battle for society’s outcasts.


Pisces is the last element of the Vedic horoscope. Pisces people tend to acquire the characteristics of the eleven symbols.  Imaginative and passionate Pisces is a born artist. Individuals can be sympathetic and helpful to everyone else. Pisces people are lost in the very own universe, which is governed by Neptune. They do have a religious inclination and could be rather disconnected. For these individuals, peace and love are crucial. Violence and hostility aren’t their things.