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What Does My Chinese Zodiac Sign Say About Love?


In the philosophy of Taoism, nature abhors imbalance. Nature is about harmonizing opposite forces and ideals: light and darkness, introspection and impulse, positive and negative, unification and disassembly. Creation and entropy. This is embodied in the contrasting, yet complementary, notions of the Yin and the Yang. Yin is the receptive half, and Yang is the constructive half. This is also the case when it comes to love. Love is the union of the feminine energy of the Yin, and the masculine energy of the Yang.

One aspect of love that is generally not openly discussed in the context of Chinese thought is sex. But the way to attaining a healthy sex life is one of the standard aims in Chinese medicine. True to the teachings of Taoism, love and sex is all about balance. Yang refers to the warm and vigorous bodily functions that arise from intense feelings of passion. This warmth must be effectively counterbalanced by cooling elements in the form of potions and massages. Yang is the desire to embrace, kiss, and make love. Yin is the willingness to accept these gestures.

Taken together, the combination of warmth and coolness result in a pleasurable sexual experience that not only satisfies the body but also enlightens the mind.

This is an example of how the elements of Yin and Yang are vital to the Chinese reflections on love. The more philosophical discussions on love satisfies the needs of the mind. But that must also be balanced by passionate sex that satiates the flesh.

In Chinese astrology, the interpretations and analyses on love and relationships are quite grounded on the dynamics between Yin and Yang.

What Does My Chinese Zodiac Sign Say About Love?


Each of the animals in the Chinese zodiac represent a specific set of values, traits, and dispositions. These unique set of characteristics can be applied to the wide spectrum of life, from career to relationships. Let us look at how each of the Chinese zodiac animals view the nature and practice of love.

  • RAT – The rat has a Yang polarity. Those born in the year of the rat tend to have a very positive and romantic attitude towards love. They are fearless lovers who accept willingly that rejection is but a natural part of the process. Rats may seem to be very flirty and non-committal. But in reality, they are gentle souls. When they are committed to a partner, they desire to build a large and loving family. In sex, rats are energetic performers. They are always eager to try new sensations and experiences to spice things up in bed. They are very compatible with oxen, dragons, and monkeys. They should avoid relationships with horses and roosters.
  • OX – The ox has a Yin polarity. Those born in the year of the ox view love and relationships as permanent unions. They value sincerity. When they enter into a relationship, they always view marriage as both the short-term and long-term goal. Oxen are very patient lovers who are willing to forgive some transgressions if only to preserve a relationship. In marriage, they are good in managing the household and finances. In sex, they are generally timid. It takes some time to bring them out of their shells of modesty and shyness to enjoy the pleasures of intimacy. They are very compatible with rats, snakes, and roosters. They should avoid relationships with tigers, dragons, horses, and goats.
  • TIGER – The tiger has a Yang polarity. The thing about tigers is that they always enjoy being in love. They tend to overdo romantic gestures, but these are done in earnest and with all sincerity. They more than make up for their clumsiness with their charm, though. Often, tigers can be too aggressive in expressing their love that they end up intimidating others. In sex, tigers seem to have boundless energy. They do not always succeed in making sex a mind-blowing experience, but count on them to be always ready to pounce with the slightest suggestion. They are very compatible with dragons, horses, and pigs. They should avoid relationships with oxen, their fellow tigers, snakes, and monkeys.
  • RABBIT – The rabbit has a Yin polarity. Those who are born in the year of the rabbit tend to have a lot of admirers and suitors. They are never wanting in terms of having potential lovers. Despite this, rabbits are always careful. They always look after themselves, avoiding situations where they can find themselves in awkward and uncomfortable positions. Rabbits are hard to get because they are intelligent and picky. In sex, they will reserve intimacy only to a few who are really worthy of their status and preference. They are very compatible with rats, goats, monkeys, dogs, and pigs. They should avoid relationships with snakes and roosters.
  • DRAGON – The dragon has a Yang polarity. Dragons usually seem quite detached from the idea of relationships. They are such deep thinkers and disciplined personalities that they seemed to be destined to a life of solitude. But dragons are such idealists that they tend to believe that love is matter of luck and providence. They believe that true love is never pursued. They believe that love is a magical spark that comes naturally. In love and in sex, dragons tend to be old-fashioned. They believe that boundaries and personal spaces have to be respected, even in bed. They are very compatible with rats, monkeys, and roosters. They should avoid relationships with goats and dogs.
  • SNAKE – The snake has a Yin polarity. Snakes sometimes have the unfortunate tendency to drive away people, even those that they love deeply and sincerely. They can be charming to a fault, that even their admirers often feel unworthy. Snakes are vey intelligent creatures who have such high–and sometimes impossible–standards about life. They can often be very discriminatory even with their partners. For snakes, sex should have a deeper spiritual meaning instead of just being a temporary physical fix. Snakes are very compatible with dragons and roosters. They should avoid pigs.
  • HORSE – The horse has a Yang polarity. People born in the year of the horse value their independence. They are fiercely protective of their thoughts and feelings. They hate it when the emotional vulnerabilities are exposed. People are attracted to them because they dress and carry themselves well. Instead of expressing their affection, they would rather listen to adulations and praises given by other people. They reciprocate by way of gestures instead of words. In sex, horses love to be in control. Horses are very compatible with tigers and goats. They should avoid relationships with rats, oxen, their fellow horses, and roosters.
  • GOAT – The goat has a Yin polarity. Goats are very shy and very introspective. They value their personal spaces. They seldom speak, but their thoughts are very rich and layered. Goats are very careful in entering into relationships. But when they do, they are very exclusive. Being in a relationship with a goat means a lot of non-verbal communication. Feelings and affections are intuitively expressed and reciprocated. In bed, goats are very good because they take it slow and let the sensations crescendo to a satisfying climax. They are very compatible with rabbits, horses, and pigs. They should avoid relationships with oxen, dragons, snakes, and dogs.
  • MONKEY – The monkey has a Yang polarity. Monkeys can be difficult to love at times. This is because monkeys are very impatient and have short tempers. They can be very intelligent, but emotionally immature at the same time. Monkeys need a lot of time for their own thoughts and projects. They are always a firestorm of ideas and become easily frustrated when they fail to act on these ideas. They prefer flings and one-night stands over long-term relationships. In sex, monkeys can often be poor performers because their minds are always in another time and place. They are very compatible with oxen and rabbits. They should avoid relationships with tigers and pigs.
  • ROOSTER – The rooster has a Yin personality. Roosters are very confident creatures. They are well aware of how beautiful or charismatic they are. And they enjoy all the attention they get. Roosters embody the idea of perfection to a fault. Their words and gestures are measured. They have the unique gift to simultaneously annoy and inspire their admirers. Despite this, roosters are very irresistible and sexy creatures. In bed, they love attention. They enjoy being on the receiving end of foreplay and good sex. They are very compatible with oxen and snakes. They should avoid relationships with rabbits, horses, their fellow roosters, and dogs.
  • DOG – The dog has a Yang polarity. Dogs have the tendency to be fickle-minded. They are very playful creatures who hate the more serious aspects of love. Relationships for them mean parties and vacations, instead of marriage and kids. They tend to walk away when confronted with the difficult issues that naturally arise from relationships. But dogs are perhaps the most loyal of all the animals of the Chinese zodiac. They are capable of assuming the multiple roles of being a drinking buddy, a best friend and confidant, an a faithful lifelong partner. In bed, dogs can be amazing. They make sex a fun experience. They are compatible with rabbits. They should avoid relationships with dragons, goats, and roosters.
  • PIG – The pig has a Yin polarity. Pigs are all about the bigger picture. They have a rather passive attitude on romance. Instead, they believe that a worthwhile relationship is one that is surrounded by the finer things in life. They are very generous and lavish in giving gifts to their partners. They seldom get offended. Pigs are such jovial partners. But they can be quite candid about things that weaken a relationship. In sex, pigs straddle the line between being satisfactory and bland. They are compatible with tigers, rabbits and goats, They should avoid relationships with snakes and monkeys.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Lovers?

It’s no secret that sex is an important part of meaningful relationships. You can’t keep your hands off the person you love, but your relationship isn’t built on chemistry alone. While many zodiac signs are made for entanglement and sexual intimacy, there are others who are more suited to being in a monogamous relationship. Here’s how to choose a sign for a lasting love.

If you’re looking for a relationship with a creative partner, you’ll love a partnership with an Aquarian. This unusual sign is ahead of its time and a rebel without a cause. While these people are empathetic and love to talk to other people, they are not particularly interested in what other people think. They are slow to share their true feelings and need a lot of space. If you’re thinking about dating an Aquarian, make sure you have a lot of stimulating conversations.

Cancer and Taurus are a great match. This pair enjoys spending time together and can be friends without being intrusive. They’re both practical and commitment-oriented, so they are good partners. They’re good companions and understand each other inside and out. They’re a good match! These two can get along with almost anyone. They’re a great combination. And they’ll be happy together for years to come.

If you’re wondering if you’re the right sign for your partner, don’t worry! This article will help you figure out which zodiac signs are compatible for a long-lasting relationship. By the time you read this article, you’ll have a better idea of which signs are compatible with your significant other. So you won’t have to settle for second best. So go ahead and date a Pisces today! Your relationship will be a success.

The relationship between a Cancer and Taurus is a strong one. They enjoy being together and spend time alone together. While they can share intimacy, they also have separate needs. They’ll have a great deal of free time together. In a one-on-one relationship, they’ll be in constant communication, but they may not be very communicative. If you feel that a relationship is too close, you can’t be sure it will last.

A relationship between a Pisces and a Cancer is a long-term commitment. The two enjoy spending time together and enjoy spending time with each other. But they also value their own personal time. If you’re in love with a cancer, you’ll know that their love life is very different from that of a Taurus. When you’re in a relationship with a cancer, you should know that they are very different. This is an excellent sign for a long-term relationship.

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, make sure you’re compatible with your zodiac sign. Some zodiac signs are compatible with each other, but not all. If you’re looking for a partner, you should try to match the elements that make up your sign. For example, a fire and an earth sign should be a good match. This way, you’ll be able to balance each other’s energy and avoid a messy relationship.

As far as compatibility goes, water and fire signs are the best partners for each other. These two signs are compatible with each other. Although they’re not compatible with each other, they are compatible with each other. These relationships are known to last for a long time because they’re based on emotional connection and practicality. While the fire and air signs are not compatible, they don’t have much trouble with each other.

The relationship between an Aquarius and a Cancer is a strong one. They’re always happy to be in each other’s company, but they also know that they need their space to think things through. While a Taurus may be an ideal partner for a mate with Cancer, it can also be problematic for a fire sign. Whether you’re a Cancer or a Gemini, be sure to discuss everything with your partner in a loving way.

What Chinese Signs Go Well Together?

Compatibility is an important aspect of choosing a partner and Chinese zodiac compatibility chart can help you choose the perfect match. The Horse and the Pig are a great match because they represent speed and freedom. These two signs are compatible because they both love freedom, but they aren’t the same sign. You may want to consider the different types of zodiac signs before deciding on a partner. You can use a compatibility chart to determine the best matched signs for you.

The Pig and the Rat can be good match for each other because both of them have a high level of drive and determination. The Pig and the Dragon are both successful and can work together well. The Rat is more romantic and may enjoy a relationship with the Monkey. A combination of the two can lead to fairytale romance. The Rabbit and the Dog are both loyal and tender and can work well together. The oxen and pig are great partners because they both have strong will and can make great partners.

The Ox and the Rooster are a great pair for those seeking a partner who is a perfectionist and hard worker. Both of these zodiac signs are driven to be perfect and are both very ambitious. They share similar values and goals and are two of the most hard-working signs. Both of these signs can make a good partnership and can pursue a common interest. You can even find a partner for a lifelong career with a Rooster!

When choosing a partner for a relationship, consider the compatibility of the two Chinese zodiac signs. For example, a Rat and an Ox can make a great pair because they are both driven and perfectionists. They can also be good for business, but they may not be the best partner for a long-term relationship. For this reason, it’s important to know your Chinese zodiac sign before choosing your partner.

The Rooster and the Ox are a great match because they both work hard and strive for success. Roosters and Ox are hard-working signs, so they’ll work well together. The Rooster is the most difficult to match, but they do have mutual interests. In terms of love, the Rooster and the Ox can be a great match. They’re both driven and perfectionist, so you’ll be able to be a great partner.

A Rat and an Ox are a good match for a business partnership. Both are hard workers and are perfectionists. Roosters and Oxes have similar life goals. Although they’re opposites in many ways, they can be a great pair if they’re compatible. Likewise, an Ox and a Rooster can work well together, especially if they’re compatible with each other.

The Rat and the Ox are both hard workers. They want to be praised and admired. They are both ambitious and driven. They’re also a good match for a Rooster and Ox. These two are the most compatible signs in Chinese astrology. However, if they’re not compatible, don’t worry. There are many other pairs that can work well together! This is a great way to find a perfect partner.

Roosters and Oxes are good partners if they share similar interests. The Oxes and Roosters are both hardworking. The Rooster is the best choice for a business partner, while an Ox and Snake are the best match for a romantic relationship. These two are compatible, but they can’t be too close, as the Snake has different characteristics from the Rooster. Despite the similarities, they are a great match for marriage and business partnerships.

The Rooster and Ox are good companions for both of their personalities. Both are hard-working, and seek validation from others. They’re also both complex and ambitious. They may be opposites, but their differences are complementary. A Rooster and an Ox are a great pair. If you want to find a match with a pig, these two are a good fit. A pig is a very practical partner, but the other is also smart and sophisticated.

Which Chinese Zodiac is the Luckiest?

In China, the animals of the zodiac are known as ‘yin and yang’. Each one is associated with a particular lucky quality in the Chinese culture. These five signs are then divided into the top five luckiest. Let’s examine these characteristics and see which of them is the luckiest for you. The first two zodiac signs are the most fortunate for people, while the third and fourth are unlucky for most people.

The first lucky zodiac sign is the rat. The tiger is the luckiest in a relationship, but the rat has a high EQ and can do everything with ease. A tiger can advance in their career, earn a good fortune, and have a bright future. The tiger’s natural calmness and discipline make it an excellent choice for people in relationships.

The second lucky zodiac sign is the Rat. These people have a high EQ and are good at anything. They can move up the ladder in their careers and their home lives, and they can make a fortune when they are out and about. It’s no wonder that many lottery winners are Rats. They also get lucky when they receive a red envelope. That’s because they’re clairvoyant and agile.

The rabbit is the luckiest Chinese zodiac sign. The rat has a high EQ, and they’re great at solving problems. They’ll advance in their careers and their home, and they’ll most likely meet their soul mate at the end of April 2022. The dragon will be the luckiest Chinese zodiac sign in the next century. They’ll have many friends and more money.

The Chinese zodiac is a repeating cycle of 12 years, with each year represented by a different animal. Each year’s animal symbolizes a different element of the universe. The rat is a clever opportunist. Similarly, the dragon is a great luck-filled omen. In the west, the rat is a lucky person. In the East, the rat is a powerful warrior who possesses a strong faith in the good star.

According to Chinese astrology, the rat is the luckiest Chinese zodiac sign. A rat’s luck is said to be linked to the emperor’s race. The emperor of the Jade Empire held a competition to determine the lucky animal. The rat won and was deemed the luckiest animal. Its traits include a high IQ, an amiable personality, and a willingness to make friends.

The Rat is the luckiest sign of the Chinese zodiac. Its high EQ and good health make it a lucky sign. Its high luck in making money comes from the Rat’s ability to take advantage of opportunities. Its sign is considered lucky by most people, and many people born under a rat are lucky. The rat is a good example of a clever opportunist.

The Rat is considered to be the luckiest Chinese zodiac sign. According to Lott, the official lottery provider in Australia, players born under the year of the Rat had the most division one wins in the year ending 31 December. Therefore, a sign born in the Rabbit is the luckiest in the Chinese zodiac. In fact, the Rabbit is the luckiest in a lot of ways. The most fortunate of these signs are:

The pig is the luckiest in the financial field in 2022. A pig is a high-motivated individual who works to bring stability to their family. Its innate leadership skills and sociability make it an ideal candidate for a business executive position. In love and relationship, the tiger is the most lucky in 2022, but it’s a difficult sign to get lucky in love.

The Monkey is the luckiest sign in the Chinese zodiac. A sign born under the Monkey is smart, inventive, and funny. They can turn any situation to their advantage. The Ox is also the most lucky sign in the Chinese zodiac. It is the luckyst of all the animals. There are only a few bad years for the other signs. The year 2022 will be the most prosperous year for a person.

Do Zodiac Signs Determine Love?

Zodiac signs are based on the constellations that people live under, and they are a real thing. But they are not directly linked to our personality. Even NASA can’t prove the relationship. Still, college students are fascinated by these broad and generic readings. It’s up to you to decide if they’re worth it. But if you’re single, and if you’re a Taurus, here are some of your best options.

Your Zodiac sign will reveal your relationship preferences and other characteristics. For example, Taurus likes physical touch. But if you’re a Gemini, you’ll be more discerning and forthright with your words. Those traits are crucial in creating a long-lasting relationship. However, if your partner’s Zodiac sign is a Pisces, they’re not a match for you.

Zodiac signs are not the only factors that affect a relationship. There’s no scientific proof that zodiac signs can make people lovelier. For example, some zodiac signs are more compatible with one another than others. This means that a sign that’s more compatible with your personality will be more likely to last. While some people think that love is incompatible with a certain type of personality, it’s actually a good sign for relationships. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, a Libra may be a good candidate.

Zodiac signs are much more than just character traits. In fact, zodiac compatibility charts are based on the signs’ compatibility with one another. They don’t base their pronouncements on the dynamics of a relationship. They only show what the two signs are attracted to each other and what their goals are in life. So if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, astrology can be a great tool.

Some people believe that zodiac signs can affect love. For instance, Cancer is the best communicator in the Zodiac. She is quick to fall in love and will bombard you with texts and memes. They also tend to be emotional, so if you’re a Cancer, you’ll be able to make them fall in a deep and lasting relationship. If you’re a Leo, you’ll appreciate their generous nature and compassionate heart.

Virgos are the most reliable when it comes to compatibility. They are very reliable and trustworthy. They prefer stability in a relationship. If you’re looking to find a Virgo, be prepared to rearrange your schedule to make sure you’re available to them. Similarly, a Libra will be open to your wishes, but it won’t be easy to make her feel comfortable in bed.

In addition to determining compatibility, astrology can provide some useful insight into your love life. For centuries, people have relied on their zodiac signs and astral movements to predict their future partners. Although it’s far from scientifically valid, it can be a fun and interesting way to find a soulmate or conquer a crush. It’s not true, but it can certainly influence the way we feel about a person.

While astrology isn’t scientific, it can offer useful insights into your love life. In the past, people have relied on their horoscopes and zodiac signs to determine their compatibility. Today, it has become the most popular way to find love and conquer crushes. But it’s a little bit too complicated to be scientific. But it can be a fun way to find true love and conquer your crushes.

The Moon is the most compatible sign. It’s the most communicative sign. When you’re dating someone with a Cancer, you’ll have to know that they are sensitive and loving, but they may be cold and aloof. If you’re in a relationship, the Moon can be a great sign for a lover. The Sun is a sign of love and is a strong partner.

The sun and moon are the most common signs. They are similar to each other and have similar traits, but they don’t necessarily indicate compatibility. There are many other factors, such as your age and gender, that influence how you feel about a person. There are also several ways to express love. Some people are attracted to someone who is born under the same sign as theirs. For example, you might be attracted to a woman who is a Scorpio.