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Who Is Zodiac Dog Compatible With?

The zodiac signs are different according the Chinese calendar. If you consider the Chinese zodiac, then Dog zodiac is the 11th one in the entire 12-year cycle represented by different animals. The Dog zodiac sign is represented by the Earth element and Yang energy. Just like the dogs, people who have Dog zodiac sign are honest, loyal and amiable in nature. They are also quite good at communicating with people as they are quite prudent and kind. As they are quite loyal and sincere, people with Dog zodiac sign tend to do everything for them. Some more zodiac Dog traits are – cool headed, active and straightforward. While these are some of the positive traits, the negative traits (weaknesses) are anxious and lack of patience.

Just like any zodiac signs, your Dog zodiac compatibility and chart say a lot. The Dog zodiac sign comes right after the Rooster and followed by the Pig zodiac sign. People with the Dog zodiac sign can match with some of the best Chinese zodiac signs. If you are interested to know about whom you should marry, who is your soul mate and more and who should you avoid dating, then read on.

What Month is the Dog zodiac?

The Chinese zodiac signs are mainly based on the years. But it also consists of some of the months too. The Dog zodiac sign can be divided into several other categories and these are – Wood Dog, Fire Dog, Earth Dog, Metal Dog, Water Dog and Gold Dog. Here is a complete chart of year of born and month that are considered as Dog zodiac sign.

Wood Dog:

Born in between February 14, 1934 and February 3, 1935

Born in between February 10, 1994 and January 30, 1995

Fire Dog:

Born in between February 2, 1946 and January 21, 1947

Born in between January 29, 2006 and February 17, 2007

Earth Dog:

Born in between February 18, 1958 and February 7, 1959

Born in between February 16, 2018 and February 4, 2019

Metal/Gold Dog:

Born in between February 6, 1970 and January 26, 1971

Born in between February 3, 2030 and January 22, 2031

Water Dog:

Born in between January 25 1982 and February 12, 1983

Who is Zodiac Dog Compatible With?

The Dog zodiac sign is represented by the dogs and we all know that dogs are popular for their loyalty and honesty. So, a person with Dog zodiac sign is a very honest person with extreme loyalty and sincerity towards their partner. They also spare no efforts in order to make their partner feel special and wanted. They can be extremely devoted to the relationship and stay very loyal to their love partner or spouse. Most of the time, it will be long-term relationship ending with marriage when a person with Dog zodiac sign falls in love with a person.

To match the compatibility with people having Dog zodiac sign, you need to match with those who have similar traits. A successful relationship is only possible when you are being able to match the mentality and personality traits. The zodiac dog compatibility matches best with the – Rabbit, Horse and Tiger.

  • Compatibility with Rabbit: The people with Dog zodiac sign are most compatible with the people with Rabbit zodiac sign. The Rabbits are kind and supportive. Together they can be one of the best couples as they can support each other throughout. They are perfect for each other and they can be each other’s soul mate too. When it comes to sex and intimate relationship, they both can have amazing chemistry and extremely passionate one. Both of them are emotional and can keep the relationship going. A person with Dog zodiac sign can marry a person with Rabbit zodiac sign. It will be a perfect and most interesting couple. There will be love, respect, understanding and passion creating a perfectly balanced and harmonious relationship between them.
  • Compatibility with Tiger: A relationship between a person with Dog zodiac sign and a person with Tiger zodiac sign can be really nice. Dogs and Tigers can have a very easygoing bond with mutual respect and understanding. Besides that, it will be full of fun and excitement too for both of them. The love compatibility that the Tiger and Dog share is really excellent. Dating can be quit fun and smooth for both. But there can be some of the differences in the long run. But communication can be a good way to overcome those issues. While dogs are great in communication, Tigers need to put a bit of effort in that. If everything is perfectly fitted, then this match can end up in long lasting marriage.
  • Compatibility with Horse: The next match that you can find for a person with Dog zodiac sign is Horse. The match between the Dog and the Horse is really amazing and mind blowing. These two are highly compatible with each other and can match perfectly in all aspects. Being a great couple, the Dog and Horse can be full of energy, enthusiasm and passion. Horse is the most energetic zodiac sign in Chinese astrology which can perfectly match with the Dog’s energy level. The chemistry between Horse and Dog is definitely great and it can attract a lot of eyes. As the dogs are just and loyal, they can match highly with the Horses. This can be a great match for marriage and love relationships.

If you or any one you know has Dog zodiac sign, then the best zodiac sign to marry is Rabbit or Horse. For the Dog men, Rabbit woman is the best option. For the Dog women, Horse man is the best option. These two matches are made in heaven. While these are the three signs that the people with Dog zodiac sign matches the most, the three signs that are least compatible with Dog are – Ox, Dragon and Goat. Dogs and Dragons can have a lot of strong clashes making it least compatible. Ox and Dogs can have issues related to trust and make it a cold relationship. Goat and Dog will not be able to tolerate each other due to difference in their interests.

What Years Are the Year of the Dog?

The Chinese astrological zodiac signs are determined by the year of your birth. The zodiac Dog years according to Chinese astrology are:

  • 1910 – Metal Dog
  • 1922 – Water Dog
  • 1934 – Wood Dog
  • 1958 – Fire Dog
  • 1970 – Earth Dog
  • 1982 – Metal Dog
  • 1994 – Water Dog
  • 2006 – Fire Dog
  • 2018 – Earth Dog
  • 2030 – Metal Dog
  • 2042 – Water Dog
  • 2054 – Wood Dog
  • 2066 – Fire Dog
  • 2078 – Earth Dog
  • 2090 – Metal Dog
  • 2102 – Water Dog

Does Dog and Tiger Get Along?

According to the compatibility chart, the Tiger Dog can get along quite well. The relationship between Tiger and Dog, be it is love or friendship, can be very easygoing and nice. It will be full of fun yet there will be a sense of respect and mutual understanding between these two. As the Tigers need their own independence and freedom, it is not possible for them to always socialize. A Dog being loyal, sincere and amiable will understand the needs of the Tiger very well. A Dog and Tiger can get along pretty well. As discussed above this match is considered one of the perfect ones.

While a Tiger woman loves excitement and freedom, Tiger man loves strength and fun. Both of them have a lot of similarities with the Dog zodiac sign making them a perfect pair. As much as they can be a perfect couple, when it comes to friendship, they can be one of the best one. The friendship between Dog and Tiger will be quite healthy and full of understanding. Both of them will help each other, respect each other and be kind to each other. In the end, the Tiger and the Dog will stick with each other because of the sense of loyalty they have.

Are Dogs Lucky?

The Dog zodiac sign is considered lucky as Chinese regard dogs as an auspicious animal that can bring good fortune. People consider that having a dog can be quite pious for their home and many people in China adopt dogs. Dogs are highly respected and adored by Chinese. According to the zodiac Dog charts, the lucky numbers for the people with Dog zodiac sign are – 3, 4 and 9. Their lucky color is – Red. Dogs are considered as the men’s good friend and they can be quite understanding and fun for the human spirit. Hence, being a person with Dog zodiac sign is definitely lucky.


This is all the details about the zodiac dog compatibility, traits and their personality. To understand a person, it is very important to understand their nature as well as their zodiac signs. These zodiac signs can tell a lot of different things about a person. Even when it comes to relationship, love and marriage, checking out the compatibility with other zodiac signs can be quite helpful. With the above descriptions, you will get a complete overview about the compatible zodiac signs for the person with Dog zodiac sign.

Do Zodiac Dogs Work?

Do zodiac dogs work? If you have been curious about what makes your favorite pet tick, you’ve come to the right place. There are many benefits to owning a dog under a particular zodiac sign. These pets are known for their ferociousness, but they’re also great companions for the other animals they’re associated with. This article will highlight several of these characteristics, as well as explain what they mean.

Aquarius: This dog sign is a humanitarian, if you let them. This animal would try to save a child trapped in a burning building. It would also do its best to help injured animals. This dog sign is very courageous, so it’s no wonder that it would make a great fire or service dog. These creatures are loyal, loving, and unpredictable, so you can’t be sure what to expect from them. If you are unsure about whether or not a particular animal is right for you, consider getting a puppy under this zodiac sign.

Pisces: Virgo: This dog is known to be a perfectionist, and is associated with the Virgin. This means that they don’t like to be dirty. This trait makes a Virgo dog a great worker. They will learn commands easily and train themselves to the point of perfection. However, a Virgo dog can be quite unpredictable. But once they’ve learned their job, they’ll help you get the job done.

Aquarius: This dog is a humanitarian. They will save a child trapped in a burning building and will help animals in distress. They’re an extremely brave dog sign, and would make a great fire dog or service dog. These dogs are loyal and very focused when on a job, but they can be unpredictable and hard to train. They’re loyal, helpful, and very willing to help their human owners.

Virgo: Virgos are very clean. They don’t like to get dirty. In fact, this sign’s symbol is a virgin. Virgos don’t like dirt, and this trait is one of the traits that make them good worker dogs. If you’re cleaning a lot, they’ll tend to obey you. The Virgo will also follow your orders perfectly, making them a great help.

The Water Dog is the best choice for a service dog. As the eleventh zodiac animal, the Water Dog is a loyal worker. They are always devoted to their owners, and can even drag a child from a burning building. But when they’re not on a job, the Water Dog is the perfect choice. These are both calculated planners and will make good service dogs, but they can be pessimistic when facing difficulties. To avoid this problem, try setting larger goals and working toward them.

The Water Dog is a good worker. While he’s not a couch potato, he will try to get you to play games. If you’re the one who likes to get dirty, Aries is your dog. A virgo will love to fetch, and he will learn the game quickly. He will also train to perfection. If you have a virgo as a service dog, you can rest assured that he will not waste your time.

The Water Dog is a humanitarian. He’ll rescue a child in a burning building. He’ll work to save animals in need. This makes him a great service dog. A Fire dog is a fire dog. But he will also work as a service dog for the fire department. But be careful: he’ll need to be supervised around children, but he is still a loyal friend.

Aquarius dogs are humanitarians. If you’re a Pisces, your pet should be able to help a child escape from a burning building. If you’re an Aquarius, a fire dog is the perfect choice. A fire dog would be a brave and loyal partner. It’s also a loyal and amiable animal. If you’re a Pisce, you’ll find that your new companion will be very helpful and will help you feel better.

Aquarius is a water sign and is considered to be a family sign. Its symbol is a crab. The Water Dog is very loving and protective, but they may have separation anxiety. Be sure to have a cuddle buddy available when you’re away. If you’re pregnant, a Cancer dog will be particularly protective of their puppies. This sign can be shy, so they’ll need to be handled with care.

Compatibility – How to Find a Compatible Partner

The four elements of the zodiac can be used to predict compatibility. The Fire and the Air signs are considered the best matched couples. Their energetic competitive natures complement each other’s changeable attributes. Earth and Water signs are the best matches for each other’s intuitive qualities. Those with similar characteristics can share the same energy, while those with opposite sign characteristics can push each other to develop. Here are some tips for finding a compatible partner:

Scorpio and Pisces are very compatible. They are both intensely passionate and crave intellectual interaction. They work well together, and their relationship is almost unbreakable. Although they don’t care much about what the rest of the world thinks of their relationship, they do care about their partner and the quality of their life. This is why they are so often referred to as fire and water signs. Whether a Scorpio is the right sign for your partner depends on their compatibility with the other signs.

Taurus and Libra are a good match for each other. Both zodiac signs are renowned for their ability to find harmony and make relationships work. Both zodiac signs enjoy communicating regularly to ensure mutual happiness. Even though a Libra initially dislikes Taurus’ flashy personality, they are both attracted to each other’s solid foundation. In order to find a compatible partner, you must know both your partner’s sign and his or her nature.

The Scorpio and Pisces relationship is passionate and committed. They crave intellectual interaction and physical intimacy. In fact, they work so well together that they almost merge into one. They don’t care what the world thinks, because they know what works for them. When it comes to love, these two signs understand each other inside and out. If they’re compatible with each other, they’re bound to make a happy couple.

The Scorpio and Pisces relationship is passionate, but they also don’t get along with every other. They both are able to coexist and can work well together, but they don’t get along with each other’s opposite signs. In addition to being compatible, both signs will have a lot in common. Fortunately, zodiac compatibility is a great way to make your relationship work out!

When it comes to compatibility, both the Scorpio and Libra can be good partners. Both people are passionate and need each other, but they also need to find the right partner for them. When it comes to astrology, the two zodiacs have a lot in common. If they are compatible, it’s likely they’ll be a great match. But beware: some couples might be better suited than others. If you’re not sure about compatibility, it’s best to talk to your partner to see if you’re a good match.

For relationships, the Pisces and the Scorpio are the perfect match for each other. Their compatibility is based on the signs’ elements. While the Sun and the Earth are compatible, Mercury and Pisces aren’t. However, both signs are highly intelligent and have a strong desire for intellectual and physical connection. A relationship between these two zodiac signs can work out well if both are happy.

The Libra and Taurus sign have similar personalities and tend to be compatible. Both love harmony and do not like conflict for its own sake. They have good compatibility if they work on their communication skills and keep their relationship up to date. While initially Taurus does not like the flashy nature of Libra, they both are attracted to each other’s strong, grounded nature. This is because they are complementary to each other.

While there are no specific relationships that involve two Fire and Air signs, they can be compatible with the other. Both zodiac signs are compatible with each other in many ways. For example, the Fire and Air sign are highly compatible with each other. For the Aquarius and Aquarian, the Earth and the Air sign would not be compatible with each other. For the Pisces and Scorpio, compatibility is a key factor for their relationship.

Who Should a Man Born Under the Dog Zodiac Marry?

A man born under the dog sign is a loyal, stable, and social animal. The ideal woman for a Dog is virtuous, compassionate, and loyal. True love and loyalty are the keys to a harmonious relationship, and a mercenary calculus can’t disguise it. The good news for a man born under the Dog sign is that he has excellent intuition and can pick up on lies easily.

If you’re looking for a mate who can provide emotional support and care, the Rooster is not the right choice for your dog. A Rooster is a perfectionist, while a Dog requires emotional support and understanding. In a relationship, both partners should be aware of the needs of each other. While a Rooster has plenty of energy, a Dog needs more patience. The two should also be sensitive to one another’s feelings and needs.

A Rat is a highly skilled individual. He’s eager to learn new things, so don’t be surprised if he offers to take you on a cooking class. If you’re a rooster, he’ll likely feel guilty if you ask him to cook him his favorite dish. A rat is always up for a challenge, so be ready to do the same for him.

A Rat is a good friend. If you can get along well, you’ll have a good relationship. While you’ll enjoy spending time with your partner, you’ll find that you’re more comfortable in a casual setting, such as a park. In addition, a rat has a strong desire for fairness. In a marriage, a rat will probably be a great asset for both partners. They’ll both be committed to each other and make each other happy.

Rooster and Dog are excellent companions, but a rat has its own unique characteristics. A rat’s energy is usually high, while a dog’s need for comfort is low. They have a lot in common with each other, but the Rooster may be too demanding for a dog’s temperament. If you’re a hen, a pig can help with finances.

If your partner’s Chinese zodiac is a rat, you should be careful. While you can be friends with a rat, you should be aware that it is unlikely that he’ll like your sign. The opposite sign will be more compatible with a dog. A rat’s partner will be willing to compromise with you in the relationship. If you’re both happy in your relationship, a rat will be a good partner.

Rats are a great match for a dog. Both can be passionate and loving but are likely to disagree on certain topics. Luckily, a rat is a good match for a dog because of its sensitive nature. In a rat’s home, the two will be very compatible. The relationship will last. The relationship will be long and fulfilling. If you’re both happy and are content with each other, you’ll be happier in the long run.

A dog and a pig are compatible as long as you’re happy to work with each other. A rat’s partner will be a good partner for a long-term relationship. Fortunately, they’ll be loyal once they’ve committed to a relationship. But if you want to maintain that bond, be prepared for a lot of ups and downs. If your love life is short and stale, a rat will need outside assistance to survive and thrive.

If you’re in a relationship with a pig, the two will be great together. However, they can use a little help with finances. The Chinese zodiac is a good match for a pig and a dog, but a pig and a rooster are not compatible. While dogs and pigs can make great partners, a pig and a dog shouldn’t be together.

While there are many differences between the two zodiac signs, most notably between male and female, a dog and a pig are both strong and loyal. If you choose a man and a woman with the same traits, you should be able to live happily ever after. A relationship between a pig and a rat should be happy for both of them. If you’re a dog, you’ll be happy with them.