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Is Calculating Rising Sign Easy?

Your rising sign in the birth chart is amongst the most vital aspects to look for in your Horoscope. In astrological significance, your rising sign also affects the way you’re behavingl and attitude towards people. It also dictates how you notice other people around you. You can also discover the ascendant with free and reliable calculators, while learning about how it would affect your relationships and the sun sign.

In terms of astrology, the rising sign also has a vital role in influencing your personality and it also brings out some complementary information about the zodiac sign. Are you thinking about what your rising sign is? If you’re doing so, you’re also in the right place as you can also easily figure out by calculating rising sign and moon sign or using a moon sign simulator.

How Do I Calculate My Rising Sign?

Also known as a cusp (or beginning in the astrology houses, the rising sign is indicated through the intersection of the horizon with the ecliptic. For calculating the rising sign, you have to use computer programs or use the table of houses, which also indicates the degree of the ecliptic with the location of the ascendant according to sidereal time in the natal chart with the geographic latitude of the birthplace of the person.

Mostly known by the term ascendant sign, your rising sign mainly represents the way others perceive you, what general impression you form about people along your impulsive reactions. The rising sign also reflects the zodiac sign which was ascending on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Until the early 20th century, the ascendant, instead of your sun sign, used to primarily indicate the nature of the particular person.

A person’s rising sign changes every two hours, so you must know your exact birth timing for getting an accurate analysis. Unfortunately, a few birth certificates don’t list rising signs, so you can rely on the memory of a parent or also have an expert astrologer “reconstruct” the birth chart and form the best guess. Still don’t have the birth certificate? If you were born in the United States, you can write to the Vital Records Office in the birth state to get a copy.

As your rising sign is quite outward, it majorly impacts your mannerisms and physical traits as well. People of the Aries Ascendant most likely can quickly walk, have broad shoulders, and are also prone to sinus and headache issues. People with the Gemini rising are slender and tall with darker hair. The ascendants of Virgo are smart but might have weak chins. The Librans often have a striking appearance, and the Scorpios can sometimes have piercing eyes.

As the ascendant is specifically about a certain place and time and it also represents the environment in which you were born, it also reflects your upbringing and childhood. In this time we learn about navigating society and being present in the world. If you were born for being conditioned for presenting yourself as something contrary and to whom you’re actually, the ascendant functions like a shield that obfuscates your real nature. A lot of astrologers also think of ascendants like a mask.

The Sun also takes around a month for crossing zodiac signs, yet the rotation of the Earth also indicates that the sign rising on the horizon also quickly changes every two hours. Therefore, your ascendant gets determined with the availability of the place and time of your birth. Because of this someone born on the same day as you, has different personality traits when compared to yours!

Is Calculating Rising Sign Easy?

Knowing about your moon, sun, and rising signs through calculating rising sign and moon sign – and their interaction with each other is a vital thing – it offers us a complex astrology profile. When you wish to dig deep, you can get your prepared chart and know about all the houses in which your planets are, which provides you with a revealing and also a truthful answer for the question “What’s your rising sign?”

A rising sign chart, which is also known as the birth chart or the natal chart is a sky map that shows the placement of all planets in the time in which you were born. Your birth location has a great effect on what is visible in the space, e.g., when two people have the same day of birth and also in the same timing but another location, then there would be a lot of difference in what would be visible overhead. It also means that their rising signs in charts present the planetary positions with differences. So, for casting a birth chart you need some birth information like the date of birth, place, and time of birth.

You can calculating rising sign and moon sign through a free rising sign calculator online and see particulars of your free rising sign chart. If you’re already aware of your rising sign let’s know about what rising sign traits to expect in different zodiacs:

  • Aries Rising- They have great enthusiasm and are highly passionate about life. They’re also good leaders and can take charge.
  • Taurus Rising- Taurus rising sign has a practical approach towards life They are tuned to finer things and aren’t shy about indulging themselves in the greatest pleasures. Also, they’ve got strong work ethics.
  • Gemini Rising – The Gemini Risings are gifted with gab i.e. their brain can think a lot in a short time and they’re eager to collect as much knowledge as possible. One of their main traits is their never-ending curiosity.
  • Cancer Rising – They’re a little homebody and shy but quite worthy of friendship and unmatched loyalty.
  • Leo Rising- Leo Ascendants are head turners in their physical appearance. Combining it with their warm and gregarious nature and outgoing personality, they’re very hard to ignore.
  • Virgo Rising – Virgos are a little bit shy and always process information about things and others in a reasoned way. They don’t eagerly show emotions on the sleeve, instead, they also display love for people by doing things for making their lives simple.
  • Libra Rising – Libra Ascendants can take some time to make simple choices. They’re quite charming and warm and don’t form judgments instantly.
  • Scorpio Rising – Scorpios are passionate and dedicated to people who love them, but they can be quite secretive as well.
  • Sagittarius Rising – Sagittarius Risings are blunt and there honestly is well perceived. They also have the desire of traveling the world of also taking multiple moves in their lifetime – they’re always probably planning their trips while having strong opinions on the suitcase brands.
  • Capricorn Rising – They’re followers of rules and traditions, and the structure where they’re most likely to be responsible as a kid as well.
  • Aquarius Rising – Aquarius Risings mostly don’t wish to fit in. Their points of interest are social justice and they feel peaceful in large social organizations.
  • Pisces Rising – They adapt well and have been blessed with a strong sixth sense. They’re empathic and possess an innate healing power while deeply feeling the beauty and pain of the world.

What is Your Moon and Rising Sign?

Whenyou’re calculating rising sign and moon sign, there are not many visible differences. Also, your ascendant can be said as more important compared to the Moon sign.

The Moon sign is the position of the Moon in the chart – The position also depends on birth time as the Moon also travels quickly through the zodiac sign! It is also said that lunar sign impacts women a lot more than men as it also represents her expression of femininity and also what type of woman is she (for example, women with Leo Moon are more dominant and often become flamboyant even when it isn’t stated in hersolar sign traits. For men, less emphasis is laid on the lunar sign as their solar sign traits are more noticeable. The moon’s position in the birth chart of men represents their feminine side, their sensitivity, and also the type of woman they become attracted to, the childhood or mother.

The rising is also vital for both women and men: As it has all astral sign personality traits.

People can also have a rising sign and star sign complementing each other. For example, the Virgo sin Capricorn rising sign has the common characteristic elements of the “EARTH” meaning that their main personality traits are they’re concrete, organized, realistic, and introverted as well.

One of these also has different astrology signs with an ascendant both quite different. For example: For a Capricorn rising Aries sun, the Aries is quick, lively, extroverted, and impulsive. However, the Capricorn on the other hand is more settled, slow, determined, and mature. This combination can sometimes also provide rise to inner conflicts but upon the reflection, the person understands that it results in making a rich personality. The ascendant is the complementary one to the sign, as it can “balance”.

Before you start going into details of the planet, the birth chart’s interplanetary aspects, and your astrological house, the astrologer gets some important information about the personality you’ve got after looking at the natal chart in the following way:

  • The Sun sign position, i.e. the astrological sign which represents you, your conscious part, and your will.
  • The rising sing, which is about you in addition to your visual appearance.
  • The moon’s position in the sign, highlighting your sensitivity, your inner world along your feminine traits.

From the cusp of the first house, the chart also travels around the zodiac wheel in a counterclockwise direction. Imagine if you’re standing right in the horoscope’s center wheel, the ascendant can also indicate the east horizon line that the Sun “rises” over at any moment. The ascendant also becomes the starting point of all 12 houses, with the 1st house beginning at the Ascendant, and all houses also follow counterclockwise around the birth chart, until the 12th house also ends at the same point where the 1st house also starts i.e. at the Ascendant.

After meeting you, people communicate with the rising sign. Does the way people describe you also puzzles you? It is because it’s quite difficult for people to notice what other people see. What you’re projecting won’t be how good you perceive yourself. If you’re getting anxious and nervous inside, yet everyone thinks of you like a laid-back and calm person, your rising sign can be quite different from your moon or sun sign which you can know by calculating rising sign and moon sign.