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What Does Aquarius Element Mean?

Aquarius Element Meaning

Aquarius is an air sign together with Gemini and Libra.

They think logically as compared to being emotional thinkers. They are also sociable and love being surrounded by people.

Once you see some people enjoying and having the best time of their lives, is the life of the party, there is a high probability that these people are air signs. It is because Air signs love to feel dynamic and lively. They are for fun and entertainment. Even if they are not out partying, they will be at home enjoying their time with their family.

The home of mostAir signs is filled with laughter, merriment, and recreation. They are more for having a blast and being in the moment. They want to enjoy it with their family, friends, and loved ones.

Air signs are not easily bothered by what other people say about them cause they feel they are independent and need no help from others. They will also hear other people, but often they will follow what their minds and heart are saying.

Aquarius as an Air sign is active when it comes to helping others. They are also great in communication, and their intellect causes them to draw out their talent, skills, and abilities and make use of it to changing the world.

Aquarius must often feel stimulated cause they get bored when they don’t do something that is innovative or if they are not creating anything useful.

What is good about Aquarius is that they see change as something that needs to be accepted, that change will come even if you don’t want it to. They are also for it, especially if it will be a change for the better.

What Does Aquarius Element Mean?

Personality Traits of Aquarius As An Air Sign:


You may find the Aquarius baffling, at times, because of their high intellect. You may find it hard to read them or understand them. They also have a mind that seems to race fast as it thinks of fresh ways of innovating and thinking of how they can create.

Aquarius will also appear detached, but that is just them being an Air sign cause they have so many things going on in their minds.

Great Communicators

They are not just intellectual and witty, but they are also great at communicating with other people. No matter the status in life, Aquarius has a knack for talking to them and reaching out with words. They can connect and get noticed by others.

They can get deep into what a person is thinking just by talking to them and having a fascinating conversation. For Aquarius, making people open up to them and listen is the reward in itself.

Because of such talent, Aquarius can use this in their career or even in their daily life as they meet new personalities.


For this Air sign, they need a respite from the daily chaos, and there is no time for them to waste getting cooped up at home doing nothing. Aquarius will find some exciting things to do or a fun place to visit. They are not one to get distracted, mostly when they have a plan of leaving and going on their new adventure.

The Air sign in Aquarius also gives them the spontaneity to enjoy what life offers.

They don’t think about when it should be, but as long as they find the time, they will leave for their new adventure.

There is a driving force in this sign to find what excites them, as well as, the intellectual people surrounding them.

When you are with Aquarius, things will never be boring.


It can surprise you at what Aquarius can innovate and create. As they go through their daily life, they are also busy concocting new things and planning how to make use of their capability.

They are not one to exist with nothing to leave the earth after, so even how small, they will do something with their time.

Their intellect is at a fast speed, and most of their creations borders to being a genius. They are the sign that can revolutionize the world because they are unique and have the intelligence to back them up.

Cannot Be Contained.

They are free-spirited, and they want to go through life on their own terms. They don’t want to follow another’s rules and conform to a standard cause they have their methods to follow.

As an Air sign, Aquarius wants their freedom. You can’t contain them and force them to follow the rules that you place on them. Especially when it is about their relationship, they will allow no one to stop them from doing what they love, especially if it will improve them.

They believe that they have the right to choose and act in any way, and no one should stop them from doing so.


Being one with high intellect, Aquarius ponders on things and analyzes the whole situation with their life and things that matter to them. They are not to weigh only about their romantic feelings and daydream about nonsense. This sign will be deep in their thoughts, continually thinking about where they are in their goals or their aim in life. They will be questioning what else they need to do for their self-improvement.

Forward Thinking

Because Aquarians always think of possibilities, they often start a trend instead of being a follower. Even if they follow a trend, they will be the first to make some changes and improvements. They are considered visionaries because of how they visualize their future and even things around them.

They know what is relevant and what should be ignored. It is also a highlight of being an Aquarius under the Air sign.

Philosophical Rather Than Emotional

This Air sign will think about fundamental knowledge and realities of life instead of pondering about love and passion. They are more in tune with their critical thinking instead of their emotions. Though they also love deeply, it does not occupy their minds all the time.

They would rather analyze problems and solutions. Listen to what is happening around the world. Reason out about what causes some problems in the government or even ponder about the next exploration to space.

However, when they need to reach out to others, they can feel emotional as they feel the plight of other people and can sympathize with them as well.

They use their mind to create change for other people or the environment.


Aquarius having confidence in their capability, will form their own ideas and back them up no matter the consequences. This is the reason some see this Air sign as stubborn, cause they don’t want to change their view just because others see it differently. They have high conviction and don’t like to listen to reasons. However, they will also listen once they understand the need for change. They are for teamwork as well, and if that is how they can contribute to the team, they will also accept wholeheartedly.


Aquarius is hungry for freedom and doesn’t want it stifled. They view their being free to do things their way and succeed in their own capacity as something that gives them power. They have control over their movements and what they are thinking.

Aquarius feel they are highly trusted if not asked to do something they don’t want to. Their independence is high on their list and doesn’t want it extinguished no matter the circumstances.


Air signs can be compatible romantically with Fire sign. Air signs are deep thinkers like the Fire signs. The same drive and passion push these signs to act and pursue what they need in life or for their accomplishment.

An Air sign with a Fire sign can make wonderful music together as they will combine their ideas and make something useful out of it.

Air sign will need to find the partner where they will be most happy and compatible.

Air signs must be able to listen to their partner and understand to create a beautiful and lasting relationship.

The conversation with Air sign and Fire signs will be most interesting as they will talk about anything that they find impressive around them.

Their love can satisfy as the Air will fan the flames of theFire sign while the Fire sign will provide the warmth and excitement that this Air sign is looking for in a relationship.

There is a deep understanding of the uniqueness because they equal in intellect, and the need for adventure will be as strong in the Fire sign.

The interaction will be something that is surprising as both will display their uniqueness and provide the attention that the other required.

This Air sign must learn how to fan the Fire to ensure that the relationship will always have the warmth that each longs for.

Happiness is easy to achieve once these two will connect, and the possibility of a thriving and continuous relationship is not impossible to happen.