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What Is Libra Element Compatibility?

When it comes to love compatibility, astrology deals with a variety of parameters that help predict how would two people interact. Aside from the Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign, astrologers use also the zodiac elements to forecast the future of a relationship. This article focuses on the Libra’s element and how it influences Libra’s personality and compatibility with other people.

What Does it Mean to be a Libra?

The birthdate of Libra falls between September 23rd and October 22nd. If you are born within this timeframe, your life and personality are influenced by Libra sign, along with its ruling planet, Venus, and zodiac element, Air. Libras are special people because they are born around the Autumn Equinox, the phenomenon where the day and night are equally long. This is reflected very well in the personality of Libras, who have a strong sense of justice and always seek to promote fairness and equality.

Another leading feature of Libras is their desire to be part of a community and relate to people. They like crowds, communication, and they seek validation from other people. This brings on the surface a big drawback of those born under Libra sign. Though it shouldn’t necessarily be applied to all Libras, the dependability on people’s opinion is likely to be noticed in many natives of this sign, which makes them quiet vulnerable. Since people and community have a huge role in their life, Libras tend use the opinion of others to form their own. They aren’t the ones that have a strong position on society issues or certain life events. Some of their convinctions are just too fragile, making it easy for other people to ruin them and replace them with other beliefs.

Aside from being insecure and craving validation from community, Libras have some positive features too. They are understanding, they can use their empathy to help people get rid of stress by encouraging them and guiding through possible solutions to their problem. Libras are also good conversationalists, yet they try to avoid heated debates. In fact, conflicts are not a kind of event that a Libra would ever like to end up in. They try to avoid confrontations by all means, seeking to find balance and compromise in any misunderstanding.

What is Libra Element?

There are 4 elements in astrology: air, earth, water and fire that represent the world and the natural interaction between all zodiac signs natives. Libra falls under the Air element, which signifies action, ideas, creativity and adventurous nature. People whose ruling element is air tend to be always on the move and explore the world to know new things and know themselves better. They like action and are open to adventures. The inability to stay and do nothing makes Libras engage in various community events and adopt new hobbies that can keep them interested and busy even in the most boring days. When you are stressed, an airborne Libra can be like a breath of fresh air for you, seeking to give you strengths to move forward. Communication with Libras is like a breeze that caresses you and makes you want spend more time with them.

A discussion with this sign rarely can turn into a hurricane that seeks to shatter your beliefs and challenge your opinion. However, Libras can behave like a storm if they see injustice and inequality. They will use all their inner power to bring the scales bowls in balance. While generally identified as intellectual beings, airborne Libras never escape the chance to fly in the clouds. Their imagination has no limits which may help them pursue creative careers. However, their daydreaming is sometimes innapropriate, making them lose focus and overlook important information while performing tasks.

How Does Libras’ Ruling Planet Influence Their Personality?

The ruling planet of Libra is Venus. Venus is historically the goddess of beauty and love, two values that are cherished by Libra natives. Caring a lot about what people think about them, Libras take a special approach to fashion. They try to look their best to appeal to those that surround them and receive appreciation. The love for beauty also stems from Libra’s creative nature. They are passionate about art and they enjoy using their imagination to create something beautiful.

When it comes to love, Libras know how to make things work. They cherish any relationship they engage in and they are prone to make commitments and loyally stick to them. Libra is one of the zodiac signs that are really capable of engaging in long-lasting relationships. They love stability, they venerate balance and harmony between partners and they always struggle to keep the flame of love alive. It’s good to notice, though, the Libra’s streaks of jealousy, which stem from his or her insecurities. Lacking in self-confidence, Libras feel quiet insecure when a potential rival arises on the horizon.

Venus is also responsible of Libra’s artistic nature and diplomacy. They don’t see conflict as a way to solve issues. They would rather go the peaceful path and accept compromise even at the expense of giving up on something important to them. Libra natives don’t seem to be full of self-pride and are pretty ok to step back for the sake of achieving something more. Just as Taurus – another Venus sign – Libra is loyal in relationship and denies one-night stands. Though committed to make the relationship last, Libras can instantly withdraw from it if they are cheated on. The natives of this sign don’t tolerate any type of behavior that suggests an inappropriate interaction of their partner with a third person.

What is Libra Element Compatibility?

1. Air-Earth

We would like to start our Libra element sign compatibility chart with the romantic interaction between air and earth signs. In general, these signs can build quiet durable relationships, as they are alike in many aspects. To begin with, both elements promote communication as a way that brings people together. When an air sign and an earth sign come together, their conversation will flow naturally and there will be many topics to be discussed. Kindness and politeness along with avoidance of confrontations may put a relationship between a Libra and a Taurusor a Libra and a Capricorn on the success track. In addition comes the tendency of both signs to stay committed to their partner and promote long-lasting relations.

However, challenges will also be there in an affair between an air and an earth sign. It’s mainly related to their life approach. Airborne signs love adventure and change, earth signs are less mobile and prefer to stay conservative, avoiding big changes. Also, air signs always give green light to their imagination, while earth signs are more grounded and their thinking is based on sheer analysis of facts.

2. Air-Water

A relationship between air and water signs has both obstacles and glory moments. The signs may engage in a pretty healthy communication, since both are reflective and are innate diplomats that try to avoid confrontations and give compromise leading role in solving misunderstandings. Air natives may teach water natives explore their creativity, while the latter teach their partners be more empathetic. While allowing themselves to be distant from time to time, air signs may fail to deal with the ocean of emotions and feelings of their water-driven partner. Another potential challenge in an air-water couple is the quiet different life approach. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are extremely mobile and open to change. Driven by emotions like fear of unknown, water signs are more conservative, fixed to their initial position and they may fail to adjust to their partner’s adventurous lifestyle.

3. Air-Fire

Air sustains fire and fire warms up the air making it lift and reach new heights. With just these two physics laws in mind, it’s easy to understand the relationship between an air and a fire sign. It’s a relation where partners complete each other and live in harmony. Extremely confident and passionate fire signs help air signs get more optimistic and self-reliant. In turn, the airborne signs which boast an outstanding inner balance will help impulsive fire natives to calm down and get more stable in approaching life. They will teach fire signs analyze the situation in detail before taking critical decisions.

Air is just that compound that can control the fire, blowing to switch its direction or adding more oxygen to prevent it from going out and turning into ashes. Speaking of control, though, the extremely jealous air sign may oftentimes try to establish limits for the partner in order to deprive him or her any chance of cheating. The dominant fire natives will reject any attempt of anyone around to keep them under control and tell them what to do. So this can be one of the main challenges in a relationship between an air and a fire element native that can be overcome if the partners really love each other.

Closing Thoughts

Libra element and planet significantly influence the sign’s personality and behavior within a relationship. Being under air element, Libra tends to like change, action and be up in the clounds fancying about something beautiful. The permanent desire for change may reduce the chance of a successful relationship between a Libra and an Earth sign, like Scorpion, which are more conservative. Instead, Libras would get along greatly with Fire signs, such as Leo and Sagittarius and another Air signs, like Aquarius.

Who is Libra’s Soulmate?

The question of who is Libra’s soulmate is often posed in terms of the Moon and Venus ruling signs. In this scenario, a person who is ruled by the Moon is a Libra soulmate. The moon and Venus are both extremely sensitive and their relationship can be based on feelings rather than intellect. Ultimately, this can be a great way to avoid the friction that often arises between the two essential natures.

Libras also enjoy seeing new things and exploring new places. They love to travel, and if you’re a Libra, you’ll probably enjoy museums, theater plays, operas, or skydiving together. It’s impossible to know your soulmate’s preferences, but you can look to the zodiac signs for some clues. In general, if you’re looking for a partner who will appreciate your interests, consider a Libra.

Those who are astrologically compatible with Libra are usually those born in early May. While the sign of Gemini is considered to be the most compatible with Libras, it does vary in some ways. Both of them like to keep their relationships interesting and exciting. However, they’ll be able to understand one another’s difficulties and be understanding. They’ll also be able to help each other overcome common obstacles.

While the Libra is a great match for many zodiac signs, a Libra soulmate can be particularly difficult to find. A Libra who is indecisive in love should be cautious about falling for a Pisces because she might fall for a charismatic person. A Pisces with a more decisive personality can be a good fit for a Libra. But it’s important to note that this type of Libra is not compatible with every zodiac sign, and that a Pisces will be the ideal partner for them.

If Libra is in love with a Libra soulmate, it’s a great match. The two share a similar outlook on life and have a similar outlook. Their compatibility also allows them to learn from each other and develop their relationships. They can both be very supportive and can even help each other overcome problems. A Libra soulmate who shares these traits with another zodiac sign will be a great match.

A Libra soulmate is someone who understands the needs and desires of their partner. They are both passionate and will be happy in their relationship. If they are compatible, you’ll never be left out and will always feel taken care of in your relationship. Your Libra soulmate is a true partner who will be a great companion and help you realize your true desires. They will appreciate your support and will not make you feel left out and will never let you feel unsatisfied.

Fortunately, Libra’s soulmate isn’t necessarily an Aquarius. Unlike most people with other zodiac signs, the two are compatible in many ways. They’re both warm and romantic, and both are dependent on their partner for comfort and nurturing. While they may be aloof in some situations, the other person will likely be able to see past their aloofness. They will be the best partner for both of them.

Because Libras are indecisive and prefer to please others, they can be a little hard to date. In fact, they’re not very open about their feelings with other people. They can be extremely shy, and may not be willing to be intimate with their partner. In addition, they’ll be more open and more direct if they’re compatible with the same zodiac sign. If you’re looking for a Libra soulmate, it’s best to keep this in mind.

If you’re looking for a Libra soulmate, there’s no need to worry. The sign of Libra is a romantic and charming person, who loves to be in love. A Libra is a very sensitive and emotional person, and needs someone who will nurture and support her. This means that a Gemini is a good choice for a Libra soulmate. They are both very compatible and will be able to work through problems in a relationship, and the other’s personality will complement them.