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How To Please Your Wife In Marriage?

How To Please Your Wife In Marriage?
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Being married is a blessing.  Any man that finds a good wife is blessed by God. Not every man has a wife in his lifetime that he can call his soulmate.  Once a man finds his true twin flame, he may wonder how he can keep her for life.  The best way to please your wife is to make her feel loved 100% of the time.  This is easier said than done. 

Most wives say that they do not feel 100% loved by their husbands. This can be for many different reasons. A lot of wives complain about poor sexual intimacy in their marriage.  Other wives say that their husband is not affectionate enough. Millions of women find that a man that can give you what you need is a challenge.

It is best to have a life partner in your life in which you give to one another equally.  Pleasing your wife means that you are going to have to see things more her way.  Most husbands find it difficult to let their wives have a fair say in the relationship. The main reason is because husbands often feel that he is supposed to be the leader in the relationship. He is meant to lead his wife since he is the “man”.  However, times in the 21st century are changing and more women are feeling independent and self-reliant.  Millions of men around the world are finding it difficult to share their power in the relationship.  The main reason is because the husband often feels that he is supposed to be the “man” and men do not need that kind of help from a woman.  Right? Wrong!

How To Change Your Masculine Mind From What Society Has Taught You

Many wives today wish that their husbands saw them as an equal.  If you start making more money than him, your husband may get jealous of you.  If the kids are more attentive to mom, he thinks that you are trying to take away his fatherly love. Perhaps you have been in this situation before.  After all, more women today are feeling like their husbands are living somewhere in the 1800’s. 

As women begin to feel more independent, they are realizing that they have a mind of their own. Many men are not seeing this as being positive. Many husbands are seeing this as a threat because they fear losing their power in the relationship. 

A husband often feels like a “man” when he is in full control.  However, every spouse knows that to make a wife happy, she must be pleased with your actions.  Therefore, the saying “Happy wife, Happy Life” is completely true.  Married men find that when their wife is unhappy, they show it with their attitude. If she feels neglected in the bedroom, she may show signs of sadness.  Wives are often good at giving off signals to let the man know that she needs something extra.  Perhaps her body language will show that she needs something more. 

Married men know that keeping their wife happy often involves giving her 100% of his time to her.  If he is not working, his time should be spent doing hobbies together with his wife and being friends.  A friendship in a marriage is probably the most important rule in making a wife happy. 

Wives often complain that when their husband is home from work, his mind is elsewhere. Perhaps he comes home and watches television or maybe he has his cell phone is ringing off the hook from clients that need to talk to him.  It is never easy to hear a husband saying that he is to busy for his wife. 

Husbands need to understand that family time is necessary. Putting friends and work must come second to family.   It is understandable that a man must provide for his family.  It is okay to let him be himself. However, a man must understand that he needs to learn how to please his wife entirely.  He must give her the feeling of security.  Men need to have their wives know that they are a top priority.  Being a husband today takes a lot of hard work and learning how to do things differently than their father did.

Women today are desiring a 21st century man. Yes, they want him to be “old fashioned” in some ways and new age in others.  However, in other ways, she wants him to be more modern. Women of the 21st century want their husband to be a good provider for the family. She expects him to go out to work everyday and to “bring home the bacon”.  If he does not, she tends to feel like all the weight lays on her shoulders.  Wives want to feel like they can rely on their husband and not have to worry about how they are going to pay the bills. 

Wives want a man that is dependable.  Many women complain that their man simply does not have a good enough job skill for her to rely on to take care of the family. Millions of women today are disappointed by the fact that they must go out to work and help provide for their family because their husbands salary is not enough for her to depend on.  Some women like to be the primary “bread winner”.  However, over 80% of married women prefer staying home with their children while their husband goes out to work and provides for the family.

At least 50% of all marriages break up because of financial reasons.  Married women often feel like they must be the leader in the relationship financially. She often wonders if her husband can get a better job or at least see that he must get a better job skill so that he can make more money.

How Important Is Money In A Marriage?

Once the happy couple gets married, the reality sets in of, “How are we going to pay the bills?”  Paying for housing, food, car payments and utility bills can be overwhelming.  Just the thought of having to pay for so much when you get married is an awakening. 

Most couples get married with the though of “winging it”.  They often feel that they will figure it all out when the time comes. Most couples fail to sit down and discuss money before saying “I do”. 

Husbands should know that it is impossible to please their wife if she is not happy financially in the marriage.  Most married women today say that they wish that they had more household income to pay for takeout food, a larger home and nicer car.  Unfortunately, most married couples are living paycheck to paycheck.  It is not easy for a couple to save money these days with a lot of expenses that are in the world today.

Married couples often find that they must work together financially to have a successful relationship.  This means that the husband and wife both must work to earn enough money to bring more happiness into the marriage.  Couples with little money find that life gets more boring. Without money, a couple cannot have much entertainment beyond parks and recreation centers.  If you want to enjoy family vacations to amusement parks and touring different countries, it will take a good income coming into the household. 

Most men today find that they cannot earn enough money to please their wives.  At least 60% of all men feel disappointed in their job skills. They often feel like they should have studied harder so that they could know more.  Most husbands today regret not having a better job skill. 

Lack of money in a marriage often means that a married couple will argue a lot about what is the most important way to spend money in the relationship.  A wife may feel that she needs a new dress for work.  The husband may feel that an upgrade on his car will land him greater success with clients. Deciding on where money is spent is one of the toughest issues that a couple will deal with. 

For a husband to please his wife financially, he is going to have to show her that he can somehow pay the bills and have some money left over for pleasure.  This is not easy to do when you are living on a tight budget. 

Sometimes it takes a husband to go out and get new job skills to provide better for his family. In this way, the wife will have hope that her financial situation will eventually change and get better because of the hard work that her husband is doing for the family. 

How Many Times A Week Should A Couple Make Love?

Making love should be done on a regular basis.    Women have a strong desire to know that her husband wants her intimately.  Many wives complain about a lack of intimacy in the relationship. 

For a husband to please his wife in marriage, he will have to make time for love making.  Often, a married couple will go to bed without making love.  The husband may be too tired of the wife may not be in the mood.  Its good to choose a time when the two of you have high energy.  The best time is often an hour when the two of you are off from work and relaxed. 

Happy married couples will often make love when nobody else is in the house.  If you have children, this may be hard to do.  However, many times, a married couple can send their children outside of the home for the half hour that they need to make love.  Often, happy couples send their children to one of their child’s homes.  Even sending children to activities after school works best. One child may go to ballet class, and another goes to karate. 

To have harmony in the relationship, your physical and sexual needs need to be met.  There is nothing wrong with creating a romantic atmosphere for one another. 

Most couples that stay together for 20 plus years are making love on a regular basis.  Couples that fail to do this often grow apart and eventually end in divorce.

Are You Communicating Enough With Your Wife?

Husbands often do not communicate enough with their spouse.  They often are quieter than their female partner and perhaps not as expressive.  If you are a man that is quiet, it’s time to open.  Most wives say that they do not want their husband to be introverted. It’s important to talk constantly in a marriage. Talk about where the two of you see your relationship going ten years from now. In this way, the two of you will be able to talk about what is working in your relationship and what is not.  Following your heart in a marriage makes complete sense.  When the two of you talk about serious issues, make sure that the both of you get your point across.  The two of you need to feel like you can discuss anything and get something out of the conversation.  Remember, your love life is something that you may not fully understand. A lot of the time, it takes an open conversation to see more.