Why Do Men Keep On Breaking Up With You?

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Do Men Dump You A Lot?

Does it seem as though many women are getting dumped in today’s dating world?  Women often work hard to make their dating relationships work.  However, they often suddenly fail.  Millions of women in the United States are spending thousands of dollars calling love psychics to predict their next soulmate.    

Today, many men break up with a woman after two to four weeks of dating. It can be devastating for a woman to feel the pain of a breakup consistently. 

It is hard enough for a woman to go through a breakup once.  However, many women feel that they keep on experiencing breakups throughout the year. 

Soulmatetwinflame.com is going to discuss here why romantic dating relationships are failing between men and women.  We will also address what women can do to make this trend end in their lives. 

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Men Keep on Breaking Up With You

Accept That He Is Not Into You From The Start

Many women make the mistake of giving guys that ignore them to many chances from the start.  If a man does not want to see a woman several times a week and he is local, the woman needs to “cut him loose”. 

A woman should not hold onto a guy that says he always has something else to do.  If the woman is not his first priority, it means that he does not see her as his soulmate. 

To many times to count, many women tend to give a guy multiple chances to please her.  She will even make up excuses as to why he cannot see her. 

A woman may convince herself that the guy that she is interested in is a busy man with a demanding job.  She may tell herself that he cannot text her for a minute throughout the day because he is too busy.  Perhaps the woman even knows that he makes time to texts his family and friends, but not her.

Millions of women In America have heard the excuse from guys that they are to busy to text or talk.  Writers here at soulmatetwinflame.com know that nobody is that busy to send a one-minute text. 

Most Women Find The Truth To Painful

The truth will hurt most women.  The reality is that he does not want to talk to her.  The man is giving her the message that he does not want to speak unless he reaches out first.  The guy is quietly voicing that he does not believe that she is the one. 

When a man wants a woman, it will be more than obvious.  Men often chase and go after what they want in love.  Guys that are not into you 100% will fear that another man will take you away from him. Men will chase a woman beyond what she may feel comfortable with. When a man is in lust for a woman, he cannot stop thinking about her.  

What Do Men Do When They Want A Woman?

Men that want a woman will often text or call her throughout the day.  He will often be passionate with her and communicate his romantic feelings.  Guys often say that they want to connect with a woman that they feel is their soulmate.

A woman that does not meet his expectation is usually the girl that he sees as his “booty call”.  Many guys do have the habit of using a woman for sexual pleasure only if he is not fully into her.

Millions of Guys in America have the habit of keeping women on the side that they call when they are seeking a “hook up”.  It often leaves a woman questioning his true intentions.  Is he really wanting them for love or a hookup? 

If this is something that a woman is asking herself, it is good to cut to the chase and say that he is using you for a “booty call” only. 

Why Do Men Keep On Breaking Up With You?

The reason why guys keep on breaking up with a woman is because she is not his dream girl.  The man does not see the woman as the person that he wants to wake up to everyday for the rest of his life. 

Men often have an idea in their mind as to what they want their dream girl to look like.  Men are visual creatures by nature and often choose a woman based on her physical beauty alone.  Someone can call this superficial if they want to.  However, most men will choose a woman based on her physical appearance. If he finds her to be sexy, he will say that he would like to be together with her. If the man finds her to be “ugly”, he will often see her as his booty call or she is friend zoned.

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Having Trouble Figuring Out Why Men Keep On Dumping You?

Are Men Leaving The Woman Consistently?

If a woman finds that men are leaving you consistently, then it is more than likely that they are doing something wrong.  A woman needs to ask a friend, counselor or pastor about what they think of her as a person. These connections will often point out personality or physical traits that they see as problematic.

For some women, it is their mouth getting them into trouble.  Many American women in the 21st century have gotten into the habit of yelling at the man that they are dating.  Many men are not “on board” with this trend. 

Many men today are still living in the Biblical era in which women were expected to be submissive to the man. Men may not want their woman to speak their mind to them with yelling because it makes them feel submissive to the woman.

The Holy Bible and other sacred texts often teach men that they are the head of the woman.  Some people refer to this as being the “head of the household”.  This is a Biblical concept and many men in America believe this way.

American women are often taught by their parents to speak their mind to a man.  Women in America today are often being raised to believe that they are equal to a man.  However, many men are not agreeing with this trend because many religious texts tell them that this is not true.

Do Men Want To Control The Relationship?

Men often want to be in control of the relationship.  If the woman is initiating texting/calling and demanding to see the guy, men often see this as a being a masculine trait. 

We are living in modern day times in which millions of women want the same equal rights as a man. However, men are often not in favor of this.  It can be hard for most men to accept that the woman is going to be his equal. 

The woman needs to take a good look at themselves and what their personal beliefs are.  A woman also needs to ask herself if she is dating a guy with the same spiritual beliefs. 

A woman’s spiritual belief system will either make or break her relationship with a man. If the two of you do not agree on core spiritual beliefs, there will be a problem.

Is The Woman Trying To Dominate The Relationship?

If guys keep on leaving the woman, it is often because she is trying to dominate the relationship.  She may not realize it, but perhaps the woman has become the “man” in the relationship and he is not “feeling it”. 

Guys will often not tell the woman why they left her.  However, if the woman is giving their love to the guys and they are still leaving her, it may be because of the reasons listed above.

Also, the woman has to take a good glimpse in the mirror and ask  themselves if they are in the best shape of their life.  If they are not, this may be the reason why men keep on leaving. 

Men often choose a woman based on her physical beauty alone. American men often prefer women to be slim to medium in weight.  This is why most men love strip clubs and six pack ab porn girls. 

Most men prefer women that are on the thin side.  If the woman feels that her body shape is lacking, it may be time to hit the gym.  Looking your best is what will keep a man chasing after a woman.  A woman may think that men are more interested in how intelligent they are and what college degree they hold.

However, this is not how a man’s brain works.  The worst part of this is that a man will often not tell the woman how superficial he is. However, the guy cannot help what his eyes want. He does not have a choice over what he finds attractive. Attraction comes naturally. 

There is also a possibility that every guy that the woman dates has someone else that they are dating as well.  Some women are drawn to “playboy” type guys that have many women in their lives at the same time.

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