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How To Tell Your Boyfriend That It Is Over

How To Tell Your Boyfriend That It Is Over
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Are you feeling that it is time to call your relationship quits?  Is it the right moment to let your boyfriend know that its time to end the relationship?  Perhaps a thought has crossed your mind about the best way to break the news to him.  When a love relationship reaches a point where it can no longer survive, someone in the relationship must be honest about the future of your love together. 

How Soon Should You Tell Your Boyfriend That It Is Over?

It is best to tell your boyfriend that it is over as soon as you know that your feelings for him have changed for the negative.  The thought of wanting out of the relationship takes over. 

In this way, you do not waste his time or yours.  It is important to first sit down with yourself and think about what you want.  Reason with yourself about why you want to end the relationship.  Make sure that you do not want to return to your boyfriend in the future.  Once you break this news to your boyfriend, he will more than likely not want you back.  Nobody wants to feel rejected.  There is a 50% chance that your boyfriend will not take you back in the future. 

Being direct with your boyfriend is the best way in letting him know that it is over.  Try to not “beat around the bush”.  First, tell him that you have something on your mind.  You need to talk with him about how you feel about the relationship.  Let him know that what you are about to tell him is not easy for you to say. However, it is important that you do say it because your heart tells you that it is the right action to take.

Now you have gotten him in a place in which he will listen to what you have to say. Take your time.  You do not need to rush this conversation. 

Prepare Your Words In Advance

It is important to prepare your words in advance.  Think of the reasons as to why you do not want to date your boyfriend any longer. As much as it may hurt him, tell him the truth.  Perhaps you have lost attraction towards him or have met someone new.  Maybe he does things that irritate you and even though he can change it, you still cannot see yourself with him any longer.  It is important to be honest about the reasons for you not wanting him. It will be harder for him to not know the real reasons. Your boyfriend has a right to know why you feel that the relationship will not work any longer.

Do Not Ghost Your Boyfriend

It is important to not ghost your boyfriend.  Today, ghosting is becoming a leading method for breaking up with a boyfriend.  Confronting someone about a breakup is hard and it takes guts. Ghosting a boyfriend will only make him feel hurt and in deep pain.  He will never know why you did not want to be with him.

Texting A Break-Up Is Considered Bad Practice

Texting your boyfriend to let him know that it is over is also not a good thing to do.  Most men and women agree that receiving a text for a breakup is offensive. 

It is important to schedule a time in which you can sit down with your boyfriend and let him know how you feel.  Let your boyfriend know the main reasons why you are not into him anymore. 

Your boyfriend may try to argue his point that the relationship should be saved and perhaps the two of you can work it out.  However, it is best to keep on assuring him that it’s over.  Your words are often a shock to him. 

Be prepared to feel his anger and sadness.  He may not even see the breakup coming.  Perhaps the two of you have been getting along great lately.  However, each time that you are together, the soulmate connection is not there.  Your heart is not into him as he may be into you. Perhaps the two of you are both feeling that the relationship is not working. It is best to speak the truth as soon as you can.

Did You Make The Right Choice By Breaking Up With Your Boyfriend?

After you let your boyfriend know that it’s over, the thoughts of “Did I do the right thing?”  will cross your mind.  This mainly has to do with the fear of being alone and feeling that you may have hurt your boyfriends’ feelings. 

During a break-up, all kinds of emotions will come into play. It is important that you do not look back at your decisions. After all, you thought hard about this and now its time to let it go.

The thoughts of guilt and sadness will hit you right away after you have broken up with your boyfriend. You will feel guilty because your heart will tell you that it hurt him.  Sadness will hit your heart because you may start having memories of the good times that the two of you spent together. Parts of you will think about the way he made you laugh. When a picture of him enters your mind, you will think of him as someone that you once loved and cared for.

You Are Now Free From Your Boyfriend

Good and painful memories are part of the breakup process.  Now that you have freed yourself form this relationship, its time to move on with your life.  It is important that you surround yourself with supportive friends and family.  They will help you to get through your breakup and let you feel that you made the right decision for yourself. 

Do not be surprised if your now ex- boyfriend starts calling and asking you to come back.  It is normal for him to miss you.  However, it is important to let him know once again that you have moved on and need space.  You may have to do this several times before he fully understands that it’s over. 

It is important to reassure him that the two of you are not compatible in your eyes.  Let him know that you do not see him as your soulmate.  He will not like this, but he will fully come to accept your decision in time. 

Can Meditation And Prayer Help You To Work Through Your Emotions?

Many millennials use meditation and prayer to work through their emotions.  This often helps to promote relaxation and a peaceful mind.  The days after a breakup can be sad and therefore, keeping your mind relaxed helps. 

It is also good to get into hobbies once again.  A hobby can help to take your mind off the sadness from the breakup.  The more occupied you keep your mind, the better off you will be. A busy mind is a brain that does not have time to think about anything negative.  Keeping your mind focused on an important task will help you to see that you can be happy again.

What If Your Now Ex-Boyfriend Won’t Leave You Alone?

If your now ex-boyfriend won’t leave you alone, it is best to first tell him bluntly that you do not want him to contact you ever again.  Make it perfectly clear about how you feel.

Next, if he does still contact you after you told him not to, it is best to let him know that you are contacting the police because at this point it has become harassment.  It is best to go to your local police department and tell them the situation. Also ask them if there is anything that you can do to make him stop. 

In some instances, a court may grant you an order of protection from a harassing person. However, this does depend on your area. 

Many states now have stalking laws that prevent a person from contacting you when they are told not to. 

Also, inform friends and family that you prefer them not to speak with your ex-boyfriend because he is harassing you and may use them to get to you.  It is important that they know what is happening so that they will not fall into the games that your ex may play.