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Is The Mark Of The Beast Coming Faster Than We Think?

Is The Mark Of The Beast Coming Faster Than We Think?
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Listening to President Joe Biden on September 9, 2021 sent chills down my spine.  The thought of a government forcing a vaccine on its people seems to take away a human right to have freedom to make a choice of their own.  He said that Federal workers will have to “Either show proof of the vaccine or get tested every week for Covid-19.”  It was also made clear that private companies can do the same.  Even though we are not at a point where the mark of the beast is at hand, it still makes a Christian wonder about the future.

In no way is this blog post political. The thought of losing freedom is what sends chills down my spine.  For years, Americans had the luxury of making their own choices in life.  When Covid-19 hit the world, it seemed as though some new spiritual energy got released into the world.  It was an invisible controlling power that hung over the world.  This control allowed world governments to keep their citizens in their houses and to force its people to wear a mask.

I agree with wearing masks and keeping the public safe. I am also not opposed to vaccines or protecting oneself in any way that you can from Covid-19. However, I am also remembering the Bible verse from Revelation 13:17 that says, “Nobody can buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast.”

The book of revelation talks about an Anti-Christ that will come into power.  This dictator will force the world to worship them and force every person on earth to get a mark on their body to show that they follow the “beast”.

If a person does not take the mark of the beast, they will not be able to buy or sell anything.  This is full government control over its people. 

Is it possible that Covid-19 is a prophetic warning as to how society will feel in the future when the mark of the beast comes into power?  Is it a reminder that Jesus Christ is returning soon, and we must get ready for his return? 

Imagine world governments telling its people that they cannot can buy or sell anything unless they have the vaccine?  Right now, this seems like fiction. However, the New Testament warns that someday an Anti-Christ will take over the world.  Of course, Covid-19 is not mentioned in the text.  However, how can someone buy or sell anything if they get fired from their job and cannot get a new job anywhere else because they refuse to take a vaccine. Will this happen in our lifetime?  It may not be now. It may not be a decade from now. However, the time will soon come when this Anti-Christ leader will take charge of the world and force people to worship them. 

The world is connected through the internet.  For the first time in history, the earth is fully connected through technology.  Many theologians believe that the mark of the beast may be a computer chip that will be implanted under the skin of the hand or forehead. The chip will track everything from health to money. 

I believe that the President is doing a good deed by keeping its citizens safe. However, a forceful spiritual controlling power over the people seems to be at hand.  If we look at this situation prophetically, we can see how Satan will use this opportunity as a steppingstone to take human beings to the next level of government control. 

After all, the world is looking for a leader that can bring peace to the world. Everyone nation is fighting for financial equality and power. The worlds governments are hoping that a solution will someday be found. Imagine a world leader bringing a peaceful solution in which the entire world will agree.  This will be the Anti-Christ. 

It is scary to think that a forced vaccine mandate may bring us one step closer to where the world will be headed on that dreadful day in which the “beast” takes over.

The world governments at any time can stop us from using cash and credit cards. Imagine if it gave us a one world currency that everyone can only use.  These will be the hardest days for Christians all over the world. True Christians will never worship the beast as they believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior. 

Over the past 40 years, the world has watched technology coming into power.  It seems to have taken over the world in many aspects.  People are using social media, cell phones and computers daily.  Our supply chain is connected to computers.  Nearly everything that we touch has a computer attached to it in some way, shape or form.

For me, Covid-19 forced vaccination is a test of how it will be spiritually when the Anti-Christ comes into power.  Who will be able to stand for Jesus Christ and say no to its mark?  If all governments force the mark on its people and they refuse, a person will not be able to buy or sell anything. 

Many pastors believe that Christians will die of starvation during those days. The Holy Bible even says that if Jesus did not return, nobody in the world could be saved.  Almighty God does have mercy and love for us. 

Many employers in the private sector in the United States are already threatening their workers that they will be terminated if they do not get the vaccine.  I believe that this is a prophetic insight into what we will see happening when the Anti-Christ comes into power.

Imagine going to work and the employer tells someone that they need to have the mark of the beast on their forehead or hand.  If the employee refuses, they are fired. 

This is a scary thought that I hope will never happen in my lifetime.  However, technology is moving quickly and the world governments seem to be searching for peaceful resolutions to its problems.  All the signs are here.

Millions of people around the world believe that Covid-19 is connected somehow to the mark of the beast.  Many Christians believe that this is a wake-up call to how the world will operate once the Anti-Christ comes into power.  Without a job, buying and selling food will not be possible for people that refused the mark.  No job equals no money. 

Let us remember Jennifer Bridges, a former nurse of Houston Methodist Hospital.  She was fired for refusing to get the vaccine. Jennifer and one hundred other people were fired. 

This is scary to think about.  The nurses way of making money in this world at that moment was terminated. It is a good reminder for Christians all over the world that we are not in control of our lives as much as we think.  Without money, it will stop everything in life. You will not be able to pay for housing, food, and other expenses.