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Chocolate Companies: #1 Resource Guide Online

Chocolate Companies: #1 Resource Guide Online

Who Makes the Best Chocolate Companies in the USA?

If you love eating chocolate, you have probably wondered who makes the best bars in the United States. Thankfully, there are many great companies that make delicious bars. Here are some of the best: Nestle, Vosges, and See’s Chocolate Company. These chocolate makers focus on ethical and sustainable practices. In addition to their amazing chocolate, they also give back to the communities that grow them. In this article, we will discuss a few of them.


While Cadbury’s most famous products are the famous chocolate bunnies and eggs, it is important to note that the company makes dozens of different chocolate items. These products range from bars and confections to spreads, beverages, and baking items. Cadbury also manufactures its own chocolate beverages and makes ice cream. They opened their first factory outside of the UK in Hobart, Tasmania in 1918.

Another famous American chocolate company is Hershey’s. This company makes some of the best-known chocolate products in the country, including Kit Kat bars and Snickers. Hershey’s gets 89% of its revenue in the North American market. The two companies were once rivals until a licensing agreement in 1988. In that deal, Hershey paid $300 million to purchase Cadbury’s U.S. operations.

The United States is home to the third-oldest chocolate company in the world, Lindt. Founded in 1852, the company has been around since the 1800s. Its production process is highly secretive, with employees being forbidden to use cell phones inside the factory. Despite being one of the biggest confectionery companies in the world, its products are still widely known worldwide, and its name almost speaks for itself.

See’s Chocolate Company

Established a century ago in Los Angeles, See’s Candy Company is now a multi-national corporation, owned by the Warren Buffett family. Known for its classic assortments, See’s uses Guittard chocolate and California-grown nuts. Today, the company employs nearly 1,700 people and produces chocolate in over 50 countries. As of 2017, it has over three hundred locations worldwide, including dozens of outlets in the US and Canada.

The company’s candy shop is similar in all locations, and the aroma of vanilla, chocolate, and toasted nuts is a signature. The walls are white and the display cases glow with warm light. Visitors will be transported to a time when candy was the main course in school and the See’s Candy Shop brought back memories. Its products are the perfect combination of nostalgia and candy.

If you are looking for chocolates and nuts with a nut-forward twist, try See’s Candies. This classic confectionery company was founded in 1921, and its black-and-white checkered packaging still has a vintage feel. Their classics include Milk Divinity Walnut Bites, Dark Chocolate Nuts and Chews, and Toffee-ettes. Toffee-ettes are tiny, toasted almond-centered nuggets coated in cream-like milk chocolate.


The company has a global footprint. While most people think of Nestle as a chocolate company, this company also provides nutritional health products. Its brand awareness is higher outside the US compared to its brand recognition in other countries. The US market is the largest for Nestle products in the world. The company aims to stay ahead of the curve by acquiring companies that cater to new consumer demands. Its recent acquisitions include plant-based food company Sweet Earth and coffee maker Chameleon Cold Brew. Recently, Nestle also formed an alliance with Starbucks, which will allow Starbucks packaged coffee in more regional markets around the world.

Another notable chocolate company is Nestle. Nestle was established in 1866 and is the world’s largest food company with an impressive portfolio of confectionery brands. In addition to the world-famous KitKat, Nestle also manufactures the deliciously addictive Smarties and Oh Henry!, as well as the popular Butterfinger. The company is also dedicated to improving the products and continually updating their offerings. The company is known as the “go-to” sweet company.


If you are looking for a place to indulge in some of the world’s most delicious confections, Vosges is a great option. The company has three different locations in the USA: Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. The company is renowned for its creative chocolate creations, which often feature exotic ingredients such as ginger, wasabi, black sesame seeds, and banana pudding. Vosges also sells normal sweets like chocolate bars and truffles, and they have recently begun planting cacao in Belize.

The company also offers a variety of gift options, including a safe bet, such as milk chocolate truffles. The company also offers a comfort food tower, which contains a variety of chocolates curated around different themes, such as the Grateful Dead. The company also offers Ritual Collections, which feature chocolates with little gifts inserted within. The chocolates are also available in boxes.

Another great thing about Vosges is its commitment to transparency. As a Certified Transparent Company, Vosges Haut-Chocolat demonstrates the value of transparency across its entire organization. They create their chocolates with a transparent core value system, using storytelling to inspire the minds, palates, and spirits. They aim to make people feel better about their actions and the world in general, and their chocolates are no exception.

Rogue Chocolatier

If you are looking for artisan chocolate, you have come to the right place. Rogue Chocolatier is one of the best companies in the USA, and its owner, Colin Gasko, has put in years of research to perfect the art of chocolate making. He has even started a crowdfunding campaign to sell his chocolate company, handing it off to a buyer in a cocoa-producing country. While many artisan companies tout sustainability and fair trade sourcing, Gasko is the first to call out the power dynamics in the international chocolate supply chain. He wants to transfer production power to the producer of cocoa, which traditionally benefits the least in the chocolate market.

The owner of Rogue Chocolate was a pioneer against the “establishment,” and at its peak, made 1,000 bars a month. His goal was not to make much money, and as a result, he has managed to survive on slightly higher margins than retail and direct-to-consumer sales. That is an impressive accomplishment for a small business. While Rogue is not as well-known as Mast Brothers or Hershey, you’re guaranteed the quality of their chocolate.

French Broad Chocolates

This American chocolatier sources beans from carefully selected regions and uses them to create delicious truffles, bars, and other sweets. They are known for their innovative ways to use different kinds of beans to make their chocolate products. Their delicious chocolates can be enjoyed by any kind of chocolate lover. The company is located in Massachusetts. You can find their products in stores nationwide. Here is why you should try them.

In 2003, Jael and Dan Rattigan met at a wedding. While Dan was running a coffee/chocolate ship, Jael was studying in graduate school. They decided to spend the rest of their lives making chocolate. They met in Costa Rica and fell in love. They dropped out of graduate school and drove south when Jael fell pregnant. The couple began selling their chocolates at Farmers Markets.

It is also home to an award-winning chocolate bar, Nicaragua 68%. The Nicaraguan cacao beans are harvested by Cacao Bisiesto, a small boutique company dedicated to preserving the cacao varieties. Another chocolate bar, Dark Milk, is described as a “category unto itself,” as it is made with organic milk and browned butter. Other confections include sorghum caramel, raspberry truffle filled with tart puree, and dark chocolate ganache.

Alma Chocolate

A few years ago, the owner of Alma Chocolate, Sarah Ross, sold the business to Moonstruck, which has ruined the company’s reputation. While the quality of Alma’s products was excellent before the sale, the company’s products have gone downhill since then. As a result, the company is struggling to keep up with the competition. For this reason, many chocolate lovers have turned to Alma’s products for the first time.

The Portland-based company started selling their artisanal chocolates in 2005 at a farmers’ market. The shop has an impressive storefront and regular appearances on best-of lists. The artisanal chocolates created by the company are known for being both sophisticated and unique. Alma has won multiple awards, including a 2010 Taste Test Winner from Cooking Light. Its artisanal chocolates are made from locally sourced ingredients and are ethically sourced.

In Portland, gourmet chocolates have become a hot commodity. Moonstruck Chocolates opened in 1993 and has been hand-crafting each of its creations since. Alma Chocolates is a Portland-based company that uses locally sourced ingredients. Alma Chocolate was ranked one of the best chocolate shops in the USA by Eater. Creo Chocolates has an affiliation with rural farmers who grow cocoa beans.

The Best Chocolate Companies in Europe

If you are looking for the best chocolate in Europe, you have come to the right place. Milka chocolate, created in Switzerland and based primarily in neighboring Germany, has more than one hundred years of history and a huge fan base around the world. Made with alpine milk, Milla chocolates are among the most popular in Europe. Whether you prefer the traditional milk chocolate or something a little more unique, you will find a variety of Milla products in the country.


One of the best-known chocolate companies in Europe is Toblerone. The famous triangular chocolate bar was invented in Switzerland by Theodor Tobler in 1908. The bar is filled with sweet, creamy nougat and a touch of honey. Its triangular shape is also a symbol of the Matterhorn. In addition to being delicious, Toblerone bars are also healthy and have no cholesterol.

For many years, the Tobler company was independent, but in 1893, it merged with another Swiss company, Suchard, to form the multinational multi-food group. This new corporation was responsible for marketing both companies’ products around the world. Its chairman was Max E. Baumann. The company was acquired by Kraft Foods Inc., which also owned such companies as Kinder, Milka, and Toblerone.

Founded in 1876, Nestle is a multinational food company with over two billion products sold in more than eighty countries. The company is best known for its chocolates and also produces baby food, pet foods, and medical foods. Its chocolate production includes milk, white, and chocolate chunks. Its brands have a long history and have become a staple of European cuisine. The company also has many iconic UK brands.


With their flagship store on 5th Avenue, Laderach has expanded across the world. Having been in business for nearly six decades, the company is now expanding to the U.S., Canada, and the UK. They are planning to open their 100th store in New York City by December 2020. The company has also opened a House of Laderach in Switzerland, which includes a factory store, walk-in atelier, and cafe.

The company invested in a new production facility in Glarus in 2012, enabling them to control every aspect of the chocolate production process. By monitoring each step of the process, they ensure sustainable quality, from the raw materials to the final product. Visitors will soon be able to tour their new Bilten-based production facility, where they can see how their confections are made from beginning to end. In 2020, they will also have the opportunity to see the entire chocolate-making process.

For many people, tasting the Laderach brand is not only about enjoying the chocolate itself. The company is also known for its fresh pralines and truffles. The company’s FrischSchoggi is an excellent example of freshness and artisanal skills. Their delicious products are sold in individual servings in more than one hundred chocolateries throughout Europe and the United States. Its fresh chocolate is a delight for chocoholics everywhere. The company is run by Johannes Laderach, the oldest son of three generations.


Based in Belgium, the Galler chocolate company is one of the largest in Europe. Its head office is located in Vaux-sous-Chevremont, a small village near Liege, and the company markets chocolates, pralines, macarons, ice creams, and spreads. The company also has several franchised stores that sell its products. This allows it to expand its reach and sell its products at lower prices than its competition.

The Belgian company’s range includes ice creams, pralines, and chocolate tablets, as well as a wide variety of bite-sized treats. The quality of these chocolates is superb, and Galler’s customer service is second to none. You can even get samples to try before you buy! Their selection includes unique flavors and reasonable prices. There is a chocolate bar for everyone.

If you are traveling to Europe, do not miss visiting Galler’s renowned chocolate shops. The company has been around for nearly three centuries, and its products are famous all over the world. Founded by Sulpice Debauve in 1800, the chocolatier was soon the official supplier of Napoleon and the French Court. The company offers a huge range of dark chocolates, including some with up to 99% cocoa! Visit the Grote Markt in Bruges and experience the delicious taste of European chocolates.

Ritter Sport

Since 1968, Ritter Sport has been exporting its chocolate to over fifty countries. With state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and a great deal of knowledge, Ritter Sport creates delicious chocolate bars. They are affordable, too, and the company claims it works with farmers in Nicaragua and West Africa to reduce its carbon footprint. The company has also created a build-your-own chocolate bar experience.

Ritter Sport’s chocolate is made from high-quality ingredients. The perfect shape of a square bar allows the filling to be more noticeable. It is also non-GMO. The company sources all its ingredients from natural farms. The square bar, for example, features a full hazelnut suspended in chocolate. This chocolate bar is one of the best in Europe, and it has been marketed for years as an indulgence.

Since its establishment in 1899, Ritter Sport has become one of the best-selling chocolate brands in the world. The company started out as a small candy shop that grew into a large one. But in the 1930s, the German chocolate recession almost wiped it out, but the company opted to survive. By the 1970s, Ritter Sport had expanded to larger factories in Waldenbuch.

La Maison du Chocolat

The origins of La Maison du Chocolat date back to 1977 when Robert Linxe opened a small shop in Paris. Robert Linxe, who grew up in the Basque region of France, was a proponent of using ganache, a slightly airy amalgamation of chocolate and cream, in chocolates. He also developed the flavor palette of ganache-based chocolates, and many of the finest pieces of chocolate are produced by the company.

Located on the famous Rue St. Honore, this boutique produces some of the finest chocolate in Europe. The boutique is popular with locals, and a line can stretch out for hours. Although the chocolate is expensive, it is well worth the wait. You can even order online! If you do not have time to visit the Paris store, do not worry – there are other places to buy exquisite chocolates.

The art of making chocolate is impressive enough. However, the chocolate made by Jean-Charles Rochoux is truly stunning. His chocolates take the shape of exotic animals and bronze statues, which are almost too beautiful to eat. The traditional chocolates are also worth trying if you want to indulge in an artful treat. A little bit of luxury does not hurt either.


A family business, Prestat is known for its exquisite range of chocolates, pralines, and truffles. It was founded in 1902 by a French emigrant named Antoine Dufour. His family had made confectionery since the 19th century, and his passion for flavoured chocolate led him to develop a project restoring rare cacao. He is credited with creating the world’s largest cacao plantation, Hacienda San Jose, in Venezuela. Criollo cacao is particularly famous for its creamy, aromatic, and aromatic flavours. Over two decades, he has grown his business beyond the Italian market and has spread its wings internationally, including to Japan and the United States. In March 2019, Prestat joined the Gruppo Illy, which owns premium chocolate brand Domori.

The company has recently introduced a new range of eight bars, of which five are vegan friendly. One of the new bars is a vegan-friendly bar, which is produced using couverture developed by Prestat’s sister company Domori. This bar contains hints of hazelnut and coffee. Another bar is a dark chocolate English Mint Crunch 62%, which features a zing of mint and a hint of hazelnut.

Paul A Young

The chocolates and confectionery of Paul A Young are made by a celebrity chocolatier. His company produces fine handcrafted chocolates and confectionery. You can purchase the products directly from the chocolatier’s website or in his retail stores. However, you may want to check out the company’s other products as well. Listed below are some of the company’s best-selling items. Among the many products offered by Paul A Young are truffles, handcrafted chocolates, and confectionery.

This pioneering chocolatier began his career working under the legendary Marco Pierre White before rising to head pastry chef at Criterion and Quo Vadis. Young is a skilled flavour alchemist and has created original and unusual combinations of chocolate. His confections are unique and experimental, yet balanced, and a true treat for any chocoholic. Paul A Young is the only true artisan chocolatier in London. Every creation is made by hand and in small batches, using fresh ingredients.

The shop oozes luxury when you enter. The furnishings are solid, but the decor is fun and whimsical. The counter is topped with a wooden alter and a beautiful chandelier. Several of Paul A Young’s chocolates are accompanied by champagne or a combination of the two. There is even a chocolate club. Each month, members receive two boxes of assorted truffles. If you are looking for a gift for a special occasion, a chocolate shop might be the perfect choice.

The Best Chocolate Companies in the World

It is hard to find award-winning chocolate that is not produced by one of the world’s biggest chocolate companies. But fortunately, there are some that are worth looking into, including the famous Valrhona, Toblerone, Guylian, and Ferrero Rocher. In this article, you will learn about some of them and why they are worthy of being on your list. We will also share a few of our favorite chocolates that you might not have heard of, and we hope you enjoy reading about some of our favorites.


The French company Valrhona makes some of the world’s most delicious chocolate. The company is based in Tain L’Hermitage, a small town near Lyon. Founded in 1922, this chocolate company has created a tradition of fine, gourmet confections. Known for its rich, complex flavor, Valrhona chocolates are popular with both young and old. The company’s recipes are based on tried-and-true recipes.

The Valrhona brand makes both milk and dark chocolate bars. Its most exclusive chocolate is the Vintage Single Origin bar, which is sold in limited quantities depending on crop yield. Each bar contains different flavor profiles, and you can even buy chocolate pearls and tasting squares, too. You can even find their famous nec-plus-ultra bar at a specialty grocery store.

Cocoa beans from various parts of the world are carefully selected by Valrhona. The company also works with planters in carefully selected cocoa-producing countries. In addition, it has created new plantations for some rare species. Valrhona’s buyer has the ability to check eighty cocoa plantations in 22 countries in two years, as they work directly with the cocoa growers. They make sure to monitor the quality of the cacao beans and keep an eye on the methods used for harvesting.

Ferrero Rocher

The famous brand of chocolates from Italy, Ferrero Rocher, has been around for over two hundred years. Their famous chocolate balls come wrapped in a golden foil and are popular as holiday gifts. Inside, you will find chocolate that is rich with hazelnut and milk. The famous chocolates are so popular that they can be found in everything from Nutella spread to Kinder Bueno.

Kinder, a popular brand of confectionary, is part of the Ferrero Group and was originally created in Alba, Italy, in 1968. The company now produces a variety of products, including a variety of bars and individually wrapped truffles. Kinder has also developed a new line of toys for children called “Kinder Joy” and “Land of Sweetopia” ranges. The company is also sponsoring a Portuguese volleyball team.

Although the price of Ferrero Rocher is not cheap, it is not the most expensive chocolate in the world, either. According to Forbes, the “Le Chocolate Box” costs $1,5 million per box. Because of the company’s high marketing and distribution costs, the chocolate is not affordable to most consumers. In addition to its price, the company also has large expenses related to purchasing ingredients and hiring workers.

The company’s flagship candy is the iconic Ferrero Rocher. Made with a thin wafer shell, it is filled with chocolate and roasted hazelnuts. Its main ingredients include sugar, cocoa, and skim milk. Ferrero’s confections are handmade in Italy by machines, and their production takes only a few weeks. Ferrero has a global presence and sells 4.8 billion pieces a year.


Toblerone is a classic chocolate bar that has won over a devoted following. This triangular chocolate bar is available in a variety of flavors, including white, black, and fruit and nut varieties. You can savor one piece at a time or share a few with friends. If you are looking for the best place to buy a bar, Worldwide Chocolate has the best prices on gourmet chocolate brands.

Nestle is another company that has been in business for 60 years. They started by making and selling chocolate, and in the 1950s they began selling candy and chewing gum. Today, they are known for their popular chocolate bars, and many people are buying them for their kids’ birthdays. In addition to chocolate, Swiss companies make some of the best sweets in the world. One of the best-known brands is Toblerone, which was designed in the shape of the Matterhorn. The chocolate bar has been a popular choice for over a century.

Lindt is a Swiss chocolate company, and one of the best white chocolates in the world. It was founded in 1845 and uses premium ingredients to make affordable, delicious products. Lindt truffles melt in your mouth and are available in more than twenty flavors. Lindt makes ice cream, truffles, and liqueurs, in addition to chocolate bars. These chocolates are one of the best chocolate companies in the world, and the richart family is a proud member of the industry.


One of the world’s most famous confectioners, Guylian was founded in 1958 by a Belgian man named Guy Foubert. They are best known for their chocolate sea shells pralines and other flavors, but you can also find them individually wrapped or in gift boxes. Their distinctive seahorse logo is an iconic symbol for the brand. The chocolates are also available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors.

A top-quality bar of chocolate is always an impressive gift. Belgian chocolates are renowned worldwide for their smooth texture, complex flavors, and innovative innovations. The company is proud to be one of the largest producers of Belgian chocolates in the world and is often recognized by its Sea Horse logo. Its chocolate bars are made with only the finest, sustainable cocoa, and are accompanied by beautiful packaging. The company also supports projects that support seahorses and cocoa farming.

The founders of Guylian are the same people that founded the first pastry shop in Ghent. The two met in the 1950s and married in 1958. Guy and Liliane merged their talents and developed a line of chocolate that has won awards all over the world. In addition to chocolate bars, they also make ice creams, patisserie, and caramels. Their chocolates have been called heaven on earth.

Jacques Torres

Jacques Torres was an early adopter of artisanal chocolate. He felt that someone should set the standard for chocolate quality in general and artisanal chocolate in particular. In fact, he was one of the first New York chocolatiers to start his business from the cocoa bean, which is why he is often referred to as the pioneer of the bean-to-bar movement.

Torres is one of the most popular companies in the world. He was a pastry chef in France who developed a fascination with chocolate. He expanded his business in the US and was the first chocolate company to bring the bean-to-bar concept to the big apple. Now, he specializes in handcrafting fresh chocolates using the finest ingredients. There are three New York locations that sell his delicious treats. You can buy assorted chocolates, bonbons, truffles, hot chocolate, and more.

Jacques Torres is an American company that has been in business for more than one hundred years. Its modest Brooklyn factory is tucked between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. It produces eye-catching chocolates that are sold through his ships and distributed worldwide. Besides the artisanal chocolates, Torres is also known for its connections with the French Culinary Institute in New York. The company also has programs on the FoodTV network. Torres is a well-known pastry chef and a classically trained chocolatier.

Lindt Sprungli

Lindt & Sprungli is a leading producer of premium chocolate. Its factories are located in Aachen, Germany, Gloggnitz, Austria, and Kilchberg, Switzerland. The company manufactures Lindt, Hofbauer & Kufferle, and Gulascha brands of chocolate. It also produces confections for the international market, including a range of chocolate bars and truffles.

Lindt & Sprungli processes the cocoa beans into chocolate mass in its own facilities. At its European Cocoa Center in Olten, Switzerland, they carefully select and blend premium cocoa beans according to exact recipes. The secret to the exact blend of cocoa beans is closely guarded. The result is a delicious chocolate that is based on the expert blending of bean varieties from different regions.

Lindt’s results were impressive in the full year. The company has reported a double-digit growth rate in the major European markets. Its online business has grown by more than 6%. Sales in North America slowed down, but the company said it expects organic sales to grow 5%-7% this year. The company has already started implementing measures to improve the situation.

Lindt & Sprungli owns one of the largest chocolate factories in the world. The company also sells chocolate bars, liqueurs, and chocolate truffles. Its scrumptious chocolates are also highly sought-after gifts. So, whether you are looking for a gift for a friend or loved one, you will not go wrong with Lindt & Sprungli.