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Current Planetary Retrogrades

If you’re interested in the current planetary retrogrades, you’ve come to the right place. This article provides some insight into the upcoming Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto retrogrades. We’ll also look at Pluto’s recent inauspicious alignment with Capricorn and Uranus’s retrograde in Capricorn. Read on to learn more about these transits! In addition, you’ll learn when Mercury goes direct in the spring of 2019.

Mercury retrogrades

Mercury is one of the most frequently occurring planetary cycles. It moves backward in its orbit around the sun three to four times per year, and its affects can be felt well before the actual retrograde occurs. During its retrograde period, Mercury is like a speeding train – it passes Earth three or four times a year, kicking up dust in the process. Mercury’s retrograde period is no different; it disrupts aspects of our lives ruled by Mercury.

While Mercury goes into retrograde motion only about once every century, it can affect our lives in various ways. For instance, a missed email or a bad haircut can be blamed on Mercury. A professional astrologer can explain what Mercury retrograde really means for your daily life. This astrological phenomenon is very real. So, before you blame Mercury retrograde for everything, make sure to check the planetary position before making any major plans.

Uranus retrogrades

The upcoming Uranus retrograde this year can be an excellent opportunity to break out of old beliefs and find happiness in life. For example, if you have recently moved or started a new home project, this retrograde is an excellent time to take stock of your situation. It might also inspire you to try something new or do something radical. Regardless of whether you’re a Scorpio, Pisces, or Capricorn, the retrograde can bring about some very good things.

Taurus is a fixed sign, but the rebellious quality of Uranus can help them to release their grip on their life and accept their own truth. Gemini, on the other hand, needs to step outside of their comfort zone, especially when it comes to their spirituality. Pay attention to the themes in your dreams and be open to psychic visions. Spending extra time alone may also allow your soul the space it needs to explore your dreams and new directions.

Pluto retrogrades

When Pluto goes retrograde, it will give you a chance to reflect on your core self. Its subtle journey through quiet introspection will give you the opportunity to explore mystical realms and the unconscious mind. The results of this retrograde can be transformative. Whether you’ve been struggling with your career or your relationships, Pluto’s retrograde can help you reclaim your power. Here are some things to keep in mind during this time.

First, it’s important to remember that Pluto rules transformation and rebirth. So, it’s important to recognize when Pluto is retrograde and clear out any toxic dynamics. If you’re looking to make changes in your career, personal partnerships, or relationships, you’ll want to focus on identifying these dynamics. You can also check your natal chart to see if any of your personal planets are in a cardinal sign. Mercury, Venus, and Mars can be in your cardinal sign if they are retrograded.

Uranus in Capricorn

The influence of Uranus in Capricorn during the current planetary retrograde is both empowering and frightening. Not only does it threaten our basic need for security, but it can also trigger unexpected change. The influence of Uranus in our life can spawn a new approach to our routines or a pivot in our financial situation. But the good news is that this transit will bring more freedom.

The hiccups will be particularly apparent in business, personal, and love relationships, which is especially troubling for Geminis. However, it can also serve to wake up those who have been ignoring their own needs. Those who have not taken care of their health will notice that this transit will expose them to unhealthy habits. It may also make it easier to identify problems, like a lack of self-confidence.

Uranus in Taurus

During Uranus’s retrograde in Taurus, you may be tempted to change your routine. This transit can bring about surprising revelations and unexpected changes. But it is important to keep an eye on the practical side of your life during Uranus’ retrograde in Taurus. The following are five ways to make the most of the influence of this planet on your life. While Uranus in Taurus can be unsettling, it can also be liberating.

The positive effects of Uranus retrograde in Taurus are many. It brings an unexpected change and erratic energy to your life. The erratic energy will liven up routines and make life less predictable. This energy is perfect for Taurus, which is known for its adaptability and willingness to change. While it can be challenging, this transit also provides opportunities to improve your life and make it a more fulfilling one.

Uranus in Sagittarius

A reversal of Uranus in Sagittarius during the current planetary retrograde can be beneficial to the water bearer because this transit will enable them to integrate the rapid changes taking place in the world. They may also find it easier to define their desires and establish their ideals. They may also make better decisions about their personal life and careers during this period. But if this retrograde is not the right time for you to take on a new hobby or lifestyle, you may find yourself feeling less energized than usual.

With Uranus in Sagittarius during this current planetary retrograde, your relationships and friendships will be amplified. The 11th house of community is a powerful area to focus on, and Uranus’ influence will inspire you to reassess your level of depth and seek out new ways to receive it. You may even be inspired to take the leap into a career change!

Uranus in Pisces

During the current planetary retrograde, Uranus in Pisces can be challenging for a Taurus, as it can be disruptive to love or business relationships. The hiccups may also result in a new career direction, revealing career blockages that you may have overlooked. If you’ve been under the weather in your career, this retrograde may wake you up and help you realize that you deserve better.

For Taurus, this is a time to remember that despite Uranus’ unpredictable nature, you can also take advantage of the retrograde to get things in order. Whether it’s a makeover or a new home project, this retrograde is an opportunity to find your inner power and transform your relationship with your life. For Taurus, this retrograde is a time to learn about yourself and realize your power and transform your relationship with your surroundings.

Saturn in Sagittarius

This is a good time to take stock of your life. If you’ve been feeling unfulfilled, it might be time to reconsider your goals. With Saturn in Sagittarius, your future may be a time of growth, not stagnation. Saturn’s retrograde in Scorpio’s domestic fourth house of roots and emotional needs will challenge you to evaluate the reasons for a lack of stability in your domestic fourth house.

Your career and relationships may be tested during this time. This is due to Saturn’s direct station in Sagittarius during the current planetary retrogrades. It’s difficult to make any decisions without a clear idea of how you want to proceed. It may be better to stick to your original plans rather than making sudden changes but be sure to be realistic with yourself. Remember that Saturn is in your sign for a reason!

Pluto in Pisces

While you may have already felt the benefits of this transit, you may also be feeling some of the drawbacks of this transit. While Mercury is moving retrograde, it is also in a sector of the chart that governs intense bonds. This retrograde can stir up insecurities and rekindle obsession. You may even feel like reaching out to your ex or flirting with him or her.

You may be pondering whether you have any empathic abilities. You may have pondered whether you’ve ever had that ability and if so, it’s time to take advantage of that. But you should not let your petty feelings overwhelm your ability to connect with others. Rather, use your intuitive skills to help others. Even if you’re a bit shy about expressing yourself, this retrograde is an excellent time to find out whether you have the capacity to connect spiritually or otherwise.