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December Star Sign – Sagittarius

This ambitious and competitive star sign cannot be fooled by small minds. They dream big and never give up. They are the most competitive people you can meet. They hate losing and give their all in any endeavor to feel that they’ve earned it. This star sign is also known as the “sagittarius.”

Sagittarius is a mutable sign

Sagittarius is one of the mutable signs that is most in tune with the month of December. This star sign is associated with freedom, idealism, religion, philosophy, and sports. Sagittarians are energetic, quick on their feet, and possess a sparkling intellect. They are also prone to excess weight, especially if they are short. They are passionate, but not obnoxious.

This mutable star sign is a good match for the December birthday, as they are both a mutable star sign and a fire sign. This combination allows Sagittarians to transform negative situations into positive ones. They are frank, optimistic, and can be blunt when necessary. However, there are also some caveats to being a Sag in December.

Sagittarians born between thirteen and twenty-one in December are ruled by the Sun and Leo, which are majestic royal energies. These powerful energy fields endow Sagittarians with spiritual attitude, financial success, and a strong sense of self. The sign is also ruled by the Centaur, a mythical creature that rules knowledge and animal instinct. Sagittarians are highly creative, ambitious, and have numerous projects to pursue.

When Sagittarius is in December, you can expect lots of change. You should prepare yourself for the change, as mutable signs are accustomed to change. They are not as definitive as other zodiac signs, and they tend to be wishy-washy on bad days. The mutable signs are also more open-minded and flexible than the fixed signs, and they are more accepting of change than the fixed ones.

It is ruled by Jupiter

As you may have noticed, December is the month in which the planet Jupiter is in its own sign. This is a good thing, as Jupiter is one of the most powerful planetary positions. The planet only stays in one sign at a time and its current placement is in oceanic Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces can intensify the emotional connection between people. However, if you’re under the sign of Pisces and are looking for love, you’ll have to wait a while longer.

The planet Jupiter rules December, and this is reflected in the way that people feel about it. Jupiter is the planet of faith, and the planet’s exalted position in the constellation Cancer reflects the principle of expansion and contraction and the aspirations of the higher self. People who have this planet in their charts will experience joy and happiness, both material and nonmaterial. However, you’ll also find some problems and conflicts with Jupiter, so make sure you choose your planet wisely.

When it comes to your personality, the planet Jupiter is associated with expansion, new experiences, and miracles. Jupiter connects with the Greek god Zeus, who bestows boons upon mortals. Jupiter is also associated with education, knowledge, and spirituality. As a result, the person born under this star sign may be especially interested in learning and pursuing wisdom. They will need to take advantage of this aspect to be their best.

It is ruled by Venus

If you are born under the sign of Taurus in December, you are likely to be in love with the planet of beauty and romance, Venus. You may feel a little clingy towards your partner during this retrograde, so it is best to talk things out in a civilized manner before a breakup. Avoid starting a new romance during the Venus retrograde. Instead, focus on maintaining the relationships you have and avoid new ones.

The hedonistic qualities of Venus make it an excellent choice for lovemaking. The planet of romance and love can make you want to indulge in decadent desserts, luxurious six-hour baths, and gigantic palm leaves. However, her interests can quickly devolve into superficial indulgences, as she lacks the perspective to differentiate needs from wants. Venus may be a good choice for redecorating your bedroom or throwing a party, but don’t expect her to be able to see past your shallow, superficial desires.

The planet Venus is a sensual and romantic planet, and she rules two of the zodiac signs. The other two signs, Libra and Taurus, share Venus as their ruling planet. While Taurus is a sign of sensuality and physical attraction, Libra is more cerebral, with a focus on harmony, symmetry, and balance. Venus’ influence is especially strong in these zodiac signs. Taurus people are a bit on the aesthete side, with an exquisite taste for beauty and a strong desire to build a good relationship.

It is ruled by Mercury

The December star sign is ruled by Mercury, which makes this week a good time for you to explore your inner self. Your mind is likely to be especially receptive to new ideas as Mercury moves backward through your home life. From January 25 to February 3, Mercury will be transiting your fourth house of home life. You may find yourself feeling extra adventurous and enlightened, but be careful not to neglect other commitments.

When shopping, keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde in December. While Mercury is usually helpful when making purchases, during retrograde phases, the item you’re after may be out of stock. You may also regret an expensive purchase later on. House transactions may also be delayed or have setbacks. Buying expensive items can be problematic during Mercury retrograde phases. However, returning costly items is an exception to this rule.

The extroverted nature of Mercury is also a plus for Taurus, which has Mercury transiting its fourth house. The Mercury in Sagittarius also helps Taurus read their S.O. more intensely. With the planet of communication in Sagittarius, Taurus is feeling more investigative and discovering things. It’s not hard to find a new interest during this time. Mercury in Sagittarius can make you more social and fun.

It is ruled by Pluto

As December star sign, you are probably indecisive, fearful, or anxious. The affliction of Pluto is particularly hard on the emotional Pisces, which rules intuition, dreams, and emotions. With Pluto in your sign, you may feel like you’re losing control, which makes decision-making more difficult. However, with Pluto in your sign, you’ll be empowered with an unbalanced feeling and uncertain of what to expect. Pluto in your star chart will also make it harder to achieve your goals, especially if they conflict with what you want.

As December’s ruling planet, Pluto is associated with transformation, power, and dreams. This planet has connections to the underworld and the unconscious, and is therefore associated with dreams and illusions. Pluto was named after the Greek god Hades, and its discovery dates back to the early 20th century. While its location was predicted long before its discovery, it is relatively new to the natal chart. Your December star sign is ruled by Pluto, and its placement in your star chart indicates how powerful, destructive, and creative Pluto is in your life.

While Pluto’s energies are usually malefic, this planet brings dramatic experiences, new beginnings, and profound growth. However, Pluto can also bring tyrannical control, victimization, and power struggles. In addition, Pluto can trigger war and death. The afflictions of this planet have been felt in the U.S. for years. Even the 2021 Capitol riots may be associated with this planet.

It is ruled by Capricorn

The astrological sign Capricorn is a cardinal one, ruling the months of December and January. This sign is ruled by the planet Saturn, and its energies are both aspirational and industrious. The planetary placement of your sun in Capricorn can have a major impact on your natal chart, as they represent your drive and sense of self. While you may seem rather austere and level-headed at times, Capricorn is also very intuitive.

If you’re born in December, look for a lover with the same astrological sign. Capricorns value loyalty, and will look for a Cancerian. Both of them are protective and loyal, and will value loyalty and fidelity in a relationship. Capricorns often clash with Fire signs, as well as Geminis. These two signs have similar values, but their compatibility is not always easy to achieve.

The astrological date of December is an important one, as Capricorn is one of the most motivated and responsible of the zodiac signs. Capricorns are observant and have excellent memory. They excel in math and arithmetic subjects. Capricorns often like challenges and puzzles. Despite their headstrong, self-imposed constraints, Capricorns are often found in social situations that don’t allow them to be who they are.