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How to Interpret Mercury in Your Navramsa Chart

Have you ever wondered how to interpret Mercury in your navamsa chart? If so, read on to find out the different aspects of Mercury and the seventh house in your natal chart. Mercury is a dual planet and a retrograde, and you should consider these things as you interpret the placement of Mercury in your chart. Mercury is the 7th Lord in your navamsa chart. Let’s explore this planet’s position in your natal chart and discuss its effects on your life.

Mercury is the 7th Lord in the seventh house of navamsa chart

The native of the seventh house with Mercury as the 7th Lord in his natal chart will have an excellent reputation in the work world. He is charming, affable and genuine, and can make the people around him like him. The native of the seventh house can excel in sales, import, and export, and writing. He will earn a considerable amount of money, and his reputation will be impeccable.

A marriage with Mercury as the 7th Lord in the seventh house can result in a spouse who is intellectually superior, and who holds higher positions. Having Mercury in this house can also result in a spouse who is quick and sharp and who can make a great impression on other people. This placement may also bring increased communication between husband and wife. However, it is important to note that this placement does not necessarily indicate that the husband is intellectually superior.

Mercury is retrograde

If you are currently in the retrograde period of Mercury in your natal or navamsa chart, there are several things you should do to minimize the effects. One of the best ways to reduce the impact of Mercury retrograde is to own it in its own sign. A sign that owns Mercury is Gemini or Virgo. If you have Mercury in Virgo or Gemini, it is positioned in D9.

The Chesta Bala method is the most popular method for predicting whether Mercury is going to go direct or retrograde. The method works by considering a planet’s speed and its size as seen from Earth. If Mercury is going retrograde in your navamsa chart, you’ll experience greater difficulty in communicating or making important decisions. Mars and Mercury will also be more likely to cause accidents due to rashness. The general rule of thumb is to be cautious and take a new perspective during this period.

Mercury is a dual planet

The astrological significance of Mercury is the close proximity of this planet to the Sun, and the fact that it follows the sun so closely in the navamsa chart. As a result, it is too hot to have any kind of atmosphere. Mercury’s surface temperature varies from about 100 to 700 K, never exceeding 180 K at the poles. The absence of an atmosphere is reflected in Mercury’s large temperature gradient between the equator and poles.

If Mercury is placed in the navamsa chart, it represents the mind. People with a good Mercury will be very intelligent and able to distinguish right from wrong. Likewise, if Mercury is placed in a bad sign, it will be difficult to be very intelligent. To find out whether Mercury is placed in your navamsa chart, look for the sign in which it falls. This will tell you whether Mercury has the necessary energy for you to be intelligent.

Mercury is a karaka

In the natal chart, Mercury is a karaka, indicating that it rules the seventh house. People born with Mercury in this house tend to be very flexible, but they also tend to be very careful with money. Their wealth management skills are good, but they are a bit fickle. Their spouse may be too detail oriented or have skin problems or be too concerned with the outside world. If this is your sign, your marriage may suffer because of this dual nature.

Other planetary positions in the navamsa chart include Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury. The planets in this position are natural significators of wealth, body, and life. They are also natural significators of energy, will-power, authority, and the Atman. Mercury is a natural significator of intellect and education, while Saturn is the significator of business.

Mercury’s position in navamsa chart affects native’s voice

Mercury’s position in navamsha chart affects the voice quality of a native. Mercury rules the 10th house of career, the nakshatra in which it is placed. When Mercury is in this nakshatra, the native will have a clear and distinct voice. Mars rules the 10th house, which is ruled by the planet of war and conflict, so natives with Mars in their navamsa will probably be good leaders and strong warriors.

A Libra ascendant reveals musical talents, as Venus is connected to Jupiter, the sign lord of music and song. A Moon in the second house of communication is helpful if Mercury is in conjunction with the second house Lord. Venus and Mercury can form a strong connection, but it’s important to look at the Moon and other signs to determine their exact planetary placement in the navamsa chart.

Mercury’s placement in lagna

The positioning of Mercury in the Navamsa chart has many ramifications. For one, it can enhance luck in romance and relationships. Similarly, it can enhance luck when dealing with younger siblings or joint assets after marriage. Moreover, people with Mercury in the Virgo position are very good at money management and investing. This is a good planetary position for marriage, as it increases the chances of successful communication and cooperation with spouses and in-laws. However, people with Mercury in Virgo may lack focus in marriage, which is an indication that they need to make up for the lost time.

The position of Mercury in the Navamsa chart is a good one for the native. It helps him or her find a career or make an unexpected gain. It also makes them successful in their relationships. People with Mercury in the seventh house of the Navamsa chart will also be able to maintain marital peace. Mercury in the seventh house will foster great enthusiasm for trading and relationships and will have a good ability to negotiate with their partners. These aspects will also enhance the native’s social skills and help them improve their abilities to communicate with others.

Mars’s position in navamsa chart

The Navamsa chart or the Ninth Harmonic is a very important part of a horoscope. It is the most important chart of the zodiac, after the main birth chart and the Rashi chart. The Navamsa chart is used to measure the strength of each planet. Some of the most popular Vedic texts refer to the Navamsa chart. These texts include Kalyana Varma’s Saravali, Mantreswara’s Phaladeepika, and Baidyanath Dixit’s Brihat Jatak Parijat.

Mars’s position in the Navamsa indicates the karma of siblings. Children born with Mars in the fifth house are gifted with unparalleled skills and intelligence. Their parents are likely to be stern and strict. A career in the army or engineering is also predicted by Mars’s position in the Navamsa. Mars is the Karaka of siblings. Although the natal positions of Mars and Jupiter are not exactly the same, they are still important for predicting how a person will react to life’s challenges.

Mars’ aspect on rets sat

This combination of planets indicates that there will be no trust between the spouses. It will not produce good results for a healthy marriage. If your partner has extramarital affairs, there is a high chance that they will end up breaking up. This combination may be indicative of a divorce. It could also indicate that your partner will have affairs with another woman before you get married.

In Navamsa, Mars rules the seventh house. If Mars’ aspect falls on the lord of this house, the results are likely to be troublesome. This combination can cause an odd behavior in your partner, such as not being duty-minded towards her. You should not pursue any inter-caste relationships if this aspect is in your chart.

Mars’ aspect on mars

When Mars makes an aspect to Mercury in your navamsa chart, you should take note of it, as this can indicate that your ambitions are strong, and you will work hard to reach them. Mars is all about conquering lands and placing flags, so your ambitions will be strong, too. This aspect can also indicate that you will want to do business or manage your own business, so it’s a good idea to be realistic and set goals that can be accomplished by working hard.

In your navamsa chart, you can determine whether you have a career in the arts, an artistic profession, or a career in the military. Mars’ aspect on Mercury in your navamsa chart is particularly strong, since the planet rules the 7th house. Mars in this position gives you a slim, well-built partner and an attractive, tall, and beautiful wife.