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Love and Career in September Horoscopes

When it comes to your love life, you’ll likely be thinking of relationships, and that’s not an uncommon concern, but what about your career? In a September horoscope, you’ll find Mercury transiting your solar 11th house of friends and wishes, as well as Venus’ return to Leo. Mercury’s transit of your solar 11th house of friends is also a factor, as is Mars’ transit of your solar fourth house of friends.

Venus’ return to Leo

When it comes to love, September brings exciting changes and new beginnings. On Friday, September 10, Venus enters devoted Scorpio. On the same day, Mercury squares Pluto, but other aspects are supportive. Mercury, Venus, and Neptune all form powerful aspects. The combination of these planets can help you to see the light and appreciate what you already have. On September 30, Mercury squares Pluto. Mercury is retrograde for three weeks, but there are still plenty of positive aspects in your horoscope.

Relationships are the focus of September horoscopes, as Venus enters a sign that is known for its passion and devotion. Scorpions feel as if they’re giving too much and getting little in return. Those in this sign should be aware of tough decisions or sudden events that may arise. The energy of this transit will be heightened by the fact that Venus will be in their astrological signs for three weeks.

While it’s unlikely that a new relationship will start, this transit can bring exciting changes in existing relationships. The return of Venus to Leo brings the potential for new love. Leos are more charismatic and attractive than ever before and can easily change their status in relationships. Sexual intercourse will be more passionate, and the relationship will feel like a romantic comedy. Leos can also expect their partners to be more playful and fun during this time.

Mars’ transit of your solar fourth house of roots

You might have to deal with some difficult situations during the month of September, as Mars makes his way into the sign opposite your own solar fourth house. This transit activates the area of relationships, so you may experience tension and intense dealings with others. But, you can also use this time to ground your vision by focusing on improving your home. Mars’s transit of your solar fourth house of roots in September horoscopes may help you to make major changes to your home and surroundings.

If you’re a Libra, the month of September will see Venus oppose your Sun on the fifth, and Mars moving into your solar fourth house of roots on the 14th. This transit can cause you to withdraw from demanding situations or competitive people in order to discover your own inner self. This is a good time to learn about your deepest needs and your relationships. But, be wary of the potential for family revolt and spats.

If you’re a Virgo, your solar second house is influenced by Libran energy. Money and values are important to Librans, so you may find that your pursuits of wealth and material security need some extra support. But, Mars will also make you more resolute and will give you renewed mental energy and physical restlessness. Mars will also bring you renewed love and romance.

Mercury’s transit of your 11th house of friends

If you are single, you may be narrowing your focus on the right alliance during the months of September and October. During this time, Mercury is transiting your 12th house, which rules your friends, expenses, and research. Mercury in this house may help you to clear up any unresolved conflicts in your friendships. It may also help you gain financial success in your studies and research.

This transit also affects the moon sign Scorpio’s eleventh house. During this time, you may meet a potential romantic partner, find a new job, or make some important business decisions. If you’re single, Mercury’s transit of the 11th house will help you to improve your relationships with family and friends. However, if you’re in a relationship, Mercury in your 11th house of friends may cause you professional disappointment. You may experience uncertainty, doubts, or anxiety in your professional life. Those around you may be hesitant to invest in you or take advice from you, but you’ll find it easier to get things done with friends and family.

If you’re in the Pisces sign, Mercury’s transit of the 11th house of friends can make you feel secretive and lonely. However, if your 11th house of friends is ruled by Virgo, Mercury’s transit in September can make you feel more comfortable with friends and family. If you’re lonely, you may feel isolated, secretive, or even experience premonitions.

Venus’ placement in your first house of self

In September horoscopes, Venus’ placement in your first house can be problematic. This planet rules your relationships, and its placement in your first house will magnify your desire to be romantic. On the other hand, this placement can also indicate that your relationship problems may be due to the stalemate you’re experiencing. If you’re a father, this Venus placement could indicate your relationship problems.

When Venus is placed in your first house, you may find yourself surrounded by big social circles. You may be very outgoing and enjoy partying. You may also enjoy romance and relationships. However, you must be patient to handle this placement. Venus in your first house is not a good match for other planets in your horoscope.

As Venus rules your profession and the sixth house of education, it can also affect your income. You may see a significant boost in your income and get recognition for your creative work. Be careful not to take on debt during this Venus transit as it may keep you in an under-earning cycle. But the gains you receive through your opponents could be significant. If you don’t mind a bit of conflict at work, it’s not such a bad thing.

On September 10, Venus enters sexy Scorpio. If you’re single and love to spend time with your partner, Venus in Scorpio can encourage you to find new kinks. Those who are single will also enjoy new sex toys. Meanwhile, Mars in Libra can help you practice effective communication skills and keep your cool. So, that for which are you waiting?

Virgo’s New Moon on September 6

Virgo’s New Moon on September six horoscopes encourage down-to-earth efforts and the pursuing of goals and objectives. Virgo is intimately connected to the physical world, and with the energy of this new moon, you’ll be able to create the world you want. The new moon in Virgo forms a trine with innovative Uranus, the planet of revolutionary thought and eccentricity.

This new moon also highlights the twelfth house of the subconscious and imagination. This New Moon also signals the ingress of the earth sign Virgo. With this ingress, Librans will be more aware of their own limits and prioritize self-care and spiritual hygiene. The Libra new moon also encourages the use of time and space to meditate or write. In order to achieve this goal, Libra must make a conscious effort to take care of her own health.

If there are any relationship problems or emotional traumas, the New Moon in Virgo on September 6 will help you clear the air and move forward. Whether you’re looking to make a new start, or to begin a new relationship, the energy of this New Moon will help you accomplish your goals. It will help you get back on the right track with the support of others.

Libra’s Sun in 16th house of friends

Those born under the sign of Libra have their Sun in the 16th house of friends and family this September. This placement of the Sun is particularly advantageous, as it provides illumination on the solutions to problems. Mars in Libra connects with Saturn on September 24 and creates structure in everyday life, so that it is easier to keep a focus on the big picture. Librans can expect the new Moon on September 7 to provide an opportunity to make connections with friends and family, and the new moon in Virgo on September 8 encourages communication and cooperation.

This placement is also a positive for the sun, since Mercury is in Libra as well. This placement has an edge over Mercury’s retrograde cycle, and the sun’s ingress is positive. But Mercury’s retrograde will also affect communication and relationships, so be cautious when you talk about personal matters with those under your sign. You might not want to share too much information with someone, for fear of resenting them.

The full moon in Pisces occurs on September 20. Venus can elevate your professional standing through friendships. On September 10, Mars enters Libra’s house of action, a good sign for travel, higher education, and philosophy. If you’re looking for a romantic relationship, Venus in Scorpio can enchant a room and turn it into a lover. Mars in Libra also gives you courage and stamina.