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Mercury Remediation Astrology – What to Do If Mercury is in a Difficult Position

When reading your birth chart, it’s important to pay attention to Mercury. Mercury is a malefic planet that sits in the 6th, 12th, and 8th houses of the birth chart. If Mercury is in one of these places, there’s a good chance that you are affected by Mercury contamination. Here are some things to consider if Mercury is in a difficult position. Mercury in the 6th or 8th house is a sign that you should avoid, and a placement in one of those houses could make it more likely that you will become sick or injured.

Mercury is a malefic planet

As a ruler of the signs Virgo and Aquarius, Mercury represents communication, humor, and writing skills. Generally, Mercury stays in each sign for 30 days. It takes a year to complete one zodiac cycle. Mercury is always less than 30 degrees from the Sun, so it can be beneficial or bad for your chart, depending on your sign. Mercury is also beneficial to ascendants of Capricorn and Aquarius, but not to those born under Gemini.

While Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, it does get more combusted than the other planets. It also plays an important role in the ascendant sign, where it can act as a malefic. Mercury can also be flip-flopping in astrology. Its trine to the Sun is a powerful aspect, so it is important to know how Mercury will affect your chart.

The benefic effects of Mercury are huge. If powerfully placed, Mercury will make you a brilliant writer, a skilled doctor, or a very successful writer. If Mercury is exalted in Virgo or Gemini, you will be intelligent and extremely successful in your career. In addition, planet Mercury in your natal chart can make you the center of attention, rich, and successful. Mercury in your chart is a good omen for your material life.

It is in Sagittarius

If you’re looking for a career boost, Mercury in Sagittarius is the right time to go after it. You may be in the midst of a big campaign for awareness or a new job opportunity, or you might be thinking about taking a new step in your life. Either way, Mercury in Sagittarius is helping Sagittarius vibes feel better and make new connections. Mercury in Sagittarius is also an excellent time to learn more about a new field or get a fresh perspective on an old subject.

People with Mercury in Sagittarius are direct thinkers who are prone to expressing themselves without thinking before speaking. This energy is good for promoting freedom of thought and cultural sensitivity, but it can also cause a flare of rebellion in some individuals. This is why Mercury remediation is in Sagittarius is important. But what about Mercury in Sagittarius? Here are some characteristics of Sagittarius that you might want to be aware of:

May 23 is the full moon in Sagittarius, which will be a wonderful time to volunteer, or take on a new project. Also on May 29, Venus will square off with Neptune, which may make you more health conscious. In June, Mercury will go retrograde again in Sagittarius, causing you to put off projects that may take too long. It’s not impossible to find time for a project around Mercury in Sagittarius, but you’ll need to take care of it as soon as possible.

It is in Pisces

If you’re suffering from relationship problems right now, Mercury remediation astrology is in Pises. Mercury in Pisces can make things tough, but it can also teach you a lot about yourself. This aspect can help you understand your partner better, and find out what’s missing in your relationship. Here are some ways to make the most of Mercury in Pisces. Read on to learn more!

With Mercury in Pisces, your subconscious mind will have a larger voice. Your intuition will be amplified and you’ll find yourself feeling things others only think about. Pisces will remind you to expand your thinking and reach your potential. It can also lead to misunderstandings. Make sure to make an effort to communicate your feelings with others. In general, this transit can bring you new ideas and connections.

The retrograde period begins about two weeks before Mercury enters Pisces, and ends when it returns to its original sign. Then Mercury takes two weeks to regain full speed again. This is called the pre-shadow period, and the post-shadow period, which occurs after Mercury has gone retrograde. When Mercury stations in Pisces, it will move through a specific point in the sky. It will move backward and forward by several degrees during the retrograde period, and then begin its full speed recovery afterward.

It is in Sagittarius in the sixth house

When Mercury is in the sixth house of Sagittarius, natives have an overly active mind and are easily distracted. Mercury in this house is also highly nervous. While they may be very helpful to others, they often have trouble communicating their feelings. This may result in a career that involves dealing with duplicitous co-workers or people who don’t have the best intentions for them.

When Mercury is in Sagittarius, the sixth house represents daily obstacles, hard work, and competition. This house also represents relationships with people outside of one’s immediate family. It can also bring grief, emotional trauma, and depression. The sixth house is also associated with ambition, perseverance, and the ability to improve one’s life. However, when Mercury is in the sixth house of Sagittarius, it can also bring about health problems and a lack of courage.

If Mercury is in the sixth house of Sagittarius, an individual may have trouble concentrating or working. Mercury in this house also means the individual may have a high energy level and be easily distracted by other activities. In addition to this, Mercury in the sixth house of Sagittarius also indicates a strong interest in nutrition and health, and will be highly engaged in helping others.

It is in Gemini

This month, Mercury will transit into the Airy zodiac sign of Gemini at 11:26 AM (PST), giving Taurians and Aquarians the opportunity to reorient themselves. This transit can help a Taurian or Aquarian make a pivotal analysis of their lives. During Mercury’s transit in Gemini, they may be rewarded with financial abundance and wealth from a variety of sources. Taurians should stay grounded and calm as they work to gain knowledge in many fields. While they are highly praised for their work, Taurians should not indulge in too much work during this transit. Rather, Taurians should avoid rushing through their work and rest for their physical and mental well-being.

The Mercury retrograde in Gemini is a good time to reevaluate and refocus on the things that are important to you. This is also an excellent time to join associations that align with your vocational inspiration. This is an excellent time to explore new romantic opportunities as well. And if you’re single, Mercury in Gemini can help you find a partner who has the same ideals as you.

It is in Virgo

Mercury rules Virgo and Pisces. This planet reflects our ability to express ourselves and our needs to others. Mercury is a painstaking perfectionist who is hard-core and often possesses a need to improve. While this may sound like an ideal sign, Mercury in Virgo can also be a little too sharp for some people, so learning to forgive and to let go is necessary to keep your stress levels at a reasonable level.

While Mercury is the planetary ruler of Virgo, it is also a notorious planet, due to its infamous retrograde cycles. This mercurial deity rules our communication, transportation, and cognitive functioning. The planet’s retrograde motions can also affect other planets in important chart points, such as the time lord, profection, and nativity. When Mercury is in Virgo, you’ll experience misunderstandings and confusion regarding appointments, contracts, and other details.

While Mercury can be useful for communication and magical tech support, it does not do well in Pisces or Sagittarius, as these signs are considered dark signs. Mercury’s placement in a dark house can also cause problems, so make sure to make other arrangements in advance if Mercury is in your sign. Having Mercury in the fourth house can lead to chronic car trouble, poor communication, and general unluckiness.

It is in TAURUS

In Taurus, it is time to take stock of your life and work toward your goals. The new moon in Taurus will be a time of emotional transformation. You may be called upon to take on a leadership role that will allow you to help others. The Taurus new moon also signals that you may be given a challenging task. This new position could require you to work with new people or devote yourself more personally. On May 13, Jupiter enters Pisces, providing the opportunity for exponential growth.

While Mercury has multiple ways of thinking, in Taurus it appears as if he is weighing every word carefully. Taurus natives may even resort to eye-rolling and sarcasm. Because Taurus rules the throat, it is no surprise that their voice is quite melodious. Their voice is also measured, resulting in an unpretentious, measured style of communication. But as the sign of Taurus, Mercury can also influence the way we communicate.

While the transit of Mercury in Taurus is often associated with miscommunication, it can also affect financial matters. Asking for a raise or signing a new contract during Mercury retrograde can lead to miscommunications. You should re-evaluate your finances during this transit and make any necessary changes. Mercury will move forward in the degrees it will return to, which can lead to technical glitches and miscommunications. If you are dealing with someone, Mercury retrograde can bring emotional turmoil. You may also reflect on the patterns of your relationships in the past.