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Mercury Retrograde in Vedic Astrology

Mercury, the “Karaka” of Speech, Intellect, and Transportation, is currently retrograde. Learn how it affects communication, transportation, and love compatibility. Here are some ways to make the most of its effects. You might find a new idea, or discover new speaking or writing abilities. Or maybe you’ll discover some internal dialogue that needs work. Mercury’s retrograde will make you more creative.

Mercury retrograde is the “Karaka” of Speech, Memory and Intellect

In Vedic astrology, Mercury is the planet of speech, memory and intellect. It rules the signs Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. Mercury is a hermaphrodite and is capable of adapting to many situations. Mercury has no inherent sect. According to Vedic astrology, it changes its sect depending on its sign, whether it is rising or setting. When rising in its sign, Mercury is diurnal. If it sets after the Sun, it is nocturnal.

Similarly, Mercury can cause problems in relationships. During Mercury’s retrograde periods, relationships can face turbulence. As such, it is best to avoid committing to a long-term relationship during this time. In addition, engaging in partnerships or engaging in an engagement during Mercury’s retrograde phase could result in a breakup.

Vedic astrology considers Mercury to be the “Karaka” of speech, memory and intellect. Its position is closely tied to the sun. Retrograde Mercury makes communication difficult, especially for those in sales. However, it is still the planet of communication and general mental well-being. Mercury is also associated with short trips, children, and literary affairs.

Mercury retrograde is associated with the gem emerald, although substitutes can include green tourmaline or peridot. Because Mercury rules all shades of green, it represents things of mixed tastes. Its shape is a triangle. Positive Mercury key words include brilliance, versatility, and dexterity. Negative Mercury key words include indecision, nosiness, and criticism.

A person with an idealized image of Mercury will have a highly competitive nature and will be able to handle challenges strategically and effectively. However, this retrograde Mercury can be a blessing for people in business. Mercury will be in the limelight and will try to polish his status through communication and management skills. In addition, he or she will need to take care of his or her parents to keep them healthy and happy.

Historically, Mercury was born from an association between the Moon and Tara. The Moon abducted Tara and brought her to the Ashram of Shukracharya, the guru of the Asuras. After gaining this lordship, Mercury became arrogant. However, the gods appealed to Mercury to help them make a better judgment. Mercury eventually returned Tara to her husband. She was carrying a child. Later, he found out that the Moon was the father.

It affects transportation

Vedic astrology relates transportation and the planet Mercury to the wind. However, when Mercury goes retrograde, it is not only slowing down but also making travel and transportation more difficult. If your schedule is affected by Mercury retrograde, you may want to postpone major decisions. Be especially cautious if you’re on public transportation. The wind may be blowing in unexpected directions. If you’re planning on making a large purchase, you should keep all your receipts and warranty papers safe. Also, avoid long-distance travel or traveling if possible. If you have to make a decision, consider postponing the purchase.

Vedic astrology recognizes that the movement of Mercury through various signs of the zodiac will influence different aspects of the signs of the zodiac. Throughout the years, Mercury affects transportation, communication, and technology. The planet Mercury goes through three retrograde periods each year: January-February, June-October, and September-October. This transit affects many aspects of human life, including ignorance and travel.

Vedic astrology relates Mercury to the earth. It affects the native’s wealth, spirituality, and longevity. Vedic astrology also notes that Mercury retrograde affects the native’s memory, decision-making, and sensitivity. The planet Mercury can cause some people to become irritated and frustrated. However, Mercury retrograde can lead to great creativity, and Aries is known for this quality.

Vedic astrology also relates Mercury to the planet of communication. During the retrograde phase, Mercury moves backwards through the planet’s network. Because Mercury moves backwards, this means that it may be possible to meet up with old friends, colleagues, or group dates. While Mercury is in retrograde, the planet Jupiter is in its own retrograde motion until 18 October. A major retrograde of Mercury would affect the communication system in our lives.

Vedic astrology identifies Mercury as an auspicious planet that brings good results. Mercury also increases the influence of the native’s voice, and gives more space for personal and spiritual reflection. Mercury is the messenger of communication, and its greatest weakness is deception. As a result, the planet Mercury is associated with travel, speaking, and learning. Mercury retrograde also increases the chances of a car accident.

It affects communication

If you want to know how Mercury retrograde affects communication in Vedic Astrology, then you need to understand how it works. Mercury is a planet, so any time it stations backwards, you will feel its effects. This can be difficult, especially when traveling. It can also change a situation dramatically. Here are some useful tips for Mercury retrograde. And remember: Mercury is not your only planet.

The most common signs that aren’t affected by Mercury retrograde are Cancer and Pisces. These two signs naturally reflect and go with the flow, so they have less of a negative effect than other signs. However, people who are under these signs are also less likely to enter a contract or prenup. It is also best to avoid making significant life decisions at this time. If you have a Mercury-ruled sign, you can do a social media detox or DIY silent retreat.

While Mercury is the fastest planet in the solar system, it slows down as it passes the Earth. This means that Mercury appears to be spinning backwards, causing communication problems. Mercury is associated with confusion, travel, and technology. But despite all of its negative impacts, it will be back to normal once Mercury is back in its regular orbit in 2022. That’s not to say that Mercury retrograde doesn’t affect love relationships.

When Mercury retrograde, all forms of communication will be delayed. It will also impact your listening and perception of others. As such, you may experience emotional friction, drifts in your work, and criticism. Creative people may feel blocked or stifled. This can even prevent them from achieving their goals. Those with a Mercury-ruled zodiac may experience difficulties expressing their ideas.

In Vedic astrology, Mercury is considered an auspicious planet. As such, it should be a good time to expand your knowledge and learn new things. Moreover, this planet is in a retrograde cycle when the sun enters Libra. If Mercury retrograde affects your communication, this planet may make you forgetful, careless, and forgetful. It may also make you feel frustrated.

It affects love compatibility

When the planet Mercury is in retrograde, it can cause a wide range of problems, including misunderstandings and conflicting schedules. The ruling planet of Virgo, Mercury, can also affect relationships, as misunderstandings with partners can bring close-to-home emotional effects. Singles who are Mercury-ruled should try to avoid conflicting schedules and communicate thoughtfully with their partners.

When Mercury is retrograde, it can trigger cerebral upheaval for Pisces, particularly in their subconscious sector. This can result in old traumas surfacing in their psyche. A good way to deal with Mercury’s retrograde effects is to practice meditation or find a quiet space to meditate. You should also keep healing crystals close by to aid communication. Lastly, it’s important to keep a journal.

Although Mercury can affect love compatibility in Vedic astrology, it can also impact hookups and relationships. Mercury retrograde can cause an ex-girlfriend to react to you in strange ways. This can be a great opportunity for creativity and closure. Insecurities can also be a problem if the opposite sign is experiencing the same retrograde. It can also throw the balance in relationships and cause some people to feel like flirting.

Mercury’s retrograde can affect travel and communication. Traveling may be difficult and communication might be less than optimal, as the planet’s orbit slows down. However, Mercury retrograde also gives us opportunities to resurrect unfinished projects. If the two of you have a common interest, you may be able to take advantage of the opportunity. Mercury may be retrograde in Vedic astrology and move forward with resurrected projects and assignments.

When Mercury is retrograde, Taurus tends to be impulsive. Although they are typically thoughtful, Taurus can become impulsive and erratic. They may miss close personal communication with their partners. They can also blame others or things for problems. Be aware of these occurrences to avoid misplaced anger. There is also a chance of arguments or misunderstandings, so avoid any relationship if Mercury is retrograde.