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Mercury – The Planet of Communication and Negotiation in Indian Astrology

If you’re curious about Mercury’s influence on the human psyche, read this article. It will answer many of your questions about Mercury, the planet of communication and negotiation. In Hindu astrology, Mercury is one of the seven auspicious planets. In Hindi, Mercury represents the ‘thinking capacity’ in a person. Its Sanskrit name is ‘Budha’, which means ‘intellect’.

Mercury is considered to be an auspicious planet

The most auspicious planet in Indian astrology is Mercury. It bestows wealth and intelligence to its natives. It is considered as the avatar of Vishnu and is worshipped on Wednesday. This planet rules the Kanya and Mithuna rashis, and stays one month in each. In addition to its auspicious qualities, Mercury also provides a strong influence on the mind and is an excellent choice for writers.

People born under a strong Mercury influence are typically tall, stout, and of average height. They tend to have dark hair and curved eyebrows. They are also likely to appear younger than their actual age. Mercury’s position in a chart determines the qualities of the native. A native born with this planet in their birth chart is likely to be successful in education and soft skills.

The Moon is also considered an auspicious planet in Hindu astrology. It is an ally of the Sun and Jupiter and has a great deal of significance in Hindu mythology. In the Nrusingh Puran, the moon is the disciple of Jupiter. When he returned home from Jupiter, Chandra and Tara fell in love with the Moon, and they had an illicit relationship. This resulted in the birth of the planet Mercury.

As far as careers go, Mercury is the best planet for a career if it is located in a favorable position. The planet will be connected to Mars via the PAC (Planetary Attribute Coordinate) in your horoscope. If Mercury is in a good position with Mars in a chart, you might make a good revenue officer or bank agent. Mars can also make an excellent Astrologer.

If Mercury is in the ninth house of a hora, you are a creative, clever and creative person. The seventh Vaar belongs to Saturn. This planet is considered the main Hora, and the sixth day of the week is an auspicious day for agriculture, technology, and love relations. If you were born on a Wednesday, you are intelligent, soft-spoken, and tolerant, but you may suffer from problems when you are in your teens or young adulthood.

Mercury is a negotiator

The Moon in Virgo is ruled by Mercury, a great sign for those who love to negotiate and have excellent communication skills. If Mercury is in your career chart, you can expect to have great success in your career, especially in your field of work. Your career prospects will improve as you are able to communicate better and share new ideas. You may even get a raise. In the stock market, you may enjoy good returns.

In Pisces, Mercury is the lord of the second and fourth houses, which relate to speech, wealth, and family. This will create an excellent time for making decisions. Urjit Patel is most likely to be balanced in his approach. His stars indicate that his mind is fertile and active. This will enable him to make creative decisions. He will be able to solve problems with his intellect and creativity.

This planet represents our intellect and speech. The planet is a mutable planet, and thus easily influenced by the other planets. In Hindi astrology, Mercury represents the ability of a person to think. In Sanskrit, Mercury is known as Buddhi, which means “intelligence.”

If Mercury is in Gemini, you may encounter difficulty in communicating with your partner. Mercury and Gemini are also associated with the caduceus. This feisty planet can catapult you to a new life trajectory. Mercury and Gemini can improve your romantic and social life, but Mercury’s placement can be challenging in some cases. Aries is a great sign for communication.

Mercury is a factor of speech

In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is a factor of speech, because it is the Fire Element and can lead to the exhaustion of vital energies if we talk too much. Ancient Indian seers advocated complete silence and control over speech. Natives with weak Mercury are expected to be shy and have difficulty in controlling and keeping their speech. In addition, they may spoil their work due to their uncontrollable speech. Mercury is composed of atoms that were once part of the solar atmosphere, and it is therefore hot.

Vedic astrology considers Mercury as a personal planet. It determines a person’s connection or bond with others during this lifetime. In Hindi astrology, Mercury represents speech, and in some cultures, it signifies intelligence. People with powerful Mercury have sharp memories, and they are often able to make the best decisions. Mercury helps us understand and process information and to make sound judgments.

The Sage Paras, a scholar of Vedic astrology, described Mercury as a charming god, fond of jokes. The color green is also associated with Mercury, since green represents balance and calmness. A common home remedy for problems caused by Mercury is green Tulsi. Mercury will show its best effect when the native reaches thirty years of age. As the planet of communication, Mercury rules the signs of Virgo and Gemini.

If debilitated Mercury is in the seventh house, it is a sign of wisdom and spirituality. People with debilitated Mercury have trouble with language, so they seek wisdom and spiritual development through reading, writing, and pilgrimages. People with debilitated Mercury are often highly religious, and they are inclined to seek divine knowledge. They read books about spiritual development and are inclined toward a life of service.

As the planet of intellect and communication, Mercury can be placed in a house before or after the Sun. When Mercury is in an adverse position, it can have both malefic and benefic results. In a positive house, Mercury can be in a favorable position and can lead to easy speech. Mercury in the eleventh house indicates an ability to study higher. This planet is also a factor in marriage and in some areas of education.

Mercury is a factor of communication

As Mercury rules the arms, ears, and nervous system, it is an important factor to pay attention to when interpreting your natal horoscope. Incorrect placement of Mercury can lead to difficulties in communication and your mentality can be clouded. While Mercury can be beneficial when placed well, bad placement can lead to lack of intellect, neurotic anxiety, and insomnia. Also, improper placement of Mercury can lead to respiratory problems and immaturity. In Hindi astrology, Mercury is associated with the sense organs, brain, and nervous system.

People with strong Mercury are persuasive and can easily persuade others. Their ability to communicate is excellent, making them good writers, columnists, and media people. Their ability to separate good from bad makes them a valuable asset to many professions. They are not afraid to speak their mind and are prone to voicing opinions without reservation. Despite their weaker aspects, Mercury-ruled people tend to have a charming and impressive personality.

When Mercury is ill-placed, people can be gullible and easily influenced by others. Likewise, people with badly-placed Mercury can be very good businessmen, but it can also cause problems with their ability to make sound decisions. Geminis also tend to be good bluffers and are prone to overanalyzing situations. However, if Mercury is well-placed, they can be excellent communicators.

The Moon and Mercury are enemies but sometimes they combine for good. In a good conjunction, Mercury and Moon can foster intellectual growth. People with Moon-Mercury conjunctions are prone to using sugary speech and tact. Their conversation skills are exceptional, and they are often the talk of the town. Mercury is the god of communication and fortune. But, Mercury conjunctions can benefit you or harm you, so it is best to be aware of how they affect you.

Mercury is a planet of the mind. Its presence in the birth chart determines how intelligent and clever you are, and it is responsible for your appearance. The weakest Mercury affects communication because it causes people to lose their calm easily. People with weak Mercury are also more likely to become anxious and overly pessimistic, and they may miss out on opportunities because they are skeptical. A weak Mercury can also result in a lack of motivation.