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The Full Moon in Leo and the Aquarius Sun Sign Today

If you are born under the sign of Leo, you will likely be involved with higher positions within government and commerce. This means a fixed income with the security of government service, but you may also earn through speculation, music, theatre, or precious metals. Leos are also highly executive and are naturally fitted to oversee great enterprises. They are typically born as presidents, corporations managers, and officers and captains. Throughout the day, you may feel an urge to travel, so make sure you dress in appropriate attire today.

Full Moon in Leo

The Full Moon in Leo today brings excitement and a feeling of happiness to our day. Leo is the sign of fire, the life of the party, and is known for its big heart. However, this energy can be too much for us when combined with the Aquarius Sun. So how do we navigate the full moon? Listed below are some suggestions. Keep reading to discover more about the Full Moon in Leo today.

The Full Moon in Leo emphasizes personal pleasure, love, and self-expression. This Moon’s energy can bring you more credibility, authority, and better career opportunities. It can also help you recharge your crystals to bring about change and harmony in your life. It is the perfect time to make adjustments and reflect on what you’ve been holding back. This powerful energy is meant to empower you to reach your full potential. In addition, the Full Moon in Leo today harmonizes with the planet Jupiter, the planet of luck and healing.

A Leo may feel pulled between home and family, work and career. This Moon can inspire healing and enlightenment in the most unexpected places. The Leo Full Moon is an excellent time to expand your circle and embrace the artistic part of yourself. Don’t worry about letting others down, as your feelings will be settled with time. Just be sure to take the time to process your feelings and be honest with yourself.

If you want to explore astrology and the Full Moon in Leo, you can read up on the sign of your zodiac sign. This full moon in Leo also highlights the seventh house, which rules over one-on-one relationships. It could even bring about a significant conversation in a relationship. The full moon in Leo may also lead to the beginning of a new contract or the invitation to a highly anticipated public event.

Lunation in Leo

Aries can feel the excitement and social energy of the new moon today. You may meet some hot dates, or network very well. Whatever the reason, this energy can propel you to greater heights. The full moon in Leo adds to this feel-good vibe. And this energy will also make you laugh, so get ready to have fun! But remember, whatever you do, make sure it resonates with your soul. This lunation can bring about a sense of adventure in your life!

The new moon in Leo falls on February 16 at 11:11 pm ET. This is an auspicious time for romantics and lovers. The new moon is also romantic, generous, and daring, and it forms a squaring conjunction to the planet Uranus, the planet of unforeseen events and scattered restlessness. If you are a Leo, take advantage of the energy this new moon brings.

A full moon is a good time to make your goals a reality. Practice public gratitude, especially to those who helped you achieve your goals. A full moon is also a good time to begin a project tied to learning. The time is also good for action and you may even receive a cosmic download. A guide may come through, but be prepared to listen to your intuition! If you haven’t already, try reading the full moon in Leo today and make the most of the energy it brings.

A full moon can bring a sense of drama, but this lunar event can help you feel your inner power. It’s also a good time to contact your emotions and express yourself more fully. Mars and Venus are in Leo, and this is a good time to get back to your creative side and express yourself! And remember, you’re a Leo, so don’t hold back! And if you’re a Leo today, you’re in a fiery mood!


If you are born under the Leo star sign, you are likely to be generous and trusting. However, this sign is also prone to haughtiness. Regardless of what you do, this sign will do its best to fulfill its promises. It is unlikely to backtrack from its course. In love, a Leo is known to show intense fervor, make vibrant connections and be honest. However, Leos can be controlling and jealous.

Leos are deeply religious and mystic. They rule the forces of creation and the emergence of something from an inspiration. As such, they may have an artistic streak. The mystery of creativity may be divine, or it may be personal. Whatever the source of their creativity, Leos may be attracted to it. They may also be drawn to mystery and the enchantment of life. The sun rules over the sign of Leo, and so it’s important to pay attention to their personal style, vitality and self-esteem.

Although Leos are generally good-hearted, they can be a source of resentment when taken to extremes. Leos can be domineering, narcissistic, greedy, and self-confident. They can also be very meddling and engrossing in the lives of others. This dominance can lead to a lack of empathy and compassion. Therefore, it is crucial to develop self-soothing routines.

Despite their good nature, Leos can also be quite prickly and require a lot of love and affection. They can be dramatic when hurt or humiliated, but rarely display sulking in public. Leos take things in a dignified manner in public. Their emotional drama, however, can be exhibited at home. However, they are generally well liked and loved, and have a strong sense of justice.

Relationships in Leo

A relationship with a Leo can be a joy to share. Their strong sense of self-esteem and impulsive nature make them a fun partner to be with. While a Leo is not likely to be the most stable partner, they are extremely compatible with each other. This makes them excellent partners to complement and encourage one another. Leos are also very dramatic, which means they are likely to blow disagreements out of proportion. If your relationship with a Leo does not end up as you planned, you may have to deal with a lot of drama.

The Sun rules Leo and represents Self. As such, Leos are highly possessive, but they can be loving and generous partners. But they can also be possessive and need time and space to spend with their partners. Therefore, a Leo must be flexible enough to give their partners the space they need to enjoy their relationships. Relationships with a Leo can also be challenging because their stubbornness may make them unwilling to compromise.

Leos are very affectionate, but this does not mean that they can’t be critical of their partners. In fact, Leos can be very easily offended if they don’t feel appreciated. That’s why it is important to remind them of their inner life. By shining their light on others, they will feel loved and desired by their partner. Relationships in a Leo can be intense, passionate, and devoted. If your relationship is harmonious with these characteristics, it will be both fun and fulfilling.

A relationship with a Leo requires passionate, exciting, and spicy lovemaking. While Leos need an intense connection, they also need the companionship of a Gemini. Leos are very loyal, but they need their partners to be completely honest and trustworthy. They don’t like to be controlled, but they do appreciate the company of a Leo. They are also extremely generous, so it’s important to find the right partner for their unique traits.

Epiphanies in Leo

A day of deep reflection and self-awareness, today’s Epiphanies in Leo sun sign are the perfect time to take a step back and examine your life. The Moon is in the sector of joy, so Leos tend to gravitate toward activities that require creativity, competition and play. They may find that someone special can motivate them to perform their best. Apply structure and meaning to the energies of today, and you’ll begin a cycle of self-understanding, intimate needs and power dynamics. You’ll also have a chance to remove yourself of self-defeating habits.

You might have been burying deep feelings about ownership and finances. These feelings may come to the surface now, as the 18th’s Full Moon triggers emotional memories. You may find yourself evaluating your talents and self-worth for the first time. If you’ve had a difficult time focusing on your talents and accomplishments, you may have a revelation today about how to prioritize your goals. Regardless of how elusive these epiphanies are, you can’t afford to ignore them.

A new beginning is afoot for Leos this year. Mercury retrograde is revealing the roots of some anxiety and control issues. To cope with these issues, you might want to get professional help or drop your PR campaign. Be more authentic. Leos are beloved by others for their warmth, sincerity, and generosity of spirit. And if you’re worried that people won’t like you, consider hiring an agent.

This new moon is a powerful time for self-discovery, as the Sun moves through Aries until April 19th. Aries is the ninth house of independence and blue-sky thinking, so Leo’s ideas may be more grandiose than usual. For example, a Leo with an Aries sun and Moon may join a start-up or launch an entrepreneurial endeavor, which will eventually lead to financial freedom.