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The Signs of Mercury in the Mercurian Astrology Chart

Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun. It is also the dominant planet in the mercurian astrology chart. Mercury is a flexible and extroverted planet, and the natives with this placement would be easy going and sociable. A native of this sign would have many friends and would be highly intelligent. It is believed that people born under this sign have more daughters than sons. But, are the signs of Mercury really true?

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun

If you are interested in learning more about the astrology of Mercury, you should know that it is the smallest and fastest planet in our solar system. The planet is named after the Roman messenger god Mercury, who was also known by ancient people thousands of years ago. Mercury is only slightly bigger than Earth’s moon, so it would take over 18 Mercurys to cover the entire Earth. Mercury has a rocky surface, but a heavier interior. It is made mostly of iron, so mercurian astrology focuses on the planetary characteristics.

The visual magnitude of Mercury is calculated from the most recent ephemerides. It is important to note that this magnitude data is only a rough approximation and is often inaccurate. Comets and other rapidly changing objects have large discrepancies between observed and predicted brightness. That is why Mercury is often regarded as the planet of relationships and fertility in mercurian astrology.

Mercury is the dominant planet in a mercurian astrology chart

If Mercury is the dominant planet in your birth chart, you’re likely to be quick-witted, curious, and lacking in concentration. As the planet of the conscious mind, Mercury is the planet of logic, quick-learning, and the left side of the brain. Because of this, people with Mercury as the dominant planet in their astrology chart often have a broad range of interests.

A Mercury-ruled person is likely to be an excellent communicator. They are quick-witted, clever, and loquacious. They are able to link ideas and opinions, and have many diverse interests. Their mind is dexterous, and they dance between reason and imagination. They are able to make connections between different ideas and opinions without losing sight of their own needs.

Mercury is extroverted

If you are born under the sign of Mercury, you are an extroverted individual who tends to be aggressive and outgoing. While you will probably have more respect and get your opinions validated if Mercury is in your first house, you should beware of being too assertive. You might end up with a boisterous, aggressive personality that will annoy others and may not be appropriate for all situations. Nonetheless, you will find that Mercury in this house is a definite advantage as it can enhance your personality.

The next two weeks will have your mind full of ideas, and your Aries may be eager to explore and sense everything. As Mercury moves through their sector of growth and learning, your Aries might feel more inclined to learn than usual. They may even be surprised at how much wisdom they possess. Your focus may be on travel, academics, legalities, or spirituality. You may also be tempted to think about international affairs during this time.

Mercury is a flexible planet

Mercury is a flexible planet and the ruler of mutable signs. Its placement in your birth chart will determine the intellectual style of the sign. Mercury rules language, reading, and writing. It also rules communication, telecommunication, computing, and electronic gadgets. In mercurian astrology, Mercury rules all of these areas. Mercury dominates people’s birth charts and rules the mind and hands.

People with Uranus in their natal chart can pursue a career in computer science or in any other field that requires analytical thinking. If Mercury is in your natal chart, you could be very interested in careers in the sciences, because you have strong analytical thinking and reasoning skills. If Mercury is the dominant planet in your natal chart, you might consider a career involving hands-on projects. If your natal chart contains either planet, it is likely that your natal charts will include a number of strengths and weaknesses.

Mercury is a sign of communication

Mercury is the planet that rules mutable signs. Mercury can be blunt, impatient, and impulsive depending on your sign. However, if your Mercury is strong in your birth chart, you can be very communicative. You can even be a little aggressive in making new friends! Mercury in Leo has all of these traits. If you’ve Mercury in Leo in your birth chart, here are some tips to help you become a better communicator.

People with strong Mercury in their natal chart are always on the move. This can make them nervous or unwilling to make massive action. Mercury is a thinker and not a doer, so Mercury-dominant people are quick to learn new things. They’re also often prone to gossip, enjoy small talk, and enjoy superficial conversations. In addition to communication, people with Mercury in their birth chart tend to have high IQs and are very easy to get along with.

Mercury is a sign of intelligence

In mercurian astrology, Mercury rules over the mind. Its influence is felt in the quickness of thought and speech patterns. Those born with this element are likely to be more pragmatic and logical, while those born under the sign of Aquarius are more emotional and intuitive. Gemini, for example, is ruled by Mercury, and is often a great asset in the creative arts.

In mercurian astrology, people born with strong Mercury will typically be tall, stout, and average in height. They will likely have dark hair and expressive eyes. They will have thin voices, and appear younger than their actual age. The most notable aspect of a Mercury-ruled birth is its relation to the voice. It is also associated with education and business.

Mercury rules Gemini

Generally speaking, astrology indicates that Mercury rules Gemini. This planet rules Gemini through its inquisitiveness and communication skills. As an air sign, Gemini is prone to socializing and networking. They are quick learners and great questioners, and this influence also makes them intellectual. In addition to their fast learning ability, Geminis are prone to planning social events and organizing them. Mercury also rules Gemini in retrograde cycles, so this aspect is compatible with those born with this sign.

While Mercury rules Gemini in astrology, this doesn’t mean that this planet is ineffective. Mercury spends about two or three weeks in each sign. When Mercury is retrograde, however, it can stay in one sign for as long as ten weeks. Because Mercury is never far from the Sun, Mercury can circle the zodiac in about a year. Even with its short lifetime, Mercury can make Gemini people incredibly clever and versatile.

Mercury rules Leo

This retrograde will activate the sector of the horoscope where intense bonds are ruled by Mercury. This retrograde may trigger feelings of insecurities, including a desire to reach out to an ex or flirt with an ex-lover. Whether it is sexual relations, the economy, or personal relationships, Mercury’s retrograde can have a profound effect on your life. If your chart is dominated by Mercury, it will feel like you’re constantly trying to measure up to others.

As the ruler of communication, Mercury reveals your communication style and intellectual interests. Mercury’s position in your chart will affect your voice in many ways, including your ability to communicate clearly and with humor. It can also indicate your wit, liveliness, and curiosity. If you’ve ever wondered what you’re capable of, this planetary configuration could reveal a lot about your personality. Mercury is the most powerful planet in the astrological world, and its influence will be strongest when your sign is ruled by it.

Mercury rules Aquarius

People with Mercury ruling Aquarius are extremely creative, original, and love to break rules. They are not loud or flamboyant, but are quick to jump into new endeavors. If you are looking for a new hobby or subject to learn about, this is the perfect time. Mercury in Aquarius can help you to find your niche in the world. If you are seeking an unusual hobby, try studying astrology. You’ll discover some fascinating facts about the zodiac sign that you’ve never known before.

Mercury rules the fifth house, which is related to entertainment, as well as the eighth house, which relates to mysteries and uncertainties. Because Mercury rules Aquarius, it can bring mixed results. If Mercury is placed in the lagna, it will receive extra strength and directional power. This will increase your chances of a successful career and a positive attitude. But the downside of Mercury in Aquarius is that it can cause some problems in your relationship.

Mercury rules Pisces

As the planet of communication skills, Mercury rules Pisces in astrology. When this planet is in the sign of Pisces, the native can utilize their excellent intuition to improve relationships with people they love. Pisces is also highly sensitive and can have trouble expressing their feelings. Therefore, the individual should be patient with this sign and try to avoid major new ventures during this time. Mercury in Pisces is a good time to write down your plans and goals.

A person with Mercury in Pisces is usually soft-spoken and impressionable. This aspect of Mercury can make communication difficult, as Pisces people are not usually interested in details. While they can be impressionable, they have exceptional insight and the ability to take leaps of faith. However, this aspect of Mercury in Pisces can make people vulnerable to being exploited and hurt. Therefore, they should exercise caution when dealing with this aspect of Mercury in astrology.