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Egyptian Star Signs: Definitive Guide

If you are interested in knowing more about the Egyptian star signs, you’ve come to the right place. This article will introduce you to the four most common Egyptian signs. These include Anubis, Geb, Sekhmet, and Wadget. Read on to learn more about these stars and their meanings. After you’ve gotten your facts about these Egyptian gods, you’ll know which sign best describes you and what to do with it.


If you’re looking for a compatible partner, an Anubis in Egyptian star signs can be an excellent choice. People born under this god are conservative and astute. They are drawn to metaphysics and psychology. Their regal nature makes them a perfect match for Bastet and Isis. The Egyptian god Anubis rules the death and afterlife, so if your love life is a bit bleak, a partner with this sign could be the perfect choice.

People born under the Egyptian star sign Anubis are often independent, passionate, and creative. They are creative, hard-working, and passionate, but they prefer to work alone. They have a keen sense of justice and are conservative, but also love to express their opinions. They are good communicators and enjoy a creative lifestyle, but can be unpredictable and can be easily swayed. But despite their unrelenting nature, they are also incredibly loyal.

The Egyptian god Horus, also known as Hora, is the son of Osiris and represents order and harmony. Born after his father’s death, he was the protector of the pharaohs and united Upper and Lower Egypt. People born under the sign of Horus are optimistic, family-oriented, and determined, but can also be stubborn. People born under this sign have strong will, are very hard-working, and have good social skills.

If you’re born under the Egyptian star signs, Anubis will be the god of the dead and is an excellent choice for anyone who loves to help people. The god of death, Osirus, was also a favorite of Isis. People born under this sign are good with new beginnings and are great intuitives, but they can also suffer from bouts of deep melancholy. In contrast, people born under the Egyptian star signs Osiris and Anubis are also good choices for lovers.


These star signs represent the four elements. The first element is earth. The second element is air. This combination is known as the air element. Its characteristics include being perplexing, creative, and a self-starter. The Egyptian god of war, Geb, rules over this element. People born under this sign are highly ambitious and have a high level of self-confidence. These individuals are also highly disciplined and highly opinionated.

The fifth element, Geb, represents the earth. Ancient Egyptians believed that Geb’s laughter could start earthquakes, and this element is associated with Gemini and Aquarius traits. Another Egyptian star sign, Osirus, represents rebirth and fertility. People born under this sign are sensitive and loyal and are capable of making reliable friends. However, Geb people tend to be shy and persistent. In general, they are very good communicators.

The Ancient Egyptians also created a calendar, based on the zodiac. It consisted of 12 constellations and 36 decans. Each decan spanned 10 degrees of the zodiac and had its own ruling planet. These Egyptian decans were named after the Nile, a river in Egypt that provided the people with food and water. The Egyptians also believed that those born under the Nile sign were practical, peaceful, and logical. They were good observers and developed their intuition.

The fourth sign of the zodiac is Mut. This is the most logical of the Egyptian stars and is associated with vision and determination. Mut people are often shy and sensitive, with only close friends. Yet, they are very charming, practical, and logical. They are a good match for the signs Geb and Sekhmet. So, if you’re born under this sign, make sure to choose a partner based on the other Egyptian star signs!


The characteristics of people born under the Egyptian star signs Sekhmet are quite diverse. They have an arrogant, direct, and intelligent personality, and they are apt to become good leaders and managers. They are usually highly organized and are very personable, though they can also be hard-core perfectionists. Sekhmet people are usually highly ambitious, but they have a natural affinity for helping others. The traits of a Sekhmet person are similar to those of an Aquarian.

As the Egyptian goddess of war and rivalry, Sekhmet is also the guardian of justice. Her role was to punish rebels and keep the peace. Criminals were sometimes sacrificed to her as her messengers. Infections were also believed to be Sekhmet’s messengers. Sekhmet has no sympathy and does not understand doubts or pity. Her nature is as a strict judge and she does not easily forgive sinners.

People born under this sign often have strong observation skills and telephatic senses. They have a strong sense of duty and loyalty, and they are often ambitious and self-centered. People born under this sign also have a keen eye for detail. In addition to a strong will, they are able to make quick decisions and to solve problems without much difficulty. Moreover, people born under the sign of Sekhmet often possess a sharp mind and are very polemic. People born under this sign are also capable of winning the hearts and minds of others, and they often have great leadership qualities.

As the god of chaos in Egyptian mythology, the people born under this sign have a keen sense of order. They are often ambitious and strive to reach high goals. They don’t like defeat, and they are likely to solve problems with perseverance. People born under the Egyptian star signs Sekhmet tend to be friendly and sociable. However, they can be impatient in their pursuits. In the end, their success depends on their ability to work out their problems.


In addition to the zodiac, you can also learn about the Egyptian gods. The eye of Ra, for example, was the protector of the Egyptian people, and the hieroglyph for Wadjet can be seen below. The goddess Wadjet’s sanctuary also contained the temple of Horus, the pharaoh. Later, Wadjet was associated with Isis. Therefore, you may be a Virgo, an Aries, or a Taurus.

People born under the Egyptian God Sekhmet are highly intelligent, down-to-earth, and ambitious. They are also very good communicators. They enjoy being the center of attention. This sign is compatible with the signs of Geb and Bastet. However, people born under the Egyptian God Anubis prefer solitude and peace. They are direct and passionate. They are also compatible with signs of Bastet and Thoth.

The Egyptian god Thoth is the God of Learning and Writing. He is also the judge for the dead. Those born under this sign are organized, creative, and good communicators. Horus is the King of Earth. People born under the Nile sign are likely to be strong leaders in a relationship and successful in career, but may lack a desire for conflict. The Egyptian gods also influenced the Egyptian astrology signs.

People born under the sign of Sekhmet are highly intelligent and highly organized. They are natural leaders. They are perfectionists and have high levels of discipline. But, they can also be rude, direct, and aggressive. If you have a child, it’s likely they’ll want to protect their baby from harm. And, of course, the mother of the world is a powerful, protective force in their life. You’ll want to spend your days around her, not battling her.


When it comes to personalities, the Egyptian gods Osiris, Seth, and Mut make the best matches. As the father of the four main gods, these people are generally intelligent and free-spirited. They are also very good at teaching and selling. Despite the strong associations with Osiris and Thoth, these people are also very friendly and compassionate. As the god of the underworld, Osiris also represents fertility and resurrection.

The characteristics of the Mut zodiac sign include vision and the determination to make dreams a reality. These characteristics are often reflected in their love lives. Although shy and sensitive, these individuals are patient, loyal, practical, and logical. They are very likely to be very romantic and love long-term commitments, but they can be irritable and jealous. They are also very loyal and a great listener. However, they are also very critical and often suspect partners of infidelity.

A person born under the sign of Mut in the Egyptian zodiac is very sensitive and goal-oriented. A mother-like quality will come in handy as they grow into a more confident person. They may start off shy and standoffish, but will grow into a charming, self-confident individual over time. They will also become very helpful and generous with others. But be sure to keep an open mind when it comes to relationships if you’re born under the sign of Mut.

People born under the sign of Mut tend to be good parents and good friends. Although they’re shy and reserved, they tend to show their character traits only to those close to them. However, the people born under this sign will have a charming personality and a natural knack for attracting people. They have a practical and analytical mindset and are interested in philosophy and mysticism. They’re also very interested in learning about their own spirituality.