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Flat Earth Planets

There are many different explanations of how the planets were formed and how our solar system formed them. The flat earth model places the Earth in the center of the universe. However, it does not suggest that the sun orbits our planet. Instead, the flat Earth model places the sun over the world, like a carousel, broadcasting light and warmth downward. Despite the appeal of this idea, it lacks the scientific basis needed to support it.


Many believers in the flat earth theory have religious roots and cynicism. Many of these people were religious fundamentalists who resisted progress and sought to return to biblical literalism. A popular flat earther at the turn of the twentieth century was Samuel Birley Rowbotham, who proposed that the Earth was a flat disc centered on the North Pole, with Antarctica replaced by an ice wall at the outer boundary of the disc.

Many early Christians accepted the Aristotelian model of the earth, but a few malcontents pointed out that the Bible mentions ‘the four corners of the earth’. The early Christian church was divided, and the Monk Cosmas Indicopleustes argued that the earth is flat with a heavenly vault above it. Other early Christian scholars were convinced of the flat earth’s existence, but they were not convinced by the evidence.

Despite scientific evidence, flat-earth believers continue to believe that spherical Earth models are a myth. Even though these theories are unfounded, many ancient cultures subscribed to the flat-earth theory. The Greeks subscribed to this model until the classical period (323 BC), and Bronze Age and Iron Age civilizations in the Near East subscribed to the theory until the 17th century. While the Flat Earth Society has been at the forefront of this controversy, it is important to note that we are not endorsing them or their content.

The spread of the flat-earth belief has led to a proliferation of celebrities and a hefty catalog of pseudoscientific theories. A recent documentary based on interviews with flat-earth believers has even received endorsement from hip-hop star B.o.B. As the flat-earth movement continues to grow, experts question whether it is harmless or on the cusp of being mainstream. Nevertheless, it is still worth exploring, but for now, let’s look at the evidence.


The argument that the sun, moon, and planets are round and the earth is flat is a false one. According to conventional science, the earth is round and the sun is far from it, but this does not mean that the earth is flat. Many people think that the earth is round and is at the center of the universe, and this may be due to their belief in creationism. If this is the case, the flat earth argument should be discarded.

There are a variety of theories and evidence to support the idea that the earth is round. Some people believe that Antarctica is a huge ice wall and that planes do not need to refuel. But it is possible that the planes are flying over Antarctica because they do not need to refuel. This is a hoax designed to keep flat-earthers from realizing what they believe.

Flat-Earth believers are hardly the first to question the unquestionable. In the 1800s, this belief resurfaced among those who sought to return to biblical literalism. One of the prominent proponents of the flat Earth was Samuel Birley Rowbotham, a nineteenth-century religious fundamentalist with a history of dishonesty. His idea was that the Earth is an immovable disc centred at the North Pole with an ice wall at its outer boundary.

The pseudoscientific belief in the flat Earth began in the mid-19th century. Samuel Rowbotham, a signwriter in Dover, UK, founded the International Flat Earth Research Society in 1893. Its members included William Carpenter, E. W. Bullinger, and John Jasper. In the early 2000s, a new version of the society was formed and an annual flat earth conference was launched. However, the debate continues today, with many believers still adamant about its flatness.


The Flat Earth movement has its detractors, and there are a variety of models to choose from. Some flat-Earthers believe that Earth is a giant disc, spinning on its axis every 24 hours and orbiting the Sun at a speed of 66,000 miles per hour. This flat-Earth theory was once accepted as fact, and was even expressed in literature as recent as a few hundred years ago. Today, though, it is widely rejected, largely due to dogmatic scientific views of what constitutes a planet.

Those who embrace this theory face ridicule and social rejection, from acquaintances to employers who question their sanity. Even family members find other places to spend Thanksgiving. Meetings with flat-Earth adherents tend to focus on loss and social rejection. One adherent of this theory, named “the flat earth community,” calls this experience “coming out” – a common experience among members of the flat-Earth community.

Some of the original proponents of flat-earth thought were religious fundamentalists and literalists. Samuel Birley Rowbotham, a 19th century fundamentalist, published “The Earth Not a Globe,” a magazine that ridiculed science and entertained alternative theories. The flat-Earth movement developed a base in the United States, where it was a part of a town called Zion. It was revived in 1956, 1972, and 2004.

Some flat-earthers say that photos of the Earth are faked, GPS devices are rigged, and airplane pilots believe they are flying in straight lines around a sphere. They believe that the motive for hiding the Earth’s shape is purely financial, and there is a conspiracy to take advantage of space agency funding for private gain. So, how can the flat earth community claim to be right? The truth is, they’re all right in their belief, but what’s the truth?


Many prominent Americans hold convictions of flat earth planets. This belief is akin to religion in many ways. Flat earthers tend to be religious fundamentalists and literalists. The flat earth theory was popularized by Samuel Birley Rowbotham, a 19th century religious fundamentalist who was also known for his cynicism and dishonesty. He also wrote under several pseudonyms.

Some flat earthers believe the pictures of the world are distorted or photo-shopped. Others claim that GPS devices are rigged to make airplane pilots believe they are flying straight around a sphere. Others believe the motivation for hiding the shape of the Earth is commercial. They believe that the space agencies are being funded by a conspiracy. If you’re wondering why NASA would want to hide the shape of the Earth, read on.

Regardless of your beliefs, many scientists disagree. Some flat earthers even believe the Earth is not a globe at all. They say the Earth orbits the Sun at 66,000 miles per hour and spins on its axis. Many people in ancient times believed the Earth was flat, which was reflected in ancient texts. This idea has fallen out of favor due to the dogmatism of modern science and popular education.

Some Flat Earthers find so-called scientific experiments to support their claims. Most of these experiments involve measuring the water levels in different parts of the planet. This evidence is lacking, however, and many believers are convinced because they have an innate confirmation bias. In addition, the community bases its theories on other things, such as the shape of the Earth, the way it feels, and even pinching the moon and sun. And this theory has no scientific basis.


Flat earthers are notorious for the way they slander the mainstream media, including scientists, journalists, and even politicians. They claim big pharma is evil and that they can cure any disease with their own urine, a conspiracy theory that is far from fact. These people even claim that NASA uses the symbol of the Freemasons in their insignias. In the process, they’re gaining in popularity and influence in many other discourses.

If the Earth were flat, the length of the day and the time of day would be the same around the world. In reality, day length varies based on latitude and the position of the Sun. Closer to the poles, days are long in the summer and short during the winter. In addition, northerly summer occurs at about the same time as southerly winter, which makes it a polar opposite. On the other hand, those living north of the Arctic Circle can expect no sunlight for one day out of a year. Conversely, those living south of the Antarctic Circle may experience 24-hour daylight only once a year, which is completely opposite of what we’d expect on a flat Earth.

As the Earth orbits the Sun at a distance of about six million miles, the Moon is about 32 miles across and the planets are small. Therefore, the earth does not move, and Australians do not hang by their feet under the earth. The Spinning, Whirling, Gyrating Ball World Planet Idea is nothing but blind dogmatic dogma, and there’s no scientific basis for it. Its supporters say that the Flat Earth Society is an organization dedicated to re-establishing the credibility of the flat earth theory.