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The Meaning of Egyptian Zodiac Signs

If you are interested in learning more about the astrology signs of the zodiac, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover the meaning of the Egyptian zodiac signs, including Horus, Amon-Ra, Geb, and Seth. And remember to check your birth dates for compatibility. It’s never too late to start exploring the mysterious world of astrology.


People born under the sign of Horus are strong, practical, conservative, and honest. They value their family and work hard to provide for them. They can be highly intelligent and work well with others. Their work may be in the government or psychology. However, people born under the sign of Anubis are emotional and prefer working by themselves. People with the signs of Horus and Anubis may be attracted to different careers.

The Egyptians differentiated the Sun and Moon from the five planets, and they placed the sun and moon at the end of the sequence. They also gave specific names and epithets to each planet, including Mercury, Mars, and Herakles. These planets were known as ephemeral constellations in ancient times, and were not recognized in astrological signs until the late Middle Ages. But the Egyptians had a particular order for these constellations, which may have contributed to the lack of clear signs of Horus.

In Egypt, the constellation of the stars was determined according to their planetary positions. The outer planets are linked to the falcon-headed god Horus and to royalty. The inner planets are Mercury, Venus, and Seth, the brother of Osiris. The stars themselves are conceived as male, and their alignments may be based on the constellations of other celestial bodies. Nevertheless, these constellations are not universally recognized and are subject to a wide range of interpretations.

People with the sign of Horus in Egyptian astrology are ambitious, creative, and community oriented. They are strong-minded and will go to great lengths to achieve their goals. They also have charisma and are known to take risks. In short, they are able to attract the people they need to achieve their goals. However, they may be hard to lead or get along with. They may even come across as domineering and difficult to get along with.

Amun-Ra is the second sign in the Egyptian zodiac. This sign is associated with the king of the gods and is one of the most powerful Egyptian astrological symbols. People born under this sign are confident and optimistic. They make effective leaders. The third zodiac sign is Mut. Mut is the mother of the world, and people born under this sign are nurturing, practical, and sensitive. This combination can lead to an ideal marriage.


Amon-Ra astrology signs are very optimistic, intelligent, stubborn, and can be very secretive. People born under this sign can be great leaders and are very intuitive. They also have very strong will powers, but can have difficulty with their personal lives. They may shy away from starting a family and may be too busy for their loved ones. It’s important to remember that these traits do not mean that they can’t achieve greatness.

The king of the Gods, Amun-Ra, was the source of life for the Egyptians. People born under this sign tend to be leaders and do their jobs well. They are enterprising and intelligent, and enjoy taking on responsibility in the workplace. People born under this sign also tend to be quite popular with their peers, and they are also good listeners and like being around other people. However, people born under this sign can get angry very easily if they are not treated well.

The second of the Egyptian zodiac signs is Amon-Ra. This god of protection gave humans the ability to create and build from nothing. People born under this sign are highly confident, optimistic, and goal-oriented. They can make good leaders, but can be too controlling. In general, though, Amon-Ra astrology signs are quite loving and generous. However, they can be very stubborn and impatient, so it’s important to choose the right partner for you.

Amon-Ra astrology signs feature a woman’s intuition and sensitivity. They are often drawn to the occult, metaphysics, and the occult. Their personalities are often quite complex and polar opposites to one another. This is one reason why people born under Amon-Ra can be extremely difficult to read. You should consult a psychic or a therapist to determine which signs suit you best.

Another Egyptian zodiac sign is Geb. This deity represents the earth. People born under this sign tend to be quiet, but can be very passionate and thoughtful. These people tend to have a strong need for solitude. They are also practical and creative. However, they can be quite competitive. Similarly, people born under Amon-Ra are also likely to be solitary. If you want to be the best, make sure you’re surrounded by people who share similar interests.


The Egyptian astrology sign of Gemini has a combination of characteristics that make them a highly successful person. As the goddess of love, Isis, the patroness of children, is a highly intelligent and social person. She is also a good communicator and a free spirit. A Gemini person is also very independent and enjoys the company of others. It is also a good time to start a business, because the energy associated with Geb is positive and creative.

The Egyptian god of the underworld, Osiris, represents the creative and innovative, and those born under the sign are idealistic, ambitious, and highly creative. Although they often avoid responsibility, they are also highly intuitive and prone to bouts of deep melancholy. Those born under the sign of Isis are highly intelligent and ambitious, but have a tendency to be restless. People born under the sign of Thoth are courageous and self-confident, and thrive in a career that involves financial success.

The savior mother, Isis, is also associated with the sign of Mut. The name “Mut” means’mother of the world’, and it is a common symbol for people born under this sign. Their generosity, loyalty, and compassion for others are what make them great parents. They tend to be shy and reserved, but show great wisdom and generosity when they get close to people. They are loyal and reliable, and can be very discreet about their emotions.

Horus is another Egyptian astrology sign that has a variety of qualities that make them great leaders. People born under this sign are optimistic, social, and determined, but can be stubborn and difficult to get along with others. They are also idealistic, but can be unrealistic. Those born under this sign are best friends with Gemini, Geb, or Bastet, as these people can help each other achieve their goals. This Egyptian astrology sign has a number of characteristics that make them an exceptional partner.

Thoth, the ninth Egyptian astrology sign, is the god of knowledge and wisdom. People born under this sign are sensitive, compassionate, and persistent. People born under this sign are very good communicators and are highly determined to succeed in whatever they do. They also tend to be loyal partners, but may sometimes be demanding. This sign can be very stubborn, but they can be likable and loyal if they know what they’re doing.


The tenth sign in Egyptian astrology is Seth. People born under this sign tend to be perfectionists and are often interested in change and transformation. They are also associated with Geb, the Nile, pigs, and men with donkey heads. In addition to their love of action, Seth people are sociable, but they do not like to be alone. They are also quick to anger, so be careful what you say around them.

People born under the sign of Seth are natural leaders and thrive on challenges. They never tolerate second-best or failure and rise to the occasion. If you want to become successful, don’t ever hold back your progress. Seth people aren’t likely to slow down for anyone. They aren’t the kind of people you want to have to follow you. Rather, take charge and make your own path.

People born under the sign of Seth are naturally dominant. Because of this, they have more enemies than others. Despite being resourceful and independent, Seth people can be stubborn and can’t stand being in the same place for too long. This is why people born under this sign tend to be ambitious and self-sufficient. Seth people also tend to enjoy a good social life and are often attracted to other people with similar values.

The Nile, as the name implies, represents the beginning of something. This means that they are calm, but can also be fiery. They are usually good at interacting with others, and they have a lot of practical and smart ideas. They can be well-known politicians, public figures, or psychologists. On the other hand, their opposite, Anubis, is emotional and is more prone to emotionality.

The Sun’s sign, meanwhile, represents the sky and the moon. In Egyptian astrology, the planet of the same name is related to Set, a god of the west. Set is also related to the Sahara, which is a desert. Sometimes, Set is associated with a lesser god named Ha, who is associated with the desert. In either case, the Egyptian astrology signs include Seth and Bastet.