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Astrology – What Do the Twelve Houses Mean to You?

What do the twelve houses mean to you? You can learn how to interpret these houses with the help of astrological charts. Here, acclaimed astrologer Howard Sasportas explores the situations and experiences associated with each house. Learn the subtle meanings of each sphere of life. You will also learn the Signs that rule each house. So what should you do with this information? Read on to discover what each house means to you.

Signs that rule each house

The house ruled by a sign determines which parts of our body we should focus our attention on. For example, Taurus rules the throat, while Gemini rules the hands and Cancer rules the breasts. Similarly, each house is ruled by one or more planets, each of which is associated with a particular department of life. Signs that rule each house are described below. The first two houses are the logically most obvious, so they are ruled by their ruler.

The eleventh house rules your hopes and desires, while the twelveth house is the dustbin of the zodiac, bringing downfall and gloom. However, if the Moon is in the twelfth house, you will find it hard to stay optimistic or enlightened. Moons in the 12th house indicate karmic debt with a mother figure, such as a parent.

Your daily horoscope might be less accurate than your monthly horoscope. However, you can do a free birth chart on the internet to learn more about yourself. You can find out what your passions are, where you want to pursue a career, and what your future might hold. You can also learn about your life path by understanding which house is ruled by your sign. Getting a reading for free will help you better understand your life path and discover the many opportunities it has to offer.

The Moon rules the 12th house. A Moon in the 12th house indicates a tendency to discern what others are thinking about you. This sign also tends to speak on behalf of other people. It is important to note that the Moon rules the ninth and twelfth houses, and its placement in the twelveth house is especially significant for people in those fields. Your Moon can help you to become more aware of your inner thoughts and feelings. The 12th house also describes your relationship with the unconscious and mystery.

Your Zodiac chart is divided into twelve houses, or segments. Each house is ruled by a different sign. Each house governs one aspect of your life. These include your physical appearance, how you interact with others, and your career or relationships. Whether you are interested in traveling, meeting new people, or writing, your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about your life. A lot of your astrological traits are determined by your house placement.

Meaning of each house

The first house, known to ancient astrologers as the “helm,” is the only house of the astrological zodiac that is one hundred percent about you. The rising sign is in this house, as it was the sign that met you at birth. The other houses, in contrast, give information about places, people, and experiences that have shaped you. The first house describes your inner life, including your personality, appearance, self-expression, and health.

The Ninth House represents intuition, higher learning, and travel to foreign countries. Planets in this house may represent your ambitions, or your desires. Saturn can also bring unseen enemies. Its lessons will include the need to surrender and to retreat. This house is also important because it indicates your future visions. The Twelfth House, on the other hand, represents the world beyond the physical plane. The Twelfth House has traditionally been associated with self-undoing and is often referred to as the “house of karma.” Planets in this house may indicate hidden psychic faculties and functions.

Each house corresponds to a different zodiac sign. The meaning of the houses varies from individual to individual, but they all contain information about your personality. Astrologists use the houses of the astrological zodiac to describe the central themes of our lives. Generally, houses govern our careers, relationships, emotions, and even ideas. It is possible to use astrology to understand your future by learning more about yourself.

Dhana, also known as the “house of thinking,” is related to our home and family. It also governs our speech, thinking, and intellectual abilities. The third house is a good sign for Mars, Venus, and Saturn. Buddhi, meaning “intellect,” governs our mental attitude and beliefs. If our planets are in the Fourth House, it may indicate a desire for higher learning or spiritual development.

In astrology, the first house is our foundation. It rules our appearance, and it governs our attitudes and general attitude. It also governs our intuition and the way we deal with life’s endings. Mars, the natural ruler of the first house, is also the first planet in the zodiac. The first house is an angular house ruled by the Aries zodiac sign. However, it does not necessarily reflect our values or our character.


The twelfth house is ruled by Saturn, the planet of joy. This house is the darkest, most obscure of all the houses, as planets that are in the first house cannot see it, and the twelfth house is also cadent. During an eclipse, the full moon takes on a red color. Planets in this house are cadent and thus bring their significance to light as the circumstances arise.

The astrological 12 houses are divisions of space in our energy field, each corresponding to a different aspect of our personality. Like the zodiac signs, the houses represent the realms of our lives. These houses will reveal the unfolding pattern of our growth and development. While the zodiac signs and elements are derived from the signs and their attributes, the houses are based on the fields of experience they represent.

These house positions are determined by the ecliptic, the path of the sun in the sky. At the time of your birth, the ecliptic will cross your meridian at the highest point above the horizon. This marks the start of your first house, also known as the Ascendant. The first house is governed by the Sun. The second house is ruled by Mars, and the third house is ruled by Jupiter.

The house placement of planets can reveal some details about your personality, including how you relate to the world, as well as how you will behave within a community. Planets in each house represent various archetypal themes and can give you valuable insight into your past, present, and future. In addition, each house corresponds to a sign of the zodiac, making it possible to find out which aspect of your life is ruled by which planet.

The 9th house represents the father and is associated with long distance travel. In addition, it signifies the subconscious mind and past karmic bonds. The house of jobs, in particular, relates to the types of tasks performed at work and at home. A person in this house may be a successful businessperson, a successful politician, or a skilled artist. Ultimately, the nineth house focuses on the job and personal hygiene.


According to the astrology system, the first house is all about identity. It rules the physical aspects of our character, including our personality, appearance, and self-image. It also rules our employment and the financial and material resources we receive from it. The houses in this aspect govern our health and fitness, as well as our finances and social life. Similarly, the houses in the second house relate to our bodies: the throat, the lower lip, the base of our brain, the cerebellum, the cervical spine, the breasts, and the nervous system.

The twelfth house relates to the hidden realm, the subconscious, and pain. Hence, people with planets in this house should avoid alcohol, tobacco, and addictive substances. Those with malefic planets in this house should avoid contact with wild animals. However, if they have a planet in the twelfth house, they should engage in activities that help them gain more knowledge and wisdom. In addition, the twelfth house is a good house to associate with the armed forces and libraries.

The 12 houses of astrology are a series of divisions in the energy field of the earth. They are twelve-fold, and parallel to the zodiac signs. Each house reflects an unfolding pattern of growth and development. As such, the meanings of the houses are similar to those of the zodiac signs, but they are largely related to our mundane affairs. The house in which a zodiac sign resides determines how they influence us and the people around us.

The first house, or Aries, is ruled by the Rising Sign. That sign determines the signs on the house cusp, and each house is governed by the constellation that ruled the sky at the time of your birth. Although the sign on the cusp of each house changes, the subject matter of each house does not. Therefore, the house of Aries is the one that governs your first house, and Taurus rules the second.