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What are the best and worst moon signs? Here are a few ideas: Cancer, Pisces, Leo, Virgo. Each sign has its own unique personality and traits, so you can benefit from knowing about each one. Virgo moons tend to be analytical and enjoy solving problems and serving others. However, they can also be anxiety-prone and can be harsh on themselves and potential partners. Despite these shortcomings, they are fiercely loyal and will do anything for love.


The Cancer best and worst moon signs are a reflection of the nature of the Moon in Cancer. Because the Moon rules the sign, the Moon accentuates the emotional, intuitive and lunar characteristics of the sign. A Cancer moon is sensitive, and tends to cling to possessions. This sign values solitude and close friends, and appreciates time spent alone. The Moon in Cancer is very emotional, so they are best suited for intimate relationships, although they do have their share of bad moods.

Despite their strong feelings and generous nature, the Cancer moon can be quite moody and indecisive. Moons in Cancer prefer to meet a soul mate who has similar interests, or a twin flame. Air moons make a great match, but Earth moons tend to be too slow for Cancers. Although this dual nature of Cancers may make for an indecisive partner, it does not mean that a Moon in Cancer is unlovable.

When the Moon is in Cancer, the people born with the Moon in Cancer tend to be traditional and homely. They have strong responsibilities for their family and often don’t discern what other people want. The Moon in Cancer makes them psychically aware of others’ needs, but it also makes them difficult to focus on their own needs. If a Moon is in Cancer, it’s important to be aware of this potential complication before starting a relationship.

Those born under the moon have a special relationship with their moon. Their emotional needs and desires are strongly influenced by the moon’s influence. The moon represents the inner self, which includes feelings and emotions. Consequently, it’s essential to understand the traits of this moon sign so that they can be understood in a more nuanced light. A Cancer born under the moon’s influence is highly emotional, with both highs and lows.


People born under the sign of Pisces have an extraordinary ability to connect with others. They are often intuitive and able to read people’s energy. Pisces Moons often have a great imagination and are drawn to the arts, sciences, and conservation projects. These people have an unusual capacity to heal. However, this unique ability needs to be balanced by setting boundaries and learning to be content with their limitations.

Those born under the sign of Pisces have a deep sense of empathy and compassion. They often have a natural ability to relate to others’ pain and seek out ways to make their world a better place. This makes them good partners for artists or designers, or they can create a quaint neighborhood cafe. Pisces moon people have a creative streak, but this trait can lead them to feel overwhelmed by reality and become easily depressed by the actions of others. This is why people born under the sign of Pisces need to have a sense of purpose and a sense of meaning in their lives.

Pisces Moon lovers can create a one-of-a-kind love affair. Using their intuitive feelings, they can see their partner for what they really are. These couples are known for their extreme romantic tendencies, but they don’t like extravagant gifts. They prefer quiet nights in with candles and bubble baths. And although Pisces may have a love life, a Pisces Moon lover will find a way to make it work for them.

Lunar Pisces are psychically sensitive and often seek to explore the edges of their existence. These individuals may be spaced-out and prone to seek solace in substances such as alcohol, drugs, and even food. However, their ability to connect with other people and the collective unconscious is truly unique. They are often very empathetic and intuitive, which makes them excellent candidates for artistic endeavors.


As one of the most powerful and evolved types, Leo is a powerful sign that can strengthen mentality and the positive forces of the mind. Although the Moon is one of the best positions for a relationship, this sign is also known for its conservatism, discrimination, and need for love. Despite these qualities, Leos are also considered the most loyal and caring signs of the zodiac.

People born under the Leo sign have an inborn need for approval. This sign is very impressionable and is prone to need approval in order to keep its heart fires burning. Therefore, it is important to find outlets for your creative spirit and share your creations with others. However, Leos must also keep their emotional demands to a minimum. While Leos are naturally generous and like to spend lavishly, they do have a delicate emotional nature that can become a hindrance to their relationships.

People born under the Leo sign have a natural affinity for children. They enjoy playing and spontaneity and can easily relate to kids on a child’s level. Leos have a unique understanding of what children need. Spending time with children can be rejuvenating for their creative side. Spending time with children can release their inner child, which can help them feel complete and happy. Taking time out for fun and adventure is like medicine for the soul.

Moons under Leo have the tendency to display extremes of affection. Leos love attention and lavish gifts, but they also have a tendency to blow things out of proportion when upset. They are very affectionate, but are also highly competitive and jealous. During their moon, Leos want to be the center of attention, and love to shower their partners with attention. As a result, Leos tend to put their partners in a position of vulnerability that may lead to a breakup.


Whether the Virgo moon is full, waxing, or a new moon, its characteristics are the same. Essentially, your moon sign is what determines your emotional needs and behaviors. Although Virgos are commonly misinterpreted as cold and unfeeling, their nature is actually quite the opposite. They are sensitive, sympathetic, and very curious about the world around them. They also tend to be very analytical and refined.

Virgo people often choose practical solutions instead of grand plans and speculative theories. They’re also practical and enjoy routines, which are ideal for them. They’re good planners and enjoy following data-driven plans, so they’re likely to stick to them. Virgos are the kind of people you can trust to help you. And if you’re in a relationship with a Virgo, be sure to be on the same page.

Virgos are analytical, so they enjoy solving problems. They also love being of service to others, but their innate selfishness and cynicism can make them anxious. As such, they tend to have a strict sense of self-worth, and can be extremely critical of their partners. Even though they’re protective of their hearts, Virgos are willing to do just about anything for love. Their ideal partner would be a lover who values love and respects her opinions. Moreover, they’re more apt to choose an earth-based partner than an air-based one, and they’ll prefer a partnership where they can express themselves to others.

While Virgo’s moon is dominated by the planets Venus and Neptune, it can be influenced by the Moon’s location in the heavens. Virgo’s Moon is also in the joint domains of Jupiter and Neptune. Pisces is also closely associated with sacrifice, but is the most secretive sign of them all. It’s also characterized by indolence, negative receptive attitude, and natural aversion to accepting the facts.


People born under the sign of Aquarius have a unique set of traits that make them the best and worst moon signs. Their ability to achieve high levels of flair and success makes them a great match for career people, although they can be lazy and rigid in other areas. They are also known to over-exaggerate their charm, which can lead them to settle for jobs that don’t require much creativity.

People born under an Aquarius moon have the potential to be socially outgoing and sociable, but they can also be insecure and distant. This moon can lead them to isolate themselves and hide behind a persona of aloofness. Although they can be a great social connector, they prefer to spend their time alone. The lack of attachment in the Aquarian sign can make them afraid of social interaction and the desire to be different.

People born under the Aquarius Moon are independent and non-traditional. They do not fall prey to conventional love or needy relationships. Their independence and sensitivity means that they will attract those who share similar interests and goals. While their independence and independent streak can make them unsuitable for a relationship, they are good companions and lovers for their friends and family. If you’re interested in dating an Aquarian, you’ll need to understand their personality traits, so you can avoid pitfalls.

The Aquarian moon is ruled by Uranus and Saturn, making it one of the best and worst moon signs. The Aquarian moon is a social animal, but one that prefers to see the world from a distance. This sign is highly sensitive and appreciates friendships and communities, but can be emotionally aloof at times. Therefore, they need to surround themselves with people who are emotionally secure.