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Chinese Astrology Birth Chart

You can see your Chinese astrology birth chart by visiting the website The Rise and Fall Chart of Your Life. This birth chart is composed of eight symbols, each representing one of the Yin-Yang Five Elements. The lower row contains four of each of the twelve Chinese Zodiac signs. The birth chart can also be known as the Ba-Zi (Eight Characters) fortune-telling system.

Yin-Yang Five Elements

The Yin-Yang Five Elements are the most important considerations in Chinese astrology birth chart interpretation. They are related to the Chinese philosophy and use concepts not found in Western astrology. These elements include wood, water, fire, earth, and metal. This gives an additional layer of understanding. Here are the five elements and their relationship to your birth date. Using the Yin-Yang Five Elements in Chinese astrology birth chart interpretation is essential to predicting your future.

The Yin-Yang Five Elements are related to the various spheres of life, and are constantly moving and becoming dominant. Their influence on your health is also significant, since each element is associated with a specific organ system. When all the elements are in balance, you should feel a sense of peace and tranquility. When the opposite occurs, health problems can occur.

Those born under the Wood element are generally good planners, and can make wise decisions. However, sometimes they work themselves into the ground and overindulge. To counteract this, engage in regular exercise and muscle building. Make sure to get plenty of rest, too! A birth year number of four or five indicates that you are born under the Wood element. It is a good idea to incorporate the elements into your birth chart for optimal health.

Animal signs

According to Chinese astrology, your relationship with your spouse may be affected by the animal sign you were born under. The animal signs in your birth chart are based on the calendar of the Chinese zodiac. They correspond to various hours in the day, months of the year, and different days of the week. Some believe that a four-hour separation is better than a six-hour separation, and the same is true of love. In general, you should avoid couples born under this sign, however, since they are likely to have a conflicting relationship.

For people born under the Dragon sign, they are lively, sociable, creative, and have high intelligence. Their unique personalities make them a popular choice for lovers and friends. However, this sign is also highly incompatible with Rat and Dog, as these are not harmonious combinations. A good partner for someone born under a Dragon is someone with a harmonious animal sign. This is the case with other zodiac signs.

A Chinese zodiac birth chart will contain the animal signs that were dominant in your zodiac sign at birth. These signs are associated with the year you were born. Each animal sign has an association with one of the five natural elements, so your birthday is associated with an animal in your birth chart. The year you were born in is called your “sheng xiao” and represents the twelve animals that are in the Chinese zodiac. There is also an animal for each day of the week.

Yin-Yang relationships

If you’re interested in learning more about the Yin-Yang relationships in your birth chart, consider the nature of water. Water governs human psychology, is the ultimate yin element, and is represented by the Chinese zodiac signs Rat, Ox, and Pig. It also governs the planet Mercury and the water element. The relationship between these two elements can help you understand your personality better.

A relationship between two people born under the same zodiac sign can be fruitful and fulfilling. If you and the person you’re with have a lot of in common, you may find yourself having passionate, romantic nights. Both zodiac signs are very compatible and can connect on various levels. In addition to being complementary, they also have similar personalities and are likely to get along well.

A person’s Yin-Yang relationships are influenced by their Chinese zodiac year of birth. For example, a person born in 1975 would fall under the Fire zodiac sign. Her Yin-Yang relationship would be governed by the Fire element, which represents the month in which the Fire rabbit is born. The same goes for the metal rabbit, with the Metal element representing her birth year.

The Yin-Yang relationship in a person’s birth chart can determine if the person is compatible or not. People born under a Yin sign are more introverted and quiet, while those born under the Yang zodiac sign are more dramatic and outgoing. Both are characterized by strong emotions and strong friendships. However, their differences can also complicate relationships.

Year cycle

Your Chinese astrology birth chart can tell you a lot about your life, from how you’ll approach challenges to the potential of good fortune. The Chinese Zodiac cycle is divided into sixty years, and each animal sign represents a certain aspect of you. These twelve signs are known as the Rat Yang Wood, and they represent your personality and how others perceive you. Chinese astrology also assigns different qualities to each animal sign. Your year sign is also related to the Chinese Five Elements, the Moon, and the five seasons.

The year cycle is also an important factor in determining your Chinese zodiac sign, which will tell you about your personality traits and the year ahead. In Chinese astrology, your birth month represents your inner, private self, and your day represents your interactions with people in close proximity. If you are on the cusp, you may want to check with the Chinese almanac to make sure that your birth month is accurate.

The year cycle in Chinese astrology is determined by complicated factors, including your zodiac sign. According to the Chinese zodiac, the year of your birth is associated with one of five elements – metal, water, and fire. This sixty-year cycle is incredibly complicated, making accurate astrological predictions difficult. Despite its skepticism, some people still take Chinese astrology seriously.


You are born under one of the five Chinese astrology birth chart signs. This is your most common sign and represents your personality. Dogs are gentle, warm, and energetic, while pigs are stubborn and impatient. These two signs share traits of being intelligent, kind, and tolerant, but are also known for their insecurities. Listed below are some interesting facts about these animals. If you were born under the sign of a pig, you’re likely to be independent, patient, and kind.

The 12 animal signs are also very important in Chinese astrology, which focuses on the individual’s personality. Each animal sign has a different energy level and is matched with a different color. For example, the pig is the opposite of the rooster, while the rabbit is the opposite of the pig. These two symbols have strong associations with each other, and if you have a rat in your astrology birth chart, it may be the perfect partner for you.

There are other factors involved, however. While Western astrology is connected to the movement of the Sun and Earth, Chinese astrology is based on the year and month of birth. This means that your Chinese zodiac birth chart will be different than your Western astrology birth chart. For example, Chinese zodiac signs are linked to the seasons, and the seasons last for the entire year. So, your Chinese zodiac birth chart may be much more accurate than your western zodiac sign.

Using a chinese astrology birth chart

If you’re curious about the future of yourself, you can try to use a Chinese astrology birth chart. Chinese astrology uses animals to represent the 12 year cycle and further divides the year into months, weeks, days, and hours. The astrologer looks at the animal associated with the year and other animals present in the chart. The more details you can gather, the better.

The Chinese birth chart is different from the one used in Europe, as the cycle is divided into 12 years. However, those who follow Chinese astrology are not obliged to give up their current system just because they want to use a Chinese birth chart. While all birth charts don’t promise to tell the future, they can give you some warnings or pointers. Using a Chinese birth chart is easy, but not for everyone. If you don’t know how to read Chinese astrology, you can purchase a specially drawn version that is written in English.

Using a Chinese birth chart is more accurate than relying on Western calendar months to predict a baby’s sex. First, you need to know what month you’re in. This can help you determine if you’ll have a boy or a girl baby. If you’re expecting a girl, you can also use a Chinese birth chart to predict the sex of your baby. Using a Chinese birth chart can also help you determine the color of your baby’s room.