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Famous Female Astrologers: Who Are They?

You’ve probably heard of the work of a number of famous female astrologers, including Smt Anita Baranwal, Liz Greene, and Rebecca Gordon. But what are their specialties? What makes them so great? How can you become a student of theirs? Let’s find out. Listed below are some of their specialties, along with a few of their most popular books.

Smt Anita Baranwal

Smt. Anita Baranwal is one of the world’s best-known female astrologers. She is a senior lecturer with the Noida Chapter of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, where she trains aspiring astrologers. Her research interests include the utilitarian branch of Vastu Shastra, called Vastu Pyramids. Her advanced use of geometric shapes and colors is widely known.

Unlike other astrologers, Smt. Anita Baranwal is well-regarded for her humane approach and extensive knowledge of Super Science. She is a certified astrologer with clients in over a hundred countries. She has also been featured on the National Dailies of the Times Group. If you want to know more about Famous female astrologers, read on to learn more about Smt.

Justin Toper

The late astrologer Justin Walker grew up in a family business in Hertfordshire, England, and was an avid reader of his father’s daily newspaper columns. Upon leaving school, he joined the family business and worked in the family furniture factory. He read his father’s daily newspaper columns and decided to pursue a career in astrology. At the age of twenty-one, he joined the world-famous Faculty of Astrological Studies in London.

Unlike many famous male astrologers, Justin Toper has cosmic hair. She’s worked for nearly every tabloid in the UK, including Piers Morgan, who hired her for an appearance on the Daily Mirror. She has a calm, soothing tone when speaking, which may indicate that she takes her cues from the cosmos. The astrologer reportedly works out of her home in Nova Scotia, but it’s unknown whether she lives in a cave or in an apartment.

Marjorie Orr is a witty and charming astrologer. She was the astrologer for the Daily Express until 2000, and continues to maintain her popularity with her regular columns. She is a former general reporter at the Glasgow Herald, and has been married for several years. Her passion for astrology began when she was a teenager, when she became obsessed with tarot cards. She also began casting horoscopes in Banyuls sur Mer.

Liz Greene

As an author and astrologer, Liz Greene is one of the most famous female astrologers of the twentieth century. She holds doctorates in both history and psychology. She also holds a diploma in counselling from the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology in London, and she is a life patron of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. Moreover, she is a well-known Jungian analyst.

The nature of Liz Greene is a mixture of emotional and optimistic traits. She is fond of exoticism and is independent in her movements. She also loathes violence, and is therefore comfortable with conformity and middle-class attitude. Despite her sensitivity, she has the ability to compromise in every situation. Her sexuality is usually non-impulsive, and she seeks a partner who is gentle and understands her sensitivity.

Liz Greene’s life path is influenced by number 6. This number relates to a deep desire for harmony, love, and balance. However, this energy can also manifest itself in intransigent or tyrannical behavior. But overall, Liz Greene is a balanced person, and her astrological chart reveals her many qualities. This is an excellent sign for Liz Greene.

Other famous female astrologers are Margaret Haines and Morgan Rehbock. Margaret Miller has written a number of books and has influenced many in the astrological community. She has also been recognized for her contributions to psychological astrology. She is one of the foremost proponents of psychological astrology. She has been a proponent of astrology since the 1960s.

Rebecca Gordon

One of the most prominent astrologers in the world is Rebecca Gordon. A prominent New York astrologer, Gordon founded the My Path Astrology School. The school offers online courses and live events for aspiring astrologers. Gordon is also a regular guest on the Dr. Oz Show, where she discusses the intersection between astrology and health. As a child, Gordon was fascinated by the stars and astronomy. From age five, she began planning her out-of-body experiences, and later, a career as an astrologer.

Today, astrology is more popular than ever. The growth of social media has made the practice of astrology more accessible to the masses. Popular astrology influencers have paved the way for an open discussion on the subject online. They post their readings, share them with their followers, and offer advice based on celestial placements. It’s a fascinating way to connect to your future!

The most popular astrologers are women who have branched out into different fields. There are numerous women in astrology, with different areas of expertise. Many women have opted to specialize in different fields, such as psychology, fashion, and astrology. Some of them have branched out into writing, while others have become famous simply by doing their work. Whether you’re looking for a career in astrology or a hobby in art, there is a female astrologer for you!

Astrologists have long dominated the world’s media landscape. Even Cosmopolitan magazine has expanded its print coverage of astrology. According to the publication, seventy-four per cent of readers of Cosmo magazine are “obsessed” with astrology. In fact, they check their horoscope every day. Some even say it has influenced the political scene. The list of famous female astrologers is endless.

Sonny Rosatti

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