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Free Astrology Programs

Astrology software has many advantages, but they all come with some drawbacks. While most are free to download, there are still many that aren’t worth your time. Let’s take a closer look at a few free astrology programs. These include StarLite, ZET Lite, Janus Reports, and the Mayan Aztec Astrology Program. You’ll be surprised at the differences! Here’s a quick guide to navigating the interface and identifying problems with these programs.

ZET Lite

ZET Lite is a feature-rich astrology program that allows you to create your own natal chart and interpret your astral body’s transits throughout your life. You can also use ZET Lite to learn the meaning of major life events and predict future relationships. The software’s unpolished interface is simple to use and is easy to navigate. You can also view your chart from different perspectives and view the planetary positions.

Love Psychic Readings

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This application is very user-friendly, and includes many astrological tools that you can use to create your own natal charts. It includes various tables including a star catalog and an asteroid catalog. You can also generate synastry and transit charts, and you can even view a sky view to learn constellations and learn about the sun and the moon. ZET Lite is a useful astrology program for both beginners and advanced users.

While ZET Lite is a free astronomy software, it does have some limitations. It does not include a complete astrological system, but it does feature a detailed iPhemeris that adjusts for precession and other factors. You can choose to use the program in either a free or paid mode, or both. If you do decide to use ZET Lite, it will give you access to many more features than any other free astrology program.

If you are a beginner, you can download ZET Lite for Mac. It runs flawlessly on Intel-based Macs and operates well with the new Operating-System A Mavericks. It runs on a macintosh using the home windows wrapper. After downloading ZET, install the app by locating its folder in the /application/wineskin directory.


Free astrology programs are available on the Internet and come with a lot of features. Several of these programs have marriage-related functionality. One of the features is the ability to calculate a natal chart in just a few minutes. This program has a lot of other features, such as a built-in dictionary of astrological terms. It even has a feature for viewing the Moon’s phases graphically.

Unlike the free astrology programs, subscriptions to these services can cost up to $20 a month. A subscription offers one 15-minute live reading per month. During the reading, the astrologer interacts with the user via chat. You can choose to focus on one area of your life, or bounce around and study various aspects of the zodiac. StarLite allows you to create meaningful astrological charts, and includes guides for each zodiac sign.

Another free astrology program, StarLite allows you to enter information about your birth and progressed chart. It is free to use and offers many features. You can view your natal chart and progressed chart wheel. There are no other calculation capabilities, but it does show you your rising sign and current transits. The program updates every few hours, making it easy to keep up with the latest astrological developments.

A lot of free astrology programs have a horoscope feature, and most of them are free. But there are paid astrology programs that also offer the option of preparing synastry and natal charts. You can also use the latter to determine your compatibility with others. If you are not familiar with astrology, try browsing astrology 101 guides. These programs are available to all.

Janus Reports

Janus Reports is a free astrology program that has many features. It has three different types of Graphic Ephemerides: lunar phases, midpoints, and formulae. It also allows you to search through notes in a chart to find specific keywords. Another feature is its ability to store your search criteria and return to them at a later time. There are some disadvantages to Janus, though.

The basic capabilities of Janus Reports are fairly standard, though there are some things that can make it a little more powerful. It can calculate natal aspects and transits, as well as midpoint interpretations. It even has a chart generator. The software has a lot of extras, though. It can also run Transit Hit Lists, and provide a triwheel view of all transits.

The Janus report includes delineations of astro-locality lines, natal Sabian degree symbols, and planetary aspects and midpoints. It also includes information on synastry planets in houses. Those interested in studying astrology can also try the free version. If you’re not sure which version to get, check out Janus Reports. If you’re serious about your astrology, you’ll want to pay for a premium version. This version includes a few extras, but it’s worth it.

Free version includes natal charts and astro-sign calculator. It also offers charts for male and female children. There are 18 house systems, so you can create listings and charts for specific dates, latitudes, and years. The program has many other features that make it the best option for beginners. It’s also compatible with 32-bit Windows 7.

Mayan Aztec Astrology Program

The Mayan Aztec Astrology Program can give you the underlying secrets to understanding your life. This ancient astrological system relies on your birthday sign to determine your destiny and how to deal with it. You can use an online calculator to determine which sign you are on any given day. Once you know your sign, you can use the software to determine what traits and characteristics you share with those born on that day. For example, if you were born on Snake-4, you would have a Moon sign of snake.

In the Tzolkin calendar, the first day of a thirteen-day cycle is known as Imish-5. The first day of a cycle is considered to be the start of a new one. Each cycle has thirteen days, and the first day leaves an imprint on them all. The thirteen days are named the same way, but the underlying timetable is completely different. As you can see, the Mayas were extremely accurate in their estimations.

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to interpret your own birth date, and calculate the day of your zodiac sign. There are 20 day-signs in Mayan astrology, and each sign represents a personality trait. The authors also provide you with useful charts and tables to use for divination. They also explain the Four Directions and how important the planet Venus is to our lives. A comprehensive table of Mayan astrological data is included in the program, making it easy to find out your day-sign and use it for horoscopes.

Those born under the sign of Men can benefit from a Mayan Aztec Astrology Program that teaches them to use the ancient calendar to find out when the best time to act is. The Mayans were deeply connected to water and could easily transform the worst situation into a positive one. And the Maya believed that the Sun was a powerful god who could transform even the worst of situations into positive ones. It’s no wonder that the Mayans were so successful in life.


While many astrology programs offer some basic functionality, the software offered by Planetdance is highly customizable. You can alter the parameters of planet symbols, date formats, and essential aspects. You can also customize the display of bounds, decans, and nakshatras around the main wheel. In addition, you can use this program to determine a sign’s astrological importance, reshape the sign’s horoscope, and perform traditional dignity calculations.

Planetdance is a free astrological program for windows. It calculates horoscopes, draws horoscopes, and allows you to save them. It also includes an astrology programming language called Astrobasic. You can create your own modules by using the programming language. The program is continually evolving and improving. You can get the latest version of Planetdance for free from the official website.

The software is easy to use. You enter your birth date, place, and sign to view your horoscope. The software performs calculations based on the Swiss Ephemeris (the most accurate way to determine planetary positions). You can also view various types of horoscopes, including compatibility wheels and comparison wheels. This program also includes a tutorial and hotkeys to make things easier for you.

Besides planets and houses, other astrology software includes natal charts, zodiac signs, and other useful tools. With freeware software, you can use astrology programs and get predictions. But if you are not looking for a complete program, Planetdance is a great choice for your horoscope. It has a number of useful features and is available in multiple languages.