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How Many Planets Are in Fallen Order?

The Fallen Order has eight worlds, but not all of them are explorable. So, how many of them are actually worth exploring? The good news is that five of them are accessible once you unlock them. Here are some planets you can visit:


There are some good reasons to explore Zeffo in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The first of these is that you will get the Force Push, which you can use to knock over objects or to break through cracked walls. A second reason to visit Zeffo is to upgrade your lightsaber. Scomp Link allows you to slice open doors and chests to get the rare items you need. All these things will make your time on Zeffo worthwhile.

Another reason to visit Zeffo is its unique setting. The planet is windy and has electromagnetic winds that can make most technology useless. The windy environment has been heavily influenced by the windiest locations on Earth, and the geology of Zeffo mimics this. The geography is also similar to Earth’s, and players must carefully navigate their way through peaks and valleys. To make matters worse, enemies on Zeffo were designed with windy planets in mind.

There are many reasons to explore Zeffo in the new Star Wars game. The game follows the story of Padawan Cal Kestis, who escaped the Order 66 which had nearly exterminated the Jedi. His mission takes him to a new planet called Zeffo. The planet is also a new location in the Star Wars universe, which will make it more interesting to explore. This is not the only good reason to visit Zeffo.


Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is packed with planets and their details. With so many planets to explore, you can spend hours exploring every planet and discovering what each one has to offer. If you are curious about how many planets are in fallen order, read on to learn more. Listed below are some of the most notable planets in the game. We hope you enjoy the game and have a blast exploring all of the details.

Kashyyk is a jungle-covered planet in the Mid Rim Region. It is home to the Sith and is used for construction of the Final Order. This planet is also where the Jedi Purge takes place, and where the Wookie leader, Tarfful, is murdered. The planet also has an Imperial manufacturing base. While the game includes many new worlds, this one is home to a number of well-known locations.

Kashyyk was a part of the Galactic Republic during the original series of Star Wars, but was quickly enslaved by the newly-formed Empire after the Clone Wars. The planet is massively covered with Wroshyr tree forests and is completely covered in vegetation. It is home to various species, including the dreaded Wookie. Saw Gerrera, who helped the Rebels in this campaign, was born on Kashyyyk.


The mysterious planet of Nur is the home world of the Inquisitors and the Imperial Inquisitor Program. Unlike the other planets in the galaxy, the Fortress Inquisitorius is located beneath the ocean. The Inquisitors train recruits and hunt Jedi in hiding. Despite this, the planet of Nur has many interesting facts. Learn more about it below! Also, discover the planet’s history in this short video!

There are three main planets in the Fallen Order series, which is the first. The second planet is a water moon in the Mustafar system. Inquisitors are assigned to investigate a mysterious artifact found on the planet. The first planet is called Nur; the next is called Fortress Inquisitorious. The fortress is filled with tombs, twisty routes, enemies, and databank entries. While these planets are beautiful and full of interesting discoveries, they have a lack of clarity when traveling and on holo-maps. The water moon of the Mustafar system is also home to the underwater Fortress Iquisitorius.

After the player unlocks the Bogano Temple, Nur can be explored. Afterwards, the player faces the Second Sister, who steals a holocron from the Vault. Both Cal and Caleb Dume are similar characters, as are the two Jedi Masters Jaro Tapal and Depa Billaba. Their strength and tenacity helps them survive the events of Order 66, and they’ll face the Inquisitorius fortress on zeffo.


How many planets are in the Fallen Order? This question may be on the mind of Star Wars fans. In the original trilogy, there were only six planets. However, this changed in Episode VII – The Force Awakens. There are now fourteen. Here are the names of the planets and their locations in the game. The name Ilum comes from the fact that Kyber crystals are found on this planet. This is a valuable resource because it is used in making the lightsabers of the Jedi.

In the Fallen Order game, players can visit a planet called Ilum. The planet is home to a number of unique species. However, the game is very challenging if you play on the easiest difficulty setting. It also has some repetitive parts. To avoid these parts, you can use some tips and tricks. Also, you can vote for the most difficult planet to beat in the game. You can find out how many planets are in Fallen Order and which planets are worth visiting.

In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, players can explore eight planets. While not all planets in the game are explorable, you can explore five of them once you’ve unlocked them. This list does not include the moons, which are the locations of the game’s story missions. So, the number of planets in the game is largely a matter of personal preference and choice. There are several other factors that will determine how much you can explore in the Fallen Order game.

Unknown Regions

The Unknown Regions are a vast area of space that is largely unexplored. Most of the galaxy’s inhabitants have no idea what lies beyond these regions. Some are even unaware of the region’s existence, since it’s generally marked as “Here There Be Dragons.” Only a handful of worlds are known to exist within these regions, such as the watery planet Ahch-To, which is also the location of the galaxy’s first Jedi temple.

Imperial star-charts reveal that the Unknown Regions are dangerous for inexperienced explorers. As General Leia Organa stated, “Everything in this region is rough.” But after months of crisis and multiple failed expeditions, the Imperial Computers of Jakku began to map the stars and find a safe passage through hyperspace. It also revealed that the Unknown Regions contained the base of the mysterious Star-Killer.

There are many planets to visit in Fallen Order, with five of them being revisitable and meaningfully explored. Three worlds are purely missions and contain no collectibles. In the game, players visit these worlds by using a Holotable in a Mantis ship. Greez will fly the Mantis to the world and land only if they are co-piloted by the player.


In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, you may have come across the planet Dathomir. This planet was previously home to a small colony of pioneers and archaeologists. However, when the Galactic Empire came to power, they took their forces elsewhere, destroying the planet’s historical sites and sacred tombs. This planet’s environment lasted for centuries, but now, it is a barren, lifeless wasteland.

Located in the Quelli sector, Dathomir is a mysterious and remote planet in the galaxy. It is also home to the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers. In addition to its icy worlds, it is also home to the Nightsisters, the Clan Mother of the Nightsisters, and the infamous Maul. While his impact on the Star Wars universe is small, his legacy is legendary.

The game has eight worlds, and not all of them are equally large or explorable. Of those eight worlds, only five can be meaningfully explored by players. Although you can visit Dathomir and the planets of the Fallen Order early on, you cannot fully explore the planet until you reach Kashyyk. Luckily, the game includes an interactive map for players to see their worlds at a glance.

The Jedi’s fallen order has several planets, which you can visit after beating the fallen order. There are also two planets named Tatooine and Zeffo. In the first game, you can travel to Dathomir and defeat the evil Knight. It is the final planet to destroy the Sith. The game can be played as a single or multiplayer mode, so that you can continue playing it in the future.