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How Many Planets Are in Jedi: Fallen Order?

When it comes to the JEDI FALLEN ORDER video game, one of the most frequently asked questions is: “How many planets are there?” There are eight different worlds in this RPG, but not all of them are explorable. Of those eight, only five are explorable and have playable locations, making the total number of planets in the game a bit smaller than the original. This article will cover all of these worlds and more, so read on to learn more.


The planet Ilum was first mentioned in Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. The sixth episode, “The Gathering,” explored the mysterious Jedi secrets of Ilum, as well as the role of Ilum for young Jedi. In the video game, “Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order,” Cal Kestis travels to the icy planet in search of kyber crystals. However, the planet’s first appearance in the 2D Star Wars microseries, Star Wars Vintage: Clone Wars, has prompted many fans to return and explore it once again.

The Ilum planet is home to the Kyber crystals, which are essential for the creation of Jedi lightsabers. Jedi Younglings must venture into the icy caves of Ilum to obtain these crystals, which are found on the planet’s surface. There are numerous crystallised glaciers, ice plains, and snow-covered mountains on the planet. Neither life nor intelligent life exists on Ilum.

In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you can explore different planets, like Kashyyk, a lush jungle world where wookies and other creatures live. You can also explore Ilum, a tiny snow planet, in a variety of different ways. Until later in the game, Ilum will be closed. On the other hand, other planets will open up in the future. Nur, which is a dark and gloomy world, is home to the Fortress Inquisitorius, a powerful structure that holds captured Jedi.

In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Ilum is a snow-covered planet located in the 7G sector of the Unknown Regions. The planet was home to a Jedi Temple and Kyber crystals, which are needed for the Gathering rite of passage known as Gathering. Ilum also has a number of secret locations, cosmetic chests, and terrarium seeds. The location of these locations will differ for each planet, but the map does not contain all of the locations.


Bracca is a centrally located planet near a busy hyperspace route. Most of the inhabitants of Bracca used it as a dumping ground for junk, or scavenged for useful parts. The planet served as a scrapyard for weapons and other remnants from the Clone Wars. It was also administered by the Scrapper Guild, which was tasked with scrapping fleets of ships for useful parts.

The Bad Batch starts off the Fallen Order story on the world of Bracca, where they are accosted by a familiar face. This person, who works for the Clone Force 99, tasks Clone Force 99 with a mission on the planet Bracca. Fans are calling for a cameo from Kestis, but the character would be different from Kanan Jarrus, who is seen in Episode 1.

Another important planet in the Star Wars universe is Kashyyk. It’s the homeworld of the Wookies, and is a fantastic place to explore. You can also visit Ilum, a small planet in the frozen north. But that won’t open up until later in the game. The dark world of Nur, meanwhile, is home to the Fortress Inquisitorius, a building constructed by the Imperials to capture Jedi.


The mysterious world of Nur is featured in the Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order video game. Known for its underwater Fortress Inquisitorius, Nur is the homeworld of the Imperial Inquisitor Program. This game only explores a part of Nur, a portion of the planet’s surface that can only be reached by swimming. In this guide, we’ll cover a few key points about Nur.

The final planet, Nur, is the final world to be unlocked in Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order. It is a windswept planet located in the Outer Rim of the Galaxy, and is home to the ancient Force-Sensitive race known as the Zeffo. This planet is the last place the Jedi will go after they defeat the Empire. How many planets are there in the game?

The planets in Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order are divided into four different areas. First, you explore the jungle world of Kashyyk, which is home to the wookies. A second planet is Ilum, which is covered in snow and is unexplored. Lastly, you’ll find the dark world of Nur, which is dominated by the Fortress Inquisitorius, a secret facility under the sea built to house captured Jedi.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has eight different worlds to explore. While not all of these are equally accessible, five are worth revisiting. Kashyyk, the home planet of the Wookiees, is a well-known one, but what about the other five? You’ll find out in this guide! So, how many planets are in Jedi: Fallen Order?

As far as difficulty goes, Kashyyk is actually one of the more difficult planets in Fallen Order. It’s quite unexplored, with boggy wetlands and grassy terrain. Its location on the map was never mentioned, but it is vitally important in the Star Wars universe. It is a planet of outstanding beauty, and it’s definitely worth the trip. But how difficult is it to reach it? Here’s a list of some helpful tips and tricks for each planet.

Nur – As one of the more mysterious planets in the Star Wars universe, Nur is only briefly explored in the game. The Fortress Inquisitorius is a fortress that’s located in the Mustafar System. It’s home to the ancient Force-Sensitive Zeffo race. As a result, it’s a world that’s full of mystery.

Dathomir – Another planet that’s featured in Star Wars: The Clone Wars is Dathomir, a planet where the Nightsisters are found. This planet was also invaded by Separatist Leader General Grievous during the Clone Wars. After the Order 66, Dark Jedi Master Taron Malicos moved to Dathomir. He used the Nightsisters to harness their power. The Nightsisters are an important aspect of life on Dathomir, with the dark side of the force corrupting the plants and lifeforms on Dathomir.


Star Wars has numerous planets, but Dathomir stands out for its prominence. It was once the home of the ancient Human-Zabrak hybrid race known as the Nightbrothers and Nightsisters. Count Dooku, an Emperor-appointed bounty hunter, first arrived on Dathomir to recruit apprentices for his Dark Side rituals. The Galactic Empire’s rise to power resulted in a massive waste of history and sacred tombs. The Empire eventually failed to control Dathomir, and its planet became a dead zone.

In Fallout 4, the quest to find the new Breather requires you to visit Dathomir and Zeffo. Visiting Dathomir is a good choice for the story, and the new toys are a plus. The Breather is a crucial piece of equipment for the game. It allows you to dive underwater and can be used anywhere there is water. Dathomir is the most challenging planet in Fallout 4; the other planet is Zeffo.

The Nightbrothers were a tribe of Dathomirian Zabrak males. They lived in a village on Dathomir, and were Force-sensitive. They were a kind of Jedi, but were not members of the Inquisitorius or Sith. The Nightbrothers’ village was named for the ancient duchess of Malastare, Merrin. Her brother Feral later became a tribal leader of the Nightbrother village.

One of my favorite planets in the game is Dathomir. The landscape is brutal and it’s home to the Nightbrothers and Nightsisters. You can even use a flying ship to travel to other places, such as the Outer Rim Territories. A Jedi Flip requires pressing A/X while jumping and then press A/X again in mid-air. The Nightbrothers, on the other hand, are tattooed Zabrak warriors.