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If you want to know more about the signs and houses of your zodiac birth chart, you can read this article. There are three basic components to your birth chart: the ascendant, the houses and the planets. Understanding them all is essential to understanding your personality. Once you have these, you can calculate your birth chart. It is a valuable tool for identifying the traits and patterns you tend to exhibit. Here’s how you can do it:

The ascendant

Your ascendant is the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon when you were born. Your ascendant affects your appearance, demeanor, and overall health. When interpreting your birth chart, your ascendant will show you how you present yourself to the world. To determine what sign you were born under, first find out your exact time of birth. Then look up the rising sign of your friends and family to find out where they were born.

If you were born on December 17, your ascendant was in the unfiltered fire sign of Sagittarius. By contrast, if your ascendant fell into Libra, you would be a diplomatic and social cardinal air sign. You’ll come across as diplomatic. Your ascendant represents your outer self, so how you look and act can be highly affected by its placement. Risings in Scorpio and Leo have more intense magnetic vibrations and commanding presence. They tend to gravitate toward bright and cheerful colors.

Whether you’re a Leo, a Virgo, or a Pisces, you’ll discover how you appear in public. People born with Sagittarius as their ascendant tend to be fun, sociable, and generous to others. However, those born under the fixed water sign of Cancer may be more reserved, practical, and serious. However, people born under the ascendant of Cancer tend to be emotionally empathetic and nurturing.

The house system

You may have already heard of the houses system, but do you know how to use it? House systems are based on time. The houses in astrology were originally used to divide the zodiac from east to west. Rising signs always fall in the first house. You can find descriptions of the signs on the house cusps on the interpretation of house cusps page. House systems also differ slightly from one another.

Astrologers divide the horoscope into twelve houses. Each house represents a different area of experience. The placement of each celestial point provides insight into your personality, your relationships with others, your past and future. Different houses are associated with a different sign. For example, the Fourth House represents relationships and children, while the Fifth House rules the world and royal astrology. A Libra born in Libra’s House will be the sign of love and fairness.

Houses are identified by their placement in the sky, or based on the zodiac signs they are in. Each house is rooted in the time and place of birth, and gives insight into certain areas of life. Depending on where and when you were born, your first house will be determined by the zodiac constellation rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. You can find a detailed birth chart by using sites like, or use an online charting service.

The houses

If you’ve ever wondered how to interpret your birth chart, the houses are a great place to start. These are the aspects that govern each house in your birth chart. For example, the first house speaks to your physical body and how you respond to your environment. This is the house you’re most likely to interact with children and the enthusiasm that comes with them. Similarly, the second house governs your creative spirit and the ways in which you communicate with others.

The first house in your birth chart represents your rising sign, also known as the ascendant. This sign falls in the first house and is difficult to pin down, especially if you were born at a different time than your birthday. Your rising sign, which is the third most important placement, is an important aspect of your personality, and represents how you view everyday life. It can also represent the way you dress, your piercings, and your overall style.

If you’re a beginner in astrology, the first house is the most important. This sign will be visible in your chart, and its placement will give you a general idea of what your life is all about. If you have an Aries or Taurus sign in your first house, you’ll find that your life is centered around independence and stability. You’ll want to know what kind of astrology will be best for you.

The planets

The planets in your birth chart can indicate your personality and character. Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, is in your sign. The eccentric planet Uranus brings unusual experiences and unconventional behavior to your life. The dreamy planet Neptune represents sentimentality, compassion, mystery, and the ability to let go of the past. Pluto, the planet of the future, represents hard work and discipline. If these two planets are in opposition, your personality may be a combination of both.

Astrocharts is a free online service that allows you to view and read your birth chart. It allows you to learn about your inner and outer planets and how they influence your life. These websites also offer explanations about the meaning of each planet. Some of the best astrology apps include the ability to analyze the meaning of the planets in your birth chart, including which ones are related to specific areas of your life.

Your birth chart will reveal the placements of all the planets throughout the year. This information can be incredibly helpful in predicting future events, but you should make sure you review your birth chart regularly for the next few years. Also, you should review your transit chart, or “natal plus transits” chart, at least twice a year. A chart comparing your natal chart to the planets in your birth chart is particularly useful for predicting a person’s future.

The rising sign

The rising sign is one of the most important factors when calculating your birth chart. The rising sign is what colors your first impressions, appearance, attitude and demeanor. The rising sign will determine your personality type. Using your rising sign when calculating your birth chart can help you identify which sign is influencing your life. This information will also be helpful when you decide to change your name. Here are some ways to change your name based on your rising sign.

Your rising sign, or ascendant, represents your body, sense of self, and sense of vitality. Your rising sign will be located in the first house of your birth chart, followed by the second and third houses of your birth. These houses will affect the way you live your life and interact with your siblings and extended family. You should be aware that your rising sign will change every two hours. Therefore, you should have a clear idea of when you were born.

You can find your rising sign if you know the exact time and date of your birth. If you do not, you can use an ascendant calculator to find it instantly. A rising sign calculator will give you an exact rising sign in a matter of seconds. Using your rising sign as the key to understanding your life path, your ascendant is one of the most important aspects of your chart. If you want to know what your rising sign is, try a chani app or online chart tool.

The twelfth house

The twelfth house in your horoscope represents a sense of self-doubt and isolation. Saturn rules this house, so you may experience feelings of loneliness or blockages. You may have to sacrifice and retreat if Saturn is placed in this area of your birth chart. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate these symptoms. Listed below are a few suggestions.

The 12th house rules our spiritual and inner selves. It shows us our inner strengths and weaknesses. We can find our inner strength and peace by exploring our astrology horoscopes. Intuition play a big role in our lives, and our twelfth house influences these traits. People with this sign also experience creativity, healing, and completion, so you can benefit from its effects.

Despite its calming effect, the 12th house is also fraught with pitfalls. When Mars is placed in this area, you could experience hostility or anger towards others. You may also have to deal with self-harm or self-destructive behavior, and you should be careful about letting the twelfth house influence your relationship. If this is the case, it’s time to make some changes.

Those who are seeking spiritual liberation will be interested in the 12th house. Its planetary position in this house determines how much of our lives we can surrender to divine forces. This house also governs our capacity for generosity, compassion, and humility. If the twelveth house is in your horoscope, you may have to surrender yourself to God and let go of material possessions.