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How to Download an Astrology App For Free

You can download a horoscope app for free. There are a few options available, including iPhemeris, Chani, Time Nomad, and Daily Horoscope Plus. These apps all have different features, such as a period, Affinity, and sharing tabs. Depending on the provider, there may be ads in the app. This is a good sign, as ads will make the app less useful if the content is not free.


If you want to learn more about the stars and planets, download the iPhemeris astrology application for free. The app uses DE431 data from the Jet Propulsion Labs. Its charting capabilities include a global map and address search. The app includes many house systems, and it can be set to display modern and traditional rulers. It is also compatible with all astrological calendars, including the popular Astronomical Charts.

The app uses a Swiss ephemeris (based on the DE 430/431 from Jet Propulsion Laboratories). It includes longitude and declination, harmonic degree range, tropical and sidereal positions, and 8 Hypothetical (Hamburg) points. It also shows the position of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the time of the Ephemeris, and for 12 hours later. You can also set custom values for certain aspects and calculations.

iPhemeris is one of the most popular astrology apps for the iPhone and Mac. The application provides natal charts, transit charts, and planetary positions. It can also be used for rectification and relocation. The iPhemeris app has many helpful features, including an iCloud backup feature and customizable ephemeris. It also has customizable ephemeris and tabular ephemeris charts.

While many astrologers love iPhemeris astrology apps, some people do not have the time to learn the nuances of a particular planetary position. This is where an astrology app comes in handy. It can help you interpret your day-to-day life and find a relationship. A good app will also help you understand your birth chart and find compatibility.

Time Nomad

The Time Nomad astrology app was developed to help astrologers understand and interpret the ever-changing configurations of celestial bodies. You can use the app to track planetary positions in real time, analyze your birth chart, and even receive notifications of upcoming astrological events. It also provides useful information on the astrological trends of other people and businesses. If you are interested in the astrological signs of the zodiac, this app is a must-have for your phone.

There are plenty of benefits to using the Time Nomad astrology app free. It includes an extensive collection of astrological charts. You can also view sidereal and tropical zodiac systems, as well as illuminating points. It also comes with useful event notifications for iOS. Time Nomad is free to download and requires no internet connection. You can use it anywhere you go, as it does not require internet connection.

The Time Nomad app is fast and easy to use, and it does not require a web connection. It is compatible with all geographical locations around the world, and you can even optimize your schedule around planetary alignments. The app also features a pocket astrologer rooted in Vedic astrology, called Chaturanga. It asks for details about your birth time and allows you to ask questions to real astrologers. You can get detailed advice on your love life, career, and other matters.

The Time Nomad app also comes with daily horoscopes and detailed reports on astrological events. It uses GPS and your phone’s default location to calculate your natal chart. It also calculates synastry charts and offers other learning materials. In addition to offering detailed reports, the Time Nomad app also offers the ability to ask questions of an astrologer and receive freebies.

There are several other astrology apps for iOS. Chani Nicholas is an astrologer and uses astrology to improve herself. Chani Nicholas’s app provides positive descriptions of aspects of your chart. It has a weekly podcast and a map of the current sky. If you like the app, you can unlock premium features, such as astrology-themed podcasts. Alternatively, you can use the app as a self-improvement tool and get a free daily horoscope.


Chani is an astrology app that integrates the wisdom of the stars with the practice of mindfulness and meditation. It offers the most detailed explanations of your birth chart, real-time updates, and a library of meditations and rituals. It even has a journal that you can use to track your personal growth and change. Chani is a meditation and mindfulness app created by astrologer Chani Nicholas.

The app was developed by an astrologer who believes in the power of astrology as a healing tool. This app combines astrology with wellness and meditation, making it useful and accessible for all levels. The app offers free and paid features, including journal prompts, guided meditations, and a full moon workshop. It also offers daily transit analysis, personal altar suggestions, and a weekly podcast.

Chani’s astrology app is popular among those seeking self-discovery, meditation, and healing. In an interview with CNBC, Chani and co-founder Sonya Passi discuss the power of astrology and the role it played in their business. Chani also shares powerful messages about creating a small business and aligning it with your values. The Chani team hires survivors of gender-based violence and offers comprehensive employee benefits, including unlimited menstrual leave.

Daily Horoscope Plus

Daily Horoscope Plus is a free astrology app that gives you daily, weekly, and yearly horoscopes. It also has a celebrity match feature and a variety of other features, such as tarot readings and blood type personality. If you’re looking for an app with more options, check out Sanctuary, which also offers daily and weekly horoscopes, as well as one-on-one astrology readings by a professional astrologer.

The horoscopes on these apps are accurate and easy to read, thanks to algorithms and an astrology team. You can also see your daily mood and lucky color. In addition to this, you can read horoscopes for various time frames, and even chat with psychics. The only drawbacks to this app are a few paid features. In addition to horoscopes, they also have a feature that allows you to share your horoscopes with friends and family.

You can get a free daily horoscope with Astrology Zone, but it’s not completely free. There is a premium version of Astrology Zone, which provides more detailed daily horoscopes as well as Susan Miller’s monthly horoscopes for all signs. Premium subscribers also get access to a library of Miller’s essays and an exclusive “Learn Astrology” section.

Daily Horoscope by Comitic is another free daily horoscope app. It provides a decent UI, a few features, and offers astrology compatibility ratings. Additionally, it supports Chinese zodiac compatibility ratings, a widget, and push notifications. The only downfall to this app is that it’s free with advertisements. You may be looking for a paid version, but the free version is the best choice.

The Daily Horoscope Plus astrology app is also free. It is designed by professional astrologers and includes advanced astrology terminology glossary. This app also includes a detailed description of each horoscope. You can customize the app according to your preferences, so you can read your horoscopes with confidence. Moreover, Time Passages lets you customize the charts and reports based on your zodiac signs.