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How to Use a Birth Chart Calculator

A birth chart – also known as the natal chart – reveals the position of the Sun, Moon, and nine planets at the time of your birth. Knowing your sun sign and rising sign can be quite illuminating. With the use of a free horoscope calculator, you can easily determine these positions. You can even get a detailed analysis of the sun’s movements during your birth.

Free horoscope calculator

If you want to use a free birth chart calculator, you’ll need to input your time of birth, which is typically found on your baptismal certificate, birth certificate, or mother-child passport. Astrologers usually use noon to calculate horoscopes, but you may not know what time this is on your birth certificate. Thankfully, there are websites that will let you input any time between 00:01 and 23:59, allowing you to see the planets’ positions on any given day. The Moon changes signs every two-1/2 days, so a horoscope will most likely be correct if you’re born on one of those days.

A free birth chart generator can be very helpful in finding love, as it can help you understand each other better. For example, if you’re married, it’s helpful to check your rising sign and your moon sign with a free birth chart calculator. This will give you insights about your partner’s needs and tendencies in relationships. It is also possible to combine two people’s natal charts in order to understand how they relate to one another. This method is known as synastry.

The free birth chart calculator will list all planets by sign and house and will produce a detailed report of your natal chart. The key positions – Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Ascendant – are also listed. Most horoscopes will recommend reading your horoscope for your Sun sign, Moon, and planet placement. There are many other tools for interpreting your horoscope, so take your time and choose the one that’s right for you.

Zodiac signs

Zodiac signs in a birth chart calculator can be a useful tool for anyone interested in their own personal horoscopes. There are many options for personalizing a horoscope, from displaying the name of your hometown to viewing the AS and MC Aspects. The calculator will also let you customize other parameters such as your zodiac sign and natal date. To get the most accurate results, enter as much information as possible about your birth date and time.

A natal chart shows where your planets were when you were born, in terms of zodiac signs. Some people have planets in one constellation, while others have several scattered across the chart. Each planet governs a different area of your life. Learning how to interpret your own natal chart can give you a clearer view of yourself and your personality. The more information you know about your own zodiac signs, the better prepared you are to make decisions and achieve your goals.

Birth charts also contain various planetary placements in twelve different houses. Your Zodiac sign will be determined by the placement of the Moon between thirteen and seventeen degrees of the sign you were born under. It is best to enter the Moon’s position within this range in order to ensure the most accurate results. A birth chart calculator is an invaluable tool in determining your personality and determining your destiny. So go ahead and use a birth chart calculator to find out your own Zodiac sign!

For more detailed results, try a birth chart calculator that includes a combination of signs. For example, you can select one of your zodiac signs to see which one is more compatible with your personality. For example, a chart with three Aries signs can tell you what type of person you are in relationships. If you’re a sign of the air, you’ll be more intuitive and witty. Likewise, a chart of a Pisces sign will show you your intuitive side and your compassionate nature.

Rising sign

The rising sign, also called the ascendant, is the first part of your birth chart to be discovered. It is your zodiac sign that rises on the eastern horizon. According to esoteric astrology, this is when you became a person, and your soul entered your physical body. You may guess your rising sign before your sun sign, but that’s not always the case. In this article, we’ll look at the various ways you can discover your Rising sign.

Your rising sign (also known as your ascendant) affects your appearance, attitude, and overall approach to life. For instance, a conservative Capricorn with a Leo rising may have outward Leo features, including wild hair. While this may seem odd, it’s because the two signs are so different! Your rising sign is an important part of your overall personality, so it’s essential to know your rising sign!

Your Sun is the brightest force in our solar system, and its energy ties into your core identity. It reveals how you share your light with the world and what your sense of self is. This connection becomes stronger as you age. So, if your rising sign is in an opposite sign, you’re more likely to be shy and introverted, and less likely to be outgoing and outspoken. So, if you’re born under the sun, you’ll want to check your natal chart and see which signs you’re born under!

Once you know your Ascendant, you’ll want to find a rising sign calculator. You’ll find plenty of them online, so take your time and use one that analyzes your Ascendant. You can also learn a lot more about your personality through your Ascendant! You’ll be surprised by what you learn. Once you find your Rising Sign, you’ll be ready to make the most of it!


The birth chart calculates the position of planets around the time of your birth. You can select from North, East or South Indian birth charts. These are based on Vedic Astrology. The Moon can be in two signs on many days. Changes with the other planets are less common, but still possible. The chart will print the planetary coordinates at an accurate time. To calculate the exact positions of planets around your birth, simply input your location and time.

Outer planets have the longest and most expansive orbits. These are generational placements, meaning those born within a few years of you will have the same outer planets in their birth charts. This is why outer planet placements are less important in individual charts. Jupiter and Saturn are considered social planets, because their orbits are broader and smaller than the inner planets. These planets represent the way you interact with your society.

The birth chart also has planets that represent different energies that influence various areas of your life. These energies are located within each of the 12 houses of your birth chart. The placement of these planets will reveal the source of these energies. If you know the planets’ positions and placements, you can use the birth chart to determine what kind of life you are going to have. The birth chart is a wonderful resource for anyone who is looking to make sense of their destiny.

The astrology natal chart consists of your personal natal chart and the placements of planets in those signs. Your birth chart will also include the aspects and placements of planets. The relationship between these planets and the aspects they make are of particular importance. This information will help you make sense of the different aspects of your life. It’s also possible to view your personal natal chart with these tools. The free birth chart calculator will help you to understand what the placements of planets are in your natal chart.


To find out your Ascendant in a birth chart, start by using a birth chart calculator. The sign your ascendant falls in is determined by the time and place of your birth, and the Sun crosses your natal sign every two hours. The Sun’s position in your chart also affects your ascendant, which is the reason it’s important to know your exact birth date. Even though people born on the same day aren’t necessarily like you, they will still have different ascendants.

Your Ascendant, also known as your rising sign, can influence your attitude and appearance. A Capricorn with Leo rising will appear to have a serious attitude and have a playful side, even if their rising sign is the opposite. This can cause loneliness if you take success too seriously, or you have a stubborn streak. If you don’t realize it, your rising sign is the most accurate indicator of how you will handle your life.

To find your Ascendant in a birth chart calculator, start by determining your time of birth. Then enter your Sun sign and approximate time. An Aries born at 2:20 am would have a Pisces ascendant, while a Capricorn born at noon would have a Taurus rising sign. If you are unsure, you can contact your state’s Office of Vital Records to obtain your birth certificate.

The Ascendant in a birth chart calculator is an essential component for understanding your birth horoscope. This crucially important aspect can provide you with a comprehensive psychological portrait of your personality. It is important to choose your Ascendant carefully, since this is the sign that sets up the entire structure of your natal chart. Choosing the correct house to place your planets in is vital to your future.