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If you are in the market for a wedding astrology report, you have probably heard about marriage prediction kundli. If you’ve ever wished you knew when to propose to your beloved, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will take you through the basics of astrological marriage prediction and show you how you can use this tool to your advantage. There are several ways to interpret the results of marriage prediction kundli.

Relationships between planets

The relationship between planets in the kundli indicates the compatibility of two individuals. A combination with a planet from either sign in the same house can indicate a love marriage. In some cases, planets in the same house are indicative of an unfaithful or unhappy marriage. If one planet has an aversion to the other, this will be reflected in their appearance.

When Venus and Mars are in the same house, their placements can determine the compatibility of the relationship. However, when Mars is in the house of the other, the relationship will be stale and the planetary conjunctions will cause a divorce. Mars is a strong signifier of a love-making partner. A strong Mars in a marriage related house can make a relationship last for a lifetime.

The 7th house is the prime significator of marriage. A planet with a strong position in the 7th house is usually a positive sign. However, a planet with a strong position in the 7th house can indicate a dismal marriage, and vice versa. The resulting kundli can be extremely complicated to read. There is no surefire way to make your marriage work, but there is a good chance it will at some point.

7th house

The planets in a person’s natal chart play an important role in their love lives, and planets in the 7th house influence a person’s ability to get married and have children. Mars, the ruling planet in the 7th house, can cause money problems in marriages and partnerships. It can also lead to possessiveness, betrayal, and strong attraction. The following planet combinations are common in marriages, so it is essential to analyze your natal chart for your potential mate to avoid bad marital karma.

Saturn can affect the relationship between a man and woman. If this planet is placed in the 7th house, the native will experience problems and disruption in his or her relationship. If the planetary configurations for this placement are favorable, a person will have a rich and influential spouse. If he or she has Saturn in the 7th house, they may engage in serious love affairs, but their relationship will be short-lived.

A woman with Venus in the 7th house will most likely be artistic and romantic, and will love to indulge in luxury and all the comforts of home. Venus and Mercury are the two main planets associated with loving relationships. In astrology, the planets Venus and Mercury are essential to a beautiful and happy wife. If Venus and Mercury are present in your kundli, your wife will be happy and beautiful.


When the planet Venus is in the first house, the relationship between the couple is likely to take a while to take place. This is because it affects the birth chart of the couple. However, it is possible for the two of them to marry before the first year of the marriage. Similarly, a person with Venus in the first house could be likely to have more than one lover, as Venus is associated with love.

In a kundli, Venus’ placement indicates whether the couple will have a love life or a long-term marriage. If Venus is in a friendly house, the couple will have a good time with their relationship. This is because the marriage will be long-lasting and happy. If the two people have a love life, the marriage will be long-lasting and fulfilling. Venus is also a sign of an active sex life, making the native prone to pornography and excessive libido.

A person with a high influence of Venus will have an average height and plump body. The face and eyes of this person are usually round or oval. The hair on their head will be curly. The personality traits that the person will possess are a smile, a pleasing voice, and a soft appearance. Their hair will be curly and they are likely to win competitions. This person may be a good match for a reception department or a receptionist position. Unfortunately, some people with a high Venus influence may have problems with their ovaries, gout, and skin diseases.


Your kundli may contain one or more planets in the 7th house, and you may be wondering if it will affect your marriage. This planet represents war, conflict, and dominance. A weak Rahu in the 7th house can delay marriage, cause it to be delayed, or even lead to a divorce. If your Rahu is in the 7th house, the effects of Rahu will be magnified when Rahu is also in the same house as other malignant planets, such as Ketu or Shani (Saturn).

If Rahu is in the 7th house, you should be aware of the effects it can have on your marriage and your health. This planet is also known to affect siblings and sons, and may even cause an untimely death. Therefore, it is important to consult with your kundli to make sure your kundli is as accurate as possible before getting married. Remember that there are no guarantees in astrology, and there is nothing wrong with consulting a professional if you have any questions.

The effects of Rahu in the 7th house are different depending on the other planets in the horoscope. If the other planets in your kundli are strong, this planet will help you avoid unnecessary obstacles, such as an early marriage. Having a planet in this house will also help you reduce your stress and depression, so you can focus on ensuring your marriage is successful.


Navamsa marriage prediction depends on the houses in the natal chart. The 7th house, for example, gives information about whether a person is likely to marry. The other houses are related to the 7th house or to the 4th house, respectively. It is also crucial to note the influence of malefic planets, which are equally important for marriage predictions. Some of the most harmful malefic planets are Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. All of these planets have a negative influence on natives, and they can cause confusion, misunderstandings, and false assumptions.

If the Venus is in the 7th house of D-9, the marriage is unlikely to be happy. This is because Venus increases passion and love. However, if Venus is in the sign of a spouse with Saturn, this can lead to problems. Ketu can be a debilitated planet, and it is also not recommended to place Venus in the 7th house of a natal chart. If Venus is in a dual sign, for example, it may indicate a distant, unromantic, or foreign marriage. Ketu can also indicate a spouse with a strong spiritual bent and great knowledge of math.

In a Navamsa chart, the planets within the same sign are very important. They are known as Pushkar Navamsa and Vargottama Navamsa, and are just as powerful as planets in their own sign. Thus, the Navamsa chart is of great importance in marriage analysis. It can help you determine whether you should marry someone based on your astrological profile.


If you’re trying to predict your marriage based on your astrological chart, you’ve probably heard that transits have a lot to do with your timing. It’s true that planets have the ability to affect our lives, but the transits they have over us can have even more impact. Jupiter and Saturn have important transits over our 7th house, and these are things that should be taken into consideration.

In the horoscope of my wife, Venus was transiting in a friendly sign when she met her husband. At the time, Venus was forming a square to her natal Moon and was also squaring her husband’s Sun/Moon midpoint. Transits to Venus and Pluto in her chart also heavily affected her marriage prospects. However, transits to Venus negatively affect our money, relationships, and creative abilities.

Jupiter and Saturn, the rulers of our seventh house, can affect our marriage. If they are in a trine with Saturn, it indicates a favorable time to fall in love and commit to a relationship. This aspect, known as Upapada Lagna, is particularly useful for marriage predictions. Moreover, it can help us understand how our relationship will unfold based on other aspects of our horoscope.

Chara Dasha

The horoscope of a person in the Chara Dasha house can be analyzed for marriage prospects. The influence of Venus and Benefics will ensure a successful marriage. The eleventh house is also a good place to get married, as its Lord and the 7th from Venus are both in neutral signs. In addition, the birth chart of the person should be carefully studied for any planetary conjunctions.

The natal horoscope must be analysed to find out the placement of seven core planets. These seven planets are known as the karakas, and each one has a special role to play in determining the sequence of the Dasha. For example, a person born during the second house will be more likely to marry someone who is attracted to him or her. The planets Rahu and Venus play important roles in love life, as they indicate the right time for marriage.

If the lord and planet of the seventh house is in the Dasha, the marriage will occur without hindrances. The dasha in the second house is always auspicious, as it represents the Karak in marriage. Moreover, the lord and planet of the seventh house, Rahu, or Byahu, will make the marriage peaceful. Likewise, the effect of Ketu on the Dasha will be positive.