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Mercury retrograde shines a light on your unconscious mind and the secrets, dreams, and themes of closure you have been carrying in your subconscious. These thoughts and feelings might not be fully formed or are holding you back. It’s time to explore and make sense of these buried feelings. Hopefully, these insights will give you insight into the areas of your life you want to change. But if your subconscious is too closed off to let go, now is a good time to explore them.


When Mercury is in Virgo, he will have more impact on his native sign than when he’s in any other sign. As the ruler of Virgo, he is analytical and precise, high-strung, and loves to research. His zeal for perfection may cause him to take on too much and fail to complete tasks as promised. Here are a few tips for Mercury in Virgo:

A Mercury in Virgo can be a time for revisiting projects and ideas that were once discarded. The planet’s sharp mind is a boon for creative endeavors, and people born under this influence tend to be very practical. Mercury in Virgo can also be helpful in matters of trade, finance, and the media. Virgos also have a tendency to think more realistically than other signs, and their dreams are realistic and practical.

During the Mercury retrograde in Virgo, you should work on small projects and develop short-term plans. In addition to being a great time for short-term planning and projects, Mercury will make 2 major aspects with the Sun on August 26th. These conjunctions may have different effects on the aspects, so be careful when deciding what to do. Mercury retrograde in Virgo can be an opportunity to reconnect with your inner-self, as well as your life.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo can lead to a lot of confusion for Leo natives. They may even hesitate to undertake new ventures, but should approach all challenges with logic. Mercury retrogression is most challenging for Virgo’s decision-making ability, so its effects will be felt in professional relationships and work environments. In addition, people may misinterpret what you say, so caution is highly recommended.

While it’s possible to make a new business investment during the Mercury retrograde, it’s important to be cautious and watch your spending. Mercury is a notoriously bad money-manager, and you should try to avoid making any big purchases until Mercury turns direct. A new relationship is likely to be successful under the retrograde. A new business venture may be a smart move, and your career may skyrocket. During this retrograde, you might be thinking about changing your virtues to improve your life.


This June, Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini, causing friction in your love life. If you are still in a relationship, avoid cyberstalking your ex or reaching out to a toxic former fling. Mercury retrograde in Gemini can help you discover stuck patterns and take a closer look at yourself and your relationships. Here are some tips to make the most of your retrograde experience. Read on to learn more.

When Mercury retrogrades in Gemini, you might want to avoid making major decisions. Instead, focus on figuring out how to approach your relationship with your significant other. Make sure you have the right resources to work with and do your homework. It is best to be careful when making decisions, as Mercury retrograde can cause confusion. Also, make sure you check the sources of your information before you act. In addition, remember that a sextile aspect between Mercury and Jupiter may cause confusion.

When Mercury retrogrades in Gemini, it affects two signs at the same time, which means it will impact two areas of your life and two houses. If Mercury retrogrades in Gemini, you will be more likely to focus on money and material possessions. A lot of things in your life will get delayed or changed during this time, and you may even find yourself in foreign countries. You might find yourself frustrated and disappointed.

Although Mercury retrograde is a difficult time for relationships, this period can give you the opportunity to evaluate professional offers and consider alternative options. Although most people simply survive Mercury retrograde in Gemini, some people thrive during these times. Mercury is the planet of relationships, so relationships with partners may take a backseat. You can also work on a personal project to get ahead in life. If you’re working on a major project, Mercury retrograde can help you make decisions.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini is likely to lead you to revisit old relationships, projects, and jobs. Trying to get ahead in your career during this time may be more difficult than you thought. Mercury retrograde in Gemini could cause you to feel lost and overwhelmed, so it’s best to plan ahead and stay focused. In addition, you should take some time to meet old ghosts and get your life back on track after Mercury goes retrograde.


A major downside of Mercury Retrograde in Cancer is its effect on the work-related aspects of life. For example, if your boss is on vacation this week, your deadlines may be pushed back to another day. Your creative projects may suffer, or you may run into problems with old clients who are returning for a second visit. Your love life may also experience turmoil as your emotions and creativity are affected. Even your children can experience difficulties.

Relationships are especially vulnerable during Mercury Retrograde. The planet falls in the fifth house, which deals with love and romance, and can create a host of unexpected surprises. Taurus is a living example of harmony, so relationships are of the utmost importance. You’ll likely be able to handle awkward situations and miscommunications without getting angry or upset. But be sure to be compassionate with yourself and others during this period, and avoid draining conversations with your partner.

Pisces will experience mental upheaval during Mercury Retrograde, since he or she will have the ability to access his or her subconscious. This can trigger emotional traumas that are buried deep in Pisces’ psyche. Make sure to take time out for quiet introspection, and don’t feel guilty about canceling plans during Mercury Retrograde. And if you’re in Cancer, make sure to give yourself plenty of space for quiet introspection.

Mercury is in retrograde motion three times a year, once in January-February and once in September-October. It’s important to understand that the effects of Mercury retrograde are not necessarily negative. If you’re under the influence of Mercury retrograde in Cancer, it can affect your relationships and communication with others. If you’re feeling a bit irritable, don’t be afraid of Mercury retrograde.


While it may seem that your relationships are in a stalemate during Mercury retrograde in Pisces, it’s actually the opposite. You’ll find that relationships are an ever-changing game of give and take, and this retrograde will help you better prioritize your goals. Take a moment to think about where you want to be in the future. What are your dreams? What do you hope to accomplish?

While Mercury is mutable during retrograde, it’s possible to make your dreams come true during this time. Pisces people are highly imaginative, influenced by inspirations, and have an innate ability to tune into their dreams. Because Mercury is in Pisces, they process the world through a softer filter, which allows them to see things in a more idealistic light. While Pisces people might not deny the horrors of the world, they don’t lose sight of the magic and the possibility of change.

This Mercury retrograde in Pisces is particularly potent for Virgo. It asks you to examine your relationships with significant partners, whether romantic, business, or formal. The 4 of Cups, meanwhile, invites you to evaluate your own emotional boundaries and determine if they are appropriate for you. This Mercury retrograde will also make you question your relationships with friends and family, and you’ll find yourself more open to love and compassion than ever.

Taurus natives may also face difficulties in their lives during Mercury retrograde in Pisces. This retrograde will cause impulsive decisions, and people with Taurus birth signs may experience lack of patience or social skills. They’ll likely need to seek alternative routes to get where they need to go. And it’s important to have a backup plan for any project. In addition to your own plans, your communication and travel schedules will be affected by the retrograde.

Earth signs have a natural affinity for Pisces. These signs are more reliable, predictable, and structured than their mutable counterparts. Those characteristics make them more resilient, but they may have experienced the emotional turmoil of the Pisces season. Mercury retrograde in Pisces will encourage you to look at these traits and assess whether or not you need them in your relationships. Even if you are not in a relationship, you should consider your relationships and projects through the prism of your emotional sensitivity.