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September Moon Sign – Capricorn

If you’re born under the sign of Capricorn, September’s new moon will help you move forward with newfound confidence and spirit. Your mind and spirit will be strengthened during this time, and you may decide to explore new opportunities in your media, academic, or international pursuits. You may also decide to go back to school to further your education. You might have been wanting to travel for a while, and the stars may provide a break through for a journey that will teach you something new and exciting.


The September moon sign is Pisces. This means that the Full Moon in Pisces occurs on September 20. This Moon is located at 28 degrees of Pisces, which is loosely conjunct its retrograde ruler, Neptune. A full moon in Pisces often brings feelings of disconnection and interconnectedness, as well as the feeling that nothing is as it seems. This Moon is an excellent time to explore the things you value most in life and to make changes in them.

People born under this moon sign are empathetic, dreamy, and sensitive. Often, the full Moon in Pisces can trigger visions, psychic abilities, and spiritual experiences. Pisces is the last zodiac sign and sits beside the spirit realm. During this time, you might have supernatural experiences, especially if you are in a relationship. The full moon in Pisces in September is one of the most powerful for a Pisces.

During this full moon, the Pisces Moon is closest to Neptune on September 20. This will intensify emotional sensitivity and compassion. This Moon in Pisces also enhances psychic abilities and colorful dreams. It also aids you in tuning into your inner light. Jupiter and Mercury will also bring you luck and optimism. This is a great time to release old feelings. Make a vision board to guide you as you work toward your dream.

People born under the Pisces Moon are often described as being “spaced out” and relying on their intuition. This can be a good thing, because their dreaminess can sometimes lead to predicaments with others. Having space around them allows Pisces to flourish and feel at ease. This Moon sign can also be a great actor. However, this Moon sign has some drawbacks. This month is not a good time to have a major surgery or undergo any other major medical procedure.


A person born in September with the moon in Virgo has a practical, systematic and organized personality. Whether it’s in a relationship or at work, Virgos are known for their meticulous planning and detail-oriented approach to life. However, the combination of Leo and Virgo can result in a person who is overly practical and methodical, or someone who is very ambitious but still has time for a little fun.

New moons in Virgo are a great time to start new fitness or diet plans. September’s new moon, which occurs at 8:52 pm ET, is ideal for beginning new routines or replacing old ones. The sign of Virgo is also very practical and is known for its health and fitness, so it is a good time to start a new diet or kick a bad habit. It is also a good time to make some changes to your home or your surroundings, such as installing new lighting or changing the color scheme of your furniture.

A Virgo new moon can be a good time for Sagittarius to get clear on what she wants. Virgos like to lend a hand to others, and they won’t feel obligated to do so. However, you may have to work to get this point across to your partner or significant other. It’s important to take your own health seriously. If you’re a Virgo, you’ll be more motivated to do so than someone who has a Virgo moon.

A new moon in Virgo will give you a chance to clear your intentions and organize your goals. A new moon in Virgo is an excellent time to clear your social media feeds and clean out your house. Mars, the planet of passion, is in Virgo this month, and this may inspire you to start a new love life. In addition, a new relationship could be in the works, or you may decide to move on from your ex.


The September moon sign is Capricorn, and the New Moon in Virgo will take place on September 6. This will bring focus to travel, work, and pleasure, and a newfound sense of purpose. The emperor is content to hunker down and get the job done, but the stars could bring you a breakthrough in travel or a life milestone. While Capricorns are traditionally aloof and reserved, the September moon can help them open up to new experiences and learning experiences.

The Capricorn moon sign describes the emotions and innate reactions of an individual, and it can offer insight into a person’s emotional makeup. A September Moon sign in Capricorn indicates responsibility, a practical nature, and measured responses. It also indicates that a person needs to be practical in life, and is a strong believer in hard work. Their personal and professional lives need to work in tandem. Capricorns are practical and logical, and a good example of this is the way they tend to compartmentalize their feelings.

While the September moon sign in Capricorn has a strong and independent personality, Capricorns are often emotionally distant, and may project a cold and aloof aura to other people. Their relationship habits are typically strict and self-centered, and they aren’t particularly interested in intimacy. They may be devoted and loyal to their partners, but they may also be a bit aloof. Despite their aloofness, Capricorns are good partners for those who want to spend time with their significant other.

On Monday, the new moon in Virgo encourages fun and relaxation, as Venus trines Pluto in Capricorn. The new moon in Virgo encourages people to reach out to others. Mars in Virgo also encourages passion in relationships. This energy is helpful for making goals and turning dreams into reality. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your intuition and create a better future today.


On September 10, Venus enters the sign of Scorpio, bringing blessings of beauty, indulgence, and love. This energy will make Scorpios more magnetic and desirable, attracting all sorts of people to them. This month will also bring a new lunar eclipse in Leo’s career sector. While September is a good month to start new relationships, you may also want to consider the benefits of moving on with your life. Here are some things to consider:

If you are experiencing deep sadness, you should know that it will pass. It is human nature to feel sad, and it will eventually pass. But if the sadness persists, try not to dwell on it. This month brings opportunities for growth, and you should be willing to take advantage of them. There are so many forms of love, and you can find it in every corner of the world. Those who are happy with their relationships and feel secure in their relationships are likely to be more fulfilled in their relationships.

If you’re feeling lonely or down, try to find ways to improve your connection with other people and with yourself. Keeping in mind that you’re a creative, intense person, you may find it helpful to be surrounded by creative people. The new moon in September will inspire you to do something that makes you happy and make you feel fulfilled. If you’re looking for romance, the lunar eclipse on November 19 encourages you to find it.

Aside from love and romance, health will be another issue for Scorpio natives this month. Mars, their ruling planet, will be in the sixth house and conjunction with Jupiter and Venus will make things easier for them. If they have a family business, they will be able to get back a percentage of their money owed. Jupiter will also bring a small income from government sources and loaned money. This month, natives of the Scorpio zodiac sign should focus on saving and avoiding overspending.


The new moon in Aquarius, September, sends a magical message to the eighth house, where death and rebirth occurs. The new moon invites you to let go of old baggage and embrace a spiritual shift. People are generally supportive, and you may feel energized and full of passion. During this month, you may feel inspired to try a new activity or venture into a new area of interest.

Although astrology isn’t an exact science, the moon’s position in the horoscope can be helpful for finding out how you’ll act with others and interact with yourself. The moon is a sign that moves quickly around the zodiac, visiting each sign for about two and a half days. The moon can reveal a person’s inner life, and the meaning behind their actions and reactions can be found in a star sign guide.

If Aquarius is a native of the seventh house, this month is a great time to get married. Mars and Venus will be in the seventh house, which fosters a healthy understanding between husband and wife. You’ll be more likely to plan for children during this month, since Mars and Venus are both in this sector. If you’re an Aquarius native, you may be resolving to have a baby soon, and you’ll be able to enjoy the good times with your husband.

When the full moon occurs in Pisces, it’s time to indulge in a little selfishness. You might even want to treat yourself to some new sex toys, and read erotica. Your lover will be enthralled with your enthusiasm for the bedroom! If you’re a Pisces, September can also bring lovemaking opportunities. You can experiment with new sex moves, treat yourself to a new sex toy, or simply indulge in the company of loved ones.