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Solar Eclipse Horoscopes for Sagittarius, Gemini, and Aries

This solar eclipse is visible to people in Africa, South America, Antarctica, and Australia. Chiron and Pluto will be shadow agents for the eclipse. In addition, the eclipse will impact planets between seven and seventeen degrees in Virgo and Pisces. Although the solar eclipse does not affect your life, it is highly likely to cause real-world events. If you live under the signs of Sagittarius, Gemini, or Aries, you should take note of the astrological significance of this eclipse.


The solar eclipse in Taurus occurs on April 30th. This upcoming eclipse is highly energetic and will bring a great deal of change into your life. In order to maximize your benefit from this eclipse, you need to make sure that your intentions are realistic and grounded. In addition to being realistic, you need to feel the emotions of what you want. A solar eclipse is one of the most powerful ways to attract abundance. The signs of Taurus are known for their practicality and ability to simplify things.

The eclipse will affect the sign of Taurus, which rules money and material possessions. As a result, it can bring up issues or patterns from your past. Whether it is your financial or professional life, you can take advantage of this eclipse to change and progress. As a result, you can expect to get clarity, judgment, and insight regarding these topics. The solar eclipse will also bring up many old and new issues. To fully benefit from this eclipse, you must know your personal needs and wants.


A Solar eclipse can be an exciting time to make big decisions, but the signs of the zodiac must be aware of the potential dangers of this transit. This eclipse will cause sudden developments and speed up life, bringing exciting opportunities and fresh starts. Below are the horoscopes for each sign during the solar eclipse. Read on to discover what these transits mean for you! And don’t be afraid to take the leap of faith!

A total solar eclipse initiates a final change in the ninth house, which represents international issues, higher learning, and wisdom. Some Aries may travel abroad or have international dealings under this eclipse. Others may begin to open up to different beliefs and expand their knowledge base. This is an excellent time for those who are seeking a larger platform to express their creativity. Intuition is a crucial part of Aries’ life, and a total eclipse in Sagittarius can open new paths to personal empowerment.


A solar eclipse is an event in the sky that affects the entire zodiac. The eclipse will affect all planets in the sign, but a solar eclipse in Gemini will have a particularly strong effect on those born under the sign of Gemini. This eclipse is particularly powerful because it coincides with Mercury retrograde, making it a perfect time to begin new projects and make plans. You might even find yourself taking a spontaneous trip.

This Eclipse will have a profound effect on social life, especially for those born under Gemini. This sign is known for its mental activity, which can cause worry spirals and complex plans. Geminis need to seek a centering presence during this time. During this eclipse, Geminis should consider their last solar eclipse in November/December 2020. Ask yourself what has changed since that time. This eclipse will send you into a frenzy and make you feel scattered.


The Aries solar eclipse will be the first one of the year. This will be beneficial for Aries natives because their financial situation will improve. Work will be highly valued and avenues to wealth will open up for them. Jobs may be more lucrative and couples may plan for a baby. Travel may also bring money benefits. In addition, a new deal could be negotiated. There will be a rise in wealth during this eclipse.

The Aries solar eclipse is part of an auspicious time for the fire signs. It occurs after the moon has squared Pluto and Uranus has conjunct Pluto. These are all powerful planets and they are known for their unique, out of the ordinary events. Uranus wants to revolutionize, reconstruct, rebel, and break things apart. This means that the eclipse may feel like a break through. However, it is best to be aware of how to fully engage the eclipse energy.


On June 20th, the Solar Eclipse in Cancer will appear. If you are in this sign, you can watch the eclipse from afar in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Yemen, and Oman. Although not visible to the average human eye, the eclipse will have a dramatic impact on people in these countries. This event marks the beginning of a new season, and people born under the sign of Cancer are likely to be especially impacted.

Luckily for people in the sign of Cancer, the eclipse will also be accompanied by a lunar eclipse, which will bring Cancerian themes. The Moon is in Cancer, and Venus will be in Pisces, which also happens to be a sign of the zodiac. Since the Sun is a sign associated with the Moon, the eclipse will likely have a Cancerian theme. As a result, the solar eclipse is not only affecting Cancer, but also Capricorn.


A Solar Eclipse in Pisces can feel as if it’s on a cosmic rite of passage, challenging our understanding of hope and true inspiration. This powerful event represents the unconscious mind overriding our conscious mind. Pisces is the sign of feelings and perceptions, so this eclipse will force us to dig deep within ourselves and explore the deeper meaning of what we want in life. This powerful eclipse will challenge our self-awareness, causing us to consider the importance of allowing ourselves to feel the emotions of others and our own.

In addition to the astrological meaning of this eclipse, Pisces is associated with healing, emotional release, psychic occurrences, and the water element. Interestingly, this aspect of the zodiac is connected with Mars and Neptune, planets of creativity and intuition. During an eclipse in Pisces, miracles are likely to occur, if we give ourselves permission to let go of the past and move forward.


The November Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is an astrological event that can have personal effects for those born under this sign. During this period of time, many people lost their jobs, found new relationships, or even started new businesses. In addition, Saturn will remain in Scorpio for 2.5 to seven years, so this can make any person feel the effects of Saturn in Scorpio. While this can be a tough time for anyone, Scorpios know how to deal with life’s many ups and downs.

The effect of an eclipse is most powerful near the date of occurrence, but it also extends for up to two years. Because of its affect on the natural order, this eclipse can create a period of uncertainty three weeks before its occurrence. Crucial or problematic situations may also intensify during this time. Changes or discoveries can occur within six months of the eclipse. Any planet or point in the Star Chart can trigger an eclipse. Therefore, people born under a Scorpio Full Moon are advised to take advantage of this opportunity to move on with their lives.


Sagittarius and the solar eclipse in June 2020 will bring about a shift in the financial status of Sagittarius people. While Sagittarians are known to be independent and ambitious, a solar eclipse can make a person feel like they have to take action. Sagittarians may also want to consider adding new people to their support sphere. This eclipse could bring about big changes in life for Sagittarians, and they may want to consider this opportunity in 2016.

The energy of this eclipse will be linked to the search for growth, education, and the future. Since this eclipse will be located near Mercury and Neptune, the two planets of communication and information, you should think carefully before you make a decision. This eclipse will also affect your ability to discern what is valuable information from what is just a waste of time. For those born under this conjunction, marriage plans and higher education may be on the cards, and you may feel called to travel to a new area for a job or higher education.


This August 11th Leo solar eclipse is a powerful time to make changes and start fresh. Leo’s energy is fueled by fire, heart, passion, transformation, and new beginnings. After two other eclipses in the summer that stirred things up, the Leo solar eclipse will bring big changes and new ideas to life. Here are some things to keep in mind to make the most of this powerful eclipse. Read on to find out what to do and how to do it.

This Leo solar eclipse occurs around a new moon, which means the growth of plants is at its best. This means that you should plan to plant flowers now, as the growth spurt from the eclipse will be intensified. This will ensure that any plants you planted last summer are in full bloom now. To ensure a healthy harvest, you can eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as drink plenty of water. But be sure to get plenty of rest during this eclipse.