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The Most Important Aspects of the Jennifer Anniston Natal Chart

The Most Important Aspects of the Jennifer Anniston Natal Chart

JENNIFER ANISTON: Photo Credit Featureflash Photo

The Jennifer Anniston natal chart includes a number of interesting features. First of all, she has a Libra Rising in her chart. This rising is the sign that rules her relationship inclinations. Also, she has a sagacious Sun in her fourth house and Mars in her eighth. These astrological aspects can present a variety of challenges to Anniston. So, this article will go over some of the most important aspects for Jennifer Anniston’s natal chart.


When analyzing Jennifer Aniston’s natal chart, it’s important to know the relationship between her planetary placements and the woman she is today. Jupiter is in her own sign of Sagittarius, and its transit through her second house reflects her financial life. The combination of these two aspects, combined with Jupiter’s position in her natal chart, supports the woman’s desire to increase her wealth and power.

There are certain aspects in Jennifer Aniston’s natal charts that point to her success and career. The Moon is square Pluto, indicating that her mother is her biggest challenge. This “damage” may interfere with her desire for a wholesome relationship with a man. Women born with this configuration often expect males to take care of them but are crushed by their lack of attention.

Venus is the ruler of both Jennifer Aniston and John Travolta in her natal chart. This placement adds a note of rapidity and impulsivity to her personality. This sign makes Jennifer Aniston an enterprising and pioneering individual, but is also a little bit restless. If you’re wondering what Jennifer Aniston’s natal chart might reveal, check out her detailed astrological profile.

 Jennifer Aniston : Photo Credit Kathy Hutchins

Libra Ascendant

The Sun is positioned in the fifth house of Jennifer Aniston’s natal chart, which is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in her natal chart along with the debilitated Moon and is the lord of her fifth house. The sun is in the fifth house in both natal charts, but it has a particular influence based on the attitude of Mars. The sun has a tendency to delay having children, and this may also explain the fact that she has had intentional abortions in the past. The moon is also in the fifth house in Jennifer Aniston’s birth chart.

A Libra Ascendant is a good choice for a career in politics, since it tends to be a highly independent sign. However, it can also make for a difficult love life, as Libras are prone to emotional instability. Despite these shortcomings, Libras are highly ambitious and enjoy achieving their goals. A Libra ascendant can succeed in human resources, law, or public service, depending on her rising sign.

The Libra Ascendant in Jennifer Aniston’s natal chart lends her a beautiful air, though it sits directly opposite the rising sign of Venus. This can present a challenging dynamic for Jennifer. Because Libra is the ruling planet of relationships, it may also have a positive or negative effect on the relationship inclinations of the actress. As her rising sign, Libra rules her physical body and her outward style. In addition, her Moon is in firey Sagittarius, a sign that can make Jennifer restless.

Mars in fourth house

During Jennifer Aniston’s natal chart, Mars is in Scorpio, the sign of her Ascendant. It is also in the fourth house of her natal chart, the home of the money. Jupiter is in the opposite sign in the ninth house, and Saturn is in the fourth house. While Jupiter is good for a career, Mars is not so great. He can lead to depression, competition, and failure in risky matters. However, this placement of Mars in Jennifer Aniston’s natal chart may indicate that she will become more wealthy in the future.

Venus is in the sixth house of Jennifer Aniston’s astrological horoscope. It is situated next to the planets Rahu and Saturn. Saturn is a useful planet in Libra astrology, as it is a friend of Venus. The relationship between these two planets favors wealth and monetary matters, and makes Jennifer Aniston an excellent choice for a career in acting or comedy.

While Jupiter rules Jennifer Aniston’s career and her career, her private life is a critical aspect to her relationship with Brad. Mars rules her seventh house, which represents her marriage partners. Because Mars rules her seventh house, it is strong in Scorpio and is conjunct Neptune. During this time, Jennifer Aniston may be prone to seeing problems negatively or emotionally. While she is highly-stylized by her Scorpio rising and her Taurus sign rising, she may be prone to overreact to the needs of others.

Sun-Jupiter Antarasha

The Sun-Jupiter Antarashi in Jennifer Aniston’s natal charts can be interpreted to help us understand her relationship patterns. She married Brad Pitt on July 29, 2000. According to her birth chart, Jupiter is in the twelfth house and influences the sun. She is also prone to having multiple relationships since her Sun is in the fifth house.

The Sun-Jupiter Antarashi in Jennifer Aniston’s natal horoscope shows that her sixth house is dominated by Saturn. Saturn is a useful planet in Libra astrology and is supportive of Venus. The Venus-Saturn connection in Jennifer Aniston’s birth chart is a good one for her career, wealth and finances.

Jennifer Aniston: Photo Credit Kathy Hutchins

According to Vedic astrology, Jennifer Aniston’s horoscope also suggests that her personality is governed by the Sun-Jupiter antarasha. Her Sun-Jupiter axis and her Mars-Uranus square trine indicate that Jennifer Aniston has a strong desire to entertain others. Her career has flourished since her career began, and she has gone on to become one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses.

Dasha of Moon

The Dasha of Moon in Jennifer Aniston horoscope has some interesting aspects. During her natal chart, this astrological influence ruled over her 7th house, her career, and her finances. The Dasha of Moon is also associated with the sign of Aries. This planetary conjunction is considered to be favorable for success and career. But is it really so? Let’s take a look.

In Jennifer Aniston’s natal chart, the Moon is in the fifth house, a sign where it is debilitated. Because of this, Jennifer Aniston will be subject to losses during the dasha of Moon. However, it’s not all bad news. She’ll experience periods of depression and will probably experience some failures, particularly in matters related to her career. Mars, her planet of love and progeny, is also strong in her fifth house. In addition, the eighth house and twelfth house have strong influences on her, which makes them a positive sign.

While her natal chart is not entirely clear, there are a few points to consider. Venus and Jupiter are the planets that indicate love affairs. Since Jennifer Aniston’s sun is in her seventh house, this is an indication of several love affairs. Additionally, she was in a relationship with Justin Thor in 2011 and they later married in 2015. Unfortunately, the relationship ended in divorce and the two split up in February of 2018.

Rahu in major period of Rahu

If Rahu is in the eighth house in Jennifer Aniston’s natal chart, she can expect to experience wealth and material success. Her brother will waste her money. Relatives will not return the money she lends. Rahu can also cause difficulties in maintaining relationships. She might be disappointed with her career because of the way she presents herself. Rahu in this aspect can also lead to detours from her spiritual path.

In the relationship between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, there could be problems. Jennifer is a Libra rising, and Mars rules her seventh house, which governs her marriage partners. Her Mars is also very strong in Scorpio, and in this aspect, Mars is conjunct Neptune, which adds to the friction between the two. As a result, Jennifer may be prone to emotional issues and negative thoughts. Brad, meanwhile, is an intense Scorpio rising, and has a pretty Taurus in her seventh house of marriage.

Rahu is the North Node of the Moon, and it is associated with false arguments, harsh speech, and movement. Rahu can bring great material progress, but it can also bring troubles and illusions of all kinds. If you are Jennifer Aniston’s natal chart, you may want to consider the placement of Rahu in your own natal chart. It’s important to be aware of the position of Rahu in the major period of her natal chart.

Mercury in ninth house

Jennifer Aniston’s natal chart shows that her lord Mercury is in the ninth house. This placement is considered fortunate. While Mercury is the ruling planet of the ninth house, its placement in the 9th house makes it prone to sudden wealth and violence. Additionally, the aspect of Mercury to Jupiter in the 9th house can make it difficult for her to build a career.

The relationship between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt ended in divorce on January 6, 2005. Jennifer Aniston’s natal chart also shows that she had several love affairs with a variety of men. Her seventh house significator, Venus, was in conjunction with Saturn, which is considered a good sign for multiple relationships. In addition, her relationship with Vince Vaughn ended after her Venus Antardasha. The Sun, Mercury, and Rahu are all in the seventh house, which is related to romantic matters.

If this location of Mercury in Jennifer Aniston’s natal chart is positive, it indicates that she is capable of making friends. Mercury in the ninth house can also make her shy and reticent, but it also suggests that she has great leadership qualities. Her friends and family may not be happy with her, but her husband will be. The star’s career may depend on her ability to make money.